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Read & React: NBC Launches Investigation into Online Gun Sales

by Ben O'Brien   |  February 9th, 2012 224

If you happened to tune into NBC’s Today with Matt Lauer this morning you probably saw what the Peacock is calling “an undercover investigation” into gun sales online. The segment above, which was aired to promote investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen’s new show “Rossen Reports,” was deemed to have exposed how simple it is for criminals and even terrorists to purchase deadly weapons in public places with no questions asked.

Rossen recruited Steve Barborini, a former supervisor for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and went undercover to bust what are legal gun sales between private citizens.

The undercover buyer, using a hidden camera to record the deal, makes references to being wary of a background check in efforts to make the seller seem negligent. Then Rossen does his best “To Catch a Predator” routine as he storms into the picture to confront these online salesmen.

It certainly makes for some compelling TV.

After presenting his case for the existence of this powerful and dangerous loophole, Rossen turns to Senator Charles E. Schumer for an explanation on just how explosive the compiled evidence will be when made public.

Schumer was joined by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly earlier this year in introducing legislation that would provide greater reporting to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) for individuals with mental illness, domestic violence records, and drug abusers, by increasing the penalties for states that fail to adequately turn over records for those who are prohibited from owning a gun.

The bill, S. 436 , would also require that all gun sales, including those by private sellers, be subject to a background check, effectively ending the gun show loophole.

The bill, which has stalled in Congress since its inception, is covered during the tail-end of the piece in the interview with Schumer and seemingly presented as a way to prevent what NBC calls “a bazaar for criminals.”

“The NRA is one of the most powerful lobbies in Washington, and despite the overwhelming evidence that we should do something, the odds of us being able to do something are not high,” Schumer said.

While Schumer and Bloomberg claim to support Second Amendment rights in their fight to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, the NRA’s opposition to their the bill and the pair’s organization Mayors Against Illegal Guns has been consistent.

The NRA claims Schumer’s bill “dispels any doubt about the goal gun control supporters have had in mind ever since they began harping about ‘closing the gun show loophole’ more than a decade ago.”

In the report, NBC’s Rossen makes a number of slanted statements that shed light on the motivation behind the investigation and the network’s support of S. 436.

Rossen says in his dulcetly-toned voice over that  “34 people are murdered every day in gun violence, with many of the weapons traced back to private sales” while evoking the story of a woman murdered by a stalker with a gun purchased online. NBC’s version of hard evidence.

Jitka Vesel was killed by a Canadian man who crossed into the U.S. and purchased a firearm online that he then used to commit the murder. The man would not have passed a background check at any gun store in the U.S.

In the segment’s final hoorah, one saddened relative goes so far as to suggest that had there been tougher legislation on online gun sales, Vesel would be alive today.

Where do you fall in this debate…with the NRA or Sen. Schumer? Did NBC go too far in sensationalizing this story?

  • none

    Matt Lauer can suck it

    • Xin-Loi

      Maybe Lauer, Schumer, Bloomberg and Menino can investigate Project Gun-Runner.

  • EdC

    Idiots….and Matt Lauer is, if not the king at least one of their tools.

    • Dillard

      I would like to ask all of these anti gun lobbiest, mayors and reporters one question… How many guns do each of them own for their protection???

  • Brad Meyer

    Schumer can go to hell!!!

  • Alan C Rhine

    The biggest pisser about this story the turn the gun over to be DESTROYED if they care about lawful gun sale then why didn't LAWFULLY sell them to somebody and the donate the proceeds to a victims group JERKS

    • JohnMN

      I agree completely! They said that the firearms would be destroyed, using a tone indicating that these firearms were some sort of evil thing.

  • JDS

    NRA wants no controls on guns and on the other hand the gun control people want no guns. Between the two extremes is the happy truth.

    We should close the private gun sales loophole and we should kick Bloomberg in the butt.

    Everyone is happy.

    • D hegarty

      What loop hole are you talking about ????? ,More suppression of legal gun owners rights does not stop
      people who want to kill people , knifes ,baseball bat , chainsaws you name it are all available.

      This is just more of the same progressive mentality that those who think they are the intelectual elite
      should make all laws since they have all the anwsers , and just forget about the constitution.

      Lauer , Bloomberg and Schumer are despicable soulless tools

    • Gun Guy

      JDS your an idiot and the only loophole that should be closed is the one that gives you the freedom to be an idiot.

    • Erik Olsson

      You're a fool. Self regulation is the only thing that really works in societies. All this does is make it easier to get black market firearms. Private gun sales have always been legal. If I intended to kill or harm someone with a firearm I purchased I would change the barrel then commit the crime. What this whole argument is about is the simple fact that the Second Amendment is our right to level the playing field and end totalitarian dictatorships. Personal responsibility is the only thing that will stop crime in general but having everyone armed does help. In heavily armed societies people are very polite and considerate of one another.

      • Adam Urbanski

        "An armed society is a polite society" – One of my favorite quotes

    • Jim

      I sold my car to a buyer I met online, he used that car to kill 2 people as a result of his drunk driving. If I had only done a background check I would have seent he already had 2 drunk driving arrests. I thank we should require criminal back ground checks on all sale of autos. your thoughs? My neighbor rented his house and it was turned into a meth lab god knows how many people died as a result of the meth production that occurred there. If he had only done a crimial background check he would have seen the renter had a drug conviction 5 year ago and he could have stopped all this meth from being produced. Your thoughts ?

      • David

        Jim you are so right on point well said…

      • James A

        I agree with you Iive in IL we have a FOID card if you sell a gun thru private sale you must keep the buyers FOID info for ten years. Enforce the laws we have there are more than enough to cover the sales

      • roadkil2

        I have rental property and we DO conduct a CRIMINAL background check to rent a house? A house is an inanimate object(like guns) . It is never the gun or whatever the object is fault if used for the wrong reason. By the way anyone(JDS) who thinks this way is too dangerous to own a sharp stick much less a firearm. This conversation is insane in its basic concept? No wonder we are in the mess we are in.

    • Common Man

      Like all idiot ideas, how exactly is the Private seller to Private purchaser to be enforced, and by whom, and while we are at it, who pays for this enforcement? Is this by each State, or do we need another useless Federal Department to go through? Should we also have a private seller’s license with a transaction fees? All (as in everyone) who purchases a firearm online MUST have it transferred to a local FFL dealer for the NICS background check, period. If not you are breaking about 23 various federal laws, not counting the local laws. Remember, cars don’t kill people, only bad drivers do.

      “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” What part of “Shall not be infringed” don’t you get?

    • Bob Johnson

      I am a gun dealer and I agree with you 100%. It is a loophole and its simple to fix. All gun sales must be done through an FFL. This isn't complicated.

      • JP2358

        Where's your shop Bob. I want to make certain I never due business with you!

      • Fred Schloss

        I think you just killed off any business you might have had. Dealers hate the idea of private sales because they lose money with every sale that takes place without their involvement. Sounds to me like you're a has-been dealer, who deserves to be that way.

      • Edward Spencer

        I think that's a good idea. The private seller would have the CYA factor of having the transaction going through an FFL and the FFL holder could make a little cash through a nominal service fee. Also, I don't think any legit buyer would oppose meeting up at "XYZ Gun Shop" any more than at a supermarket parking lot. Legit buyers in the private market aren't looking for ways to skirt the laws; they're just looking to save a little cash.

        FWIW, I consider a "legit" buyer to be someone who is purchasing a firearm without illegal or malicious intent.

        • old vet

          These dealers are not looking for a "nominal" fee fool. They plan on Cleaning UP. How can anyone attempt to regulate how one deals with his own property in a "free" country? Besides These bums were breaking laws by trying to sell in this fashion. We all need to find out where good old Bob has his shop, and put him out of business. Care to advertise Bob?

        • LostLakeDave

          Bob, that may be good for your business, but it's an infringement on our civil rights. Period. "Shall not be infringed" means exactly what it says! Your greed is not a good reason to oppress the majority of citizens.

          • Adam Urbanski

            Nominal Fee my ass. You like it because it lines your pockets. What exactly does handling and transfer entail when I buy a firearm online that I have to pay like $30 more?

      • ARsrule

        Good for huh Bob you could make a little more money. Greed sucks and you think you are a business man, you are a greedy dick. Whats the name of your shop? I want to be sure that if I ever sell a gun through Guns America or Gun Broker that it damned sure won't be through you.

    • Matt

      So you do not believe in the second amendment? I I choose to sell one of my guns to my brother Why should the government be involved in that sale?

    • Buffalo11

      and perhaps tell ATBF NOT to sell and deliver arms across the border to be used against us.. or is that a terrible reflection on law enforcement? Talk about NObamas idiots at work..

