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Off-Body Concealed Carry Tips

by Guns & Ammo TV   |  August 12th, 2011 21

In this clip from Guns & Ammo TV, Field Editor Richard Nance goes over some methods for off-body concealed carry in another installment of Police Perspective. While carrying on your belt may be faster and more secure, off-body options can offer comfort and convenience. Nance takes a look at the over-the-shoulder pack, the purse and the carrying case with different types of small caliber handguns. Be sure to check out the Galco Hidden Agenda — a handgun carrying case that is also a functioning day planner — in action at the range.

Nance skips over the fanny pack, which is often a great options for permit holders who prefer easier access. What’s your favorite method of off-body concealed carry?

  • Antonio

    I've always had a concern about carrying in a purse (rather, my wife carrying in her purse) because I've seen too instances, and very recently, of thieves coming up from behind, snatching a purse, and running. The day planner, however, is something I doubt anyone would try to steal.

    • jim

      Never, Never ever carry off body. Purses can be wrestled away, and other off body carry items mentioned in this video can be easy dropped or knock away, when your attacked. At least with a firearm secured to your body, you have more control over it.

      • Al

        I agree, off-body is a last resort. I personally endorse and use Coronado products. They make jackets and vests that are built around the gun.

  • http://n/a Kalena


    I have another carry case that I use and it looks like I am carrying my Bible in my outer Bible case. It is 7 3/4×10 1/2x 2 1/2 inches and my 1911 A-1 5 inch barrel 45acp with a couple of 10 round magzines fit well in the case. You can pick up a Bible cover case at your Bible store in your town. On the inside you can put your gun in the one side where the Bible cover would slide in and on the other side you magazine can slide under the cover. And the cost is $10.00 for the Bible protecter carry case with a handle on it.

    • Franklin Thompson

      I carry my Sig Sauer .380 in my Bible case, with my Bible.

      It's perfect! Good call!

      • Ronnie Ladet

        Franklin, How do you like your Sig 380? I just bought a Siig P238 and have only run one clip through it in the back yard and didn't want to upset the neighbors. I hate the plastic grips and have ordered some Rosewoods to replace them. The only other beef i have is the plastic "Micky Mouse" trigger. (9lb trigger pull? I am having my gun smith lighten it up this week. I can say with the Hornady 90gr Critical Defense loads it spits them out once I get over the trigger pull. The modern 380 ammo of today packs quite a punch. I put my .45 3inch barrel Kimber in the desk drawer. The Sig is half the weight. Got a little long winded…Thanks.

    • Duke

      I too keep a Ruger SP-101 .357 in a Bible cover with two speed loaders and extra rounds. Looks innocent on a car seat or coffee table.

  • Nate

    i sometimes use my soft lunch cooler. it's cheap, has 1 carry handle at the top, one on the face for flat carrying of small 1 serving tupperware, and a strap. it's something no one would expect to contain one's firearm so i sometimes keep it slung across my opposite shoulder while i fish the banks or walk my dog in the summer. btw, i also practice drawing from it.

  • Norm

    When I'm boating I carry my pistol and extra mag is a soft pack style lunch box. Walking down the dock with fishing tackle & small lunch box looks "natural."

  • John Andrews

    Those are some great suggestions. I don't carry off body. I have a custom made leather pancake holster that is pretty comfortable and not hard to conceal with a shirt tail or jacket.

    I also use my comfortable custom made leather WWII tanker holster that affords easy access when wearing a jacket or coat. The tanker holster is a good carry for hunting, also.

  • Don

    I say no to off body carry, unless it is a second or third gun. At a minimum I carry a S&W M642 in a pocket with a liner, and a holstered Glock 22 or 27. Hand carried bags or bible covers get left behind, dropped, stolen or are too hard to access when needed.

  • http://n/a Kapahulu

    Kapahulu O.

