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Viral Videos: Why the Internet Loves Firepower

by G&A Online Editors   |  March 15th, 2012 24

At this very moment, there is a team of hipster marketing gurus stuffed in a conference room trying to figure out how to produce the next viral video. Yesterday’s water cooler is today’s social media, and these wunderkinder have the know-how to make any given cat video the flavor of the week. But gun guys aren’t interested in kitties; they want something with a little more firepower.

Think Jesse “The Body” Ventura’s minigun, Old Painless, in Predator or Tony Montana’s “Little Friend” in Scarface. These iconic images have been burned into the American psyche, translating to social networking through short video clips featuring big guns. The new trend includes shows like “Sons of Guns” and internet sensations like FPS Russia. In both cases, it’s like firepower fantasy camp. These guys handle full-auto AA-12 shotguns and quad MG42s, all in the name of blowing stuff up.

It’s almost become an underground movement on the Web with YouTubers  trying to one-up each other, which can sometimes result in a pretty unsafe environment. These videos certainly make a case for the “don’t try this at home” subtext. But in a world where seemingly everything is being filmed by somebody, this stuff was bound to crop up.

Either way, they’re entertaining, and they’re catering to the very fiber of our being. Take a look at each of these videos, and let us know your opinion on this social networking trend.

  • Heretic

    Anything that brings our sport to the masses is all right with me. People don't even raise an eyebrow when they see my AR these days.

  • Kyle Meier

    .950 JDJ? What are you trying to kill? Charging Blue whales?

    • Kyle Meier

      Chuck norris maybe?





    • peteb

      where can i get 1?

    • Phil

      Nope..home intruders.."Dead men tell no tales."

      Burglers, rapists beware..even women are armed these days, and many are better
      shots than YOU.

    • Jeepers Creepers

      The men in Blue that protect are streets buy and use the .950 JDJ. It seems like once or twice a year some crazy person steals heavy equipment or something military and goes on a rampage thru city streets.
      They can't stop that kind of thing with an .223 AR. I'd want one becuase I'm a hand cannon collector and that would be my first rifle cannon to collect.

  • 1911A1Bob

    Gallagher has met his match….


    I would love to see if he could hit the watermelon at 25 To 50 yards with that cannon.

    • Jeepers Creepers

      Since he seems to be shooting light loads for an 500 mag. He should try to hit them at 100 yards. Personally with my 500 mag and my reloads at full hunting strength. 250 to 300 yards is a good distance to target shoot at. With extremely light loads I still shoot 100 yards with the 500 mag.

  • Goober Swartzz

    Even 10 yds would show some skill..Guess he was just out for a watermelon shower..

    • Phil

      You would be very surprised at the accuracy obtained. With that much energy
      behind the bullet, it's out the barrell practically before you can flinch once used
      to it. I have a short barrell .460 Mag, and it's very accurate.

      As a defense gun for Bear, or evildoers (especially at combat distances), it is
      as accurate as needs to be.

  • shootem up mike

    He is so close the muzzle blast would blow them up!

  • geo1

    Why don't the pics 1-8 load??? I have never received an email from this site that loaded properly!!??

    • shootem up mike

      Loaded for me just fine

    • Tommy

      Only number 3 and 7 showed up for me too. All the rest only have the words visible???

  • oldbill

    I have an S&W 500 Magnum. It is really a very good gun, with a variety of commercial ammunition (and an infinite variety of reloads) for target shooting and hunting big animals like ferral pigs. A 44 Magnum will kill these animals, too, but the 500 is more comfortable to shoot.

  • Shadow

    Well I'm just happy not to see that James Yeager fan boy "Tex" that shoots himself in the leg with a 1911.

  • Matt

    He is so close why bother aiming

  • uncle eddie

    I'm not so sure I would feel as secure facing a large grizzly with this 500 magnum which appears to have very little if any recoil, as I would with my .44 magnum which unleashes the fury of hell using just run-of-the-mill standard factory ammo.

    • Cassino

      You sure about that Uncle Eddie?
      Here, a B.B. +P+ 44 Mag in 340 grain
      Ballistics Information:
      Muzzle Velocity: 1478 fps
      Muzzle Energy: 1649 ft. lbs.

      Here, a B.B. 500 Mag in 440 grain
      Ballistics Information:
      Muzzle Velocity: 1625 fps
      Muzzle Energy: 2579 ft. lbs.
      The S&W 500 was designed to reduce as much recoil as possible, or else shootin it would be punishment. In comparison, the 44 Mag always has more recoil.

  • butch

    I've seen most of these before,and watching others doing stuff that I'm not crazy enough to do myself is entertaining but there is one guy out there that starts his videos with hello faggots that shoots guns in his swimming pool that if one where to explode in his hand ?

  • Jeepers creepers

    With a good solid bullet on top of a reload the 440 can reach 1,900 FPS and well over 3,000 foot pounds of energy. I know I do my own reloading and I like them hot.

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