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9 Ways Gun Owners Can Lose in the 2012 Election

by Kyle Wintersteen   |  February 27th, 2012 264

There’s a reason gun owners make up one of the largest, most effective voter blocs in American politics. We take our freedom seriously because we feel the impact of election wins and losses in our daily lives. But with concealed carry on the march and gun sales at all time highs, have you noticed a growing number of the politically complacent in our ranks? They apparently forget how long it took to dissolve the Gun Control Act of 1968; how closely the Clinton assault weapons ban came to being permanent; and how closely the Supreme Court came to ruling that the Second Amendment doesn’t really mean what it says.

Gun owners who sit out the 2012 election surely endanger all we’ve accomplished. If we don’t “cling to our guns,” to quote President Obama, but rather reelect him and bolster him with an assortment of anti-gun cronies in Congress, we’re looking at a worst-case scenario. Power would be in the hands of those who wouldn’t know the difference between an AR-15 and a sharp stick, yet want to know and control what’s in your gun safe. If they win, you lose, and these are the top nine ways you can expect your rights to be trampled.

How do you think we can lose in 2012? Is there any way we win if Obama gets elected?

  • LeftyLiberal

    It may be shocking to some folks here that someone can be a liberal and a gun owner/believer in the second amendment, but I'd rather vote for people who believe in civil and women's rights in general than throw everything else I believe in out the window just in favor of the gun issue.

    Besides, apart from the alarmist rhetoric of reality deniers, the only 2 things that have happened to gun legislation under the Obama administration are 1) the overturning of the DC handgun ban (which, sure, he was not at all responsible for) and 2) allowing firearms in national parks.

    In other words: most of this 'Obama's come to get our guns' is right-wing posturing BS.

    The hypocrisy of the right wing on social issues gives the lie to their crap about being the party of 'freedom' – I'd rather have a Clint Eastwood style gun advocate (who actually believes in individual liberty in GENERAL) in office than any of these wackos running for the GOP these days.

    I don't know where respectable republicans have gone, but I hope they come back.

    • LeftyLiberal

      And if you're out there – liberal believers in gun rights OR republican believers in true individual liberty – make yourselves heard instead of letting both our parties be hijacked by the state-nannies(D) or father-knows-bests(R).


      Supporting "liberal" agenda and owning a gun IS Hypocrisy defined. Moron.

      • LeftyLiberal

        Look – if people with liberal social values actually realized they didn't have to throw in their lot with the GOP in order to support gun rights the democratic party would have a place to go. If all of us 'hypocrit morons' keep silent then it'll be all too easy for Dems keep demonizing gun's rights advocates along with the rest of the GOP. If the significant minority of dems who support gun rights spoke up about it more maybe we wouldn't have to make hard choices like this. (But right now, politics are the devil and the deep blue sea)

        • old vet

          No people like you who claim to be gun supporting patriots, yet praise the p*** of the likes of Obama and his minions. You are like a chicken supporting Col. Saunders.

        • Alan_T

          Oh Lefty , who are you trying to snow ( see ? I'm being polite , I didn't say the word I was really thinking ) ?

        • Ogre1

          It's called the Libertarian Party. We'll never actually win, but if you live in Texas like me, it doesn't matter, my vote is a statement.

          I completely agree with your assessment of Obama. Gun rights have actually INCREASED under his administration and all the …what does the guy say below…"Obama will let it all hang out in his 2nd term" sound a lot like the b.s. we heard about his first term. B.s. which never happened.

          Obama has introduced exactly ZERO gun legislation and there is none in the pipe. BUSH regulated guns more than Obama has.

          It amazes me how many of my fellow firearms owners are either willfully ignorant or incapable of doing their own research and let the pundits think for them. One person mentions the U.N. gun ban…. really? REALLY??? I've read it, there's not a damned thing in it about personal gun ownership. It's a trade agreement for Gods' sake. It affects sales of firearms OUTSIDE the United States. The myth that neo-cons keep spouting about it has been debunked time and time again.

          You people would blame Obama for the weather.

          You want a true conservative who supports a smaller government, less intrusive rules, and a balanced budget minus a lot of the garbage we have now? Gary Johnson in 2012.

          • Heartland Patriot

            Its a trade agreement and you can't see how that would affect Americans? How about driving all the prices up, just for starters? When all the foreign made firearms and ammo are banned from importation for civilians, the domestic supply will not be able to keep up with demand…and firearms ownership will decline…imagine that, the Democrat Party supporting a treaty that would cause a decline in firearms ownership…and c'mon, be honest, you probably support Gary Johnson because he wants to make it legal to get yourself baked on weed.

      • Alan_T

        I would have said oxymoron , but hypocrisy works too , HAMBONE !

    • IndonesiaforUS

      Any US President who praises urges emulation of a despotic nation's laws and constitution, has no respect for continuing liberty in the United States. E.g., "[President Obama] praised Indonesia – the world's most populous Muslim-majority nation – for a 'spirit of tolerance that is written into your constitution, symbolized in your mosques and churches and temples, and embodied in your people,' a quality worthy for all the world to emulate." Wilson, S. (Nov. 10, 2010) "Obama praises Indonesia's 'spirit of tolerance' as a model" retrieved Feb. 10, 2012 from


      Do your homework. Obama has signed the U.N. gun ban treaty making civilian gun-ownership illegal. Fortunatly, without congress ratifying it, it cannot be enacted. Hillary Clinton has stated that Obama will not persue gun-control until after the 2012 election. Then after re-election, there will be an all-out assault on the 2nd amendment. Hopefully, If Repub,'s take the Senate, there will be no way for Congressional approval for the ban, unless he tries to do it thru executive fiat. And no-doubtably, he will. To deny this would be a blatant mis-representation of the facts. Fortunatly, more
      Americans are now aware of Obama's subvertive schemes.

    • Gordon

      If we lose our gun rights, we lose the whole country and all our freedoms. I don't care if you are democrat or conservative, we will lose ALL our rights. I know you have heard of Russia and Germany, when their gun "rights" were taken away, look what happened, six million Jews a n millions of Russians were murdered or thrown in jail never to be heard from again. Don't tell me it can't happen here, I think I know better.

      • Helen

        I totally agree with you Gordon! I for one am waiting on my certificate to get my hard copy. I took the Carry Conceal class a few weeks ago and learned alot, and still learning. I have been telling everyone I know, get them while we still can!

      • Alan_T

        Amen Gordon , I think I know better too

    • Clearcutter

      Right-wing posturing? The BS is clearly betwen your ears and you're clearly not a student of history. Prezbident Obongo has a plain-as-day track record of hostility towards traditional American values and holds our Constitution and Bill of Rights in open contempt. He's a Statist, through and through, and fools like you have your head in the sand if you think that we of the Tea Party are willing to support political whores whom you deem "respectable". In reality, they're RINOs and are nearly as guilty as the Democrats when it comes to unravelling the fabric of our country and unravelling the fabric of American Exceptionalism.

      Do us all a favor and move to Europe because you're not fit to call yourself an American.

      • Not An Indian

        @ Clearcutter- unless your name is Sitting Bull, you (or I) have no right to tell anyone they shouldn't be here. So now, tell me how your grandma was 1/16th Cherokee!

        • Alan_T

          Okay …. My father is Creek Indian , if I recall correctly that makes me half , so Not An Indian and @Bigdog327 ……. move .

      • Travlinsam

        Nice "@Bigdog327" I bet your mother is proud of you…

    • Pete

      Thumbs up. It's nice to hear from someone that their Only news source isn't fox news.

    • old vet

      Dream on………

    • coralgator

      You have got to be kidding or is your short term memory fried ? Perhaps the most hideous attempt ever schemed at the attack on the 2nd amendment was orchestrated by this bunch now in power. Their continued blame assigning during their dirty dealing called -fast & furious- would never have been known had it not been for a Republican takeover of the House in 2010. Please look at the bigger picture and who and what we are now dealing with under the pretense of a legitimate administration.

      • Ogre1

        You do know that F&F is a continuation of a Bush program, right?

        • Travlinsam

          Not in the illegal manner that Obama and his cronies have "changed" it…

        • tbow

          Actually its not. Its similar but its a completely different program than wide receiver and was also run much more poorly, and had it come to fruition probably would have been used as an excuse to take away our guns. Research something other than CNN.

        • Heartland Patriot

          No, not true. More of a re-boot and twisting of a Bush-era program that was shut down because they figured out it didn't work…and they at least tried to put tracking devices in the firearms under the Bush Administration…these crooks under the current administration didn't want the guns recovered…until they were found in Mexico, so they could back up the lying claims that ONLY, or PRIMARILY, its America's fault that the cartels get guns…when HUGE numbers of FULLY AUTOMATIC firearms make it to the cartel through the southern border of Mexico, or along the coastlines…do you have any idea how hard it is to get a fully auto weapon in the USA? Probably not…

    • Alan_T

      Lefty , you are morally reprehensible and be riffed of any honesty and for YOU to talk of other peoples hypocrisy is the higth of irony .

      • Reprehensible

        So anyone who disagrees with you is "morally reprehensible"? Good to know. Silly me, I've been praying to thewrong god all this time.

        • Alan_T

          No ….. just the ones who are . If you are implying that I think that I am God , the YOU must think you're Satan .I am happy to hear that you prey , 'tho , Rep .

