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First Look: Rock Island Armory A380 “Baby Rock”

by G&A Online Editors   |  June 3rd, 2014 30

baby_rock_F1Building off their line of 1911-style pistols, Armscor USA/Rock Island Armory is introducing a new offering to the concealed carry market. The new “Baby Rock” is chambered in .380 ACP and holds seven rounds in its single-stack magazine.

The A380 “Baby Rock” has an estimated retail price of $459, and it should be available around the end of September 2014.

For more info, check out our web-exclusive video of the Baby rock at the Academi Training Facility in Moyock, North Carolina:

  • matthew_carberry

    Need it in 9mm. :) Looks more “1911”ish than the Colt Gov’t .380 with the grip safety.

    • Bill

      RIA has a 9mm.

      • matthew_carberry

        RIA has a -1911 frame size- 9mm. This in 9mm, assuming there is room in the grip, would be closer to an EMP in size. Unlike the 1911 built around the .45 the frame would be size efficient for the cartridge.

        • Daniel E. Watters

          A purpose-built 9x19mm could be even smaller than the EMP. Note that the EMP is based on the prototype .45 GAP Springfield Defender. A true 9x19mm could have a skinnier slide and frame.

          • matthew_carberry

            Skinnier is the key dimension alright. But I like the height and width of the EMP as is. Like a Colt Gov’t .380 it has enough grip to get a decent hold on while still being compact. A 9mm in that size with the thinner width would be optimum in my opinion.

            Any smaller in height and length and you’re in Sig 938/Kimber Solo territory which is, functionally, too small for effective *use* of the cartridge, IMO. Too short of grip and a lot of wasted velocity.

          • Daniel E. Watters

            Don’t forget that the EMP’s slide is taller and fatter than it needs to be for a 9x19mm.

  • Doug Riggle

    Only thing I would like to see different, double stack mag.

  • Beaumont

    Did they buy the tooling from the defunct Llama factory? Because it looks just like those old Spanish pistols.

  • Croi Dhubh

    There a point? Can get the same gun in a much more effective and cheaper round (9MM). This is more novelty than anything else. No reason to put a round like a .380 in such an outdated platform.

    • Chris Burger

      Outdated? More like time tested. Still the best platform for any cartridge. Makes the most sense in a .45 though. Anything less and you need more rounds.

      • Greg_R

        I agree with time tested. I think the .380 in
        a downsized 1911 makes perfect sense. After all the .380 is nothing more than a downsized .45acp, and the .45 and 1911 go together like bread and butter.l

  • Lopaka Kanaka

    I have a 38 Super 1911 RIA GI and enjoyed shooting 130g+P FMJ 1300 fps 9 round magazine and this will do a much better job for personal defense. I purchased it in Arizona for $469 online at Guns America website.

  • InfidelCrusader

    Reminds me of the Llama Micro-Max .380. I hope it is priced similar to RIA’s other offerings. I look forward to getting my hands on one.



  • Doug 560

    Colt gave away the .380 market. Even when they had it, they were not customer or market responsive…. Using the Mustang Configuration, Sig proved there is a market for these pistols. To me, the Sig is “Too Small as in, Too Short a Grip”.
    Personally I like and use a Government .380, I just don’t have the money to customize. Looking at the Baby Rock I see a production pistol mostly equipped as I’d like to customize my Government .380. Perhaps as an Enhanced Model, add Micarta Grips, a Black Wide U Notch Rear Sight with a Big Dot Tritium Front Sight, 30 Lines Per Inch Checkering or Stippling on the Front Strap and Mainspring Housing with a Tactical Single or Ambidextrous Safety. That, I would consider my perfect “light” carry gun.
    Additionally I’m curious if this platform can be adapted to 9mm and .22Lr. If it’s not it should be. There would be something for everyone. From more punch for those who want it, to cheaper practice for everyone…. With a price point even close to that stated in the article (Even with my preferred enhancements, given mass production economies.) I could afford a .380, 9mm and .22Lr. for less money than I priced for a customized Government .380.
    I’m especally interested to see if the Baby Rock used the standard Colt Pony, Government/Mustang or Sig Lock Works or uses 1911 Lock Works. As is I’ll be saving up for at least two pistols to give to my 11 and 13 year old daughters. With lasar inserts they will be size appropriate for initial training.

  • Gary Laffoon

    Another Rock. I can’t wait. This one should be a real hoot. Now if they would just build me a tactical in 38super.

  • Tony Geranian

    Way too much money for a Llama. Like the idea and the size (mustang is to small) but it is nothing new. I have no good things to say about Llama, anyone else?

  • Johno

    Why don’t RIA introduce a new version of the .380 Colt 1908 Pocket Hammerless, but with a relocated magazine release button?
    An even better idea will be to chamber it in 9x19mm, without an increase in external dimensions.
    Forget the little .380 ACP/9x17mm, there is a reason that Browning left it behind after the 1908 Colt and his M1910 Browning pistol. We have had more than a century to decide that he was right, and ditch it.

    • drebinf

      I’d love the 1908 Pocket Hammerless. I’d be first on the waiting list.

      I’d like a duplicate of the 1903 Pocket Hammerless even more in .32ACP (I’m weird that way I admit). I’d be the first 5 spots in line for that one.

      • BobDole

        Your wish has been granted. :)

  • fast34me .

    Handgun design 101
    1. Take existing Beaver Tail Design,
    2. Design handgun around said Beaver Tail
    3. Ignore fact that Beaver Tail’s shouldn’t appear on anything other than Beavers.
    4. Repeat, incessantly….

  • Another guest

    There’s a couple of RIAs that I would love to have, but on this one, thanks but no thanks. I’ve got two DA/SA BT-380s with the 9 rd mags. One I bought new, the other about the same age, but used and paid less for the pair than suggested retail in the video.

  • John Smith

    One magazine? I hope it takes Colt/Sig 380 mags and isn’t proprietary. If it doesn’t I hope they are readily available. A lightweight model best be coming too.

  • Jason Burrell

    I’d like to see a comparison with the also relatively new Browning Black Label 1911-.380

  • John Smith

    Colt didn’t need the euro style sxtractor, it would be much sweeter without that ugly part showing. Maybe if they were able to incorporate the rear CS’s into it so it blended in better at least?

  • john Everett Walker

    Does it have a steel slide? Does it have a steel or aluminum alloy frame. Or, is it made of pot metal? It would be nice to know.

    • Joe

      Ivan sys all steel.

      • Everett Walker

        cool and thanks.

  • Cornbread (like it or not)

    My experience with my RIA full size double stack 1911 is almost perfection. A very pleasant surprise. Reliable, accurate, good fit & finish. (not so much for the grips) . customer service, excellent! The ever popular .380 will be a good mix for those who want a mid-size smaller gun. Plus there are some SERIOUS new factory loads out here for the “mouse caliber” .380. Put the rounds where they count and the .380 will work. and some peeps need that smaller caliber, in order to shoot more accurately! So be it!

  • Joe

    Ivan says the pistol is all steel.

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