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Introducing Umarex’s Replica .22 LR UZI

by G&A Online Editors   |  January 11th, 2012 66

Umarex USA has a new edition to its line of replica firearms with its .22 LR Uzi pistol and rifle.

The replica of the Israel Weapon Industries’ famous submachine gun is made by Carl Walther in Germany and comes in two variants: a rifle with a mock suppressor, and a pistol.

“The demand for .22 caliber guns continues to be strong,” said Richard Turner, vice president of sales and marketing for Umarex USA. “The addition of a .22 caliber UZI is a ‘natural’ add for us. It’s one of the most-recognized guns on the planet, yet few people have actually fired rounds through one. Shooting the UZI pistol is just pure, economical recreation with a ton of fun thrown in.”

Both feed rimfire cartridges in 20-round magazines. Both guns also feature grip safeties and adjustable sights.

The rifle features a folding stock, detachable sling swivel and the Uzi’s traditional handguard, which may be removed to reveal a Picatinny rail.

U.S. shipments are expected to arrive in mid-February, and additional inventory is expected this summer. The Uzi pistol will retail about $480, while the rifle will cost around $645.

  • adrian

    Sweet..guns…i going to purchase both of them…

  • Thomas Acton

    Let us hope the quality control has gotten better.

  • Baba

    Oh look, something else we can't have in NJ

    • Capo

      I hear you man……

    • Antonio

      It's like adding insult to injury here in NJ.

      • Larry

        Write your reps, vote em out, and let the new ones know, you will not tolerate it any more.

      • BigMike

        Looks like u need to move to better state like TEXAS.

      • BigMike

        Oh to bad. Move to a better state like TEXAS.

    • Shalimar

      Try Canada… >:(

    • BigMike

      Vote out the bums and get someone that knows it's best to arm urself for protection.

  • Joe

    U.S. shipments are expected to arrive in mid-February, and additional inventory is expected this summer. The Uzi pistol will retail about $480, while the rifle will cost around $645.

    With those un-realistic prices, I doubt there will be plenty of sales of this item in the US Market. I mean really now- A full sized 9mm Barretta is in the price range of $550~$600 and the AR-15 (.22) is around $575~$625. I think this Uzi-.22 better spit out Gold bullets!

    • Ken Hershberger

      I don't know. The street price may be lower than the MSRP so the price to the consumer might not be all that bad. Not everyone agrees with you that the prices are too high. To each his own. What matters most to me is Thomas Acton's concern about quality control. The better the quality, the more reasonable the prices sound.

    • Del

      i pick up the uzi rifle at a gun show the gun is heavy and fun to shoot. Even more fun then a lot of high power rifles.

  • bhupinder.sandhu

    nice addition.ican only have a look at them cannot obtain any.all autos and semi auto guns are banned in india for public what a pity

  • Maxpwr

    Can't wait to get one. Good prices, too.

  • Robroys28

    Sorry for all the guys who can't have one in their state. (Or Canada, India) Thanks to the NRA defending our Second Ammendment, we folks in Florida can have them. They look like fun! Shoot all day for next to nothing! Can't wait to get one or both.

    • Shalimar

      No kidding.. same for Canada's NFA! Though we have much to do to eliminate the BS forced on us back in the 90's :(

      • Shalimar

        Oh and btw for those that don't know the NRA CANNOT help here due to their own charter sadly :(

    • Don in Florida

      More and more Northern liberals are moving here after making living conditions intolerable in their home states and they are bringing their anti-freedom ideas with them.

  • Mikki

    Maybe they can make a black powder or single shot for those of us in Kalifornia

    • mfmayes49

      They may be available for us in Kalifornia, ar15 22's and mp5 22's are legal to buy, i have both

  • Jason

    Canada, you people need to rise up against those crappy laws that you have. I wouldn't want to go many places in your country without a handgun. As for all of you in the states who can't have these fun toys…
    Tell your state FU and move here to Michigan.

  • hicusdicus

    Why would one pay 480.00$ plus tax for a .22 LR pistol ? Why would one pay 645.00$ plus tax for a .22 LR rifle? What is the point? Is this a new thang to increase hormone flow? The marketing people surely know how to push peoples dumb button. Either you people are affluent beyond belief or hopelessly in debt. Or you have a masters degree in how to make poor decisions.

    • old vet

      These are no sillier than overpriced little red sports cars and you don't need to wear a funny cap to shoot them. Or dumber than a semi auto Thompson. People will buy them, have fun with them, then put them away. I see no use or need for one of these. But if someone does, it's a free country, well most parts of it, at least.