    • Alan_T

      Yeah Bigdog …. and Dorothy , pay no attention to that man behind the curtain . If YOU belive that nonsense you're spilling Bigdog ( which I doubt ) you're insane ( FACT )

    • Alan_T

      You know what's REALLY SHOCKING , Lefty ? The fact that you seem to think that you're slick enough that nobody can see through you ! …. or maybe it's just pathetic and laughable .

    • bobby

      youre stupid

      • Alan_T

        Oh now bobby …… look at what you went and did , you hurt my feelings ! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • Suzie Nunnally Clary

      Okay 'LeftyLiberal', it's called second term. I call you on the freakishly bizarre actions of "Fast and Furious' " for your so called not taking action, which is actually underhanded, hidden action so as not to raise the alert before second term action of Obama to give him more fodder for gun control that blew up in his face.

      • Alan_T

        Better be careful Suzie , bobby might call you stupid !……. I wonder how long it took bobby to come up with that ……. I bet he / she had help HAHAHAHAHAHA

    • Iceman

      I agree with you even though I truly appreciate the freedom to own guns. The NRA is simply a shill for the GOP and bank on only one issue when there are so many more causing problems in this country. The Democrats aren't going to take guns away/ That is just fear mongering and intimidation preached so people who can't think constructively become afraid and vote wrongly for the Republicans.

      • Alan_T

        MAN ! ….. it's getting deep in here now ! I should have brought my waist waders Iceman ! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      • Zmacht

        You mean sort of like all the Union workers who are forced to vote Democrat because they support unions?I have friends in the unions demanded to vote democrat,but,if they vote Democrat this year they cannot honestly pick Obama.He is not a democrat,nor does he represent anything we hard working Americans stand for.I hope you are right at least about the Dems taking our guns,but I am not as naive as you.

    • Stephen

      You make a good point. I have always been a lefty and always interested in shooting and owning firearms. Was it not George Orwell who said that the rifle hanging in a workman's cottage was the symbol of democracy and liberation, and he was a Trotyskist who fought for the POUM in Spain against Franco's conservative fascists. I might have more respect for the posturing on "liberty" by some gun owners were they equally opposed to the restrictions on freedom in the Patriot Act, but that seems to be a blind spot for many conservatives. In the UK, we overturned the the attempt to impose a compulsory national identity card upon the British people without mass firearms ownership. We have more to do but it's a start on rolling back the authoritarian laws enacted in Britain over the last 10 years.

    • 1954kad

      LeftyLiberal is a George Soros/Media Matters plant.

    • Shorty

      The reason Obama hasn't gone after our guns in the his first term is he knows if he passes anything negative in the first term, he wouldn't get a second. He gets re-elected, look out! But of course, like all liberals, you have your head in the sand. You think with your emotions instead of a brain. You talk about civil rights and women's rights. Those don't belong to the left. Democrats stalled civil rights in the sixties. It was Republican pressure that got civil rights moving. And Republican administrations since Reagan have had far more women in their cabinet than have Democrats. The first woman Supreme Court justice and the first secretary of state; both courtesy of Republican administrations. Think with your brain if you have one!

    • independent

      Thanks for some sane input Lefty from another independent gun owner. All citizens should be able to open carry in my opinion crime would go down.
      neither Republicans nor Democrats have the interest of the people at heart they love to divide us by party affiliation as it allows them to get away with doing the bidding of the Special interests groups/ big business while we bicker among ourselves.

    • Jerry Gibbs

      how about Holders gun runing in MX

    • Bill in Tulsa

      Lefty… Please look around at what is happening. You are out of touch with what is happening. All for a free lunch so to speak…..Please look again.

    • R.D.WYLIE

      I would vote for a CLINT EASTWOOD OR A CHARLES BRONSON at least crime would go down and
      criminals would be on the indangered species list!!

    • Nelson

      You have spewed One lie after another; HERE are Obama's attacks against the 2nd Amendment:
      1. Operations Fast and Furious, Gunwalker, Castaway, that illegally funneled THOUSANDS of firearms out of the U.S. to, in OBAMA'S own words; "Go under the radar to enact gun control." 2. AFT Ban on the importation of ALL shotguns. 3. ATF regulation in forced reporting of purchasers of semi-automatic firearms in ONLY Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas. 4. EPA attempted ban on ALL lead ammunition. 5. Closure or most shooting ranges on Federal Lands by Executive Order. 6. Interior Department banning shooting and firearms from Federal Land. obama doesn't intend to attack the 2nd Amendment by passing laws, he attacks it by REGULATION!
      YOUR hypocrisy is astounding!

    • lissa754

      I have been a life member of the NRA since 1976 and I agree completely with LeftyLiberal. Obama has done NOTHING to threaten gun owners in his first term and that is not just all part of a deceptive plan to screw us all over in his second term. Make no mistake — NO ONE will ever take away my guns while I am alive no matter who is president BUT, until I see even one reason to worry about that, there are much bigger issues to base my vote on. All this "right-wing posturing BS" is not going to make me vote for this new "Republican" party like I did the old one. This one is made up mostly of hatemongers and the idiots who follow them blindly.

    • DemocratNoMore

      I think when I find the most reprehensible in this post is the fact that everyone seems to forget many things about Obama…

      He has signed more unconstitutional legislation than any other sitting president. For example NDAA, the 128 executive orders he's signed (a number in secret, or during times that the public wouldnt notice), his complete believe in the democratic structure of United States rather than the true republic structure… For example:

      Personally, there is only one true champion of the Constitution that will always but the people and their rights before the government. Here's what Ron Paul had to say in regards to the attempted murder of the Arizona senator, buy a left wing, wing nut…

      I'm not going to sit here and completely blame Obama for everything because this goes back much further than him… But it cannot be overlooked at he is creating a huge divide in this country, with his policies, and his belly up approach to the UN and unconstitutional wars and drone attacks on other countries.

  • Larry Winchester

    You are beyond help "lefty". You make no sense and you are just a troll. I won't waste my valuable time picking your statements apart, far too easy. They have no basis in fact and are specious at best, ignorant to a fault at worst.

    • RL G

      I noticed you didnt even try. He did speak the truth about gun laws under Obama.

    • Gun Toting Democrat

      Larry I like how you try and say that you don't want to waste your time picking apart their statements but the reality of the situation is that you have absolutely nothing to fight back with. Obama has in no way shape or form tried anything to take our guns away and you know it. If you would like to argue this all I ask is that you come up with one example of something he has done (it has to be true, not just something you heard on FOX) and we can debate this until we are blue in the face

  • Tim McGuire

    Obama and his liberal fanatical following will let it all hang out with a second term. The Chicago gun decision was decided 5-4 which is scary enough. Remember that liberals (now called progressives since the term liberal incurred such a negative connotation due to their actions) will do anything to seize and/or control guns and will go as far as to allow the U.N. to decide U.S. gun control policy. I appeal to all clear thinkers to not vote for Obama. How could anyone who supported infantcide while in the Illinois Senate be the type of president this country should have. Infantcide is when the aborting doctor makes a mistake and the baby is born alive. Then the doctor must kill it while it is outside the mother's body. No, this is not China or Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany. This is the face of Obama.

    • @Bigdog327

      Think again Dumb Ass! Screw all of you conservatives. I am a Liberal and own many guns Legally in Chicago.

      • Clearcutter

        First, I doubt you own any firearms–that goes double for handguns. Second, if you tried to obtain a concealed carry permit so as to exercise your Second Amendment right to keep and BEAR arms, you'd be denied in a heartbeat unless you were a personal friend of Mayor Rahm Emanuel. People of your ilk are natural subjects, not citizens, so do us all a favor and emigrate. You don't belong here, Statist.

      • old vet

        Your grasp of the language speaks unwell for you. If you own MANY guns in Chicago, you are surely one of the chosen few.

        • Grammar Queen

          "Many" is a correct usage according to the standard rules of grammar

          • old vet

            You know to what I was talking. any more than none, is many there.So don't go all Webster.

      • Alan_T

        " Dumb Ass ! " huh ? …..I'm here in Illinois ….and not in Chicago , you don't , @Bigdog327 , you liar .

    • Gary

      Just so you are up to date on your info. Check about the U.N. Small arms treaty. I support the rest of what you said.

  • July4th1776

    Sorry folks, I have to agree with Mr. Liberal up there.

    While I am also aware of some in the Democratic Party who could stand a good lesson in the value of honoring the Second Amendment (which I hold absolutely sacred), the GOP candidates are so incredibly scary on much more important fronts to a respectful, functioning society that I can't support any of them in good conscience.

    I'm not sure which is worse, Santorum or Romney. On the one hand you've got Santorum's ignoring the importance of separation of church and state while seemingly supporting the reintegration of religion into the rule of law. Then there is his recent positioning of Obama's point of view on everyone in the country aspiring to be as educated as possible as "snobbery." Are you kidding me? Being a snob means EXCLUDING people from the very things that give them power — like education and information. And the fact of the matter is, in 2009 when Obama made his statements about education he included trade schools, apprenticeships and other alternatives to college that Santorum tried to co-opt as his own thoughts.

    Then there's Romney. Have we ever seen a person of privilege more out of touch with "Joe Six Pack?" He doesn't seem be able to related to anyone who doesn't make spur of the moment bets in $10,000 increments. And this weekend he compounded his troubled by trying to bond with common man by asserting that to reporters he's just like you and me because his wife drives "a couple of Cadillacs" while he is friends with people who OWN NASCAR teams.

    In the good old days, ignorance was never equal to having your facts straights. I'm not sure when and how people began earning respect for uttering undereducated points of view and positioning them as facts. Just because you want them to be true does not make them so.