    • Big Daddy Rich

      JDS – you should go to work for Euratool. See Jim's comments below and see if you can get that gray matter to function.

  • Joe Sobotka

    Matt Lauer, the Today show & Schumer can kiss my white skinny arse!

  • R. P. Sanders

    As usual,the ultra liberal anti gun media hides behind the "freedom of the press" to inject into every americans daily lives exactly what they want us to see and hear…and that is highly edited politically slanted so called "journalism" that masks itself as "news". Schumer,Bloomberg,and their ilk, simply have no possibilty of convincing the american people by ANY MEANS of relinquishing personally owned firearms. MY NRA ( thats right..I said "MY" )will always be there to stand toe to toe with those who seek to destroy the rights of myself and my fellow americans to keep and bear arms for self preservation against ANY enemy..foreign or DOMESTIC!.

    • Ronen Lebel

      Deer R. P. Sanders
      say It like it is
      i couldn't tell beater myself

      NRA for life

    • captglock


    • Buffalo11

      I am NRA

    • Riley

      I do not know enough to comment on NBC's political motives, but i do know that it is in business to sell commercials. The investigation isn't intended to inform, but rather to keep you watching. The more people watching NBC news, the more valuable NBC airspace is to advertisers. The information-lean, anti-gun slanted investigation is merely a fishing hook for NBC's viewers. If the investigation detailed pros and cons of the Schumer bill, viewers would surely loose interest. Why does the NRA think the bill is flawed? It's irrelevant. If you want health food don't eat McDonald's; if you want information don't watch the Today Show.

  • Trent Bohl

    I saw this today, before heading to work. I was so pissed off, I will never have the today show on again. What garbage

    • Nbc Sux

      I NEVER watch that NETWORK, EVER! nbc SUX!!!! ultra libtard morons!

    • Sandman1217

      We need to start our own media company and let the truth be heard, enough of these lying loser liberals in the mainstream media. We really need to get together and have a national televised debate with these losers like lauer and that fat pig rosie odonell. I say ship all of the liberals to Afghanistan, if they don't like it here than GET OUT. Wake up AMERICA these people are the ones ruining our great country!

  • 2nd Amendment guy

    Nothing more than the liberal anti-gun media pushing their weight around during an election year…The government already has thousands of laws on the books that aren't enforced! Why? there are simply so many law abiding gun owners that haven't/don't break the laws coupled with the fact that gun violence is down the past decade and beyond. Guns don't kill people, people kill people and they will use any means possible to do it. The idea that someone can go out and buy a gun that 'could' bring down an aircraft is feasible but highly unlikely due to a lot of things I won't mention here…heck, if someone threw a rock at a large aircraft when it was taking off, would bring it down. but it would have to be a 'perfect' hit in order to do it.
    Face it, anti gunners & liberals, you're going to lose the war on guns and when the government says that we can't have them anymore, you or your offspring will most likely fight in the next revolutionary war, which is what our forefathers who wrote the US Constitution had intended for. One last thought….gun control isn't about guns………'s about control!

    • I carry

      I find it scary that more people don't realize how true your last statement is..

  • Pudge 50

    Seems to me, that Rossen and the people he used to purchase the weapons were legitimate, law abiding citizens. Nothing wrong with that.
    The liberal slant in his conjectures create the problem.
    There should be a background check on each article written or broadcast by the liberal media. Then if found incorrect, the criminal commentators and/or writers could be arrested or denied the ability to publish or broadcast the biased reports.

    • Vic

      Amen Brother!!!

    • Sal Matos

      Correct, those sales seemed legal to me, not one criminal got a weapon.

    • B Mc Gagin

      I dont understand. I have bought and sold guns online here in california many times. I would like to know where it is that i do not have to use A federal fire arms dealer for my private transfer? Is it just me or (Most states or majority of states as stated does not include California only)

  • matthew kennedy

    you don't need a gun to kill someone!!

  • Bill K

    I hope he also obtains more evidence on E. Holder, the BATF and Justice Dept and their "Fast and Furious" program that sent hundreds of firearms into Mexico without proper paperwork, DROS, etc. and are now trying their best to hedge and stoneway the Congressional investigation into it.

    • Saltypa

      Touche' !!!!!!!!

  • Craig Lawrence

    What a SLANTED and BIASED report, full of Lies and HALF TRUTHS!!!!!!!!!

    • Sorzy

      The real problem these days is no one researches things for themselves and just simply believe what they see, read and or hear. And thus like Matt Lauer and everyone else at NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and every other media outlet is they're all friggin' TOOLS!

  • SAL

    I have a feeling that dip Bloomberg was behind this investigation and the sheeple at NBC were more than happy to do his bidding.

  • Boston bean

    Matt Lauer is a total jerk. So high and mighty and he knows all. If you list and think of what he is saying you'll hear how stupid he really is.

  • Liam McCumber

    Pure sensationalist garbage, NBC channels are now locked out on my satellite box. If Matt Lauer was interested in impartial journalism, he would have John Lott to present evidence based on facts, not the small sample emotional crap from Bloomberg & Schumer. No wonder NBC remains in last place in the ratings. They'd probably get better ratings if The Today was fired and replaced with paid telemarketing or evangelical shows.

    • Liam McCumber

      The Today *Show

      • oldbill

        I liked that part about the 5 shot BMG semi-auto being the global gun of choice of dope dealers.

  • Sal Matos

    I bet if you sold a car to someone without a license you wouldn't see Rossen sniffing around. Just get ready people this is the first shot across the bow. The liberal lft and the weakening anti-gunners know, its now or never. If they lose this next great battle for your 2nd Amendment rights its adios muchachos.

    We have been trouncing countering there moves sucessfully the last few years and they are getting desperate.


    nazi broadcast company the mouth piece for the far left nut jobs can go stick their heads in a bucket of s###.

  • CEJ

    There you go again NBC, spreading more lies and government propaganda from your home in Washington. What a joke you have always been. Don't you realize how silly you look to American citizens? I would never stoop so low as to waste my time watching or listening to any of your programing.

  • craig

    This story is very flawed and they dont even have all the facts straight.

  • ProMag

    Edward Kennedy and his car killed more people than all my GUNS have!!

    • WartHawg

      Love it ProMag! You da' man!

  • Billy Goats

    I do believe a study was done and found that less than 1% of private guns sales ends up with the weapon being used to commit a criminal act. Who will NBC, Bloomberg, Schumer, and the other Antis blame IF they would get a so-called loophole closed and the violence doesn't drop?
    Here's an idea NBC–why don't you send this tough-guy "investigative reporter" down to the border and come running out with that camera when some more illegals cross into the US? How about "investigating" Obama's illegal appointments while the senate was still in session? How about Holder and Obama being in on and set up the illegal selling of guns to known cartels?

  • Ross Walters

    Here in Michigan all legal sales go through a FFL.
    Every website, gun show seller, and gunstore performs a backround check.

    Am I missing something here? Are there websites I can purchase my handguns and NOT pay FFL transfer fees and sales tax? If so I sure haven't found out about them.

    • Don

      Not supporting NBC (I'm an NRA Life/Endowment member) but I have purchased a rifle on the internet w/o all the govt. redtape. The "catch"? The receiver was made in 1895 and exempt from FFL rules. Not exactly your typical criminal/gangbanger/assualt weapon – but it can be done legally.

    • JohnMN

      In some states (like Minnesota), face to face private sales between private citizens are legal. The "online" part that the story plays up has virtually nothing to do with it.

    • Mark E. Johnson

      FFL required here TX as well. NBC idiots pay no attention to reality, simply desire to slant things to pander to the ultra left. Nothing realistic in this episode of "reporting."

      • JohnMN

        So what do you do in Michigan or Texas if you want to buy a gun from one of your range buddies? You have to go to an FFL and transfer it through them? What about inheriting grandpa's old shotgun? How about giving your kid a .22 for christmas?? Do you fill out the paperwork for the NICS check with you as the owner, and then have to transfer it to your kid??

        By the way, for any private sales, everyone I know in MN draws up a bill of sale, and requires to see your permit to purchase (indicating you've passed a thorough background check in the past year). But I'm not going to sweat those details when I gift a firearm to a family member!!

      • Big Daddy Rich

        Once you own a firearm, you can (and should be able to) sell it to anyone you want to face to face. This is nothing new and nothing nefarious. Why should my personal property be regulated as to who I can sell, give, or loan it to? If you ship a firearm to someone, it has to go to an FFL holder according to federal law. I can sell a knife, a rock, a tire iron, a car, and a hundred other things that can cause bodily harm if someone misuses them. They are inanimate objects, just like firearms. Blame the user, not object.

