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Old School Editor

by Payton Miller   |  June 3rd, 2011 5

Tom Siatos, who served as Guns & Ammo editor from 1959 to 1964, poses with a nice California boar, taken with his S&W Model 29. Tom later rose to become Vice President of Petersen Publishing. Although Tom passed away a few years back, his influence is still a strong one.

  • robert38-55

    Nice pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hunting Wild Boar with a handgun…… After reading Mike P. blog on his experience with a Wild boar hunt and reading this blog and looking at the pic. I think this would be fun….. to hunt a Wild boar!!!!! Great job Tom Siatos!!!!!!!! what a challenge that must have been!!!!!!!!!! I bet Tom's adreneline level's were off the chart!!!!!!! ???? I wonder how many shots he used? and the range? Open sight handgun…

  • BPsniper

    That's a cool photo.

  • scad

    Time to roast that boar!!! Haha!

  • Garry James

    I met Tom in 1971 and can attest to the fact he was the real article. Probably the best overall shot I've ever seen with just about any kind of firearm. He was knowledgeable, fair, terrific to work for, fun to go out carousing with and never at a loss for words (four-letter or otherwise) or a good yarn. One of the all-time classics in the firearms publishing business, under his watch "Guns & Ammo" became the great magazine it is today.

  • Ericb

    Interestingly, Tom Siatos was instrumental in developing Peter Capstick's career. He was an inspiring editor of G&A as well as Hunting and a few other publications. I read a few of Capstick's books where he was mentioned often.

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