    But I'll give you this, if the GOP gets elected we might NEED our Second Amendment rights more than ever. Because with those clowns in charge there is bound to be a revolution….American Style.

    • old vet

      How can you call yourself the birthday of our great nation, with your obviously warped sense of what our God given rights are? You are the one spouting the B.S.

      • Cliff Clavin

        Small point of order…strictly speaking the 2nd amendment is not a God given right. The only God given rights are those enumerated in the Declaration of Independance in the preamble. (life, liberty, and. the pursuit of happiness). I totally agree the 2nd is a right, but it is a granted one, not an unalienable one. Now, we certainly need to do what it takes to keep that right!

        • Alan Z…

          Sorry Cliff, but your reasoning is flawed. All true rights are given (endowed) by God. Governments don't grant rights, they grant priviledges; if the state grants it, the state can take it away.The right to keep and bear arms is a neccessary corralary to the right to life, therefor it is God-given. The right to life and to liberty implies the right to protect and defend them; and of what use are they without the means to do so? The right to arms is a natural right, and pre-exists any and all laws and governments. Research Locke and Montesque.

    • Alan_T

      Of course you have to agree with Lefty , July 4th ….since you are probably the same person or barring that the two of you are working together from a script .

    • WYO-Citizen

      You lost all credibility using talking points like separation of church and state and revolution if Republicans are elected. That tells me you have neither read nor understand the constitution. obama has already proven with his actions how he is out to destroy not only the second amendment but most of the constitution. The Republican candidates may have their faults, but every one of them is better than any democrat. Remember the president is not endowed with legislative powers, so electing pro-American, pro-second amendment candidates to state legislatures and congress is the best thing to do. Electing pro-constitution candidates is also a must.

    • guest

      First of all, you must not really know what is written in our Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights. No where is there any mention of Seperation of Church and State. It states that the Government will not make any rules governing the Church. The only constitution that even mentions seperation of Church and State is the constitution for the country of Canada. Read up on your information before you jump in and make a complete fool of yourself because you are totally uneducated.

      • Suzie Nunnally Clary

        Actually it's in the USSR constitution, the separation of church and state.

        • Suzie Nunnally Clary

          Also, I meant, also.

    • Walter

      Then you are just as stupid as lefty !!!

    • JimboCitizen

      July…IF there is a revolution …will you please be in the FRONT so I can shoot you FIRST?

  • Jmac

    Lefty has a good point, I view my self as a conservitive liberal if there is such a thing. I don't like people making up my mind for me, telling me what i can or cannot own or say and take my personal privacy seriously and hate big brother so I take party rhetoric from either side with a grain of salt. For Republicans they all seem to be a string of bad choices almost a greek tradgedy with Ron Paul the only one that makes a little bit of sense and not sticking his foot in his mouth everytime he gets unlike the other 3.____If anything gun owners need to stick together regardless or personal political views and focus on the issue at hand, as there are plenty of people on EITHER side that would like nothing more to take your stuff. Beleiving it's only the Democrats is a foolish under estimation.__Constant contact with your elected representatives local, state and federal is the best bet instead of waiting and hoping for some savior President because I'll tell you personally I don't want to go back to the 1950's, the wild west is never coming back and Red Dawn is a movie. Politicians always want thier jobs____

    • FordElmo

      Politicians like their peasants unarmed.

    • i hate liberals

      retard that is called a libertarian

      • James Mcwilliams

        ah yes, "retard" such a persuasive please go sniff some more glue and tell us how that works for you.

  • Tommy

    Hillary apologized to the Mexican government for American gun owners. But she should have (but never has) apologized to Agent Brian Terry's family and all the Mexican families whose family members were killed because of Fast and Furious. That is about as backward thinking as Barack Obama's bowing to foreign leaders and yet refusing to salute the American flag or wear the flag as a lapel pin. (The first president in recent memory to do so). Both of them show their true allegiance is to the UN and NOT the USA.

    • Alan_T

      I wonder if Hilary apologised to Vince Foster before he got capped in the park ?

    • Phil

      Tommy, There never was an incident where our President did not salute the Flag of the United States.

      • LaVerne Wisdom Boyd

        Tommy, I have seen pictures of him and his wife doing a "crotch" salute because that is where their hands were! Another picture I saw of them, they had their hands on their right side instead of their left – almost like a insult!!!!

  • PhilMarx

    "LeftyLiberal" did not mention that Mr. Obama opposed both "overturning the DC handgun ban" as well as "national park carry". Only a bipartisan majority (Democrats have been afraid to lose even more votes if they don't jump on the bandwagon, I suppose) made the latter possible.
    Please remember: During his tenure as senator there was not a single "anti-gun" or "gun control bill" Obama did not support! He fiercely opposes gun rights whenever he can.
    It's also noteworthy that the vast majority of UN members Obama and Clinton trust so much are no democracies as we would define them. Take Russia and China as examples. And they should decide how WE are "allowed" to defend our rights and our freedom? Ridiculous!
    Quickly, the "Second Amendment" would go. The "First" and many more rights would follow soon.

    • old vet

      That's because the truth is invisible to Lefties kind.

    • jus' sayin'

      Phil- The United States is a republic. Democracies hold the popular vote above individual rights. Imagine 2 lions and a gazelle voting on what to have for lunch. That gazelle better hope he lives in a republic.

    • Eduardo

      But in reality, the only two gun-related bills Obama has signed gives the right to carry in Parks and in in Amtrak. Extreme right wing guys like to ascribe to Obama things that he has not said nor done and then argue against him. Perfect straw man tactics.
      I'd rather have Obama than Mitt who has really said and done things against gun owners while in Mass.

  • Robert Bianco

    Viet Nam Vet. Just remember a lot of lives have been lost trying to defend this constitution and Obama wants to dismantle this. Joe Biden wrote the assault weapons bill. Fienstien wants to take every firearm away from us along with Palosi. I really don't care if your Republican or Democrat, Liberal just vote them out of office.

    • Phil

      If you are a Viet Nam vet you are near the same age as I. Yup through them out and you may be able to by a tank and have more young people die in useless wars but you will also be part of a third world country as that is where the Republicans want the US to be. Telling them it is a snob to get an education is the worst thing I have ever seen.

    • dave

      Second that, throw all those crooked #%@s out!

    • siobhan

      My husband: Vietnam vet and deer hunter..has had no problems with adhering to the gun laws that are meant to protect others.. Guns do need to be kept out of the hands of the mentally ill and felons. Anyone in my state can own guns. I don't understand all the hoopla..What specific issues regarding gun control do you have a problem wiht?.

  • Rags

    I am a die hard conservative, no doubt about it………..Why can't we get someone better than the four who are running for president? I am afraid of what is to come…..We very well may lose this next election even if one of these so-called republicans happens to win. The only hope I see is to take over the house (more strongly) and win back the Senate with a strong majority. This way we can control any mistakes that may arise from Mr. President or his successor.

    • Clearcutter

      If you want some one better, then you'll have to convince Rep. Paul Ryan to run. In general, the Ruling Class in Washington, D.C. has little tolerance for people who actually want to restore Constitutional rule of law to our country. Read "The Ruling Class" by Angelo Codevilla for a good primer as to what's been going on for the last century. It's an eye opener for most people who aren't already politically active.

  • Tracy

    "Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself. They are the American people's liberty teeth and keystone under independence…" – George Washington

    "…the advantage of being armed, which the Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation… forms a barrier against the enterprises of ambition, more insurmountable than any which a simple government of any form can admit of." – James Madison, Federalist No. 46, 1788

    "To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them." – George Mason, co-author of the Second Amendment, 1788

    "Are we at last brought to such humiliating and debasing degradation, that we cannot be trusted with arms for our defense?" – Patrick Henry

    If Obama wins, we all lose. Capisce? ABO 2012.

    • Neal R

      THAT's where we can win. Arms to all is what has to be taught.

    • thunderbolt67

      Is this the reason that Obama failed to faithfully carry out his

      On January 21, 2009, Chief Justice Roberts administered the presidential oath a second time to Barack Obama "out of an abundance of caution," according to the White House, because, when the oath was administered to President Obama the first time in the public inauguration ceremony, the word "faithfully" was misplaced. The second oath was administered in a simple, private ceremony in the Map Room of the White House.[16][25][26][27] Obama's oath-retaking differed from all his predecessors' in that the private ceremony happened after the public one.

  • sgt.ret

    I think we're being used by the right to get elected, how many times do you think Mitt has actually fired a firearm? And paying someone to do it for you doesnt count. And Santourum? Gun ownership doesnt exactly fit his catholic beliefs (the vatican supports heavy gun control). So what are we to do? Vote in a christian Ayatolla, who would be happy to legislate his own beliefs into law? Or give the keys over to big corporate MItt who doesnt give a damn about the normal american worker? Why should I have to side with either of them just to ensure my 2nd amendment rights? Either way it makes it easy for Obama. What ever happened to a live and let live mind set? If it doesnt infringe on other citizens rights or freedoms, it should be legal. If it does, its not. Period

    • Dane

      sounds like you want Ron Paul . I agree ! Live and let live . So just don't tread on me or mine .

      • I Can Think 4 Myself

        So you are okay with your child's bus driver being a drug user?

        • ohiolibertarian

          Your child's bus driver is probably an alcoholic and last I checked alcohol causes more deaths than all other drugs combined so….. I guess there is that naysayer…

      • ATF/WTF

        No, that's why they get tested and fired. I just don't want my tax money spent on an obviously ineffective "drug war". You makes your choices, then live with the consequences.