  • aaron

    Communist NBC. I always do a bill of sale

  • Lando

    The criminals are in D.C wearing the suits and at the "news" networks.

  • Daniel Mares

    This story airs & yet not one mention about Eric Holder and Fast &Furious ???

  • Tazman316632

    I wish it was that simple….Most states require FFL licenses or at least paperwork done…NBC,Charles Schumer and most of all..Micheal BLOWMBERG can go screw themselves!!

  • Doug

    i feel sorry for the girls that lost their friend, but to say that she'd be alive today is presumptious. The stalker clearly wanted her dead and could've easily chosen another method. He just chose the most impersonal method.

    I'd like to see where they're getting their numbers from as well. Currently the longest military sniper record with the .50BMG is about 1.5 miles. The round will probably go further is angled properly, but it wouldn't be accurate by any means. And for the record, the footage of the man blowing up his target with the .50 cal was an explosive compound for a target, not because the bullet is that destructive.

  • Dwaine

    What part of "…shal not be infringed" does Bloomberg and NBC not comprehend. Someone needs to understand the definition of "infringed". We already have in many States, such as California, :infringement" up the kazoo. 2nd Amendment is most clear and concise and like the First Amendment is pretty much ignored by the electorate.

    • Patrick

      It should be mandatory for all politicians to up hold the oaths of their office and have them recited every six months and re affirmed thier oath as a requirement to keep their job especially the President. All of our Armed Forced has to affirmed their oath when re-up or accept a commision.

      Semper Fi

  • Sam

    I don't watch the Today show, but it does little good to rant about Matt Liar (excuse me, Lauer) and NBC. The only way to get to the throat of the liberal media is through their sponsors. I plan to watch it once to see who put their ads on and then write each one and tell them why I plan to not purchase any of their products !!
    If we cave and contiue to buy from companies that support tghis type of thing, we can only lose in the end.

    • Passout18

      Great Idea. I'm on board

  • RYCSailor

    Let's face the facts, we are not going to change the minds of the likes of Schumer or his ilk. CBS stated on one of their news programs that 47% of US households owns at least one firearm. The sad fact is that the NRA has only 4,000,000+/- members out of the 62,000,000 potential members…….if more of the masses who don't belong joined, the voices supporting firearms would be overwhelming. If the people writing in to comment here aren't members, they are letting a small fraction of the firearms owners do the heavy lifting…….join now.

    • N.H.

      The NRA are fear mongers just like the Brady Campaign.

      I support the SAF (Second Amendment Foundation)

  • matt volkel

    Selling someone a weapon does not make the buyer commit a crime. We need to get criminals off the streets Permanently. Rehabilitation of violent criminals is a liberal myth.

  • Jack

    it amazes me that gun owners are treated like criminals, drug users, sex abusers, child pornographers.
    I run an online gun auction site/store and I have not once been approached to do anything illegal, nor would I. As a matter of fact every person I have dealt with directly have been outstanding folks to deal with. I have had 1 person do something illegal….credit card fraud and it wasnt on the purchase of a fire-arm. It was on a watch. 99.9% of gun owners are clean honest individuals who pray they never have to use a weapon in self defense but are generally ready if they have to…

  • Mark McDonald

    The 2nd amendment says: "…the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." The reason for the 2nd amendment was to insure that we the people (us) keep this government from getting out of control like the Syrian government. Don't you think the Syrian people would like to have a few 50 caliber guns about now? I'm afraid of our government. The Feds have taken our Bill of Rights and are shredding them. The Patriot Act and the NDAA 2012 are taking away our right to a lawyer and court trial. They give the President the right to legally assassinate an American citizen in the USA. The Feds no longer need a warrant to go into our homes and look around. We need to wake up before it's too late and get our Congressmen to restore our Bill of Rights.

    • Linda

      Many good comments here so far. One thing I will throw into the mix.

      I haven't once heard any political candidates in the debates or in fact Obama and Biden either, just what are their beleifs on the 2 nd amendment and CWL's for the people. Have they ever fired a gun at a target? If attacked would they wish they had one? Hmmm?

      Lets see if we can get any of these type questions directly asked and answered without a lot wishy washy BS but the media?

      We the people should know where they stand on the gun questions so in discussion today.

  • C Mayne

    I work in the auto industry, was'nt it NBC that faked the Chevy gas tank explosion. and you expect me to believe what they say about ANY thing else. My first respnse would be that the "criminal" is NOT going to "buy" a gun, he is going to steal it or make the $50..00 crack deal on one that is already stolen. Second is if they are looking for "loopholes" then why in the hell are they not investigating Congress on insider trading and the establishment of other laws that make themselves exempt form the laws we have to abide to (does social security come to mind). The whole thing is a crock of you know what from the ground up.

  • Uncle Parrothead

    Has anyone investigated the "existing" laws that were broken in these online sales? For example, most states require that a private seller ensure that the person purchasing a gun is legally eligible to purchase the gun, also what "existing" laws did the person from Canada violated when he transported an unregistered handgun across the boarder? In many states a person is required by law to keep a record of who purchased a gun from them, which also means that the person selling the gun get a valid government identification from the purchaser.
    I think there are sufficient laws 'on the books' to prevent the 'mayhem' alluded to by Mr Rossen, apparently we have an enforcement issue, stating with Mr. Rossen who obviously believes that reporting the issue is much more important than solving the issue.

  • Chad

    There is more domestic violence during the superbowl than any time of year so Bloomberg should loby to ban the superbowl, that how much sense this whole thing makes, oh yea there should at least be a background check to watch it so we can make sure your not going to get drunk and beat your wife or girlfriend and stop the loopwhole that allows you to watch it later if you taped the game

  • Tim

    Can any one say , FAST AND FURIOUS

    The kettle is calling the pot black?

    ATF whata phucking joke….

  • oldbill

    A fake driver's license and a fake concealed carry license is all a person needs to buy a gun. If you have these two pieces of identification, most states do not require a background check. A law requiring private sales to be backed by a background check would be no more enforceable on criminals than any other law. Criminals can get guns any time they want, except in maximum security prisons and at the end of a rope, which is the way they should be delt with. Not with more useless laws. In 1960, an honest citizen could buy a gun over the phone or by mail, have it sent to his home by Railway Express, and it only required a check or a money order, and they took your word for it that you were 21. With tens of thousands of laws now on the books, gun crimes are higher than ever because honest citizens are discouraged or prevented from buying guns while criminals can get guns with impunity, because they do not obey laws.

  • Matt Liar

    Matt Liar is just the mouth piece. He says whatever he is scripted to say. If the producers wanted him to espouse pro gun positions, that's what you would hear.

  • allen johnson

    When this world goes to hell in a hand basket and some terrorist has his sights on one of these anti-gun nuts I'm going to ask if they would like to use my pistol to protect themselve's. NOT !!!

  • chucksmacker

    they even added some sinister music while working the action of that 12ga pump hahaha, stoping online gunsales wont stop murder you cream puffed cryass rossen!!! but that remington 870 will

  • Dutchman

    Only one to the guns, the Glock would be something a criminal would want to carry any way!! But NBC makes all gun owners look bad.

  • Pub

    I buy all my guns over Comcast's internet – NBC's gun dealing parent.

    • Linda


  • Wilmot Green

    When these "know it all" people succeed in gaining control of enough of our lives then ONLY OUTLAWS AND GOVERNMENT will have guns, God help us if this ever happens

    • Linda

      You are right!

    • Randy Rentfro

      It seems the OUTLAWS and THE GOVERMENT are the same thing.

  • Carey Holzman

    If I sell someone my car and then run people over with it, how is that my responsilbiity? Now I am responsible to ensure they have a drivers license and insurance and a clean driving record before I can sell them my car? If guns were the only violent way people died, I could understand this story. But people die every day from being stabbled, blunt force trauma, even a nail gun. Tasers are easy to buy, as is pepper spray, and people have died from the use of those as well. Perhaps the focus of this article should be that the government is not doing a good enough job locking away criminals and keeping people out who snuck in, such as the Canadian in this story. Maybe the person who gave that Canadian the money he used to buy the gun to the kill the girl should have thought twice about how that money was going to be used. How is that person any less responsible? And why is it the government makes it so easy for criminals to get out of jail and illegal immigrantation so tolerable?

  • Silvermoney

    "Hollow points can do internal damage"? Hey Jeff, that is the main reason you want to have them in a defensive handgun and the fact that there is less penetration power if you miss your intended target and hit and penetrate a wall, injuring a bystander. What a drama queen.

  • rolandthunder

    My favorite part is when they walk up to the guy and say "You just sold this guy a DANGEROUS weapon." Has anyone ever seen a WEAPON that wasnt DANGEROUS?

  • Abnrgr

    We can do something about this.
    Get others to join the NRA.

