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G&A Man on the Street: How Will the 2012 Election Affect Gun Rights?

by G&A Online Editors   |  May 16th, 2012 23

Our friends at have been covering the 2012 presidential election and beyond since super Tuesday. Nowhere else can you get election coverage that’s meant for just sportsmen. There’s no slant or political parlor tricks on, just comprehensive coverage of the issues.

Inspired by their mission, we decided to find out how gun owners think this election will affect them. What better place to do that than the 2012 NRA Annual Meetings in St. Louis?

On the lighter side, see if you can spot the celebrities (TV, internet and otherwise) that appear in our Man on the street videos. If you can, tell us in the comments and you could win a Real Avid Gun Boss pistol cleaning kit.

  • Michael MoreGuns Wright

    FATEOFDESTINEE and HICKOK45 are the only two I recognized.

  • Bryan

    Hickok45 and Ian Harrison…

  • Jay Pearson

    I know that was Troy Landry of swamp people fame and his son clint landry

  • Shadow

    Ian Harrison, Troy Landry, Fate of Destinee, Hickok45, and Clint Landry?

    • DarkMatter

      Ian Harrison, Troy Landry, Fateofdestinee, Hickok45, and Jacob Landry.

  • Alan_T

    I saw John Travolta with his new boyfriend and Rosie O'Donell , they were all 3 wearing matching dresses . Eric Holder was there disguised with a cowboy hat and beard . Diane Feinstien & Barbara Boxer were the two chicks making out under the Crimson Trace sign . Harry Reid & Barack Obama were wearing " Groucho " glasses watching Feinstien & Boxer . Did I win ? ……… Whadda ya mean I didn't win ?

    • Eat my Ass

      As much as I hate those people, your approach is long-winded and not funny. Don't quit your day job at the rest stop.

      • Sally G

        I thought Alan_T was funny and I think you are a immature jerk., Maybe when your mom let's you quit your paper route, you can get a job at Burger King, Eat.

    • D. Thorne

      LMAO!!! I laughed so hard i thought i was going to puke!! That is seriously funny Thanks! I can't stand any of those doosh bags! …..Still laughing!

  • David

    This is really an interesting video. I am a proud gun owner and believe in gun rights, but perception seems to be clouded on this issue. I hear at gun shows how everyone wants to get rid of Obama because they fear he will take away gun rights and that if Republicans win, there will be improvements in gun rights. I actually haven't seen any facts that back that perception up (I could be wrong here, so if there are real facts, not blog references, then post them here). I don't think Obama is going to campaign to expand gun rights, but I also have not seen any evidence that he has moved or will move to curtail them. There are plenty of reasons for someone not to like Obama, but I just haven't seen any evidence that fear of losing gun rights should be one of them. This isn't the Democratic machine of the 80's and 90's. At the same time, I have not seen any evidence that Romney will expand gun rights in any way.

    Personally, I think from a Gun Rights perspective, this election is net neutral regardless of who wins.

    • D. Thorne

      Are you not aware of the "Secret" UN meeting where Obummer (obama) would not allow any press at all in???
      Do you know that The NRA got in and it is Obama;s agenda to have world wide small arms "GUN CONTROL"…
      I bet the people in Germany thought that their government would not take their guns either….
      We all better wake up or this nation will no longer be AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Alan_T

        You're right D . !

    • Alan_T

      David , while there may or may not be any evidence of Romney expanding ( recognizing the rights we already have , guaranteed to us by the Second Amendment ) , but
      if you haven't seen evidence of losing gun rights if Obama is re elected , then I suggest that you are either ill informed , naive , been asleep for the last four years OR you don't believe that U . S . citizens should have ANY gun rights . D. Thorne is correct , the Obama Administration is already in negotiations with the UNITED NATIONS on a TREATY that BANS ALL PRIVATELY OWNED SMALL ARMS .

      • David

        The only evidence I have seen is conjecture only. You call me naive, but do not provide any real facts. Where is the evidence from this supposed meeting? I am not sure where D Thorne gets his information. If true, I would like to see the evidence. However, I do know that much of what is written on this subject is not backed by evidence or fact and has its basis in 'pundits' and 'bloggers' claiming to know things that they can't really back up, and because its what people want to hear, they believe it without asking the hard questions. Be skeptical and demand evidence, and you'll be a better informed citizen.

