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Man on the Street: How Much Money Will You Spend on Guns in 2012?

by G&A Online Editors   |  April 27th, 2012 36

We all know by now that gun sales are on the rise in 2012. Whether you think it’s the election that is causing this turn or some other economical or social factor, it’s clear that 2012 is going to be a banner year for the shooting industry.

G&A’s “Man on the Street” hit the floor at the 2012 NRA Annual Meetings in St. Louis, Mo., to find out just how much NRA members are going to spend this year.

Let us know what you think in the comments, and keep looking for our version of the Man on the Street.

On the lighter side, see if you can spot the celebrities (TV, internet and otherwise) that appear in our Man on the street videos. If you can, tell us in the comments and you could win a Real Avid Gun Boss pistol cleaning kit.

  • Jared Pearce

    I am already at around $3500 so far this year, with about another $1000 to go…who did I see…Top shot's Iain Harrison, and Troy the alligator hunter.

  • Wolvie

    Ian Harrison, Troy the Alligator Hunter, Fate of Destinee & Hickok 45.

    For me, over $4,000 in ammo alone and a projected $5,000 in hardware this coming year.

    • Ben_OBrien


      Congrats….we're going to send you a Real Avid Gun Boss pistol cleaning kit! E-mail me at with where to send it.


      Ben O

  • Chris Sargent

    Troy Landry and his partner, Ian Harrison. About $7000

  • Michael John Simecek

    Ian, Troy and Jacob.

  • Frank Demundo

    Just this year- $1000 in hardware so far- probably another thousand in ammo so far- and there is a show next weekend that I want to attend,,, and it is only the end of April- so……

  • CPP

    Just getting back into the sport after 25 years busy doing other things. Spent so far..$2700ish…with at least another $600 in ammo and if I get that shotgun I want…and a scope and chrony are on the list too. Plus all those things not yet on the list…I can see $2500 more probably.

  • steve

    Jimmy carter & I plan to spend about $2000.00 .already halfway there

  • Bob Denham

    I don't plan on any new firearm purchases this year as I have the ones that I want already but I do anticipate around $3000 in parts, upgrades, and ammo. Ammo being almost 2/3 of the amount. .45 ACP ain't cheap but it is cheaper, more fun, and more reliable than a security system. As long as I am not home, and the gun safe is still bolted to the floor, they can have the TV, lol.

  • Shadow

    More than I should but less than what I would like to spend. Ballpark number $3000.00.

  • Ryan Weyna

    Hikock45, Fate of destine, Jacob(from swamp people), Action target man from shot show(Chad) and James Carter.

  • Randy

    nobody noticed Ronnie Barrett?

    • Scott

      I saw him pass by in the background.

  • Sleep Doc

    Lesseee. Bought a Kimber Solo. $800 with tax. Will buy a 1000 rd case of .308. Gun Club membership. Have most everything else i need but will be adding a laser sight to the Solo (300) cuz I am convinced of the efficacy of those things,especially with older eyes, and I need a couple more for house guns with weapon lights. I can't emphasize enough the importance of blinding lighting as both an offensive and defensive item. And you MUSt BE SURE WHO YOU ARE SHOOTING. SPEND AT LEAST AS MUCH ON SIGHTING AND LIGHTING AS WEAPONS. $5000 this year most likely, maybe a bit more, but I don't need much in the way of gunnery, just ammo and the aforementioned lighting and sighting.

  • Sleep Doc

    fyi, BATF reports that private Americans are buying 44,000 guns a day. That will be over 2.5 million new guns in service this year! Looks like Ruger picked a good time to go for a million gun goal this year. they will make it. They are not taking new orders even from their best corporate customers, (Cabelas, Bass Pro, Walmart….) because they are 1.5 MILLION guns behind in filling existing orders. Speer is running three full shifts 7 days a week and can't keep up. You go American Freedom Lovers….fp

  • Mack Missiletoe

    Maybe I spent $1050, and maybe I didn't. Punk.

  • Ryan Cawdor

    About $2,000 in ammo so far and $360 for a new 9mm. Plan on spending another $2,000 on guns alone this year.

  • Rick

    Gonna spend about $2500 if things go well.

  • Larry van Praag

    I did notice Barrett walking behind the interviewed man in the red shirt.And of course the Swamp Man. I have already spent over 2000 between pistol, gunsafe, ammo and gunshow admission.

    • larry Van Praag

      I forgot, appx. $500 more gun range fees and renting pistols until I decided.

  • DrEd

    Spent about $600 so far this year on accessories, equipment, and club dues. Business is slow so I probably will only spend another $500 to $1,000 if a pistol I want becomes available, otherwise just on ammo.

  • Jim Kitchens

    About 5 years ago I got rid of all the unused guns that were just taking up space. My wife got me a Benjamin Nitro air gun for Christmas. I've got what I need and parts to keep them running for decades. I will buy no new guns this year.

  • windsailor

    Bought a 1911 clone in 22 LR for practice, cheaper shooting than .45 ammo, picked up a 1918 Springfield 03 in fine shape, shoots good too and an 6.8SPC AR15 with a scope. I'd guess about $2,000 so far. Have an open handgun permit but haven't decided what will fill it yet so probably another $1500.

  • 2WarAbnVet

    How much will I spend? As much as my wife lets me get away with.

  • Nutnyahoo

    Invested about $1000. on guns plus 300. ammo. Plan to ammo up about 1,000. more this year.

  • Ross

    Just bought a Kel Tyke .32 online yesterday. Of course that means an extra $100 in ammo to break it in. Add the price of a decent IWB and pocket holster and we're right about at $500.

    The wife wants a Stainless S&W .22 revolver to plink with and they aren't cheap…maybe $800 for the gun & holster.
    Therefore I'd estimate I'll spend $1300 in 2012 if you include the cost of guns, ammo, and holsters.

  • jp338

    I'll probably spend between $1,500 and $2,000. Since I don't live in Alaska anymore, I going to power down in my cartridge selection. I'll be looking for an all-weather 7mm in left-handed bolt action. This probably means a Savage with their excellent accu-trigger.

  • Alan_T

    ( * sigh * ) I've spent just over two grand so far this year . So many guns on the market – so little time and money ! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Joe

    I'm surprised no one noticed Ronnie Barrett at 0:53.

    About $1500

  • Randy

    I'm up to about a grand on gun parts and ammo so far and have 2 more AR lowers to build. I will probably only finish one, but that will put me into it another $700.00 or so I'd like to pick up another pistol too but I have to play it just right so the wife agrees!

  • Alan_T

    I saw Tina Fey , George Clooney , Rahm Emanuel , the " inked up " hot chick in the big floppy hat , sunglasses and exposed midriff was Barbara Boxer , Eric " I'm Fast 'n Furious " Holder , Rosie O'Donell and " The Prezzzzy Uh Da United Stazzzzys " Barrack Obama !

    • Poor Jack

      LOL guess I blinked and missed them

  • AR vs AK

    $5000 for Bushmaster 50bmg $900 for AK74 $650 for AK47 $550 for XD9mm you add it up.

  • John

    I am now a proun owner of greatest and latest Aircraft carier I got at a gun show. My plan nuke Iran.

  • Woob

    Do I get any credit for spotting the Bob Villa look-a-like? And me, I'll spend too much and then some.

  • Woob

    Oh, yeah… and Steve Urkle's cousin.

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