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First Look: Gilboa Snake Double Barrel AR-15

by G&A Online Editors   |  June 4th, 2014 84

gilboa_snake_double_barrel_ar-15_FSporting a unique double-barrel design, the Gilboa Snake is built to deliver twice the firepower.

Chambered in .223 Rem./5.56 NATO, the Snake incorporates two bolt carriers and dual 9.5-inch barrels with 1:7 twist. It fires from a proprietary piston-driven system and feeds from standard AR-15 magazines. Ambidextrous manipulation of the safety selector, magazine release and charging handle is possible from either side of the receiver.

Having two separate triggers allows users to deliver rounds through each barrel independently or simultaneously, and the firearm can be obtained with a single ATF registration as a short barreled rifle (SBR). Gilboa also plans to release another version of the snake with 16-inch barrels that won’t require SBR paperwork.

In the web exclusive photo gallery and video below, we examine and test fire the Gilboa Snake at the Academi Training Facility in Moyock, North Carolina.

  • thomaspainelives

    Stupid, impractical, ugly, and I want one.

  • MichaelZWilliamson

    “Why was this invented?” Because it will make antis crap their pants, and @$ you, that’s why.

    • piotr1600

      BFYTW is ALWAYS sufficient reason!

      • TW Mccloskey

        WTF is BFYTW?

        • Chuck

          I second the question…. Just found it :

          because f*#; you that’s why

          • TW Mccloskey


  • 101nomad

    The more that can go wrong, will go wrong.

  • Bud

    I would feel more confident about this platform and manufacturer if the video didn’t show a jam at the 1:59 mark of the video

    • Ritchlives

      That is an inherent problem with piston driven designs it takes a lot of design experience to counter the moment that the piston places on the bolt carrier. Not clear if this was the reason for this particular jam, but it is common in this type of design.

      • Mylar Hyrule

        not sure if that is the defense of a poorly designed weapon, or merely pointing out a bad system when you see one

    • Nick

      I yelled stovepipe! at my screen and lost all interest in it at that moment.

  • Tom Spears

    I’m thinking UTS-15, lots of bugs to work out. However, it’s cool and would love to shoot one.

  • TW Mccloskey

    What a piece of trash.

  • James Harris

    They should make a trigger system so you can use your index finger for one barrel and your middle finger for the other, sort of like on a paintball gun. That way you can walk the triggers and waste more ammo at a higher rate of fire.

  • needful

    military maybe,civilian market would be a waste!!!

    • Adam

      Waste for military too. Aiming is too awkward for good shot placement. It’s a good conversation starter at the range, nothing more, nothing less.

    • José Pulido

      Civilian market is all this thing’s got. It’s a novelty item.

  • howler1968

    Whatever happened to the double-barrelled 1911 from Italy(?) ?

    • DXC180

      It’s being imported thru EAA.Retail is roughly around $3719.99

      • Ribelu

        I want one

  • Fieldkorn

    Good heavens.. The only people in the long-run who will truly enjoy and benefit from this monstrosity are the fellows who own ammunition companies. What an absolute waste of good metal. The fishing tackle talk about how lures are made to catch anglers and not fish. Same principle applies here. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

    • marlinlever

      1.Fieldkorn hates all firearms that hold more than 3 rounds.
      2.Fieldkorn calls all guns without a hunting purpose a monstrosity.
      3.Fieldkorn finds anything he doesnt own dumb dumb dumb.
      4.Fieldkorn probably owns a 30-30 and a 12ga. So all other guns are
      dumb dumb dumb.

    • Fieldkorn

      Actually, marlinlever, I do own a 12 gauge. Several, in fact, along with a 16, a few 20s, a 28, and a nice .410 O/U. I also own and use an expensive target pistol, a 1911 and a couple of concealed carry jobs since I do have a CC permit. As for rifles, a little bit of everything from a .22 on up to a .45-70 along with a 100-year-plus Model 03 that has done superbly to dispatch Florida wild hogs,and an 03A3 that I’ve used in sanctioned competition to beat Garands. Single shot break-opens, pump-actions, semi-autos all fill my three gun vaults. Alas, no Marlin lever-actions. However. I once owned a Marlin lever-action (and in .30-30, too) that I foolishly sold at a gun show, much to my eternal regret.. What I do not regret, though, is calling this particular piece a monstrosity. And when I attend a gun show tomorrow I can pretty will guarantee you that more than a few other attendees will be walking around with solo-barreled AR-style rifles, doing so because of buyer’s regret.

