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Old School Winchester AD Campaign

by Payton Miller   |  June 9th, 2011 9

If you’re a (very) long time reader of Guns & Ammo, you may recall the old  mid-‘60s Winchester ad campaign featuring African PH David Ommanney.

Click the photo to enlarge.


  • robert38-55

    I some what remember these…. what I remember more is the price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of back then for the guns!!!!!!!!!!

  • Steve Durham

    Love articles like this! Has G&A ever considered using Paul Scarlata, who writes for SHOOTING TIMES? The guy is a walking History book on vintage firearms! I get lost in his stories,although I'm way too young too have been around when most of the firearms he writes about were manufactured. He's my favorite! Well………along with,Clint Smith…..and,uh John Taffin…..and uh,Mike Venturino,John Conner,Dave Spaulding,…….(Got it Bad don't I?)

  • S&W M&P

    Don't go gaga over those prices, according to the online inflation calculator:

    What cost $135 in 1964 would cost $938.62 in 2010 and

    What cost $96 in 1964 would cost $667.46 in 2010 and

    What cost $310 in 1964 would cost $2155.34 in 2010.

  • David

    I remember all of these….sold me on Winchester for 40 years. Bought my first in 1965, a Model 290 Deluxe semi auto .22 with a Weaver C4 scope. Still have it, though it now wears a Leupold 2-7 compact.

  • Diver43

    I was still a bit young, but have read many back issues.

    Will things ever get back to normal here?

  • Bob

    Check out the Big Horn 89 carbine, I would rather have that!

  • brad cushman

    what is the split between pre and post 1964 mod. 70s

  • Peter

    Does anyone know where all the old archives went to? Specifically looking for Terry Wielands article on the .375 Ruger from 2007. Any ideas?

  • Nkarsis_O

    That is my grandfather. Very proud of the fact I can say that!

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