  • robert rosanna

    this is just another way to back door gun control for all of us.

  • La Chocha

    What these MORONS from MSNBC Fail to tell you, is that online gun sales take transfers from an FFL dealer to another FFL dealer, with the receiving dealer running a background check on you. But these Treehuggers don't tell you the Full story, they exaggerate the words like "Hollow Point Bullets" as if they are Illegal, or a Taboo—–bunch of Gay Reporting is more like it, Like a Kitchen knife couldn't do as much damaged when stabbing someone! IDIOTS…..GARBAGE REPORTING!!!!

    WHO WATCHES MSNBC ANYWAY, Bloomburg can suck it….Idiot Liberal Bankrupt State!!!

  • Richard Denbo

    I have need seen the media that was about the honest guy and girl that have guns but want to blame them for all the illeagly thing that are going on. What the crime in England and Cannda that has the gun control the the New York major want. No one should be able to do any safe shooint that the range like I do every sunday. How much has the white house go in play for this relection this year to help get rid of the guns too. Dam gald to be a life menger of the N.R.A

  • Sandy Parker

    If you take a AR15 so-called 223 assault rifle and set it next to a Remington 7400 3006, which one is more powerfull? What a joke.. These people know NOTHING about firearms. Just because it looks menacing, its a assault weapon. Shumer and his gang along with turncoat gillabrand will never stop untill ALL GUNS of any kind are banned. Everyone better join the NRA NOW!

    • ARsrule

      I would only add everyone had better vote in November also. And as sad as the possible potential candidates (other than Ron Paul for gun owners) looks right now anybody would be better than the joker in office now. He will definitely come after guns if he gets another four years of destruction.

  • hicusdicus

    I don't disagree with any of you . Calling names and ranting accomplishes nothing. There is a lot more at stake than gun rights. Hilary Clinton is working on some treaty's that if ratified will give the UN more power over our lives than congress or our own courts. One of these treaty's is already up for ratification. Americans have become so ignorant of their own government and how it works that they are going to lose everything. The only rights we have are the ones we take not the ones we take for granted. We are slowly losing our individualism in exchange for a government utopia. Welfare, food stamps, free health care, political correctness and many other so called government benefits are being used to buy our freedom from us. Ameritopia, the unmaking of America written by M.R. levin. Get it, try to read it and get the knowledge they never gave you in school. Things are happening to our country that you literally will not believe. When you think something absolutely cannot happen that is when it strikes .Guns do not really matter. What matters is making our leaders follow the constitution and not their personal greed and agenda.

  • joemagnum

    What chicken sh** "investigative reporting. The DISTORTIONS are endless.

  • Common Man

    That is why I am "from" NY.


    This is an outstanding example of yellow journalism and why the majority of Americans don't trust the mainstream liberal media. Whether or not you hate guns how can you sleep at night knowing that information you put out is at best a half-truth and at worst a complete lie? In the report Schumer doesn't even try to hide the fact that the purpose of the report is to advance his agenda. Can anyone cite a better or more obvious example of media working FOR government?

    If you want to do a biased report, I have no problem with it. Just don't pretend that it's somehow an unbiased, objective look at a situation. And don't call it "truth".

    Let's at least do everything we can to get the Chief Anti-Gun Liberal voted out of office this November. Work to support the Republican candidate in your state. It's time for Obama to hit the lecture circuit.

  • Robin Miller

    How do you suppose that Mr. Bloomberg and Mr. Schumer are protected by their security forces. Do you think that the men carry baseball bats and strong words. I'll bet heavily that they carry firearms.
    It reminds me of the time that the big mouth known as Rosie O'Donnel said "Nobody needs a gun, and guns should be outlawed." Shortly after that statement, Mr. OOPS I mean Ms. O'Donnel received some death threats from some fanatic idiots prompting her to hire an armed bodyguard, and acquire a personal firearm of her own.
    My Grandfather always told me that "an armed society is a polite and respectful society". Perhaps what we really need in this Country is more politeness and respect for the rights of everyone. With people like Bloomberg, Schumer, Clinton, Holder, and Obama running the show there is no respect.

    do you think that

  • John Doe

    Yes, Hillary Klinton is working very hard to destroy U.S. Sovereignty and the U.S. Bill of rights.
    Everyone reading this that is not an NRA member should join now, before we HAVE to take back out rights by force.
    That's all I have to say today.

    -NRA Life Member-

  • noliberals

    Now you know why NBC ratings are the lowest!

  • Rational?

    Okay, so make it a law such that the transfers do have to go through a NICS check, but these are provided free by the local police authority and they're not allowed to keep records longer than 6 months to prevent a government gun grab? Certainly some controls are necessary to prevent deranged felons from getting weapons, but simply outlawing private sales only makes private sales illegal and we know how well making things illegal prevents criminals from doing them. . . .

    • GunFixer

      Criminals will always be able to acquire their weapon of choice! Guns have been banned in England for many years but, a criminal can get all of the hand guns that he might want with enough money.
      We really need to eliminate the criminal element by any and all means necessary, Then only law abiding citizens will have guns and, probably won't need them for protection just sport.

  • DAve Schuts

    Here is more fodder for the alarmist press–if you run the numbers, you'll find that the criminal/negligent deaths per gun in the US is a fraction of that per automobile. Your car is more dangerous to me, a law-abiding citizen, than my gun is to you. Now I'm sure that your car is registered, as is my gun, but according ot experience that repeats itself year after year your garage contains more destructive potential than my holster. How would you react to the requirement for a background check every time you bought a car? How about every rental from Hertz? At every fill-up, perhaps? Do you think that this would eliminate criminal and negligent auto fatalities? The most dangerous person may be the gullible subscriber to agenda-driven "news".

    • GunFixer

      NO GUN should be " REGISTERED ". I have no problem with background checks but, REGISTRATION is unnecessary and very intrusive. When you pass the background check, you should be the only one to keep records.

  • Dr. C. E. DeLeon

    I, really believe, that these "reporters" get paid on the side to come-up with this kind of damaging, distorted and inaccurate information!! They, always, want to play some emotional story attached to it so that some moron listening, actually, feels for the damaged!! NO ONE can predict who is going to choose to kill anybody beforehand. A gun need not be the weapon of choice! It is your RIGHT to sell anything you rightfully own! Guns or puppies. If you sell your dog's puppies to a family who enjoys eating them, but, you did not know… how can you feel responsible?? Enforce the existing laws on the books upon those who commit serious crimes with guns!!… Despondent?… too bad!… drunk?… away for good!.. Mental issues?… a bigger loop-hole than sales of guns online!!!

  • mark

    I can not count all the things wrong with that piece but even more alarming is how many "likes" it has. Freedom means nothing to these pple . You cannot stop somebody from killing if their mind is set to it . the young lady that died may not have needed to if she was trained properly and armed I find it hard to believe she didnt know she had a stalker. How is having no guns working out for england? Ireland? No guns means stabbings go on , beatings , whatever it takes. The only thing gun laws will do is allow more people to get hurt because they can't defend themselves. NBC just proves once again they have no interest in journalism just propaganda and ratings

  • John Doe

    I'd be willing to bet that Bloomberg own at least a part of the Nazi Broadcast Corporation.
    And yes, you are not responsible if I ate your puppies. By the way, they were delicious.

  • guest

    The terrorist does not need to go to a private citizen to buy his arsenal, he is totally funded and supplied by his own supporters. If you take the guns away from law abiding citizens then only criminals will have the weapons. When I was in law enforcement I knew a person that could get me anything I wanted for a minimal amount. If the idiots pushing their gun woes would look at statistics more people are killed each year in this country by drunk drivers than by firearms. And to think you would trust the ATFE after their lying deceitful practices in the Fast and Furious fiasco that caused the life of a man who swore to protect and serve. As for the hollow point bullets that you dwell on they are safer to the ball ammo that can ricochet or go all the way through a assailant and injure an innocent bystander. Wake up you idiots and start publicizing the massacre done every year by drunk and drugged up drivers.

  • t poland

    i don't want private checks either, BUT what if these stupid sellers had sold to felons? come on fellow firearm owners, we're not all in the right either. use some common sense. the sellers in the video did not.

    • GunFixer

      The unscrupulous people that sell a firearm to anyone that may be questionable in their own mind, are simply the criminals yet to be caught.

    • ARsrule

      Then arrest them and convict them with the laws that we already have. Don't judge me by what those guys did. We have enough laws if they were enforced they will do the job. You can't lump every honest gun seller into the same class as the very few that fail to follow laws that are already there. There will always be criminals that break laws that's just a fact of human nature. If we give one inch they won't stop till they get every firearm that the law abiding among us own and then the only ones left will be in the hands of the criminals.

