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First Look: Beretta Pico Debuts at NRA Show 2013

by G&A Online Editors   |  May 3rd, 2013 9

The micro compact market is all about size. Shooters want thin, they want light and they want concealability. Beretta USA claims they’ve set the market on all three with the new Beretta Pico. The enticing new pocket pistol debuted at the 2013 NRA Annual Meetings today in Houston with much fanfare, as attendees swarmed the Beretta booth to get a look at the diminutive gun. This .380 ACP is just 18mm wide at its widest point, and is advertised to have the thinnest slide and frame available by a full millimeter.

The Pico’s other great selling point is its modularity. The grip frame, quick-change dovetail sights, and caliber are all interchangeable with little to no tool work involved. Beretta will be offering a .32 ACP barrel option that’s easy to swap and a number of different color frames including a LaserMax version with an integrated tactical light and laser. Several holsters will be available when the gun hits the shelves in August.

With base models starting at $399, these USA-made pistols should prove quite popular as soon as they begin shipping.

  • Jeremy Metcalf

    Did anyone else realize the mag drop when releasing the slide? Was that operator error, or poor pistol design?

    • Fred G

      Actually, they dropped the mag to release the slide, not the other way around. Otherwise pushing down on the slide catch with the mag spring pushing against it is pretty difficult, especially with that flush catch.

  • Scott

    I`ll take my Taurus PT738 at less than $250 over this Beretta. They are literally the same size and with the extra cash I save, I can buy ammo.

    • Tim Underbakke

      Oh I don’t know, if you happen to like guns that break on you. I had a PT738, and in less than 100 rounds it broke TWICE. A pin dislodged in the gun, and pulling the trigger all the way to the rear did not fire the gun: the hammer never made it to the point of release.

      First time? Ok I can deal with an oddball. Gunsmith trip and away we go.. test it and it works, great. Then go back to the range some months later. BROKE AGAIN, SAME ISSUE.

      I dropped that thing fast, and moved on to real guns that actually fire. I will never buy another Taurus semi-automatic.

      • Scott

        Well I`m sorry you had problems there, Tim. I have put at least 1000 rounds through mine without as much as a fail to feed or misfire. I guess all I can say to you is… do you realize that Taurus Firearms have a lifetime warranty? And if you answered yes, why would you waste your time and money taking it to a gunsmith that obviously couldn`t fix the problem when you could have just boxed it up and sent it back to Taurus to be replaced or repaired for free? I have to say that your judgment was flawed on that one. Taurus makes high quality guns, I have 2 and not one problem out of either one of them after thousands of rounds. I`d say you got the exception, but you should have sent it back to them, you may have been pleasantly surprised instead of hacked off.

    • mike r

      Scott, where the heck are you finding ammo !! :)

  • David Elliott

    Beretta must have wrote the big check this month

  • William Barnett-Lewis

    Just the thing for Papa Smurf… LOL!

  • ManongBloggerDotCom

    this looks good on my wife’s hand bag. hope this hand gun reach the Philippines

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