  • jarnkm

    Well, I’d like an AR-15, BUT … I do not like to spray ammunition. 1. The government does not furnish mine! 2. I like to make my 1st shot count. 3. I have a perfect, long barrel, .308 that is very capable of hitting a 3″ ‘kill zone’ at well over a thousand yards and my wife can do the same with her similar weapon, at over 500 yards. 4. Every Shot!! 3. Like OUR government, I load with mushrooming ammunition! 5. Why?? 6. IF they can and do, I have always used it. And THEY are not supposed to use it, according to the Geneva Convention, as if they seem to follow the “rules” any more!

    • short and sweet

      Sounds like world record shooting there brosef.

    • Edward Smith

      I have a dollar for each hit in the 3″ kill zone at 1000 yards, if you match it with a dollar for every hit outside the 3 inch kill zone, say we start with $100

      • jarnkm

        Well Ed, I do not shoot for game! And if you do not think that a good sniper has to have some world class weapon to do that, you are sadly mistaken! Would you care to enter my property and trip one of my 1500 yard sensors to find out?? I am 71 and have been doing it for 50+ years! Do not bet me and do not press me! I save my ammo for those intent on imprisoning me and mine!! I fought for freedom and I strongly believe in it and those who also did the same and especially the ones who gave ALL they had to give! IF yo have the slightest idea of surviving what Obama and his ilk have in their plans for us, you’d best do yourself and yours what you and they deserve … GET CAPABLE VERY QUICKLY >>> YOURSELF AND NOT MAKE A BET YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO MAKE. For me to really prove it to a “betting idiot” would cost you a very quick 5 grand. NOW … Does the betting man still want to bet? I’d much rather you ‘try entering my property boundary WITHOUT AN INVITE! You just don’t mess with an angry Alabama Red Neck!!

        • Marlinlever

          If you save your ammo does that mean you dont practice? This firearm will be low production if its truly produced at all. Its an interesting design and shows what a person can make if they really get down to it. But being a long range marksmen such as yourself makes me wonder why you even bothered to read this article. Also, obviously anti-gunners read these reviews and when seeing a person rant and CAPITALIZE letters It probably just reinforces their resolve that ALL gun owners are seeminglyranting madmen. So thanks! P.S. if you are anti-gun and reading this, we do not all think like Alabama rednecks, im sure most Alabama rednecks dont even think this way.

          • jarnkm

            Sir, by ‘saving’, I merely meant that I do not waste it intentionally. It is hard to get, even if you reload your own. Once you’ve found the round that you feel is right for a specific purpose, you store those. We take a shot or two a month, to stay in shape. My wife takes more to increase her accuracy, at 25 yds. at a time. Once consistent, she moves up 25 more, simple. You set your goal, get there or as close as you can, then move to something else. Proficiency pays off, in the long run. When one wakes up and realizes what is REALLY happening in America(the: “Illegals”, the FEMA CAMPS and the ones with adjacent crematoriums, the fulfillment of “the 45 Communist Goals for America”, our governments use of the guidelines in the “Communist Manifesto”, etc.) Most, IF they are aware, usually start to prepare. Preparation and trying to Prevent the alleged threat/threats are dire necessities! We are definitely not anti-gun! IF we were, we’d be Democrats and pro-Obama, pro-abortion, pro-Communist, etc. Also, when you accomplish your goal … accomplish something else. Hey, I’m all for helping people and especially in means to help themselves. AND, one does not have to set a goal of being able to hit a 3″ kill zone at 1,000 yards, but it might be the shot that saves you and your family!! I do not count my rounds that takes me to the goal I set and I do not brag about it. I just tell them to “Set your goal and try to achieve it, BUT to start low, so that you are not quickly discouraged. I once knew a man who could do it at 1/4 mile! I did not see that necessity. Really, 1,000 yds. is not a necessity … unless, maybe, you live on the wide open range or something. Oh! I use capitalization to emphasize and not rant and rave. I could have prevent all this crap, had I left the distance out of my 1st comment. Debating this matter, is a waste of my time and yours. Have a great & safe Fathers Day, enjoy it … set your goals and go for it!! Good Luck and may God bless your efforts!!