  • Liam McCumber

    Passing gun control laws to stop crime is like taking cars away from sober people to stop drunk driving.

  • Craig

    Any one I've ever herd that were against guns have never owned or for that matter fired one. We who take ownership of firearms serious will always buy. I have bought online, gunshows, auctions, an stores I still have to fill out the forms. By the way why didn't they include the ATF on this show, an slip the cuffs on the lawbrakes. That is why I think this is all fake.

  • EdgeGun

    This is an interesting issue. On the one hand, we certainly don't want private citizen gun sales to have to be regulated or monitored – that freedom needs to remain intact otherwise "Big Brother" will intrude into our personal privacy even more than he already has. But on the other hand, I am having difficulty understanding why any upstanding gun dealer would sell firearms 1) Without doing a background check, and 2) Selling weapons in a parking lot out of the back of his truck. It just reeks of being shady and underhanded – like the guys who sell vacuum cleaners on the side of the road – gee do you think this is a shady deal? Duh. Dealers selling arms like this just "makes" them look guilty – not to mention they are endangering their own lives by meeting potential buyers (or nut jobs) like this. As far as the issue with Mayor Bloomberg, he has repeatedly proven to be a liberal big government, power seeker (look at what he did when Susan G. Komen tried to eliminate supporting an evil organization like Planned Parenthood – Bloomberg pledged $250,000 instead of staying out of it and allowing someone the freedom to support or not support an organization). He (and others) basically demonized Komen in spite of the good work they have done. At the end of the day, they compromised and caved in to political and media pressure rather than stand for what is just. Likewise, Bloomberg is certainly no friend of the gun rights crowd. But the bottom line, though I support the NRA and the 2nd amendment, I am very troubled about these gun dealer's practices. WHY would buyers make gun purchases in parking lots rather than in gun stores or gun shows? And then why would gun dealers sell them in such a situation except for the fact that they "have to make money," like the one dealer said. They certainly are not doing these sales because they are vigilant in upholding the 2nd amendment.

    • passout

      Not dealers, private citizens selling personally owened guns. Big difference. One is illegal and the other is not.

    • Texas_Ed

      Passout has it exactly right, this was "John Q. Public" selling one of his own firearms, not a Federally Licensed Firearms dealer selling outside of his legal business. No laws were broken because it isn't unlawful (in most places) for a person to sell one of his own firearms to another person in a face to face transaction. What NBC, and Bloomberg, wants is a law making it unlawful to transfer a firearm to any other person, under any conditions. If that were the law, I would have to go to a FFL dealer and pay him to give one of my Grandsons one of my rifles or shotgun.

    • Big Daddy Rich

      You have totally missed the point. Legitimate dealers do NOT operate this way. They are already highly regulated in what they do. This crap is trying to put the hurt on private transfers by individuals. Totally different animal. Do you really want you government to have this control over your actions? Think about where this would leave private sales of any controversial item in the future. Really, just think period.

  • Rhfarm

    I'm really pissed off at this sensationalized report. Poorly done with no regard for the the facts. Typical Lauer/Rossen piece to increase ratings. Is it sweeps week?

  • Yukon

    The second amendment says, "The Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms Shall NOT Be Infringed." It doesn't say, "Shall Not Be Infringed, unless they've behaved badly, broken laws, etc."

    We're getting far away from the Republic our founding father's fought and died to give us.

    "The difference between a Democracy and a Republic:
    A Democracy is where 2 wolves and a sheep vote on what's for dinner.
    A Republic is where the sheep has a gun."

    We're allowing our Republic to be taken over (bit by bit) by the lobbyist's and their money, which is provided by the richest of the rich, the owners of the biggest corporation (The Federal Reserve).

    Our income tax money goes to pay the "Federal Reserve Corporation" the interest on the money our government borrows. These private bankers keep the money for themselves to make them more and more power. Their goal is to take over our government. Look out, they're doing it right under our noses.

    "The real rulers in Washington are invisible and exercise power from behind the scenes."
    Felix Frankfurter – U.S. Supreme Court Justice

    "Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… they are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty."
    Thomas Jefferson

    Please, wake up and support Ron Paul.

  • Bob

    I have only one question. How did the Canadian come into the US and buy a gun online?
    Anytime you buy online the weapon has to go through a FFL holder. unless he bought from someone in the state he claimed to reside in. Then he broke the law, he lied about residency and being a US citizen when he is a Canadian subject.
    Funny they way the reporters twist the facts to line up with their views.

    • Edward Spencer

      I think they're talking about some sort of classifieds site where you post things for sale, like Craigslist or something. The firearm-specific sites I know of all require transactions be made through FFL's

      • Texas_Ed

        Craigslist doesn't allow firearms ads. The national websites (Gun Broker, Guns America) require all laws be adhered to (e.g. interstate sales on cartridge firearms made after 1898 must go through a Federal Firearms Licensee). This would have been a local website, or the Classifieds section of a newspaper's website. This was about face to face transfers of the firearm. Not exactly what any rational person would call an "on-line sale".

    • GunFixer

      You seem to be missing something here. These transactions were not with a dealer, rather with private owners. Also just because the internet was used doesn't mean that it is the only vehicle of info, what about the local news papers?

  • Edward Spencer

    They talk about private sellers not doing a background check before selling the firearm. Is there a way for the "average Joe" to do suck a check quickly, easily and at no cost? I really don't know if there is or how it might be done. Let's say I have a ten year old son (I don't) and I want to give him a Ruger 10/22 for his birthday; should I make him complete a background check before I give him the rifle? The whole thing is just preposterous!!!

    • GunFixer

      There is no need for a background check in private sales. A thinking, scrupulous individual will size up his potential buyer, and ask some pertinent questions to determine the character of the potential buyer.

  • Jonny C

    You want to correct all this Bull, VOTE! Or you just blowing hot air.

  • Mike Lagree

    I can't begin to explain all the ways I despise these stinking facists that are in charge of our country. We've got to get rid of these lying bast*rds or we will lose our country along with our rights.

  • George

    I wish they had the same concerns over the 300,000 abortions that Planned Parenthood helps with yearly. Gun deaths are bad, but 300,000 babies flushed down the toilet is OK. This is the start of gun control that Obama wants to as part of his change.

    • John

      I don't think abortion is good, but do you want to have to feed and educate those 300,000 babies that would be born every year to girls that most likely not be able to afford them and would most likely have to give them up for adoption if they had them anyway. I don't think that this is really germane to this conversation.

  • chuck1217

    Thug breaks into a house, or into a gun shop, and steals some handguns. Think he's gonna take it to a FFL to sell it? Holy mackerel there Andy. The problem is not with people like us, selling a gun to a friend or acquaintance- the problem is with guns gotten illegally in the first place. As far as I know, most thugs don't buy their pistols at a gun shop…OR a gun show. Whistling in the wind, just like most firearm laws.
    I am so sick of the pious out there,emagoguing everything they can. People need to learn history- REAL history, not public-school history. Just because we're in a 'new age' doesn't mean there aren't power-hungry thugs out there, with the ways and means to rule us instead of represent us. I'll guarantee you THEY know history, and the most important step to ruling us is- disarming us- and just like they;ve done with public assistance programs, they will continue to chew us up, one step at a time. Look where we are with THOSE programs! Over 45% of Americans now get govt. assistance!

  • Jerry Sims

    It's funny but Schumer , Bloomberg and Liberman never ask for gun control for Israel.

  • John

    What a buch of stinkin lies and propaganda as usual from that Matt Liar and MSLSD. We have laws against this kind of thing. Any time I purchase a gun the serial number is in my name after all the paperwork. I WOULD NOT SELL ONE WITHOUT CHANGING THAT.

  • Robert Bianco

    I did not spend 32 months in Vietnam to have Bloomberg Schumer to tell me I can not own a firearm or protect my family. I have not seen or even heard of both of these individuals ever being in the service and putting their lives on the line.

  • Chris

    I agree! Nothing would stop these people from killing. They just wouldn't use guns. They would beat th to death or cut their throats. Stupid people!!

  • Tim Inwood

    Private sales have always been legal. In fact up until 1968 we had mail order gun sales with no registration in this country and crime rates were lower. The crime rates rose with various efforts to make it more difficult for the law abiding to buy and own a gun. After all criminals prefer unarmed prey and the heyday of gun bans made it easier for them to find victims. Now with wide spread concealed carry laws, only Illinois and Washington DC still have total bans on carrying, we have seen dramatic drops in crime.

    I have also noted with some disdain anytime a liberal dislikes something which is legal they call it a loophole in the law. I call it the liberal media loophole, a broadcast and print license to mislead the public while hiding behind the First Amendment.