    • Joe

      I am a devout Catholic and a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. I have not heard anything from the Vatican that is anti Second Amendment. There are some people that call themselves Catholic (Like Nancy Pelosi and some clergy) that are anti Second Amendment. These people I call Christian Ashiest.

    • Tired of Obummer

      Just remember t his–If you don't vote FOR one of "those" four Republicans you are voting FOR Obama. I will take my chances with Romney, Santorum, Gingrich, or Paul. How can it get worse????

    • mark cass

      I tend to agree in general. The issue, for any other candidate, is actually being able to get elected. We HAVE to contend with the fact that elections are not a buffet line where we pick and chose what WE like and ignore the rest. The ideal GOP candidate would be hated by the rest and thus being unable to get elected.

      Reagan got elected at a time of crisis and the nation was lucky to have him. But they do not make them anymore just like him. So, being a pragmatist, I will work on getting ANY republican elected to the WH and the senate and the hope of having some senators with real gonads to hold the future president, whoever he happens to be, accountable for his legislative bent.

  • djs

    I only have one thing to say! They can have my guns, when that pull them from my cold dead hands!

    • Neal R

      YEP !!!!!

  • Dondo

    The currant Republican presidential candidates continue beating up on each other and apparently ignore the fact(s) that: a)There are more Democrats than Republicans in the U.S., as well as in most of the states with the most electoral votes, b) Politically, the U.S. is pretty much centrist, and c) the independant i.e. moderate voters will decide the election. It appears to me the battle among our Republican presidential candidates as to who is the strongest conservative does not bode well in defeating Obama. As such, the most effective and possibly the easier way to maintainig/improving our gun rights is to assure keeping/growing our Republican majority in the House, and most especially getting a Republican majority in the Senate. The Senate approves Supreme Court appointees as well as other Federal judgeships and approves treaties. With these two houses in hand, Obamas hands will be tied. Getting a Republican president in the white House will be a huge plus, but failing that a Republican Congress is a must.

  • Scott

    Do you have any idea how crazy some of these comment sound? I just subscribe to Guns & Ammo to get away from the paranoid ramblings at the NRA. I know they do some good work on behalf of the second amendment but our President isn’t evil, he’s not coming to take your guns. He’ s only signed two pieces of gun legislation in his first three years in office allowing CC in National parks and Amtrak trains.

    We really don’t do ourselves any good sounding like those who oppose Second amendment right want to portray us. Drop it back a notch it seems hypocritical to wrap yourself in a flag claim you’re the only true patriot and disparage the Commander and Chief.

    • old vet

      Who do you think is running this sight? Not the N.R.A. All these so called paranoid ramblings are on a G+A sight.

      • Scott

        That’s why I don't subscribe to the National Rifleman and more. You can watch it on cable for free.
        I'm a strong supporter of our second amendment an independent voter. Republicans are in the pocket of the Corporations and the Democrats are pussies. But I do have faith in the people. If we can just vote every incumbent out of office and the new legislators see the soldering wreckage that was their 80% re-election rate maybe they’ll start to represent "WE the people" again.

        • old vet

          O.K. I think we can all be friends.

        • Alan_T

          I smell a RAT ! ….Scott, old buddy , it's NOT the National Rifleman it's AMERICAN RIFLEMAN so I strongly doubt you subscribed to anything !

    • Suzie Nunnally Clary

      I'll repeat what I wrote to LeftyLiberal:
      It's called second term. I call you on the freakishly bizarre actions of "Fast and Furious' " for your so called not taking action, which is actually underhanded, hidden action so as not to raise the alert before second term action of Obama to give him more fodder for gun control that blew up in his face.
      And as someone pointed out, it was the incoming Republican congress that brought Fast and Furious to light.
      Don't forget, H Clinton just made some kind of agreement with UN regarding giving up our gun rights. Who does she work for?

    • Greg Lester

      Well written my friend!


      Lieutenat Colonel Gregory Lester
      US Army Reserve
      Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) & Operations Iraqi Freedom Veteran

  • Old Guy

    After reading LeftyLiberal and July4th1776, I am now REALLY afraid!!! These people don't know what the constitution says or stands for. You can have all the debates in the world about one politician or another, but if we have lost our firearms, the Government will tell you exactly what you are going to do in every aspect of your personal lives. Women's rights? No one has any rights without the right to protect oneself and family.

    sgt.ret – Live & let live is not the way of big government – and that is where we are now with those in government figuring out ways to control your life. It will be a lot easier for them if Obama wins again. Two more Supreme Court appoinments and no one will have more than a water pistol.

    • LeftyLiberal

      The GOP is not the party of live-and-let-live. The crap they try to pull on women, minorities, and people of other faiths is exactly what you're telling me I should be afraid of if we lost our gun rights.

      You're telling me that without gun rights our other rights will be lost, but the party that's supposed to be supporting our gun rights is already taking our other rights away.

      The fact that we still have our guns hasn't done a thing to stop 'em.

    • old vet

      Sadly, they will never understand, these so called "progressives" justify their views by seeing our constitution as "living" or evolving. this gives them license to interpret it at their will. If true Americans do nothing this next election, we will get what we deserve.

      • LeftyLiberal

        How dare you claim to be more American than me, or any other citizen who chooses to exercise his conscience and freedom of speech.

        • old vet

          I would never deny anyone has their freedom of speech or their opinion. Just marvel at their views. And defend my STRONG disagreement with such.

          • LeftyLiberal

            And that I can and do respect – but I think we should leave questions of patriotism out of it! Let's be fair. I support gun rights, I just can't in good conscience vote for today's GOP.

          • Alan_T

            Oh … I don't know Lefty …. I don't think your conscience has anything to do with it . If it did , you wouldn't have been here in the first place .

          • old vet

            P.S. I'm not the one who referred to you as "troll" I think that was uncalled for.

          • old vet

            P.S.S. You opened this can of worms yourself by being the first poster. LIVE WITH IT!

          • LeftyLiberal

            I'm sorry for my part in letting the rhetoric get out of hand! I'm just too frustrated by modern politics. There's plenty about the democrats I'm unhappy about too.

            I respect your service and opinion and those of anyone who attempts to have a rational argument in good faith about their beliefs.

            There's too much dogma and too much preying on the blind faith of people who are passionate about individual issues.

            I wish we would advocate for things we believe in, rather than agitate against straw-man arguments. I know I'm as much as fault as anybody.

          • Alan_T

            Gee , that'd mighty big of you Lefty …. now cry us some crocodile tears to complete the picture .

        • old vet

          I'm NOT the one who referred to you as "troll", that was over the edge, But you opened this post so Live with it.

          • LeftyLiberal

            Hey – I'm not complaining about the thread! Debate is good.

          • old vet

            O.K. This is a highly emotional topic and some get rather excited I'm sure we can all agree to dis-agree on some things but we can keep it friendly. Be well BRO.

          • LeftyLiberal

            Agreed. Be well.

      • You Should Read # 22

        It is a living document. That is why it has an amendment process…so that it can evolve to adapt to a future the authors knew they couldn't predict. It is that very same adaption process that makes sure 2016 can't include Obama. Furthermore, it is the entire roll of the supreme court to interpret the constitution.

        • I should read # 22

          role, not roll… My bad

        • old vet

          I was not referring to the amendment aspect of the document, but to the main body where the fundamentals are, where all the geniuses dive in and see if they can interpret it their way. Even justices try this trick.

          • old vet

            What I meant to refer to was already established and written part.

    • mike

      news flash the govt already does and regardless of how many guns we have how many gun owners vote, locally? that is the 1st stept to power…if you wait till the general election the battle is already lost cince the lawmakers in congrss and the senate already have their precious seats and paychecks. Dont fool yourself into thinking the conservatives dont want big gov't…they do! they just want to govern stuff that you are comfortable with!! Government is not inherently bad! it goes bad when the populous only takes their heads out of the sand every 4 years or so!

  • Freeman

    The rulers and most gun groups have it wrong on national carry. The bill of rights says 'keep and bear arm'.
    'Keep' means have them in your house, 'bear' means carrying arms with you. A one sentence bill that simply tells all gestapo agents that that all citizens have the right to bear are anywhere they have a right to be is it. Even if the current bill passes, us peasants will still have to deal with a patchwork of statutes. Use the Vermont model. If you are a citizen, you can carry a gun. NO addition licenses or rules required.

    • siobhan

      What if you have just been released from a mental hospital for a Scizophrenic episode..or a felon who has already done time and is back on the street. Should ALL citizens own guns? I don't think so.

  • Jay Leonard

    the Constitution is the letter of the law….If they can't understand that..then they shouldn't be Supreme Court Justices in the first place….SIN SEMPER TYRANNIS!!!

    • Booth's Ghost

      It's Sic Semper Tyrannis, btw, but hey, you get points for almost quoting an assassin.

    • Tommy

      It's when we have justices like Ruth Bader Ginsburg who openly disrespect the Constitution that we have a problem. If you can't live up to the oath you swore Ruthy, then it's time for you to resign. For the guy who said the prez hasn't done anything anti-gun, one only needs to look at his 2 appointments to the Supreme Court to see how foolish that statement was. Two of the most anti-gun justices to appear on the bench in a long time. If he appoints one more then it's kiss your gun rights goodbye.

  • Jay Leonard


  • Jay Leonard

    Don't gun owners report their firearms stolen as soon as they realize they're gone???….DUMB-ASSES!!!

  • Tazman

    People should NEVER fear their Government…The Government SHOULD fear it's people!!!