          • Marlinlever

            That sir, was a much better response in my opinion. Which may not matter much to anyone but myself. Thank you! I just feel that all gun owners should stick together and not pick and choose what is worthy of production and what is not. As we all know or should know, is it is pistol grip detachable magazine rifles today, semi auto pistols tomorrow, all handguns next week, all magazine fed (tube or internal and detachable box) the following month and finally complete confiscation. We must ALL stick together on these issues.

          • jarnkm

            “Marlinlever”, Hmmmmm! It just so happens, that I happen to have, on a very old gun rack, that resides over my desktop” … A “VG” condition, Marlin 38-55, Lever Action saddle rifle, that was passed down from my Grand Father, along with 2 boxes of ammunition. Just how lucky can one get?? With your “handle”, as they used to call it, back in the days of CB radio … I thought you might appreciate that thought. Have a safe and great Father’s Day Week End. The same goes for the rest of the Guys on here!!

          • Town22

            Love you Alabama rednecks; serve with one in Vietnam, 1/11 D Co. 1Brigade 5 Inf. Div. Mech. DMZ 69-70. From PR.

          • Snake

            I flew out of Quang Tri in support of the 1st of the 5th Mech during that time frame.
            Ghost Rider 13

          • Town22

            While on patrolled along the DMC; our attention was caught
            by a propeller plan that went down real low trying to draw fire (maybe September, 69). Us ( FNGs) earn the CIB on Rocket Ridge.

          • Marlinlever

            Late notice, but I hope you had a safe and fine 4th.

          • all da drops

            1000yards is more than 1/4 mile. But if you were a competent human you would know that. You don’t represent gun owners.

          • jarnkm

            all da drops: s Srry for such a late reply, but I just happened to run up on yours. I wasn’t representing gun owners, though I think a competent person should be able to own one … or more and be able to get the ammunition that he or she needs. I know exactly the distance of a quater of a mile, I drag raced for many years. I am 72 and my Dad started teaching me to shoot a 22 when I was 7. Once he found that I was very interested in shooting, it became regimental. At 14, I got a Marlin Lever Action 44 caliber rifle. It wasn’t long before I was driving nails at 50 yards and slowly moved to 250. After all, my Grand Dad always told me that, “Practice makes perfect” and when the teacher reconizes your mistakes and teaches you what to do and not to do … it makes things go a lot easier. “Pushing” yourself does not perfect yourself … you set a goal and you work towards it … one step at a time. DO NOT try to jump ahead of yourself or think that you are better han you really are. However, today … you won’t get a 1,000 yard shot, when they break your door down at 2 in the morning and come in spraying automatic fire from the doors and windows … trying to kill everything in the house/ BUT, a short time is bought by having a thorough security system on your property … which includes a reasonable distance from your dwelling, in order to buy more time. A pacing thought … ever wonder why DHS, etc. have purchassed millions of rounds of hollow point ammunition(illegal for war time via. Geneva Convention), along with matching weaponry? Armored vehicles? Govt. supplying armored vehicles, rocket launchers and heavy weaponry to many large Police Departments? Doubt it?? Well, search the web! Have a good day!

          • all da drops


        • SaneHuman


          • jarnkm

            You sir, are the one who is ridiculous? Either, wake up and ‘possible’ live, or stay ignorant and die. I pray that you do not have a family depending on you for their protection!!

          • intelligent

            I agree with you jarnkm, Im a veteran and have the same ideology as you. Im younger at 30. I just need to teach my wife how to shoot. I am acurrate with my 5.56 but not expert. I only achieved 35-38 out of 40 rounds almost every time in basic training. I always got one hit at 300 meters out of 3 shots.

        • Lebowski

          Take a chill pill, bro. Actually, take two.

      • Dreher Reed

        I just want a dollar for everyone that says I can hit inside 3″ @ 1000.
        Please tell me your moa to the
        Coriolis at that range.

    • al

      3″ group at “well over a thousand yards”…cough, cough, I cry BS. My buddy in “Nam had over 140 confirmed kills as a sniper and he would have loved to have had a rifle that would do that…even clamped in a ten thousand pound vice so that it moveth not. I doubt you could hit the side of a barn with a 12 gauge from ten feet. Most windbags at least leave a margin of credulity to their tales. Ever hear of wind, humidity, case, powder, and bullet variations? Go back to your video game. Ask your mother to bring you some chocolate milk to go with your marijuana brownie in the basement.