      • MAC10

        I own the long rifle , it's fun. And hit the mark at distance . Well worth the money . No mags which is a huge disapponent , you only get 1 ,20 round with it. I have looked everywhere and no one has them so for me it a big dissapointment in that respect

    • Phil

      It's all about the FREEDOM to be able to purchase something we want.
      Something Obama and the Left may make obsolete if they get in again.
      They do not believe in the Constitution. Something other nations may
      want to propose to their respective governments. Who controls lives in
      YOUR country..The People, or The Government?

      • old vet

        Agree totally, just because something has no practical use doesn't make it illegal. Or for that matter unfun.

    • old vet

      Have seen some of your blabs on other sights so kind of see where you come from. buying something you do not approve of does not make another dumb. Just different. I personally would not go for a gun such as these, but hey, if someone does why not? What someone else chooses to spend or over spend on is only their concern.

    • Ryan

      Especially stupid when you can buy a Century Arms Uzi in 9mm for less than you can buy the .22 version here.

      • Dan Ess

        Not really, it costs 3 to 4 cents a round to shoot 22LR, and 20 cents minimum to shoot 9mm's. No one pays retail for a firearm unless it's brand new and they want to be first in the neighborhood to own one. Shop around and you'll get at least 10% of retail and up to 17%. The M&P Shield is a good example. Retail is $449; I've seen them for $389 up to $499! The guy at $499 actually had one to sell. The guy at $389 sold 5 in a few hours. Found a place at $419 that 2 in stock and sold 2 the same day.

    • NCdude

      If you have to ask "what's the point" then you're missing the point. It's called FREEDOM. I'm sure you're very entrenched in your views & no matter what I say you will not change your mind.

    • David

      Some of us can afford one and shouldn't be ridiculed for it.. I bought the uzi rifle and love it.

    • Del

      Look at it pick it up fell the weight. You want to save your penneys to own one. Or two.

    • Izaak Boyd

      22LR ammo is A LOT CHEAPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LiveEasyDieHard

    Sure they look like alotta fun but I'll never buy one. Id rather have a .22 conversion for a 1911, Sig, or AR. To me these are more like grownup toys-not to be taken seriously. I agree they wont sell real well in the states.

    • NCdude

      Even if you consider it a toy, so what? Toys are fun, what's wrong with having a damn toy?

      • old vet

        Not a damn thing!

    • Tom

      Agree with you but my experience with conversion kits didn't work. Frequent failure to load/eject problems made me quit the conversion project and go back to the original configuration.

    • MAC10

      I have the conversion for my AR , it works well and it also is fun , I love my UZI L/R what it comes down to is if you are a enthusiast or just like to complain , I am an enthusiast that loves the sport .

  • WSA

    I am interested in purchasing both. I collect 22's

  • Jay

    I am on my way to my local gun store to see how long it will take for me to buy one of them. We can really enjoy our guns here in Louisiana.

  • Steve

    You can buy a 9mm Century Arms Uzi for $650 right now. So why would you buy a .22 version for the same price? The GSG .22s were like $400 to $500, when an MP5 clone was $1200. So it seems to me the price point would need to be in the $300 range for it to interest people.

    • Ryan

      That was going to be exactly my point too, costwise… but you covered it. I'd expect these things to be more in the $200-250 range, about all they'd be worth as guns anyways. And there will be some schlocks out there buying them as well, keeping the cost up for the rest of us. Suckers, all they are.

    • NCdude

      I don't like the looks of the long barrel on the Century Arms Uzi. To answer your question, that is why I would not want to buy a Century Arms Uzi.

  • SGT T

    $480 for the pistol and $645 for the rifle? No thanks!

  • Leo801

    We can't own them here in Jersey but at those prices, They can keep them.

  • Dave

    The folding stock on the rifle is very uncomfortable based on personal experience. I would not want to shoot it for long periods of time. The Uzi fixed stock would probably be much more comfortable.

  • George Miller

    I am trying to build a small collection of(tactical .22's),as they are called.My first one I purchased is the hk-416pistol by umarex.My second tac22 was going to be a gsgmp5pk by ATI.On the net the other night I came across the.22micro uzi pistol.Another product from UMAREX,it was a natural fit for my ongoing collection.I do wish the price would come down by the release of this tacticool.22(UZI).what do you say UMAREX.Lower prices=more purchases in the futrue.I'd like to see a"GREASE GUN" in .22.What do you think?

