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Introducing the SIG Sauer P320

by G&A Online Editors   |  January 15th, 2014   |   24


The new SIG Sauer P320 represents the latest in striker-fired pistol technology.

Developed primarily with duty purposes in mind, the P320 was designed as a service pistol to fit three major needs of law enforcement:

  1. Must fit the hands of many different operators.
  2. Trigger with a short pull and reset.
  3. Ability to disassemble without tools or manipulating the trigger.

The SIG P320 meets and exceeds those needs, and is expected to become a primary carry pistol for law enforcement and civilians alike.

The P320 will be initially available in 9mm, .357 SIG and .40 S&W, with a .45 ACP model arriving later in 2014.

Available after Q1 of 2014, the SIG Sauer P320 will retail for a price of $713.

Check out this first look video from the 2014 SHOT Show, and then check out the P320 in action at the range on a segment of Guns & Ammo TV on the Sportsman Channel.

  • the_puppy

    SIGs answer to Glock?

    • Chris Coddington

      It would seem so. If it came in a 10mm I think I’d pick it up.

    • FourString

      I must admit that I secretly want this platform to succeed just so the DA/SA version P250 that only existed in Counter Strike Global Operations (the real life P250 is herpderpy DAO) can finally have meaning and not be treated in my mind as a crude little pistol worthy of only spit to polish its cheap coarse innards D:

      • The Gat Man

        I take it you’ve never shot a p250 then? How is it “herpyderpy”? It’s trigger is smooth and much lighter than the DA pull of many SA/DA pistols of higher price. Not to mention that it’s incredibly accurate and rugged enough to chew up any ammo you put through it. The innards are NOT cheap: they’re built solid from quality steel. And mentioning it’s relation to video games? Do you even SHOOT REAL GUNS?

        • FourString

          I own a H&K USP 9. I didn’t realise playing video games and shooting were mutually exclusive activities. But please, enlighten me on the subject with your misplaced elitism.

          • The Gat Man

            Nice gun. I love H&K, but my comment’s not really a stretch considering so many little dorks who play games think they know what’s up with firearms in the real world. I enjoy video games too, I just know where to draw the line in a real-world firearms discussion. If you haven’t actually shot/handled one, where’s the authority to comment? The Gen 1’s had all the hang-ups, hence the dismissal…but the Gen 2’s work wonderfully and reliably. Try one out: they’re a blast to shoot. Cheers.

          • FourString

            Thanks. Yes, I love Sig too (shot the SP2022, quite nice).

            I think games invariably crop up in a conversation about firearms especially among younger generations. I don’t think it’s so bad as long as someone isn’t confusing reality with virtual reality; i.e. obviously crouch shots and bunny hops are nowhere near relevant or realistic. On the other hand, discussing the cultural impacts of 1980s Hong Kong cinema / 90s videogames like Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six on firearms could be relevant depending on the context. I think videogames do have an impact on introducing younger shooters to firearms, and as long as it’s tastefully done, it is fine by my book.

            I was mainly remarking on the Single Action trigger of the P250 in CS:GO, which was never realised in the real P250, and which would probably have led to wider civilian and LEO adoption. Now that you mention it, I’ve heard mixed things about the trigger, one of them chiefly being that it is quite long for a combat system. In the game, the trigger reset / speed of shooting is really fast, which is something I wouldn’t normally associate with a DAO trigger.

            I really had no idea that the P250s were any good, based on the reviews I’ve read of them so far, so now that you’ve suggested it, I’ll check one out when I get the chance. Cheers.

          • The Gat Man

            The trigger on my P250’s about 5 1/2 lbs. I’ve heard in a couple different instances where it was nearly 7, but they consistently seem to fall between 5 and 6 1/6. The reset is lengthy, but a little practice with some snap caps clears that right up. (My double taps are FIERCE with this thing) Emptying the entire mag rapidly takes practice, but a fast finger is no supplement for a steady hand. If you can’t drop something in 1 or 2 well-placed shots, you probably shouldn’t be shooting handguns ;) I’ve also found that practice with this trigger has made me a better shooter with other pistols, especially wheel guns. Another feature I really dig about the 250 is that if you get a dud, just pull the trigger again. Nine times outta ten it fires on the second strike, no need to rack the slide. The ergonomics are OUTSTANDING on this piece: a natural extension of the human hand. I’m actually pretty pumped for this new P320, as it looks like it’s going to be compatible with P250 frames AND mags. I’m going to scoop one for sure.

            As for your insights into the games/guns mixture, I totally agree with you about context. The Clancy games have had a huge impact on the familiarity of firearms with younger generations, as have the Call of Duty series. And I’m all for kids learning and knowing about guns, just as long as it’s tastefully done. So many kids playing these games only get exposure to guns through virtual combat, and sadly that’s as far as it goes. Let them feel what recoil is like, let them see hot brass hit the ground. It’s part of understanding how serious your machine is and what’s it’s really capable of in your hands.(reality check!) I got my first .22 long for my 5th birthday: I’ve been an addict ever since. Unfortunately, not many parents are as cool as mine were, and teach their ignorance in guns to their kids. Games have shone in that regard: firearms are a permanent fixture now in popular, mainstream games, so the kids wanna know…..hopefully we’ll mature enough as a people to understand the gun isn’t something to be feared, but openly embraced. It’s been a real treat talking to someone with a brain FourString! Keep shooting: in AND out of games. Cheers.

          • sigman

            The p320 was apparently designed to utilize the grip frames ( and thus probably the magazines too!) of the p250.