    • Pedro Gonzales

      If so, you need to sign up with the show “Impossible Shots” that comes on the Outdoor channel. They had the Army’s best snipers on and they could only get a ten inch spread at 1000 yards and they did admit the conditions were optimum. My cousin was a sniper in the Middle east for six years with eight years training/service. He used a Lapua (all I remember about it) that cost the govt. a mint and he couldn’t do that well. You need to start training snipers for your county and you should let firearms companies blueprint your rifle so they can try and duplicate it for our servicemen. You owe it to your county. I do admit that I never served in the military and have limited experience with firearms. My longest shot was 150 yards with a 30.06 and a scope that cost more than the rifle. I couldn’t miss…definitely not an expert.

      • jarnkm

        It isn’t special made, just an ‘improved’ version of an old Remington. What it takes is: a goal, determination, the right powder and the right projectile for the specific ‘job’. I forgot … and a whole lot of practice! Past 100 yards, one should work out at 25 yard intervals. When accuracy depletes … you start with hand loads and powder for you corrections. Note powder specs and projectile design for your requirements. All it takes is time … and a lot of it. Today, the cost is much higher than when I started. Also, consider that my dad taught me to light a match on the other end of our 16′ front porch, with a Remington 22 and 22 short ammunition by the age of 8(starting at 6). My Dad was an Alabama boy, too!! Talk to some of the ‘Ole Boyz from the mountains in Tennessee. They nursed on a gun barrel … ha, ah.

  • marlinlever

    Geez, this thing will never make a good quail or duck gun. Heck it only shoots 2 projectiles at a time. Also I shoot perfect .264 inch groups at all yardages out to 2000 yards with my 6.5-284. I’d like to see this gun do that. No one could ever reach my position or outflank me ’cause I can’t miss. Insert sarcasm. Some people just cant let others enjoy things. A-holes.

    • al

      That does not top my bolt action Remington .22 Short. I can hit a bumble bee at over two miles…flying upwind on a cloudy day…with open sights. I have witnesses…’course I have to buy them a lot of beer.

      • Marlinlever

        That my friend is top shelf accuracy. And now we know where all the bees are disappearing to.

      • jarnkm

        Tell the truth al … you have trouble in the out house, trying to hit the target with your toilet paper(probably someones well used Playboy that you stole out of their garbage can). And … the ‘target’ is where it was to be used and no thrown. Simple, with a ‘on-holer’, I’m sure that more than one would cause you a lot of confusion. Wiping and deciding would be a challenge ……

    • jarnkm

      Well, I guess you have lost any respectability that I might have had for your comments. Glad I came back to answer some of my replies and read this one. Still, you and the others injoy a good Father’s Day Weekend!

      • Marlinlever

        Sorry jarnkm, I myself am an a-hole. So I like to think I can spot them over the web. You have a good Fathers Day weekend too!

        • jarnkm

          Thanks!!! Most of us are, especially when you get old. If you were in East Central Alabama, I’d invite you over for some B-B-Q’d chicken. Dad had an awesome rececipt, not too hot, so that you can taste all the spices!!


    Oh boy….Oh boy

    Just what you pro-NRA gun nuts need is more firepower. Just hope the guy that shoots up your childrens’ or grandchildrens’ schoolhouse isn’t packing one of these useful mammy jammers.

    Notice, too, if you are about to purchase guns or ammo don’t put it off too much longer. Before you know it, it will be difficult to even purchase shoulder straps. Not that the gun-toting public didn’t deserve some sort of action. The general public is getting a bit tired about all the boom-booming going on across the country.

    • Gary

      Why does everything dealing with guns fall upon the NRA pro whatever’s? Huntervic you just might need another profession besides looking at what happens around the gun world. Negative responses never get anywhere, friend…All the things that happen with a gun isn’t the guns problem. We have a legal right to have and carry guns and that is a fact. If you think like others do it’s just the mentally ill that shoot and create what problems this wonderful country has had. Most of these things started in the inner cities with games, drugs and more problems inside the inner cities. If the law stopped all that back when it began we would not have this mess today. BUT no the law, our wonderful lawyers twisting all the law to protect the criminal and forget the innocent…well, this is the same kind of thing where you and people like you just go after the wrong people instead of those who actually cause the problem. Great job in slamming innocent people who just want to defend themselves when the so call law does not want to get involved. If lawyers would really do their jobs and actually stay within the law or stop twisting the law we would be better off today…Why don’t you go after the lawyers who started twisting the law to work for the criminal so they do the real and right thing. If you went after them and punished them for making all the laws work in the best interest of criminals maybe things would be better. So go after the lawyers, politicians who were in the mix of these bad changes within the laws. If you changed them to actually do something right for the rest of us just maybe the police could actually do their jobs without anyone else having to train to protect there own families when it is the police who are responsible for the “Serve, Honor and Protect” their communities…So who’s really at fault HunterVic? Maybe you!!! So put the blame where it really lies….Lawyers, politicians set up the laws that are designed to protect us but instead they just write the laws to be twisted in favor of criminals…remember someone has to pay for all the attorney fees!!!!



