MG Industries’ Rate and Recoil Reducing Buffer cuts recoil from AR-style rifles while increasing the shooter’s hit ratio.  The buffer is self-adjusting, completely mechanical, and with fewer parts to fail and none of the leakage associated with hydraulic or pneumatic buffers. The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Training center is one of many LE agencies using the MGI system for demonstrations and training. The MGI buffer is a drop-in unit that automatically adjusts to the individual rifle and decreases the rate of fire as it increases accuracy. It avoids the “first round” struggle when pulling the carrier to the rear, and with no springs to interfere with feed reliability, more rounds hit the target with greater control and accuracy. A D-fender D-Ring also comes with the buffer that virtually eliminates extraction issues and can increase extractor spring force by four-times. MSRP: $165. MGI Military,  207/ 817-3280,

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