    "There are no restrictions on the First Amendment when trying to restrict the Second Amendment" Tim Inwood, Buckeye Firearms Association.

  • John

    I don't know. I've purchased 3 guns online and in each case had to go through an FFL . Two of those were gun auction sites. The ad's I've seen locally require either a CCW, or at the very least a drivers license where the face matches the buyer. I don't know too many thugs that are going to risk being caught because someone has their real name and address.

  • John A.

    Let me just add that if anyone read Esquire this month, they would have witnessed former President Bill Clinton having an honest to goodness OMG moment when he realized that MSNBC was the Fox News of the left. We've known that for years; they cater to their audience, but it's simply preaching to the choir. I stopped worrying about these manufactured pieces of propaganda years ago. They only resonate with those that have already imbibed the Kool-Aid. For the rest of us, the less we give them attention, the better.

  • Nytefytr

    Perhaps someone should suggest to this Rossen character to investigate the pro-gun position, specifically how a gun in the hands of a responsible law abiding citizen actually saved lives.

    Only problem is, this guy would never do it – the powers that be don't want private gun ownership justified. So much for fair, impartial, researched reporting.

  • The Captain

    Completely sensationalized. Completely irresponsible tailoring of language. Blantantly designed to get people to watch this guy's show. People complain about bias on FOX? Give me a break – this is ridiculous.

    "Oh and by the way, we turned these guns over to the PHX police who will destroy them."

    Utterly transparent liberal BS and sickening crap that will ultimately lead the majority of people in this country to sacrifice freedom for a false sense of security.


    • Ron


  • MAC

    They were spot on! Hopefully next they will be able to finally do something about those vicious stairs, step ladders, and untied shoe laces. Clearly we need to outlaw the continued construction of staircases. This is an epidemic of near biblical proportions and, an issue I know we're all concerned about. I am clearly outraged there have been no new regulations.

    According to the CDC, 71 people per day are killed by Falls. (see page 44,…. 25,900 people died in 2010 from falls.

    Call your congressman before its too late.

    • TimC

      Worse yet…..Dihydrogen monoxide is colorless, odorless, tasteless, and kills uncounted thousands of people every year. Most of these deaths are caused by accidental inhalation of DHMO, but the dangers of dihydrogen monoxide do not end there. Prolonged exposure to its solid form causes severe tissue damage. Symptoms of DHMO ingestion can include excessive sweating and urination, and possibly a bloated feeling, nausea, vomiting and body electrolyte imbalance. For those who have become dependent, DHMO withdrawal means certain death. Dihydrogen monoxide is also known as hydric acid, and is the major component of acid rain.– contributes to the "greenhouse effect." — may cause severe burns. — contributes to the erosion of our natural landscape.– accelerates corrosion and rusting of many metals.– may cause electrical failures and decreased effectiveness of automobile brakes. –has been found in excised tumors of terminal cancer patients.
      (DiHydrogen Monoxide is H20 – water)

  • Snug

    Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Russia both had laws like Lauer,Rosser, Barborini, Schumer,and Bloomberg advocate. Those laws were not to protect the peole but to subjugate the people. Tyrants and traitors such as these do not deserve Freedom in America.


    Shumer and Bloomberg are a bunch of fascists! They have no idea what's going on in the real world. Most crimes are commited with stolen guns! They want to talk about how many people are killed by guns, what about how many people are killed by drunk drivers! So, in their twisted minds, I guess we better ban the private sale of alcohol too! Dumb-asses! Feinstein and Obama are also top offenders when it comes to spinning tales of lies and deception! GUNS DON'T KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE! words to remember!!!

  • Adam P

    Hey Matt, look into Fast and Furious. See what criminal activities some of the BATF administrators are up to.

  • Ron

    Bottom line internet sales or not the criminals are going to get guns one way or the other, always have and always will. Thats why we must protect ourselves.

  • Ray

    I wonder how many armed bodyguards Bloomberg or Schmer have. Which pretty much says screw you.

  • 7×57

    Its a gun registration plan pure and simple as all guns soon or later get sold and the government would then have a record of it. Like Cleveland Ohio did in the 1970's. Cleveland said, you must register your handguns and when it was done they immediately banned or confiscated all hand guns with less than 3 inch barrels. Frightening isn't it.

  • Dwight Hill

    The thing about it is , criminals will always find a way to buy guns . And where was Holder ? He will probably start another " dumb and dumber " mission with selling guns to Canadians . They already said that the Southern border is " safe " , but , look at the Northern border , with those sneaky Canadians . Come on ! Hussein already told Canada to " take the next train to hell , we don't need your oil " . And remember , Hussein quit looking for the REAL Terrorists .He is now looking at American " terrorists " . That's why he passed that law , and he let go 5 of the Muslim terrorists go back to Pakistan .

  • Dave

    My favorite part was that one seller sold an SKS that was modified to shoot AK-47 bullets. The "investigative reporters" don't even care to learn anything about guns because they are agenda driven – not really interested in investigating the facts. Even the premise of "internet sales" is misleading. When I think of internet sales, I think of anonymous interstate transactions where UPS delivers the goods. The internet was only used for advertisement purposes. The sale still had to be face-to-face.

    This piece should make one think about to whom they sell their guns, though. Selling a gun to a total stranger may be legal, but is it responsible? I just wish one of the sellers had balked when it was suggested that the buyer couldn't pass a background check.

    • Jib Quinn

      I would suggest to you that there is no way to know how many times that happened.

    • Abnrgr

      There were probably several that did balk, they just got edited out of the program. That's SOP for these clowns in order to push their agenda or theme. Can't let the facts get in the way.

  • Comedic

    Jeff Rosen forgot to mention how NONE of this is possible is states like California which require NICS background check on all transactions private or at guns stores (unless the gun is a collectable) and how those laws prevent all crimes and murders such as those mentioned from ever being possible….NOT….This is all laughable as no amount of governance would ever stop a criminal with intent. Greed has absolutely nothing to do with it since the local governments aren't making a penny in fees or taxes on any of those private transactions.

    • Barry Ellis

      This state has a HIGH Crime Rate due to their current Gun Controls, thats why we left, the Gangs are others run the state.

  • Hypocrisy

    "In next weeks show, we'll be stopping in at liquor stores to see how store owners and clerks respond to selling alcohol to potential alcoholics and registered AA members who then leave the premises in their vehicles and could potentially kill people while intoxicated on the alcohol sold to them." Rosen – "So Mr. Abu how do you feel about that…Knowing that your alcohol is killing people ! ". Same point different angle.

  • Douglas

    A Gun is Just a Tool . Should they outlaw Martial Arts as well?? What an ass.

    • guest

      Shumer, Bloomberg are tools also. Can we outlaw them?

  • MMcQuown

    Where to start? The constant emphasis on the term 'semiautomatic,' the deliberate confusion about what is really an assault rifle? BATFE is hardly an unbiased source.
    'Gun violence.' Would the victims be somehow less dead if they wer stabbed, poisoned, strangled, beaten, or electrocuted? These people rely on the ignorance of the public about firearms and the tendency toward hysteria which the media can create. Let's hear it for 'Sons of Guns' and 'American Guns' to show the other face of American shooters.

  • pete


  • Philip

    I notice they didn't mention any classified ads in the thousands of FINE newspapers in our country!Oh wait , that would be media There were no guns sold online, they were merely ADVERTISED there.Private sells are the problem in their opinion. Good luck stopping that. Stop worrying about the guns and enforce the many thousands of criminal laws that we already have!!!

    • Barry Ellis

      The media sell's negative news to stay in business, why? So that they can make money just like the Gun control fools, they take the money to sell you false information to stay in business. Private sales, if this is the problem then when their found after if the gun is found to be in a crime then do something about it.

  • Tommy

    Where is the public outcry from Matt Lauer, NBC, Bloomberg and Schumer over Federal Agent Brian Terry's death resulting from the BATFE illegal gun-running OP "Fast and Furious."
    Much more fitting to their agenda to blame the American people for this, than it is to prosecute perjurying Attorney Generals and his assistants who take the 5th BEFORE EVEN BEING ASKED ANY QUESTIONS!
    Friggin' Hypocrites is what they are.
    You know they say "Actions speak louder than words."
    Well their actions show me EVERYTHING I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THESE PEOPLE…
    Liars and opportunists ALL OF THEM!
    If there's a hell, I hope they rot in it a good long time.

  • jerry, al

    All i know is God's word is true, From the abundance othe the heart, the mouth speaks, Mat. 12:34,35,36. Support those who support the truth. And you can't seperate God from anything, He owns it all Psm. 50:12. Beware their are many evils at work in this world and satan is behind all of them.