    • Suzie Nunnally Clary

      That's what our founders believed. That power corrupts and the people must have the final say.

  • Jay Leonard


    • Alan_T

      THAT brings to mind an ugly picture Jay ! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • Tommy

      It makes me wonder why a guy who has a estimated 20 billion dollar fortune (Bloomberg) would want to be a lowly mayor. If not for the power trip and enforcing your will on others, what then?

  • Jay Leonard

    Two words……RED DAWN!!!!…….why not enforce the laws we have now and stop trying to pretend the Government TRULY cares???

  • Gordon

    The only way we will lose is if, when the time comes, we just GIVE IN and GIVE UP. I would rather die fighting for my rights than that, even if it's at my front door. I've said it before, we need to USE the 2nd amendment instead of just TALKING about it.

    • Brock Norris

      your so right when is it time to bare arms

  • vnv

    Watch out sgt.ret. water pistols are next.:(

    • nogood57

      Watch out we will have to use stone axes next

  • Lopaka Kanaka

    All your comments are good and we all agree to have a "NEW" Commander and Chief to save our "Right To Bear Arms". We all need to go out and "VOTE" and bring your neighbors and friends to get our changes made in Washington. Yes, we have men who wear sheep skin over the Wolf hides and I see a few now trying to get your vote. All Life NRA Members, Hunters, Gun Collectors, and Target Buffs, Keep doing what you do best and don't stop! We are all American Citizen and love our "GUNS" to protect our family and need our CCW for our protection.

    • Gary Adkison

      The Constitution and the 2nd amendment is my CCW!

  • BradInTexas

    I'm getting tired of gun mags and the NRA telling me how to vote. The current reality show feel to the GOP race should leave no question that politicians on both sides just say what they need to say to get the attention they want. Obama hasn't destroyed America and Bush didn't save it. They work for us. They are our employees not our masters. Quit giving them so much credit.

    • Alan_T

      Evidently though BradinTexas , you don't mind being intellectually dishonest , do you ?

      • What?

        How was his comment "intellectually dishonest"?

        • old vet

          Because no magazine or NRA can TELL you how to vote ( unlike the labor unions, or the media tries) , and if you believe Obama's policies ( both financial and internationally) are not destroying our country. then there is no hope for you to see further can't believe your Texan, must be Austin.

          • Gun Toting Democrat

            You are an idiot

          • old vet

            SURELY you can do better than reverting to name calling, now my feelings are shattered. Tell us how you really feel, I care, NOT!

    • Gun Toting Democrat

      I agree with you. Guns and Ammo should stick to reviews and information. I don't read it to hear their political views I just want to hear about guns

    • par

      If Obama gets in again we will be calling him master.

  • Jim Boliek

    Im a gun owner and love to shoot at targets on the gun range. I also hold a C.C.W. permit to carry,which I seldom carry. Went to a gun show last October and bought a gun which I got a denial for. Had to drive all the way to my county seat and get fingerprinted and a record check. Mailed this right away to Quantico,Va. Got a letter sayiing I would get a decision by mail in 92 days because they couldnt tell me anything over the phone. Told them I have a right to carry permit and a clean record,they said that doesnt matter. Well its been over 4 months,129 days and I called them to get a smart answear that they are real busy and I would just have to wait. Hows those apples and Im still waiting. Jim B.

    • old vet

      Been there, finally got it worked out, frustrating ain't it?

    • DoubleAction

      You have a license to carry, yet you seldom carry? Why bother with the license? You're not serious about your personal or families safety or your gun rights.

      When do you carry? There are only two answers. You carry all the time, or you carry when you think you'll need a gun. The latter is simply naive and unrealistic. Good luck with that.

      • Not naive

        Or he works somewhere where ccw is a felony, like a school.

  • Jumarjohn

    "Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism." George Washington I am an independent neither democrat or republican and an avid gun owner. It surprises and scares me that people do not exercise just a little intellectual energy before they post. They carry the 2nd admendment banner as if it was the only one and largely ignore other parts of the constitution……(Something I might add they constantly accuse the President of doing).
    I frequently read the banter about how gun control caused various groups to say disappear. I would suggest it was not gun control that lead to the extermination of many many ethnic groups including the Jews…………….it was the embers emotion that defied logic that leaders like Hitler were able to fan into flames in a population that was ready to jump on any band wagon instead of doing some basic analytics. If I blame someone long enough……………others will believe me!

    • Suzie Nunnally Clary

      I would guess to say a vast majority of Germans at the time were well educated, educated in man's philosophies, as evolution. It was the premise of the educated populace that we are controlled by evolution, survival of the fittest, and they took it by the horns and ran with it. Couple that with the Calvinistic teachings of most Christianity of the time and you have them joining in.

      The real blame of our state of our country? The removal of God from the central core, and the study of the bible in all grades. The bible used to be the reader in schools across America at it's founding. Even if someone didn't find God in the studies, they did have an understanding on the premise of America, which gave them all the info they needed to be good citizens, understanding the nature of our laws, not being taken in by tyranny if they were able to fight it, and such.

      • chris

        How to respond to so much BS…..

      • Joe


  • John fella

    I have a question to all you so called patriotic gun lovers.
    How many of you that believe that its ok to own and carry assault weapons or worse, would say that it is ok for me to Cary a M- 14 into the high school basket ball game on Friday night or build a gun nest with a m60 set up and aimed at your back yard?
    Give it a break, the republicans have been using this issue to do two things for the past 8 elections.
    #1 get their dumb ass candidates elected
    # 2 to keep all of us at each others thoughts.
    They have accomplished their goal in 5 elections.
    Did any one of you pay attention when the supreme court made it a law that No one could take your guns away.
    It would take a constitutional amendment to do that, and that is about as possible as a camel being threaded through the eye of a needle.
    And before both sides attack me—please -I am a law abiding gun owner and do not vote for any one because the NRA or either party tells me how to vote.
    I suggest you do the same.

    • Alan_T

      John fella ,do you really think that this illogical garbage you are spouting is going to persuade some one ? The only thing that you're succeeding in is just making yourself look foolish . stupid or insane

    • JsThFx

      Kind of hard to conceal an M-14 or an M60. Also, it's been a long time since the days when the Federal gov't. abided by the Constitution and required a formal amendment to enforce it's agenda. The "general welfare" and commerce clauses have been abused by both parties to push their agendas (although more by the Dems). Lastly, the Supreme Court does not make laws, it just rules on their constitutionality. At least that's what's supposed to happen.

    • Suzie Nunnally Clary

      They are already training police and militia to take away your guns, come into your house illegally and forcefully take them, under threat of their loaded guns. Do you think New Orleans was a one time event? N.O. officials were ordered to return guns to their owners. They did not. Do not think this is some form of hysteria.

      If they are training them, and they are, what do you think will happen the next time state militias are called in. Are you safe in your state? I'm CA and I know I'm not safe from it.

      CA just passed law outlawing carrying exposed guns. Before, we could always carry an unloaded gun if it could be seen. Anyone who did not have the wrong type criminal record could do so.

  • Independant

    Can anyone repeat the four words in the Constitution which are the basis for Conservative and Liberal labels;
    "for the general welfare"? Look, the words are there. Without the second amendment the first amendment is probably doomed to a short lifespan. There is a place for conservative reading of the constitution and there is a place for liberal reading of the constitution. There is no place for candidates that say they do not believe in the constitution!

  • Alan_T

    Looks like a whole slew of liberal saboteurs has found their way to Guns & Ammo ….. I wonder why the administrator didn't delete THEIR comments ? ? ?

    • 99%

      Yes, because silencing those who you don't agree with is the right way to be "we the people".

      • Alan_T

        Not exactly 99 ….. in other forums here there was a call for me to be deleted .

  • Gary m

    No it seems like Obamas " TRUTH SQUADS" are here spewing their propaganda.

    • old vet

      C'mon guys, these posts are open to all, agree or dis-agree. It's what makes this fun.

  • Alan_T

    Yeah …. right Lefty HAHAHAHAHAHA I don't think you've got a clue about moral high ground

  • Alan_T

    Strictly speaking Clif , well regulated refers to A REGULATED FIREARM , which in turn refers to the mechanical timing of said firearm .hence , a well regulated militia refers to a militia that has firearms that work properly and MILIITIA in the Constitution is defined as every able-bodied ( free ) man over 8 years of age. So …. assuming they are able-bodied and over the age of 8 …. they my friend , ARE in the militia regardless of wether they have any rank or not .

    • cliff clavin

      Where did you come up with that pontification?

      • Alan_T

        It's called education Cliff , try it sometime …. you might find it enlightening .

    • RadarRecon

      And where did their militia get their weapons? Did they have an armory to hand them out as needed? No. True, the citizens were the militia, but they brought their own weapons to the fight.

      • Alan_T

        In the early history of what has gone onto become the United States of America ,militiamen were required by law to provide their own firearms and sufficient flint , powder and ball , although some communities such as the ones at Lexington and Concorde maintained public magazines . Which , by the way where the American Reveloution started …. The British were marching there to seize the magazines .

  • Roderick

    There truth is Civil Liberties are under assault from both sides: the ultra-liberals who want to take away gun rights and the ultra conservatives who want to turn back the clock on religious freedom (by establishing a christian state), abortion and contraception. We have to make our opinions known to both sides that we will not stand idly by while you take out civil rights away

    • Alan_T

      You are right Rodrick and it's unfortunate

  • hawke81

    I really hope I'm wrong but I'll bet you money bam is gonna get re-elected…

    • Chuck A.

