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Ted Nugent at the Range with Red Jacket

by Will Hayden   |  January 11th, 2012 12

On this week’s show, you’ll see the time we spent with the Motor City Madman, Ted Nugent. He was in town to do a show and had called the week before to see about stopping by the shop. If you’ve never met him, let me tell you, he’s a walking force of nature.

We rolled out a roasted whole hog and 20 gallons of gumbo, then took him into my office and gave him his pick of a gun. He walked out with a M240 and our new 1911. We sent enough rounds down range to do a platoon of infantry proud. Then he got out on the patio and fired off Kris’s rocket motor powered, blank firing, guitar gun a few times (He’s Uncle Ted , whadda ya want?). He gave Kris some good advice on the music business and told me something that’s still ringing in my ears: My people are the most loyal, devoted crew he’d ever seen.

Now, I know this, but having someone who had just walked through the door that day point it out was revelatory. I forget how rare people like the ones I have here can be and I need to be better than that. People watch the show and think it’s about guns and shooting and doing all this wild ass stuff you see on TV, but it’s not. It’s about the people that are here with me under this roof. They’re the ones I’m here for.

  • Mark Bucher

    Gotta love Uncle Ted and his love of firearms.

  • old vet

    Fan of the Motor City Mad Man since longer than I care to admit. He has NEVER been lay back when it comes to stating his beliefs and lifestyle. He's done the NRA proud. Long live the Nuge!

  • Antonio

    Wango Tango! The Great White Buffalo visits Red Jacket in the Big Easy. Can't get better than that, except if he'd brought his full body ax and shot off some rapid fire riffs. One way or the other, it's always jammin' time with Ted!

  • matthew smith

    The way that I, look at it the people like Will his crew his friends and his guest and the people that watch his show and of course Uncle Ted are the backbone of this country. We all were raised to respect any and all types of firearms.Just because we like firearms does not make us a nut. This show is more than just loud noise ,Will opens with each show with graphic shots and details and a real warning . This is not Hollywood, this is real .Watch Wii and you will see that he teaches respect for way more than fire arms ,the military the police force his city and country.

  • wanda

    Will and Ted together!!! Thats Perfect!!!! I've meet Ted, now if I could only meet Will and his crew that would be awesome!! Thanks guys

  • bhupinder.sandhu

    enjoyed the blast alot

  • Ian Eugene Graham

    I've worked with Will when he was still in the marines, he is and awsome guy I learned alot from him and I thank him for that and my military carrer is getting better I'm a small arms and towed artilery repair NCOIC and what Will and his crew do on tv is what me and my soliders do everyday is build and rebuild and modify weapons, and artiliary systems.__

  • Jeff Manchura

    Ted Nugent proudly bragged that he filled his jockeys to avoid serving his country in Vietnam into his early 40s, along with two 1-year student deferrals while performing over 300 documented shows with The Amboy Dukes for each of the 2 years he was allegedly "in" college. I like his music, but I keep it in perspective. Ted decided to send another man to Vietnam in his place 3 times.

    • Andrew Johnson

      Yea and hes way mre than ull ever be…..Wht he does for this country and the hunting and shooting world is awsome.. He is man of many words… Not affraid 2 say whts rite and wht he stands 4…and wise in wht he preaches.. Sounds like ur just jealous there brother… I think he does our country proud everyday… :))) ROCK on Uncle Ted… Ur my American hero!!!

    • old vet

      Ted would be the first to admit he's made some dumb moves over the years, he's an artist and human. like you said take him in in perspective. Can't take an entertainer too seriously, you'll get let down.

    • Mike

      Thanks for sharing that Jeff. I never liked that loud mouth coward! My dad died in Vietnam…

  • T Russell

    Looks like Ted knows what he's doing and having a blast.American Firearms Academy

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