            Massad Ayoob in the summer of 2013 got to see the prototype work being done at Sig,

            article quote- dated january 14, 2014

            “This is the first striker-fired SIG pistol, and is of course designed to compete with the hugely successful Glock and Smith & Wesson
            Military & Police semiautomatics.
            It’s built on the chassis of SIG’s familiar P250, and in fact the prototype we photographed six
            months ago is actually marked P250.”

            article photo caption-
            Prototype P320, photographed in summer 2013. Note that frame is marked “P250.” Photo from forthcoming Second Edition of Gun Digest Book of SIG-SAUER.
            (article photo)

            The BIG problem I see with the P320 is the Price. If MSRP of $700-$800 DOLLARS is true, there are other established firearms worth purchasing in that price point, instead of the P320.

            As to the DAO hammer fired P250-
            The p250 was higher priced compared to the competition, ($450 – $550 average) It was/ is inexpensive compared to classic Sig prices.

            An interesting ability ( of P250 and P320) is being able to shoot DIFFERENT caliber bullets just by changing the slide/ barrel and in some cases the grip frame too. by purchasing the respective Sig P250 or P320 X-change kit.

            Removing the the Trigger Assembly (FCU) -the serial numbered part of the gun- and 30 seconds is all it really takes to go from a 9mm, 40 cal . or 357 Sig (They share common grip frames respectively) and convert to the 45 cal acp grip /frame, barrel n slide,
            Great in times of short ammo supplies ( shoot what you can get) or just match caliber of other arms you might carry.

            Although the P250 trigger pull is long, it is almost 1/2 that of a DAO revolver, coming in at about + or – 6lbs.
            and is smooth with no stacking.

            Despite there being people that might not like the P250. The P250 is a comfortable handling, dependable pistol that works and manipulates well for those with hand issues like carpal tunnel or possibly arthritis.

            The P320 might be something I would look at if the pricing is more in line with the P250!

          • FourString

            Btw is the DAO trigger of the P250 comparable to an H&K LEM trigger? Just wondering from your description of how light it is

          • Michael Butler

            It’s buttery smooth., Best DOA out there, I promise you that.

          • iMagUdspEllr

            The LEM trigger has a shorter reset. The P250 has the same reset of a double action revolver. Finger all the way in… finger all the way out… finger all the way in again. Your trigger finger will have to be on steroids if you want to shoot it as quickly as pretty much any other gun out there. Don’t buy a P250.

          • FourString

            ohhh ok this vid ( def helps clear up misconceptions like the one i had on the p250, esp how the first gen and second gen are entirely diff pistols.

        • FourString

          I made the comment based on the quality check issues that led to several LEO agencies dismissing them and cancelling their orders. There are not enough P250’s around for me to try.

        • Inne R A Approved


        • Inne R A Approved


        • iMagUdspEllr

          DAO is retarded. I owned a P250. There is a reason why the popularity of DAO has greatly declined since pistols were invented. Also, the DAO trigger was 7ish lbs. The first shot on a DA/SA pistol is 10ish pounds and then a very crisp, short 4.5 pounds after that. The most popular pistols usually have around 5lb triggers. Also, there are many very accurate guns. Most shooters can’t outshoot inaccurate guns. There are a massive number of guns that can “chew up any ammo you put through it”. Do YOU shoot real guns? Because if you did then you would know that the P250 is a joke compared to almost everything out there except for revolvers. But, at least revolvers shoot very powerful cartridges and pretty much can’t malfunction.

    • tagalog

      I like the external hammer too. I have striker-fired handguns and I have handguns with triggers. Maybe I’m old-fashioned but I like seeing that hammer so I can see obvious evidence that it’s cocked or not. But then I’m a fan of the esthetics of the curved mainspring housing on the M911A1.

  • kenbay

    DA/SA is becoming old school really quickly and I’m glad to see Sig is beginning to switch over. The Sig DA/SA triggers are pretty good, but I wouldn’t expect to see a lot of DA/SA pistols 10 years from now except a niche market. I’ve owned the P250 and the trigger was pathetic and the gun was a cheap utterly unreliable hunk of plastic crap. It’s very much like HK’s LEM trigger which also stinks. I definitely might buy this gun if it gets good reviews and out does it’s pathetic loser cousin P250.

    • B.S.

      I own a p250c in 45acp and have over 2000 rounds through it so far, after many years of shooting some of the best DA wheel guns on the market I’ll put the p250 up against any of them. I finally cleaned it after the first 1000 rounds and had 0 I repeat o failures also the German Government has given the p250 ULM certification the toughest technical certs in the world including sand, mud, rain, and dust. So if you don’t like the feel of a firearm don’t buy it but don’t religate it to the junk pile as it is a great weapon and I’ll buy another.

  • Ravi32

    Sig is going nowhere with this in LE sales unless they charge $250 less for LE and make the rest up with overcharging everyone else. That has worked for them up til now, but I doubt they are going to get much traction on that pricing model with the 32x series.
    The main benefit of this is the caliber swap and that is only relevant to civilian users.

    • iMagUdspEllr

      Glock magazine releases suck. The magazine falls out instead of getting pushed out when you release the magazine like on almost every other gun. Glocks also have worse ergonomics than many other pistols. Glocks also have the trigger safety that ruins the ergonomics of the trigger. The P320 has solved all of those problems. The M&P has an even worse trigger and reset than the Glock. The ergonomics are okay on the M&P but my P250 felt really nice (just the DAO trigger was terrible… because DAO is terrible… not because Sig made a bad DAO… DAO just sucks). The P320 is better than both of them combined as long as there are no quality assurance or reliability issues.

      So, yeah, you don’t know what you are talking about. You aren’t familiar with any of these designs.

  • Scott Anderson

    Hey so when is it coming out in 2014. I want to get the .45 cal

  • nathan

    maybe people will buy it when safarliand makes a light bearing duty holster for it.

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