    Awesome info on carry your firepower! I like all your ideas and

    will use this to carry my 1911 Military Spec 45 acp for protection. I do like the fast draw on the body and a second carry in a case. Thanks Don!

  • Mike

    I agree with Don. A second or third choice but not only choice. I carry my glock 23 all year round, shorts, or pants and have done that for years. Make it a habit and you get comfortable with. Never leave home with out!

  • Greg

    I carry off body regularly. Here in West Central Florida it is very hard to carry without getting heat stroke or imprinting. My favorite solution is the Osprey VEER pack. It fits over my neck, and under my arm securely-. no one is going to rip it away. There is an outside pocket that holds the Sig very securely (it even has a tension strap) and it is just barely slower than a good shoulder holster.

    It also make a great place to stash Dad stuff when me and the boys are running around town, and unnoticeable at the beach.

  • Mark, PR

    I want an edge in a fight and off body don’t provide that. I carry my 380 Diamondback in my front pocket with a black hawk holster. Fast draw is out of the question. The main thing here is not being caught off guard.

  • john abuso

    I live in South Florida and routinely carry a Kahr K40 in a Bulldog shoulder bag. It has an outer compartment perfect for wallet, keys, etc. Inside, there is plenty of room for the handgun, extra magazine and tactical flashlight. The shoulder strap and 3-sided zipper allow me to easily hold the weapon while walking to my car at night. And my right hand in a black bag gives the bad guys something to think about as I cross the parking lot.

  • jay

    Maxpedition Noatak gearslinger. Great off body carry. Agree however on body is best option

  • Bob

    In the summer I prefer cargo shorts. When buying them, I always check the front pockets for depth/width. I have at least 4 pair that completely conceal my CW .45 and easily conceal a Smith J frame in a pocket holster. The gun goes in the inner or "main" pocket. Keys, etc. go in the outer flap pocket and help break up the outline. Cargo pants do the same in cooler weather or when shorts are not practical, such as when you are out in brush country. Let a loose t-shirt hang over the pocket and you are good to go. BTW, I have found that a Smith 442 in an Uncle Mike's #3 fits in the pocket of regular jeans. Just flop a shirt over it and you are good to go. I never carry off body, unless you consider the glove compartment of the car off body carry.

  • BadBob

    Off body concealed carry means being willing to shoot through the containment item if you want to keep the element of surprise. For left handers the holster options don't include the popular composite holsters like the one shown in the video unless you are willing to have one custom made. My favorite is a Yaqui style holster as it is small and less visible plus holds close to you waist. The only drawback is you need to wear a belt but I always do even with shorts so it isn't a real issue. The yaqui is a through the belyt style holster that also uses the cinch of the belt to support the pistol. This is a good option for smaller frame revolvers and autos. For larger pistols i prefer a semislap draw holster made out of ballistic nylon. It's quick and silent. These can be bought in ambidextorus style and are usually molle compatible whichh means you can wear them in a range of carry positions and they snap on so you don't need to unbuckle to put one on.

  • Charles Williams

    I noticed that out of all the comments only one individual stated that he practiced drawing from his off body carry device. As a former covert officer who has had to draw from an off body device. Practice, practice practice!!!! The life you save may be your own.

  • Sleep Doc

    Agree that on body is best, but having one is better yet. The tiny Kahrs and Kimber Solo make pocket carry even in REASONABLY fitting jeans with an inside the pocket holster quite unobtrusive and pretty darn fast with practice. I am impressed that the American Rifleman, NRA publications column on the Armed Citizen depict the typical home invasion as chaotic and mostly involving people quite unsophisticated in gun handling and preparation for such events, The survival mindset is the primary thing needed in these cases, and carries the day most of the time against perps, who are always surprised at resistance of any kind. I think anyone who bothers to read these blogs and prepare even a little bit mentally will likely prevail. I wish more of the readers were women, who are the likely victims of parking lot attacks, and home invasions. Carrying (off body mostly) MD

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