        Under the Second Amendment, “a well-regulated militia,” is not the general public consisting of ill-informed, undereducated, gun toting morons. Go to your local gun shows and look for yourself.

        Like this writer has said, I sincerely hope your children or grandchildren are not in school when the next shoot-em-up gun totting sick-o shoots the place up.

        • Nick

          One can only hope that there are no drunk drivers present as our children cross the street, No added cancer-producing chemicals in our food, and no unrestrained dogs as we walk down the street. Butter knives should also be taken from your silverware drawer. Point is: Where do you draw the line? Media inflates every incident involving a firearm so those in the public can play to their perceptions. If you are dumb enough to play that game then get in line with the rest. Not wishing harm on you or anyone else but I hope a rational self-thinker is present to save your hide if some media-hyped pinhead decides to make a name for themselves at your expense on CNN or Fox network. Good luck to you sir!

        • trqwrench

          Hey Huntervic, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that you were educated in a government indoctrination center…. er-r-r-r public school. Your limited grasp of grammar and punctuation – something government indoctrination centers do not teach anymore – shows.

          The Second Amendment is what is called a compound sentence. It has two parts – a dependent clause and an independent clause. The first clause, “A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state”, is a dependent clause. This dependent clause is separated by a comma from the independent clause; the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. The first clause is what is called sentence fragment – or incomplete thought – something liberals are very good at. The second clause is a complete sentence – or complete thought. Since liberals are not capable of complete thoughts, I guess you wouldn’t know the difference.

          Next, try doing your homework by opening a history book and a dictionary. I am sick and damn tired of idiots like you using the “militia” argument as the basis for saying that ordinary citizens do not have a right to own guns and should not be allowed to possess them.

          Webster’s defines the militia as ALL men, aged 18 and over; it says nothing about actually being enlisted in an organized military. Militias’ by definition are comprised of people who are NOT members of a regular military. The “minute-men” were not regular army. When Paul Revere went on his famous ride, he did not go to Army bases or encampments to sound the alarm; he went into the countryside. If the people did not have guns they could have picked up pots and pans and thrown them at the enemy or I guess they could have done what liberals would do – turn tail and run into the waiting arms of government.

          Furthermore, like all liberals, you like to tell only half-truths – if can even get the TRUTH out of a liberal at all. Liberals like to conveniently leave out the other half of the “dynamic duo” – the Declaration of Independence. It says: “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to THROW OFF SUCH GOVERNMENT, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” Now how do you suppose people could a have duty bestowed upon them to “throw off” an oppressive government if they are not armed? Granted, the “D of I” is not law like the Constitution is, but the Constitution was based on principles that were defined by the D of I. Moreover, militia does not mean military. In fact, the founders were opposed to standing armies. So if the founders – and Thomas Jefferson who wrote the Declaration WAS a founding father – were opposed to standing armies, then who was this militia supposed to be and who would they have been protecting themselves from?

          Finally – and I know really gripes liberal asses – the Second Amendment is THE ONLY ONE that includes the phrase, “…shall not be infringed.” What part of that do you liberals NOT UNDERSTAND? The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. I don’t know how James Madison could have made it any clearer. If you are so opposed to gun ownership, fine – make your voice heard. In fact, all liberals who are opposed to gun ownership should make their voices heard – it is your right. But when you take steps using the police power of government to STOP ME from engaging in my right to keep and bear arms, brother you and I are going to fight – and I don’t mean with words. Liberals like to refer to anyone who believes in gun ownership as some sort of radical crackpot. OK, look at the aftermath of the Boston bombing; when the government Nazi storm troopers were kicking in the doors of people’s homes and forcing them at gunpoint to exit their homes while they ran roughshod through private homes, how many of those people do you think owned guns? If you are comfortable with the fact that your government wants nothing more than to disarm you so it can do with you whatever it wants, then roll over and go back to sleep. But if you think I will lift a finger to help you and your family – or any other gun-hating liberal for that matter when the Bolsheviks are carting you away – think again, brother.