        Again, I am not saying you are not right. What I am saying is that I have not seen any evidence that I should believe you, and therefore I am not going to take what you say at face value until I see actual evidence. If I didn't follow that guideline, I would be naive.

        • Alan_T

          David …… while it is a good policy NOT to believe everything that you see on – line , evidently you rely on NBC as your only news source . News on the U . S . – UN treaty has been written up in plenty of newspapers ( albeit , often buried on the 4th or 5th page in " C " or " D " sections " and you evidently also don't belong to the NRA , which reports on it monthly in our publications . As far as Obama's voting records … YOU …. can go look them up under or Federal. gov ( or just Google , Obama / voting records ) , he has consistently voted for every " gun control " bill and against every " pro – gun bill " while in Illinois and in the U . S . Senate . IN FACT ……if you bother to check FOR YOURSELF , you'll find that Obama's voting record before becoming the POTUS was farther to the left than the lone communist in the Senate . Perhaps I should add LAZY to the characterization of ill informed , naive or been asleep .

          • Alan_T

            Oh ….. and David …… here is a link for you :

            It's a page that features a video of Wayne LaPierre addressing the United Nations on The United Nations Arms Trade Treaty . Which is coming up for a vote July 27 th .

  • ron

    the treaty will be signed by billery on july 12th.

    • David

      can you include more information regarding what treaty you are talking about, and its reference information (if available) so someone who is interested can look it up, read it and understand what it says?


      • Alan_T

        David …… here is a link for you :….

        It's a page that features a video of Wayne LaPierre addressing the United Nations on The United Nations Arms Trade Treaty . Which is coming up for a vote July 27 th .

  • Alan_T


    Today I went to New York to testify before the United Nations to stop the Arms Trade Treaty…a treaty that could ban every rifle, pistol and shotgun you own…a treaty that could turn our God-given Right to Keep and Bear Arms into a U.N.-regulated privilege…

    …A treaty that has the full support of President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who are eager to COOPERATE with the U.N.

    With the stroke of a pen, Obama invited Syria, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, and the world's worst tyrants and dictators to rewrite our Constitution and lay waste to the Second Amendment.

    After the U.N. delayed my testimony and tried to deny me a chance to speak out on behalf of gun owners like you…I stood up to those tyrants and said there will be NO COMPROMISE. American gun owners will never surrender our Second Amendment freedom…period!

    But my words fell on deaf ears. Thanks to the Obama administration, this treaty is marching forward, and I need your help to stop it.

    • Alan_T

      First, take a moment right now to sign your Declaration of Independence from the U.N. Gun Ban Treaty today. This declaration demands that your Senators defend freedom and block this dangerous treaty when it reaches the United States Senate.
      With Obama's unilateral support for this freedom-destroying treaty, we must rely on the United States Senate to defend our Constitution and refuse to ratify this international gun ban. And your signature on this declaration is the most powerful tool in our arsenal!

      Second, after you sign your Declaration, help NRA rally every American gun owner against this U.N. assault on our freedom by making an emergency contribution of $10, $15, $20, $30 or more today.
      I want to make sure law-abiding Americans like you will never be forced to kneel before the altar of the U.N. and surrender your constitutional rights!

      I want to make sure every American knows that Barack Obama has willingly surrendered our sovereignty and our birthright that generations of patriots have died defending.

      • Alan_T

        With your immediate contribution of $10, $15, $20 or $30, NRA will blanket the country with ads and mailings that expose the truth that Obama is working with the U.N. to attack our Second Amendment freedoms.

        And NRA is taking this fight head-on…at U.N. headquarters in New York…on Capitol Hill…and in all 50 states!!!

        But we can only win if millions of American gun owners unite and add their voices to this fight. So please, sign your Declaration of Independence and make an urgent gift of $10, $15, $20, $30 or the most generous amount you can afford to NRA now.

        Time is running out. The U.N. will vote on this treaty on July 27! Please stand with me and draw your own personal line in the sand against the U.N. Gun Ban Treaty before it's too late. Thank you.

        In Liberty,

        Wayne LaPierre

        P.S. Please forward this call to arms to every family member, friend, co-worker, and gun owner that you know!

  • Alan_T
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