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Morale Booster: G&A’s Favorite Military Patches

by G&A Online Editors   |  April 3rd, 2012 19

Clayton Montgomery is the “Monkey” behind Mil-Spec Monkey. He’s never worn a uniform, but you wouldn’t know it by his product. Clayton is an artist. In studying for a project while working as a U.S. Army video game developer, he created his first design based on the movie Team America in 2006. He credits the idea for that patch to the forum.

For his first experiment, Clayton only made 50 patches or so. He didn’t have any way to estimate demand for them, but when pictures of troops wearing them while deployed overseas were posted on the Internet, business took off. It’s now a full-time operation. Clayton’s work has been noticed by more than just those in uniform. He’s also completed work for the likes of AAC, Remington Defense and VTAC.

So what are the most popular morale patches? “It’s a mix,” says Clayton. “Some new recruits don’t know the older movies. Then, all of the sudden, we’ll have a huge request, as if an entire generation discovered a particular film. The ‘Haji Don’t Surf’ patch is a good example of a throwback to a classic that comes in spurts.”

This self-described tactical geek is now a success. He has a warehouse armory, drives a Scion XD (because it gets good gas mileage), has no debt and isn’t married. What would the Monkey tell his younger self? “Don’t worry, you’ll get more chicks later. Once I hit 30, I was on a dating spree that my high school self would be pretty proud of.” If you haven’t done so already, take some time to get to know Mil-Spec Monkey.



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  • Ramses Aguayo

    Love them! LOL

  • Chase Steely

    Thanks for the write up about me and using my photo.

  • old vet

    Gotta love it! With all the high tech. the human side still lives on. God Bless our Guys and Gals.

  • strider98

    I wear my Kentucky Windage patch all the time.

  • Mark

    Where's the 5th Inf. ID red diamond patch. Nowhere; just a few got to wear it in Nam.

  • Steve

    These patches are great. I have Fun Meter, Infidel Strong, the Monkey, Dragon, Tiger and Accurate Delivery.

  • Thomas Acton

    sorry, only made it through the first five.
    too much #!**%#!! spam here

    • Ben_OBrien


      What spam are you referring to?

      Ben O'Brien
      Online Managing Editor

  • Alan_T

    Yoo clever ! I wish I'd had some of those patches years ago ! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • zipperdink

    look at a real one…refer to the Son Thay Raiders patch…..KITDFHS

  • Puke Schmill

    Those are nice but I prefer the ones I got on Camp Taji that said "Fun Meter" and "Suicide Meter" in full color.

  • NN
    • Kyle Meier

      link didnt work :/

  • mack missiletoe

    Kentucky Windage +1

  • Antonio

    "Don't tread on me" — timeless American classic.

  • Mike in GEORGIA

    Secret Squirrel looks to close to the 81st ARCOM patch which I used to belong

  • suck it

    Next time, put them all on ONE page. I'm sick of these sites that take 5 minutes to look at ten pictures.

  • E Smith

    Who makes the skull patch on the cover of this magazine?

  • NN……….
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