At this very moment, there is a team of hipster marketing gurus stuffed in a conference room trying to figure out how to produce the next viral video. Yesterday’s water cooler is today’s social media, and these wunderkinder have the know-how to make any given cat video the flavor of the week. But gun guys aren’t interested in kitties; they want something with a little more firepower.

Think Jesse “The Body” Ventura’s minigun, Old Painless, in Predator or Tony Montana’s “Little Friend” in Scarface. These iconic images have been burned into the American psyche, translating to social networking through short video clips featuring big guns. The new trend includes shows like “Sons of Guns” and internet sensations like FPS Russia. In both cases, it’s like firepower fantasy camp. These guys handle full-auto AA-12 shotguns and quad MG42s, all in the name of blowing stuff up.

It’s almost become an underground movement on the Web with YouTubers  trying to one-up each other, which can sometimes result in a pretty unsafe environment. These videos certainly make a case for the “don’t try this at home” subtext. But in a world where seemingly everything is being filmed by somebody, this stuff was bound to crop up.

Either way, they’re entertaining, and they’re catering to the very fiber of our being. Take a look at each of these videos, and let us know your opinion on this social networking trend.

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