          • johnwayne52

            Dear wrench dick,just because the man can’t spell 100% does not make you a expert on jack,stick to the facts and keep plucking Obamas pipe,

      • jarnkm

        THANK YOU!!! Have a great Father’s Day weekend!

    • Nick

      I think the government should take your truck away, vic, and replace it with a safer Smart Car! Then we can move you out of your big house and into a camper-trailer. That’s all you need so I don’t see a reason for you to fuss!!!! Ha,ha… Liberal A-hole!

    • jarnkm

      It really isn’t what ‘toy’ you can buy … it’s: “Are you where you want to be with what you are now shooting?” The gun is a ’round waster’, it would have been great at the Valentine’s Day massacre! If one has the money to throw up a horse’s rear end and doesn’t expect a “General Custer” situation, why is it necessary? The original will save 1/2 the ammo!! Duh!! Common sense and some thought … that’s all that’s needed. Have a good Father’s Day weekend!

    • savage axis 30 06

      6 months later and i can go to my local walmart and purchase a 223 with ammo…lol. not everyone with a gun is going to shoot your granny. more people die from cars wrecks than fire arms per year.

  • petru sova

    P.T. Barnum once said “There is a sucker born every minute”.

  • jib quinn

    Should be popular where the capacity of a single magazine is restricted.

  • Comic Con Boo Boo

    they need to make it a pistol version

  • JR

    Supposing they get any bugs worked out and put it into production the price will probably be so outrageous that the average shooter/collector wouldn’t be able to purchase one without a second mortgage on their home. Think I’ll just keep my Sig 516 and pull the trigger a little faster. Ahold accomplish the same thing.

  • Froinlayvin

    The supposed purpose of the design is to put “the maximum amount of firepower on the target the millisecond it is available.” What a terrible excuse. Why not trade two .223 Remington barrels for one .308 Winchester barrel and call it a day without all the silliness? I might have taken the notion somewhat more seriously had the presenter suggested that the two barrels made two different loads readily available, say tracers in one mag and AP in the other. Even then, this is a novelty at best.

  • Greg

    I’ll bet co-locating the bores was a lot of fun. If I ever have too much money….

  • Nick

    So to further limp-by on the shortcomings of the 5.56 round….. Buy a .308

  • al

    Looks fun….if it would only come with a selector switch.

  • Pedro Gonzales

    I shoot too much with a bolt action. Something like that would hurt my cash flow. It would be just too tempting to keep pulling and pulling and….

  • al gossett

    Ive got to have one Maaaaaaaaaaaaan..

  • Ckpointcharlie124

    I wonder if they make a pistol

  • ahmed

    That’s the stupidest thing I have ever seen

  • Hans

    Why? Seeing this kind of thing makes me want to bitch slap someone

  • noin007

    Dear AR platform supporters,
    If you want us to take you seriously, please manage to put together a rifle that can make it through your promo video without jamming.
    AK platform supporters

  • Random Reader

    lol @ jam (1:58)

  • DeeBar

    Anyone here that takes this serious is nuts . Be a fun gun over the mantle though .
    I had twin 60’s on a pod and that was pretty serious business and never a jam out of either one but those that had em’ knew they could depend on em’ . That was 400 rds. of all tracer and was a pretty good keep their heads in the ground set up .

  • yohimey

    this can only be one of two things. 1; bend the law around doubling magazine capacity, or , 2; an experiment in capitalism to see if you can make a buck off a dumb idea . had more respect for the idf till i seen this snake gun. what next sm-16 gattlin gun shotguns , so you can avoid the fed list. i like toys too, but this is just spending money to spend it. just my opinion.

  • патыков

    а я не понимаю по английски ( russia) было бы хорошо думаю . если стволы были связаны – отдача одного ствола толкала бы вперёд другой ствол и тогда скорострельность была бы выше

  • ANON


  • ANON

    I WOULD ADD: Recoil Eliminator, Oversized heat sink barrel nuts, 13.2″ SAR 3 rail, Mid-length Buryillum Copper heat sink, OR Thermal Dissipator. AND CHAMBER FOR
    300 AAC Blackout SOCOM .30 CALIBER (7.62X35MM). ALSO, I WOULD ADD THE “Can

  • ANON

    Ultra Compact AR-15 “Ribbon Spring” [magazine] BY designer Richard Urwin at

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