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Benelli Drop Test!

by Scott E. Mayer   |  June 15th, 2011 9

Our Torture Test team takes the “drop test” to an extreme with a Benelli M1 Super 90.

  • Randy

    I know who's scope rings they are. Warne Scope Mounts…

    • Evan

      Those are Talley rings, I'm very sure. And after seeing that, I think I might just be adding a pair of those to my Wish LIst this year.

      • Randy

        Evan, Warne Rings, you can tell by the way the tops come up to a slight point, for sure…

  • Chris Piere Jordan

    THAT was a good test. I mean, it was no "shoot a Kimber rifle with a shotgun", but a great test of something that could really happen. Of course, shooting your Kimber rifle with a shotgun could happen too, it you tossed it into the air at a trap/skeet match.

  • Ken Harris

    All I can say is WOW, after I stopped crying, It is shame to treat a great wepon like that. But man, what a gun and scope.

  • shane

    wow that is one strong scope

  • Mitch

    Drop on asphalt or concrete. Forget about broken glass on scope, sure, it will still shoot. Will a chambered round discharge from a drop on concrete? These are more pertainant questions. If I want entertainment, I watch Mythbusters.

  • Mitch

    Also, I have yet to fire any of my handguns sideways. Anyone tried this? A buddy of mine said he did with his Glock, and all he got was hot brass hitting his head and one got into his eye.

    How cool and "hip-hop" can it be holding your piece sideways? Don't we all love hot brass in the face, and hot, burnt powder in the eyes?

    Lets "Shizzle and Dizzle" it…… pimp can you be?

    P.S. Let the thugs hold their guns at 45-90 degrees. Gun canting is a bad habit that leads to pis-poor marksmanship. Watch your six and keep your guns loaded.

  • joeny

    what ammo was being used?

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