  • Peter Earl

    Never in the history of human civilization has any free and democratic people allowing individuals to be armed for personal protection resulted in what has been witnessed over and over again when those rights were denied. 34 people dying by gun violence each day in a population of 350 million (most of which is criminal on criminal violence) pales in comparison to the rivers of blood perpetrated by totalitarian and fascist regimes where 10s of thousand were exterminated every day! The first move of those regime? Disarm the populace. Can you say "Killing Fields."

  • john9469

    ever try selling a firearm at Gander Mountain or Cabelas or any dealer
    They want to give you nothing for your firearms
    Only way to get a decent price for a used firearm is to sell it privately



  • GunFixer

    Has NBC done an investigation into "Fast and Furious" ? Until they do this is a MOOT subject!

  • logan

    Im more concerned about our government than I am of private sales of firearms

  • Texican

    online gun sales go through a local FFL…which is in effect like buying a gun locally. Why doesn't NBC focus on real news like a foreign-born puesdo president who should be impeached at the earliest possible moment

  • Yukon

    The guys on this "investigation" were selling their guns legally. If you're not a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer and you're only selling from your personal gun collection, you can sell your guns without doing any background check.

    NBC [which is owned by GE (ranked 6th largest corporation in America), which is owned by ???, remember GE didn't pay any taxes 2008-2010, yet made $10.4 billion in profits in 2010, and got a tax rebate of $4.7 billion, and has laid off over 4,000 employees since 2008] is working to get the American people stirred up. I suppose NBC/GE/??? is wanting more restrictions on guns. Probably their ultimate plan is to get all our guns.

    Losing more of our Freedoms doesn't equal more security. The criminals are going to find a way to get guns, legal or illegal. The only ones that will be affected by more gun laws are us, the law-abiding good guys. Let's see through this and keep our guns and our Freedoms.

    Join the NRA.

  • Edward Somers

    It's unfortunate that Bloomberg and his followers select only certain portions of data when building a case for more gun control. The full statistics (which are rarely referred to) clearly show a healthy trend towards increased safety where citizens have the least 2nd Amendment restrictions. I think that perhaps doing a counterpiece on the results of the total gun ban in Australia would be a more balanced approach.

    Oh, and I'm very happy to hear that death/injury by firearms may have increased considering that most of that statistic comes from the self-defense of innocent, armed civilians who can legally shoot back (but they don't explain that part, do they?)

  • Richard

    The rationale is said multiple times in a lot of comments I've read; this is all about control. We hear stories about how little Mary was shot by her estranged husband or boyfriend and how he purchased a gun from an on-line dealer. She was then killed with that weapon in multiple story lines. Most likely she would have still died by a kitchen knife purchased from the same stores the gun purchases were made at in this video. Yes, it’s easy. Yes, the wrong person could be sold a weapon. But this can happen at any point even if a background check is performed. The person could have barrowed a weapon. This story is ridiculous. At what point does one place the responsibility upon the person committing the crime.????? I hope NBC sold a lot of discounted ad time for this spot. It was worthless!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paul Moore

    They certainly like to make statements that make everything sound bad. I noticed that they made sure to mention hollow points. They said nothing about how many people sell the guns back to gun shops or trade it at a gun shop. Basically, they do not want us to own guns at all. They do not want us to have hollow points, or various other kinds of bullets. All right, now I have to stop and take my blood pressure pills, because my face is red and my ears are ringing. Stupid @#$!@@$$.

  • BJC

    The only new law needed here is one that would make it illegal to broadcast outright lies, and contorted statements to the public for personal or political reasons.

  • Red

    From this NBC segment one must conclude that bad people can and will do things that are illegal, therefore, the only real solution (in NBC's and Bloomberg's and Schumer's, etc. opinion) is to make it totally illegal to have a gun. The choice of illegally obtaining a gun is NBC's pet subject to push its own agenda.
    NBC should look at many more illegal activities and sensationalize them. We don't need more laws, we need more morality.
    Here is a solution for these people. Let's remove the word BAD from our vocabulary and then nothing BAD will happen.

  • Russ

    I stand with the NRA!

  • George

    We can get on this forum and rant all day, but we all need to give our support to the NRA and other groups out there who are protecting our rights!

  • . R. HOWELL

    I hope everyone that replys will donate to NRA so that we can fight this kind of baloney. If people are able to sell guns on the internet with out checks it should be stoped. I never knew this could happen and I'm not sure yoy can purchase a weapon on the internetFfrom an individual. All i have purchased have been forwarded to my gun dealer and he registered it like its supposed to happen

  • gary

    chuck is my senator,he is known as mr. pot- hole in n.y wonder why the state keeps loosing population.

  • plastlicdoc

    lock and load!!

  • John

    Wasn't it our Government that recently sold a large number of firearms directly to the cartel…they did it to see where the guns would go….but that part of the plan fell through and nor the cartel has a bunch of guns they can use against our too few Border Agents ! The odds are slim that private guns sales result in murder. The odds were near 100% that those Government Guns were used to commit murder ! Report on that NBC !

  • Jd hatfield

    Matt and Bloomburg is that all you Dick Heads have to do? New York must not have any problems.

  • Barry Ellis

    I am a licensed FFl Dealer, I am Pro 2nd Amedment Rights. The News will sell this gun control crap just to push for MORE LAW'S to be put on the BOOK'S when we already have enough that need's to be enforced NOW for the criminals and those who break the LAW'S. STOP this crap that violate my Right to take away my ability to Carry, when those who want to enforce these new law's to take away our right when they are found to be carring themselves. When a Buyer come's in to my shop, they better have all their proper paperwork with them and permits. I do refuse service who GIVE me any red flags when they try to buy from me. Money is not that important to me to spend time away from my family to be with BUBBA!

  • chris

    I can buy swords,knives,and baseball bats online and without any background check. If an individual is determined to murder someone being unable to purchase a firearm is not going to deter them. They will just use a knife or baseball bat which is way more brutal. People always say ,"Yeah but a baseball bat wasn't designed as an object used for killing." I have several guns and the only thing i have ever shot was a target or clay pigeon. Personally if someone wants to kill me, i'd prefer to die by gunshot than a knife wound or blunt force trauma. Unfortunately for NBC their aren't any young mothers who have murdered their children recently, so they have nothing deemed worthy enough to report or sensationalize. Perhaps as a country we might be more concerned with why our people gather, pop popcorn, and sit down to watch 1000 hours of Casey Anthony coverage like it was American Idol.

    • Andy

      I agree but is so easy so sensationalize "weapons". Especially the kind that push projectiles down a steel tube. Anyone notice the "tactical" buzzword being WAY over used. I have puchased and sold afew firearms privately thru websites and gunshows. Simple fact is profiling is highly important. You must look for signs of a potential buyer with erratic behavior. I flat out ask people if they will submit to a background check or ask to see there CHL permit. If they say no I walk, but I've never had anyone say no and I've never done a background check as a result. Eveyone I bought from has done the same to me. As the buyers in the vid JOKED about not passing a background check I would not have red flagged it. None of the sellers ambushed by Lauer even had an educated and disarming response is prolly why I feel the worst. No one was up for defending the 2nd ammendment or possibly even able to do so. The battle for guns will be won or lost with words. Please choose them carefully.

  • larry418

    I stopped watching NBC 3 years ago. NBC is an Obama attack dog. Their CEO is Obamas job czar. Take a look at the Supreme Court judges Obama put in the last 3 years – very anti-gun. If Obama gets re-elected, he will probably put in 2 more new judges in his next term. Put this together with Pelosi, Reed, Feistein and the influence of Bloomberg we will have an attack on our 2nd amendment like we have never seen. Obama must not win a 2nd term – period. So wake up America and do to 2 things. Stop watching NBC and in November lets kick BO out of the white house.

  • porkchop6209

    First off, we are preaching to the choir here. What we need to do are three things- 1) Do not purchase products made by GE, why feed the hand that bites you? 2) Do not watch NBC and write to the advertisers of products and let them know you won't purchase their products if they buy time on NBC. Tell them why. 3)- Don't go to New York to vacation, visit, or do business. To kill a snake you have to cut off it's head. Bloomberg makes millions investing in the stock market and foreign businesses', find out what he owns and don't support them. Have everyone repeat as often as is necessary. Write letters to your local papers explaining these same things. Repeat every month.

  • Jimbo

    I'm still trying to figure out how ANY gun control is allowable under the Constitution. The document says, "The right of the people to bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED." What part of INFRINGED do people not understand? Restrictions on the importation, manufacture, and purchase of firearms or ammunition are all INFRINGEMENTS. Ditto licensing, registration, regulations, waiting periods, mandatory training, transport restrictions, etc. And one of the biggest INFRINGEMENTS of the right to bear arms that people don't think about is TAXES. If the tax makes the gun more difficult to purchase, then it's an INFRINGEMENT.