    • old vet

      A .22 M3 grease gun? That would really drive some of these posters nuts. The design is so simple, it would be really hard to justify any huge price. I actually still saw some of these still in use '68 '69. One was so worn it was like shooting marbles down a drainpipe. Anyway cool thought. Someone should do it.

      • Ryan

        Had an opportunity to fire one while in the WI National Guard as a TC on a M113A3, back in 1993. Ours were still in pretty good shape though, having been maintence level refurbed. Fun to shoot, just not what I'd choose for the modern day battlefield.

        • old vet

          Me neither, but in '68, they were digging everything they could, out of the warehouses. My Lt. actually carried one, but he had all of us around him. He shot it some, don't think he ever hit anything or anyone. Was fun though.

  • knowitall

    You Cant Fix STUPID

    • NCdude

      You sound like a very optimistic person. Have you ever served in the military? Have you ever risked your life in combat for the USA? We're you not hugged enough by your parents as a child?

      • NCdude

        Oops, "were", not "we're":)

  • NCdude

    There sure are some anti-gunners on this blog. I love the way an Uzi looks. I'm thinking about buying a class 3 Uzi and they cost between $8000 – $10,000. This .22 cal is $650, I know it's not full auto but it sure looks awesome. In my den, I have a Colt AR15A2 mounted to the wall. I'm going to mount this Uzi on the wall and admire the looks everyday. Remember, this is not about need, it's about freedom.

    • vanoy

      If your going to spend $8000 or $10000 why not buy a 50 cal I wish I could but I live in ca.

  • kato

    Can I PLEASE get a firm release date for the .22uzi.Every time I call Umarex the date has been pushed back. Oyeah Umarex when will you come out with a drum mag for the hk416rifle/pistol,everyone else has them how bout you?

  • ian

    Great a UK legal rifle but Walther who make it dont ship it to the UK only to Umarex and the USA – go figure !!

  • Reynaldo Vazquez
  • Dan Ess

    These surely do look like they would be a lot of fun, and economical to shoot (the big factor). You can pick up a box of 22LR for as low as $17 for 525 rounds these days on sale and $23 all the time. That's 3.5 to 4.5 cents each. A box of 9mm will set you back $10 minimum if you can find it on sale that cheap; usually $13 to $15 a box. That's an average of 25 cents each. So 100 rounds of 9mm runs me about $30 worth of ammo with tax, or I can shoot 5 times as much for less with the 22LR, or shoot 100 rounds on 5 occasions. I think most people buying these, buy them for the fun factor, not as an actual weapon for protection. Of course, 20 rounds of 22LR would do some damage to a person or animal that wasn't too big! The question is, which one of these to buy? The M&P, H&K or the UZi as shown here?

  • woodchuckwacker666

    Hey, this UZI pistol/carbnine looks like it would be alot of fun at the range, but I hear rumors that a person can't legally buy one in Minnesota! WTF is the state policticans so insane as to think that they can outlaw certain types of guns! If anyone has information on this issue, please respone.

  • Bob

    Just got one of these in Late December of 2012. Took to the range and was Very impressed. quite accurate and even worked with Aguilar's SSS sniper sub sonic loads. Put about 200 rounds throught it and not one hickup. I can't see why some are bad mouthing the guns by Umarex. I also have a Colt M4 from Umarex and have never had any trouble with it. When I first got it I did like the Manual said and used high quality High velocity/hyper velocity rounds through it to break it in. I then took the tools to the range and adjusted the recoil spring as instructed in the manual. it eats the cheap stuff as well as the high quality stuff very well. I'll be getting the UZI rifle as soon as I can save the scratch.

  • Bryan Davison

    I bought one, the rifle. All you guys whining about the price….Seriously. For one, its a IMI licensed (not hokey century arms) UZI made by walther, and imported by umarex. Second, its built solid and not some stamped and dremelled sheet metal catastrophe like the century arms. Third, it fires .22 which is cheaper than the 9mm counterparts, and wont break the bank to shoot it.
    .22 conversion kits rarely work as well as a dedicated .22, so there's that too.
    Besides, how many people have an actual $2500 IMI UZI safe queen. This is a UZI that can and will go to the range for some fun, not sit covered in cosmoline in the back of a safe. Worth every cent in my opinion.

    • sdk

      I agree totally….the 22 model is fun, cheap to shoot(once you get some 22 ammo) and something a person will actually use or can use and not feel bad about devaluing an actual 9mm uzi which will sit unused because it is such an investment. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS IWI UZI

  • swuava

    I have tha riddle luv it. One of tha best investment I ever made

  • swuava

    My bad I’m at work hard to text I have tha riffle

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