      Much in the same way as Putin…

      • Tommy

        Over 60 MILLION people were killed in the 20th century BY THEIR OWN GOVERNMENTS… FACT
        The first thing all these leaders did before initiating genocide was TAKE AWAY THEIR GUNS.
        I'm just saying…

  • Freeamerica

    Givin that our curent goverment seem to be in cahoots With a new world order. Fire arms are standing in there way to achieve a said new world order where we the people are the pesents and this new world order be the royal. Freedome seems to be on shaky soils in this year of 2012, perhaps the myans where right in this year being the end, As we now know it.

  • waypasthadenough

    Even after nearly 25 years as an activist/journalist it's somehow still hard for me to accept how stupid, apathetic, brain dead, the sheeple in this country are. Every presidential election cycle proves this. I haven't voted for a mainstream candidate for pres. since klinton's first race. In short, I was a patriot and militiaman before the so-called ‘tea parties’ were cool. Most of them still have a helluva lot left to learn.

    Keeping the Marxist mutt in the now red house and keeping a republicrat NWO hack out so as to not give them an excuse to go back to the golf course or the couch would be preferable.

    After Bush the First's "Read my lips, no new taxes," I should have known that what none of them say during a campaign means anything. Their records and past affiliations are all that matter. Klinton said he was against NAFTA then shoved it through a demoncrat(party of the little man) congress during his first year in office. So my vote for that creature counted for nothing, as I disagreed with everything else it stood/stands for.

    Ron Paul has a 30 year record of defending and working to increase human Liberty. He is the only candidate that speaks/lives with anything resembling integrity and honor.

    I will never again vote for a republicrat NWO hack, which is what all the other ‘frontrunners’(mainstream newswhore appointed) are. If Paul doesn’t win the nomination I will write him in. A vote for Paul is a vote for the spirit of human Liberty. It will count if he loses, drops dead the day after inauguration or is murdered because he is the only candidate that may actually attempt to cut the head off the beast. And we must kill the beast or it will devour us.

    Don’t understand? Start here:

  • Sameasyou

    I enjoy reading how people still uphold the Constitution then trample the only candidate who is fighting that very same fight.

  • waypasthadenough

    It's way past time to repeal all of the 'gun laws' including GCA '68 and the NFA. It's way past time to shut down the evil BATF Nazis and try them for treason, and murder where appropriate and distribute their retirement funds among their victims. Then repeal the rest of the ‘gun laws,’ beginning with Illinois licensing requirements and New Yawk City’s Sullivan Law which only disarms the victims, then commiefornia’s ban on certain magazine and weapon types.

    It's time to stop arguing over the culture war. It's time to stop hunkering down for the apocalypse. It’s time to stop waiting to get beamed up. It's time to start thinking Normandy.

    If you sit home waiting your turn you deserve to have your gun taken from your cold dead hands.

    The Founders didn’t wait for the Brits to knock down their doors. They gathered at the green and stood up like men and they killed government employees all the way back to Boston.

    What will you do when it’s time to hunt NWO hacks, republicrats and commies(“Liberals” and ‘progressives’)?

    Don't understand? Start here: Then read my column ‘Prepping for Slavery’

  • mabey33

    That's absurd. Catholics are not for gun control. I'm catholic and Jesus says we must defend ourselves in Luke 22:36 He said to them, "But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag and if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.

    • sgt.ret

      Could of fooled me, “As bishops, we support measures that control the sale and use of firearms and make them safer–especially efforts that precent their unsupervised use by children or anyone other than the owner–and we reiterate our call for sensible regulation of handguns.” The footnote says: “However, we believe that in the long run and with few exceptions–i.e, police officers, military use–handguns should be eliminated from our society.” An offical statement from the ruling body of the Vatican the Roman Curia, Dated November 2000

  • Derz

    Im sorry but we forgot to mention Bush and some of his silly gun laws.
    Bush said he supported efforts in the Republican-led Congress to raise the legal age for purchase of a handgun to 18 from 21 and to ban large ammunition clips. I just turned 18, I can essentially fight for our country however I can not purchase a handgun for self-defense? I also live in California and we can only have 10rd magazines so Bush has also stripped many of my gun priveledges. so clinton and obama arent the only bad guys here. and im sure the grass wont be any greener no matter who gets elected in 2012. dem or rep.

  • Pauly want a gun

    There are way to many people on here that just do not get it starting with Lefty, damn are you stupid, Obama has done nothing to help gun owners except get us to buy more guns and ammo. What does he have to do be knocking on your door before you see whats up, open your eyes people you are being back doored by this administration they are going to use Nato law to enforce the gun bans, this is way bigger that you seem to believe. If you mess around and reelect Obama you are screwed. Read up on Germany they went the same way gun control, health care, out of control government spending. Its coming people wake the hell up….

    • Alan_T

      It;s not that they don't get it Pauly ….. they get it ,it's that they are here to intentionally disrupt our forum and to cause trouble .

  • sattie

    OK, I've read every single post. Enough reading! Based upon our 2nd Amendment, who should we vote for! No single candidate will make everyone happy. So who is the most legitamate candidate to preserve our right? NAMES ONLY PLEASE!

    • nogood57

      Mickey mouse

  • JoeHBro

    Wow, these comments really make readers of Guns and Ammo look crazy. I just want to point a few things that I saw in a few of these comments… First Ron Paul is does have a knack for convincing people he is the greatest thing ever but he is just as bad as every other politician. He adds pork to bills that he knows will pass and then votes against to maintain his credibility, enough said… Second Rick Santorum does not want a religious state, he wants the government to stop telling people how to live their lives. It has become standard practice for the government to force people to do what the government feels is right, i.e. for churches to provide contraception for their employees… The idea is that the government should be small enough that they can't force their beliefs on anyone… Third Mitt Romney is rich, yeah he is loaded but when has that become a bad thing… Instead of claiming he is "out of touch," use him as an example of what everyone should strive for, namely, success oh and I bet a million dollars that the people that accuse him of "betting" $10,000 have "bet" a million dollars on something their sure of. Fourth, America is not Europe, we are not center left. Poll after poll shows that roughly 30% of Americans are conservative, 20% are liberal and everyone else is in between. Our history is one of rugged individuals who achieve things ourselves and only recently have we needed a large government to tell us what is right. Fifth, yes Obama actual record has not been as anti-gun as most people would have guessed but he has admitted openly that he is not a pro-gun president. The real worry that most people should have is not anti-gun legislation but a government that is large enough and powerful enough to actually even threaten to do such a thing…

    Let's get it straight, both sides dislike the other side and everyone has a side… There are no independents only people uninformed enough to have an opinion. We need to get away from the idea that the government should be left or right, what we need is a government that is small enough that it doesn't matter who wins the election. Bush can't tell the left to have No Child Left Behind and Obama shouldn't have the power to tell the right that they must have healthcare. The government is there to protect our rights not dictate to us what our rights are. So vote for someone that will shrink the government, not someone who will grow the government toward your beliefs, that way everyone wins.

    • Suzie Nunnally Clary

      I am in agreement. Just one thing. Bush's No Child Left Behind was an action taken to stop the NEA from taking over lower education at a national level. It would have happened, almost did. NCLB I don't like, but I know why it was done. The NEA needs to be stripped of its power at state and national levels. They too need to be brought down to size. Actually unions do not belong in govt since govt is run by the people. There is no real mediator between the two. I'm just sayin.

  • Cheetah Boldita

    We just don't any perfect candidate. My advice as a voter is to vote for individuals who share your values of YOUR most important issues. To me, states don't have the right to make laws that defy the US Constitution.
    Too bad we can't splice together the issues into one good candidate. Our Land of the Free is becoming the Land of those held hostage of its freedoms and inalienable rights.

  • Wraith

    Ron Paul is the only canidate that fully supports gun rights and the Constitution as a whole.

    • guest

      You got that right Wraith! It doesn't matter what someone doesn't like about Ron Paul. He's the only person that takes his oath to the constitution to heart. Dr. Paul will follow the constitution to the letter! We should never let our political servants break or bend our constitution. It's NOT just a "GD piece of paper." It is the law of the land. PERIOD! And it means exactly what it says.

  • New Lefty

    You can thank Scooter Walker for converting thousands and thousands of ex pro gun voters who no longer care. I am a life member of the NRA, 10 years in Golden Eagles. Done, not another cent to the Koch brothers bull horns. Thank God the tea party is dead..

  • ProudAmerican30

    From my Cold Dead Fingers is all I have to say. I will bury my guns before I give any up. But the Supreme Court has shown what is and what isn't constitutional when it comes to gun bans…. You can now conceal and own a handgun in D.C. which hasn't been possible for years. The 2nd Amendment is VERY CLEAR and challengers to that are going to find it VERY HARD to ban anything or tighten anything. The LEGAL guns have never been a problem…the sooner our 'representatives' learn that the quicker we can move on to MORE important how to get and keep guns off the streets out of CRIMINAL'S hands. The illegal ones. And even if they took EVERY SINGLE LEGAL GUN AWAY, the illegal ones on the street will always be there. Just like in prohibition, if they banned guns again like they did Assault Rifles in the 90's you find normally LAW ABIDING citizens going to extremes to obtain and stock up on what they aren't supposed to have. And that law didn't ban ALL Assault Rifles, just new ones. It did NOTHING for the guns that have been around since the 40's like the M1 Garand, America's first assault rifle or the MILLIONS of other M-16's AR-15's, M-4's, SKS's, AK's, etc that were ALREADY in the ownership of citizens. Clinton did nothing but ban the sell of NEW Assault Rifles and there were even loopholes that allowed gun shows to sell used Assault Rifles.
    The route they have gone before is the wrong route. Obama isn't going to take anything away. placing bans on legal owners that are registered and follow every law isn't going to do NOTHING to stop criminals with firearms. Nothing at all.

