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Springfield Introduces the XD (M) 5.25 Competition Model

by Dan Johnson   |  June 29th, 2011 24

I have no doubt fired more rounds through Springfield XDs than any handgun I have never owned. There are no polymer pistols in my gun safe, yet I have the utmost respect for the concept and for the XD in particular. At various writers’ events over the years, I have fired many thousands of rounds through various XDs and watched others fire them as well and have yet to see one jam. The new XD (M) 5.25 Competition model is sure to carry on that legacy of reliability.

Springfield has refined the XD over the years and this newest variation is, in my opinion, the best looking model to date. Perhaps it catches my eye because the sculptured long slide is reminiscent of a classic favorite of mine, the Browning Hi-Power. XDs are not built for beauty, of course, and the sculptured slide of the XD (M) 5.25 is to reduce weight. A large lightening cut in the slide brings the weight down further. This 5.25-inch model weighs the same as the standard XD (M) with 4.5-inch barrel.

The XD (M) 5.25 was designed by five-time world champion and Springfield rep, Rob Leatham, and has all the bells and whistles a competition gun needs. It is the first XD with fully adjustable rear sights, a feature serious competitors demand, and a fiber optic front sight further aids quick and precise aiming. As with other XD (M) models a match grade barrel and the shortest trigger travel of any polymer pistol on the market further enhance accuracy.

The XD (M) 5.25 Competition Model will not appeal to everyone. Those only interested in concealable weapons will likely pass it by. But if you are in the market for a competition gun on a polymer frame or simply enjoy punching out small groups at the local range, this new XD is worth checking out.

  • NN

    Might be good, I shot a couple of XD's at the SE Shoot and they got me thinking they were ok; this one looks much better and the adjustable sight could be a deal maker.

  • Leo

    Looks like a Glock 34, think I will stick to my Glock 34,….

    Now if you have an XD 9mm service model, then this would be great, same magazines.

    • Dean

      May look like a Glock but it won't have awful Glock staple gun trigger. Plus it will be a lot more accurate then any Glock.

      • Robert C.

        Yes, Glocks are so inaccurate that they had to come out with a “Glock M” model to be as accurate as the XD. . .oh, no, wait, it was Springfield that had to do that because their Croatian (remember the Yugo?) made pistols were so much less accurate than Glocks. That said, the XD is a sound design and keeps improving with each new iteration. I am close to buying an XD M 3.8 to compare it to a G-19.

  • http://N/A Lopaka

    Looks like Springfield has done it again with another new addition to there great line of fire power. I perfer my 1911 45ap

    Springfield to any pistol on the market now. I would purchase a 357 if Springfield would manufacture one in a 1911 in a 6 inch barrel with a 10 round magazine.


  • Beowulf

    Way to go SA! This makes 2 competition pistols released in the last 2 years. Not following the market trend of the last 2 "conceal pistols" that have been recently released from their competitors. ie: Ruger LC9 and the Kimber Solo. I own 2 XD's already, a 4" service, and a sub-compact. Was really looking for a concealable single stack. Guess that someone else gets my business there.

  • Tony Aguilar

    XDM are great pistols, but I wish they would make 15 rounds magazines for New Jersey.

  • Troy

    I own an XD .45 and it's a great gun this new one looks like a winner do need a 9mm for zombie's for those headshots so maybe I need this one too. Sorry Glock guys but I dislike that gun. 1911's still rule though.If I could own only one that is what it would be, 1911's have character hard to believe it's a 100 years old now

  • Antonio

    First shot a rented XDM-45 — awesome balance and pointability with minimal felt recoil. Bought an XD9 Service on price and has been 100% reliable. Good ergos on both.

  • Jay Love

    nice looking pistol, XD-M does it yet again…probably good for what they designed it for, competition shooting. though I also am not a Glock fan in the least, for many reasons, my best carry gun is an Ed Brown 1911 Elite Carry…very well made, very accurate, smooth as butter! but I wouldn't mind having one of these XD-M's in my collection!!

  • http://msn Danny F

    I just bought a 5" 9mm tactical for my son and I have a 4" XD40 plus a 5" XD45 tactical. All 3 great autos can't asked for anything else but 3.8 9XD or subcompact. But the only thing would want on this new auto is a green fiber optic front sight! I will confess to owning a glock 19, but the XD rules!

  • Randy K

    Wow, it looks just like my Glock G34, right down to the cut-out on the top of the slide.

  • BPsniper

    I'll give Springfield an E for effort but they still can't touch the simplicity and effectiveness of a Glock. The XD's high bore axis continues to kill it.

  • KyleO

    I own a XDM 3.8 9mm and I will own this one soon.

  • GaryL

    It looks like it should be a good one. If I was not already deeply commited to other brands I would be interested. I may have to pick one up to try it anyway, providing I ever actually see one.

  • IAN Frog

    Springfield has another winner and will always be my choice in polymer pistols!! Hate the grip size and angle on the Glock and when this came out I was thrilled. I have 4 and all have never missed a beat!! Finest polymer pistols ont he market!!

  • jon

    Think I'll stick with my M&P Pro for competition, I perfer a lower bore axis and american made guns. Sorry Croatia

  • Sniperhog

    I don't care who makes it or where it is made. What matters is how it fits (personal) and how it performs (quick combat accuracy in competent hands). All my Glocks do this reasonably well. My new Springfield XD9 Tactical does it better!

  • Tom

    I chose the XD45c for my daily carry pistol because I could only afford one gun ($500). I wanted a gun that was reliable (i.e., goes bang every time) and carried a lot of ammo (13 +1–because bad guys move!). I have over 2,000 rds through the thing and it has never had a malfuntion. Nor has a major gun publication felt the need to publish an article on making the XD more reliable. The 1911 is a great gun, but I needed a moderately priced gun that performs every single time with any type of ammo (and I've switched up ammo just to see). If I could afford a Kimber or Dan Wesson, I may buy one. But for now, I'm sticking to my guns. Thanks Springfield Armory.

  • John

    I own an XD-9 service model and an XD-45 tactical. After over 4000 rounds in the XD-9 one malfunction occured….a broken trigger connector. Springfield had it back in my hands in 7 days flat and it still hasn't had another malfunction and that was 2 years ago. I've never had a malfunction in the XD-45. Accuracy has never been a problem. I routinely shout the X ring out and then put another ragged hole in the head before changing targets.

  • C. Walley

    I just don't get why such a big deal is made about these XD guns. It's not even Springfields own design. Have they ever even given credit to the Croation company that originally designed, and sold these as the HS2000? I wonder how many XD owners think that their gun is a Springfield original?

    Regarding this model, it reminds me of a Glock 34/35.

  • Phillip

    I too like the idea of an adjustable rear sight as I have an XD Tactical and an XDm and both shoot left to point of aim and trying to regulate them is difficult. I had jamming problems with the XDm using Winchester .40 cal. 180 ammo until I sent it back to the service center where they polished the feed ramp, none since with anything.

  • justin sc

    I sort of like it but it has no hammer if I want a gun I want a hammer

  • firearmadvisor

    All of ya'll are just a bunch crazy old men!!!

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