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Introducing Umarex’s Replica .22 LR UZI

by G&A Online Editors   |  January 11th, 2012 68

Umarex USA has a new edition to its line of replica firearms with its .22 LR Uzi pistol and rifle.

The replica of the Israel Weapon Industries’ famous submachine gun is made by Carl Walther in Germany and comes in two variants: a rifle with a mock suppressor, and a pistol.

“The demand for .22 caliber guns continues to be strong,” said Richard Turner, vice president of sales and marketing for Umarex USA. “The addition of a .22 caliber UZI is a ‘natural’ add for us. It’s one of the most-recognized guns on the planet, yet few people have actually fired rounds through one. Shooting the UZI pistol is just pure, economical recreation with a ton of fun thrown in.”

Both feed rimfire cartridges in 20-round magazines. Both guns also feature grip safeties and adjustable sights.

The rifle features a folding stock, detachable sling swivel and the Uzi’s traditional handguard, which may be removed to reveal a Picatinny rail.

U.S. shipments are expected to arrive in mid-February, and additional inventory is expected this summer. The Uzi pistol will retail about $480, while the rifle will cost around $645.

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