    • old vet

      PLEASE read ALL of this guy;s rantings before you give him a rating, He's slick.

  • Cheetah Boldita

    We just don't any perfect candidate. My advice as a voter is to vote for individuals who share your values of YOUR most important issues. To me, states don't have the right to make laws that defy the US Constitution.
    To the extreme, if guns are outlawed, then they, in their Pollyanna state of mentality, believe that criminals will no longer have guns… That is moronic.

    • par


  • wdb1948

    If anyone in gov. tries to, or talks about any type of controls, these people can be sued and or sent to prison for violating a constitutional right. What is next? We don't like this religion, this person because he is that color, these people because they are married and living next to me. By the constitution, the right to bear arms, is without reservation, or restrictions. Any change to that wording is a violation of my constitutional rights. Any time someone makes sounds about any type of change, don't stand in fear, stand united, then stand your ground. If we take these people to court every time they open their mouths, they will be to poor to run for any office ever again. Also their hearing will improve.

  • RadarRecon

    Would someone please keep pressing gun-control nuts with the question, "How does taking guns out of law-abiding citizens keep criminals and nuts from committing crimes with them?"?

    • RadarRecon

      I hate it when I make a mistake like that. "…out of law-abiding citizens' hands …

  • Rick Liffick

    I just came on line and was reading all the posts about the political positioning of the top candidates and I do have to agree with Cheetah Boldita. Go by the person and their history not what party they belong to. I am a Vietnam 2/1 Cav. vet. I spent my time so that those who didn't can make decisions about what I can and can not do with my weapons. I DON'T THINK SO! All politicians are liars we just have to try and pick the one lieing the least.

    • nogood57

      Welcome home. I too am a vietnam vet. I was navy gun boats

  • Alesia Mowczan

    Can we possibly get a candidate that believes in the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights? Most of the politicians are out to remove rights on one side or the other and I would like to keep them all and maybe add a few. The nutcases we have are making me wonder about our future as a nation. They scare the crap out of me. Makes me wonder what was the point of fighting King George. I think Patrick Henry must be rolling in his grave about now.

  • Tommy

    If you keep reading in the Constitution it says we should NOT have a standing army (a militia ONLY) which would mean everyone as Alan T. said.

    • Cliff Clavin

      I've got the "everyone" part. My question was his line of crap about regulated refering to tye working order of the weapons.

      • Alan Z…

        Cliff, Cliff, Cliff….do some research; "regulation" as used in the 1700's meant a firelock that was properly timed, as in a watch; the earliest firelock makers were watchmakers. In reference to the militia, well regulated meant well equiped. well trained, and well armed.

  • Tommy

    "You seem … to consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions; a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy… The Constitution has erected no such single tribunal." –Thomas Jefferson, 1820e

  • Tommy

    “The Constitution is a written instrument. As such, its meaning does not alter. That which it meant when it was adopted, it means now.” – S. Carolina v. U.S., 199 U.S. 437, 448 (1905).

  • Tommy

    "As nightfall does not come all at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there is a twilight. And it is in such twilight that we all must be aware of change in the air — however slight — lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness. – William O. Douglas, 1939 – 1975 US Supreme Court Justice

  • mo nig

    It's not that gun issues are the most important thing on the face of the earth that I vote for the pro gun candidate above all others. It is the fact that those who would trample our second amendment rights want to remove it from the constitution altogether! Once we *allow* those in power to start dissecting our constitution, they will continue to parse that document to their liking, they won't stop until we no longer have anything that resembles any constitution. Our constitution is one of the greatest documents of all time, it is the core of our American way. It has worked for hundreds of years as the best intermediary between the government and We the People. It was written to protect us (civilians) from them the Government. Trust me when I say we need protecting. I ain't giving up my guns or my rights. Those that give up rights for security deserve neither….

  • bill

    No matter your reason, or your discussion, or your politics, or your dislike of choices on the ticket, it all comes down to this, do you want more of Obama or not? For me, I dont care for any of them either but Im voting against him. Even if Hillary were to be the republican nominee, Id vote for her.

  • Charles

    There are a lot of comments I would like to make but that would be missing the point.
    Which candidate is qualified to run this country and will protect our second amendment rights.
    Will Romney protect the second amendment?
    I will make one comment: Most of the Gun legislations were passed during Clintons 2nd term.
    So don’t raise the white flag, yet.

  • Uncle Smoky

    Overall, I would have to grade this article D minus. It lists several threats, some likely and others fanciful, while failing to focus on the biggest threat of all, which is the re-imposition of the "Assault Weapons" ban, along with its magazine restrictions and similar nonsense. It also completely ignores the fact that the current GOP front-runner, Mitt Romney, has a terrible Anti-Gun record. HELLO! As Massachusetts Governor, Romney SIGNED a PERMANENT extension of the Assault Weapons ban in his state! GOP voters had better get smart and fast, otherwise gun owners will face a serious lose-lose scenario in November. Super Tuesday is right around the corner, so if you've been wallowing in ignorance, just Google Mitt Romney gun control for Pete’s sake! As for the "brilliant analysts" at GA, I suggest you get yourselves a big 'ol DUNCE CAP and go sit in a corner until 2016.

    • Shalimar

      I'm quite sure there are plans to put that into court since it is unconstitutional and no state can over rule your 2nd.

      • old vet

        Doesn't anyone else remember the debates and feeding frenzy before the assault and magazine ban, watching Biden foam at the mouth, and Fiendstine villanize every gun owner? Do you not remember Clinton turning the BATF loose on all the gun shops, shutting down many of them for minute mistakes or simply setting them up? Lives were ruined.

  • TheRandyGuy

    Ultimately, you must decide if you will surrender your guns to the government or turn those guns on the goons sent to take them. We can talk around it all day long, but that is the choice we will face. Anyone who believes that a second term Obama presidency WON'T lead to confiscation is kidding themselves. He will have to take your guns because he's afraid of what more than 300,000,000 firearms could do to his agenda. Me? I'm not registering, surrendering, or in any way letting the government know what I have.

  • Shalimar

    Just a few points…

    #1.. look at Canada.. even right now we have a Conservative majority… (republican equivalent) and it is still a fight to get the LGR removed. The same government refuses to remove the rest of the face put in place in the 90's by the Liberals. (C-68 etc aka "Gun Control" Don't get me started on how lucky you are to NOT have the same idiot rules as we do currently).

    In your case you do have the 2nd to help immensely. We do not (yet) even though both systems of law are based on the Magna Carta where your 2nd comes from. (That is a long fight).

    Fact also is that there are more Democrats than Republicans that are members of the NRA.

    This is not nor has it ever been a cut/dry one side or the other issue … despite how much many wish to portray it in such a manner.

    Fact is though regardless of whom is in office there is always something really stupid being done.

    We have moronic attempts at "crime bills" etc right now by the same conservative gov.. and online spying bills w/o a warrant etc etc..

    So don't be blind about "this side or that". Instead do as I do.. be very very pro active and HARASS the s**t out of the politicians.. hammer the points home regardless of party that X will NOT be tolerated regardless of whom is "president" or not.

    Only by making it a huge public issue can it be prevented.

    Why? Simple… politicians don't give a rats ass whats right.. or what their constituents say as a rule.. they do care that they get to keep their very cushy job though.. and those that are very LOUD with them making them fearful of touching a subject get much more attention from them.

    Oh and btw.. I'm more of a "Liberal" socially.. by far. But I am very very PRO gun.

    An actual attempt at "crime control" would be nice for once this century instead of lame ass "gun control" which has been proven time and time again to be a total complete failure.. that has cost many lives and not saved even one.

    • Shalimar

      Oh and don't forget the absolute beat down that happened after Clinton (aka Hillary) forced in the Brady bill.. that I'm sure is still stinging many backsides and will be remembered for a very very long time.

  • dustypaul

    Truely, I was hoping to see Michelle Bachman for president. If she had made it to here and now, she would beat Romney out for certain.

  • sgt.ret

    Registered GOP since the I was 18, 36 years of active military service. But since I oppose religious despotism and corporate greed, you call me one of Obama's Truth squad, a "liberal saboteur", or a pinko commie.And I wonder why people think we're a bunch of cave dwelling nut jobs. I spent most of my life defending FREEDOM FOR ALL, dem or rep, religious or athiest,black or white,poor and rich. I think some of us (especialy our politicians) need to take a long look at what freedom means, and realize there are no exceptions, even if you do not agree with what others do with thier freedoms. (looking at you Santorum). On a lighter note, MANNING TO MIAMI!!!

    • Shalimar

      Indeed! Sadly many "forget" that freedom is not just for them… but for everyone. Regardless of "guns/abortion/etc etc etc".. Forcing your own pov on others is not to be tolerated IMO.

      I stand with you hands down!

  • Adam

    You know, instead of taking a right wing / left wing or Republican / Democrat stance, why wouldn't you just vote libertarian. You know, the party that supports social rights as well as gun rights? It seems to me that Republicans and Democrats generally pick what rights they want to support, where as some of the smaller parties actually support them all. It's a bit sad that America has decided that the only people worthy of being president must either be Republican or Democrat. Keep switching between polar opposites. I'm sure it will help our country in the long run.