    The gun control crowd makes a big deal about the militia clause. They claim that since the "state" doesn't call up "militias" there is no reason for the right. Is the right to free speech and freedom of religion conditioned by the reason for those rights? NO! The right stands alone. Fact is, the founding fathers only listed one reason for the right, and the "militia" they refer to is not something up by the "state". The "state" didn't even exist as anything but a concept until the Constitution was ratified. The militia the Founding Fathers are referring to were formed by the colonists themselves to fight their own government! Yes, they fought their OWN government to win their freedom. Yes, the colonists were British subjects and fought British troops and British sympathizers. In those days, the only way you could be successful in war was if you fought in organized lines. That's what an "Organized" militia refers to. The Colonists never would have won their freedom against the Redcoat army if they had met them as a rabble with pitchforks and torches.

    The Founding Fathers wanted Americans to be armed with weapons just as capable as the troops of the day as a deterrent to tyranny. Sure, they knew people needed arms to hunt and protect against animals, criminals, and marauding Indians. But the most important reason for the right is to guard against tyranny. I'm sure the Founding Fathers would have had no problem with full automatic "assault weapons", because that is what government troops carry. I'm also sure they would want the public to own "death rays" when the military gets them, because that too, is how you protect against tyranny.

  • sparkchaser4

    "Cop gun"? Most powerful rifle around? This is one of the most biased, liberal nonsense "reports" I've ever seen. Why don't we cut to the root cause of the shooting, immigration! How you wonder? The man is from Canada, sneaks across the border and buys a gun online. Who's internet connection was the gun ordered on? Second, how did he get here without proper paperwork and how did he get back across the border with weapon in hand. I sympathize with those grieving but, sounds like part of the blame could go to the I.N.S. , Customs and the H.S.A. also. Quit trying to shoulder all the blame on an online sale and a handgun only.

  • Alex

    Lets face the facts:
    Fact 1. NBC is anti-gun. They ran a Remington investigation trying to expose Rem 700 being faulty, so no surprise they keep on running those anti-gun campaigns regularly.
    Fact 2. The banks are anti-gun, too, just like NBC. It has become extremely difficult for gun shops, especially for new ones to start processing credit cards (VISA/MasterCard, etc.) The banks and processing companies just refuse. Those few who still can deal with gun shops require a huge collateral worth $$$30,000-60,000 just to cover the "risks."
    Fact 3. NBC is owned by Microsoft.

    Suggestion — boycott ALL Microsoft products.

  • Tom

    (Yawn) This is why I threw out my television eight years ago. If private citizens have to have a background check system, then we have to go to the governemnt to get access to the system. This is gun control and it's a non-starter. Schumer, Bloomberg, Lauer and NBC can kiss my a**!

  • ARsrule

    What more do you expect from Barry's little Liberal news network. And they wonder why their ratings and popularity are in the toilet. Don't we just love the way they look down their noses at us "knuckle draggers?" I just pray that we have the last laugh in November, if not life as we know it is over.


    untited we stand divided we fall…if we as gun owners do not stand together and join the NRA or other gun addvocate group the will have won.and this we will be all to real as we lose are right to sell person to person in private gun sales

  • TheRandyGuy

    Thank GOD for more gun laws! Except for the fact that criminals don't follow the law, and everything evil one can do with a firearm has already been criminalized, these laws will definitely do absolutely nothing. Another solution in search of a problem brought to you by people who would see you in chains, if they could. Abolish the BAFTE. There's a really good reason Schumer and Bloomberg have armed bodyguards, and they know precisely what it is. Molon Labe…

  • Henry

    They won't be happy till they take our guns away. The laughs on them. They will be the first to be shot when any tyrant takes over. So keep your weapons hidden and wait for the end, but never help them. Let them get what the deserve.

  • GDM

    Its sad that these liberal prick Matt Laur gets any air time at all for this crap. Why not do a story on all the perfectly legal sales and training going on? A story on the 2nd ammendment and why we have that as one (the 2nd) of all amendments the framers thought important enough to document as a right. Sure theres illeal crap going on, look what the Attorney General did! He approved the sale of guns , forced it actualy on dealers in the stupid plot called "Fast and Furious" although he claims he didnt know , its obvious he was the mastermind behind the entire evil plot. We have to beat these liberal , communist clowns its now gut check time , are you up for it?

  • Pdog89gt

    It's funny because last time I checked, folks die from automobile accidents at high numbers too…..So does that mean private auto sales to folks who have dui's, no drivers license, no insurance, blind in one eye and the other one lazy, etc…. should be monitored…… NBC should have never aired that crap….

  • JOhn

    The point is they said nothing but lies and knew it right.

  • Garry Owen

    Any purchase made on line must be brokered by a local firearms dealer who has a federal firearms license. The media no longer reports the news – they create the news.

  • Viking

    An SKS that's modified to shoot AK47 rounds? Man, I must be lucky, cause I got one of those too, modified and everything…

  • curtis

    maybe if she had a gun ,the shoe would be on the other foot !And he'd be dead !

  • Johnny Sands

    It already is a crime in most states for a private citizen to knowingly sell guns to felons or prohibited possessors. I love how the twitter boys use sound effects and dark video to make the guns appear to be super scary. I laugh when the little sweater wearing twitter boys get all nervous when they are next to a law abiding man with a holstered gun strapped to their side.

  • J hatfield

    Bloomberg should treated as a commie along with his fagget buddies.

  • JiminGA

    I bought my shotgun at a gun show, and the seller was a licensed dealer who followed all the legal procedures required as if I were standing in his store. I'll bet Schumer has an armed bodyguard when in NY.

  • Garry Owen

    I don't watch the news anymore as it is no longer the news – it is reporting slanted to a certain point of view. Besides the media can create news to reinforce their out of touch reality!

  • Phil


  • Rob

    As US citizens we need to get a system in place where such sales go through a central national database so those who chose to sell their firearms have a means to do so safely and know who they are selling to before they make a transaction. This would need to be a free or minimal fee service. I am sure the local gun shop could run someones background for you if you asked them to help…they are experts and should be a good resource for new and used weaponry.

  • Rob

    I encourage the NRA members throughout the US and abroad to step up to the plate and police ourselves. Make a few rules of selling and transferring property so this can be done safely and legally.__ I for one cherish my right to bear arms and would not sell any weapon to a felon or someone of a questionable mental state.__Firearms and ammo get sold all the time at auctions and garage sales. I was approached 2 times at a garage sale asking if I had any firearms. This threw big Red flags for me. I did not have anything posted or displaying. That was just out of thin air. You have to be smart about this subject. I am a Veteran and know weapons well and also know there are always those willing to go to great lengths to attain weapons illegally or bypass the safeguards the government thinks would work.

  • Rob

    If there is a criminal wanting a firearm there will always be items in circulation for cash. If law abiding citizens would circle the wagons to impose self regulation the government would not be looking into this. It just makes sense to know who you are selling or buying from and make sure the possession and transfer of ownership is legal and wise. My arms personnel who issued me my weapons in the military did not just hand me one without knowing all the details of that firearm and who they were issuing it to.__For those not asking even copying an ID or signing a legal transfer…that is like handing over your firearm that is registered to you to a bank robber right before he walks into your bank. You will be accessory to whatever that person does. Would you want that on your head never the less go to jail for them?

  • Rob

    Botom line is "We the People" should be careful not to let those who mean the general public, (Our families, friends and innocent institutions), harm get any firearms or weaponry. Mine are locked up or in my possession at all times ready to defend and preserve precious life, go hunting etc… Criminals do not have any moral asmuth nor any feelings of regret if they take lives. They actually brag about that.__I hope leaders stand up to resolve this before our governments try to take it out on the legally obtained property of us all.__Idea? …. Lets execute / rid of all the criminals when they deserve it instead of keeping them alive to offend again and drain our countries resources and tax dollars.

  • Douglas Quinn

    F##K NBC, ABC, CBS, CNBC, MSNBC and all the others! Let the bastards come and try to get MY guns.


    In the last 100 years the Goverments of 8 nations removed the guns from their people. Than they turned
    around an killed 60,000,000 of there own people. Read the History that they no longer teach in school. Why
    have they taken these books out of schools? The same thing happened in most of the nations that killed
    their own. Just remember only 10% of Germany were Nazys when they took over that country. What history
    shows us is what they want to hide and what could happen and has happened in the past.

  • Regina

    where were you guys on BENGHAZI …you were almost MUTE and then there was FAST & FURIOUS…duh! Why did you not get your investigative team on this…oh, I KNOW…because the dictator was involved and your HIS MOUTH PIECE.

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