  • mark

    Obummer called america a war zone. no licens required war

  • Steve

    Just to chime in on the political side has anyone else heard that Hillary has committed to the UN Small Arms Treaty. What in the world is going on here !!

  • jim ty

    I'm a gun owner and hunter. I'm also a NRA member. I'm not a one issue voter and I vote my wallet every time. I support the NRA not because I always agree with them but because I do think there should be balance. But if the Choice is Romney verus Obama I will vote for Obama. You can't beat Obama with nothing. . I can't vote for a person who said " Corporations are people".

    • 45coltauto

      You can not have Freddom and Obama. By voting for Obama you become my blood enemy and even if you were my mother, long deceased, we could never have any interaction of any kind and i am armed against you.

  • John

    ANY gun control law has to be solely aimed at reducing crime. No registry system or any other system has been effective in reducing crime. Responsible gun owners need to take the necessary steps the protect their weapons from theft, night stand drawers are not effective if you are not beside the night stand. We have to protect our weapons with safes in the home office and vehicle. Small and relative secure safes are available at a reasonable cost. A beautiful hand made wooden gun case with a glass door to display the armory is bad news.

  • 45coltauto

    You can not have freedom and Obama.

  • old vet

    You are right, except for the fact there is no such thing as absolutely safe. Thieves have been known to wrap log chains around gun safes and pull them through walls to get at them. perhaps better is locked up and invisible. Be that as it may there is always a way around any system. And after all your well laid intentions you might still be facing the aftermath of someone using your property the wrong way. Absolutely right about fancy cabinets those things shout "come and get me".

  • old vet

    Holy tempest Bat Man. If you follow the emotions flowing though this page from both sides, it is obvious we have a storm brewing. For all you cold dead fingers folks (,and I like to think I'm one) the squads that come will have no problem trying. Are we really ready for that scene? For that matter is the other side? This country is facing threats globally that all this disunity is simply going to amplify. Our financial state is a shambles, millions need a job, and our border is a war zone. Leave anything out?

  • L C Pearse

    Dont wory about the 2nd, 4 more years of Obama, and you´ll be selling your guns to pay taxes and someone elses ¨right¨ to something. Anyone on the GOP side is better than Mr.O., much better if have worked in the real world

    • B1itsjustme

      You guys are crazy. Gun ownership and the 2nd are not in jeopardy with this administration. However even if some of the crazy laws are tightened and enforced you have to judge ALL of the positions by the candidates. There is not one sane, qualified, respectable, person running on the GOP ticket. Between magic underwear Romney, the Catholics Bin-Laden Santorum, or the obtuse blowhard Gingrich, there is no other choice than a guy who is a constitutional scholar, teacher, and pretty much the smartest guy since Clinton. If you can tell me different, I'll listen. But all in all I think you guys are exactly what Pres. Obama said, nuthin' but guns and god.

  • ding

    Most of you sound like overweight hillbillies, I was in the military and there is NO need for a gun for self defense, more robbers have the safety on or the gun isn't even loaded. Be a real man, take care of your women and carry a knife!

    • old vet

      Started to reply, but this is so silly wouldn't know where to start.

    • Winghunter

      Sooo, Zorro wants us to bring a knife to a gunfight – uhh, GFYS.

  • Ryan

    Wow that's some conspiracy/propaganda stuff right there. I hope this is an editorial and not the general swagger of Guns and Ammo.

  • Winghunter

    Willard 'Mitt' Romney: "That's not going to make me the hero of the NRA. I don't line up w/ a lot of special interest groups"

    Romney signs off on permanent assault weapons ban

  • Flashing Lights

    Aweel rulatedmilitia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people it keep and bear arms , shall not be infringed

    • Flashing Lights

      A well rulatedmilitia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people it keep and bear arms , shall not be infringed

  • Flashing Lights


  • Gitarzan

    Our biggest problem in this country is career politicians. They no longer serve the people, only their careers. They do what it takes to get reelected with no concern for the opinions and needs of their constituents. What we really need is term limits and restrictions on the benefits of retired legislators. What other job can you do for 4 years and be set for life? If the politicians had to live in the real world after their stint in office, they would rethink the laws that are passed and their outrageous spending increasing taxpayers burden.

  • JD

    Liberals, conservatives, republicans, democrats, blah blah blah! Voting for either is like taking a dump in your hand and then seeing what you ended up with! Congress is a snake pit and no one man will ever change them or the corruption that goes on there! We need a president with the balls to kick all of them out and start over with the basics and free this country from the control of lobbyist and corporate america! All of us have a right to have guns but we also need to shoulder the responsibility of keeping them out of the hands of criminals and gang s intent on killing innocent by-standers, or kids that are bent on killing everyone at school because they had a bad day! Some countries like switzerland have a gun in every household. Do they have gang problems or kids going bezerk at school? Not as bad as here I bet. Maybe we need to look at other countries that have better track records than ours?

    • old vet

      Switzerland does not have our problems, because almost everyone is, well, Swiss. Nowhere near the diversity we have.

  • Voter

    this article is crap. G&A you should be ashamed to publish this kind of fear mongering.

  • JackGunna

    i am a pro gunner all the way, let me just get that out i love guns and i love the freedom i have to own them, that being said i think this article was not factual or un biased, i say if you are going oppose oppose truthfully and fairly.

  • Warthog35

    One way or another we do need are country back it is bad 4.50 a gallon of gas taxes.
    Continuing to rise gun grabbers everywhere you look what has become
    Of are once great and superior nation I love every firearm I have and I
    Intend to keep and bear every single one I have weather it be and AR-15
    A pistol or a shotgun

  • Firewatch

    I have more firearms than you can shake a stick at, but I'm not worried about the sitting POTUS nearly as much as I am about any of the GOP hopefuls currently trying to get elected
    Silly kids are wetting their pants about Big, Bad, Barack…
    The goofy eared Dem SIGNED the bill allowing firearms in National Parks, in spite of his anti-gun leanings.
    Nothing else, either for or against the RKBA, has he DONE. He can talk smack all he wants as long as he doesn't DO anything. And if there were the chance he might be a one term president, don't you think he would have done SOMETHING about rounding up our guns by now????
    You pants-wetters need to get a grip on reality and quit listening to tall tales telling you to "BE AFRAID!!! IT'S COMING!!!"
    Bunch of gullible loons…. You probably all thought the Patriot Act was a good idea.
    –Dormant Republican, circa 1999. (Yeah, I knew he was incompetent well in advance.)

  • Alex

    We just had the gun registry abolished in Canada. Hooray! The conservatives did their job.

    It seems though that the U.S. is moving in the opposite direction from freedom.

  • gary

    wow never saw so many dems,comment on a gun article, your new presiedent is going to select one or more u.s supreme court nominees,can you say fast and furious.

  • ron

    hillery is going to sign the UN agreement to ban ALL guns in our country as well as others. i believe she is
    suppose to sign this agreement on [ july 12 ] or something close to that. the the powers that be are trying to give
    away our freedom to the UN and all the nuts. take heed folks, get all that you can while you are still able to.
    take care.

  • Colin Cooper

    I think the so called "UN gun ban" is more nuanced than most people think. On the surface even if it was ratified by the Senate, which is doubtful, it would not have the force of law in this country. The reason it is important for liberals to pursue it is that it would further the transnationalist theory of law which holds that foreign laws and customs can be used to interpret the US Constitution. All 4 of the democrats on the SCOTUS as well as Anthony Kennedy subscribe to this view. Obama is looking long-term to a time when the Heller decision will be reversed.

  • anti-crazy

    How gun owners can lose in the 2012, 2020, 2028 , 2034 etc, elections…

    1. Keep mixing guns and politics. Democrats don't care about guns. Republicans don't care about guns. They both care about money. Specifically who pays them to say or do what. So today we "lose" every other time because all of are eggs in the Republican basket. And guess what, what we lose we never get back. My suggestion dump the NRA, dump the crazy's and work with both sides on legislation that makes sense.

  • lissa754

    Some of you guys need some serious treatment for paranoia. What are you so scared of? Everything that even "liberals" say is not a plot to deprive you of something. If you read a little more and were more in tune with the facts, you might actually be able to formulate a valid opinion of your own instead of just repeating Rush Limbaugh's twisted version of reality.

  • Republican moderate

    Go out and vote.Take an active part in our country's direction,email and call your legislature and senate,let them know how you feel,and why,not B.S. your honest feelings.Then hide your weapons till the people of AMERICA need them and you.

  • Seth Victor

    I don't trust any of them, not Obama, not Romney, not democrats, not republicans. Their all politicians who will do anything to stay in power, including taking advantage of gun owners.

    I'm not anti-government, I just hate politics. An this article, no matter how factual, smells of it.

  • DemocratNoMore

    I think when I find the most reprehensible in this post is the fact that everyone seems to forget many things about Obama…

    He has signed more unconstitutional legislation than any other sitting president. For example NDAA, the 128 executive orders he's signed (a number in secret, or during times that the public wouldnt notice), his complete believe in the democratic structure of United States rather than the true republic structure… For example:

    Personally, there is only one true champion of the Constitution that will always but the people and their rights before the government. Here's what Ron Paul had to say in regards to the attempted murder of the Arizona senator, buy a left wing, wing nut…

    I'm not going to sit here and completely blame Obama for everything because this goes back much further than him… But it cannot be overlooked at he is creating a huge divide in this country, with his policies, and his belly up approach to the UN and unconstitutional wars and drone attacks on other countries.

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