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Glock 2012 Calendar Contest

by Dan Johnson   |  June 21st, 2011 5

I bring you news today of what may be the most difficult challenge in the world of photography since Rosie O’Donnell walked into a Glamour Shots. The Glock 2012 Calendar Contest is now underway. If you put a lot of stock in the old adage “pretty is as pretty does”, you may consider the Glock a beautiful handgun. It is a utilitarian design, impeccably reliable, ingenious in its simplicity, and loved by many, but photogenic it is not.

Clearly, Gaston Glock did not set out to design a pretty handgun and the company has stuck with that philosophy. They have succumbed somewhat to the siren song of fashion and produced some OD green frames but by and large Glocks are black and pretty much all look alike other than in dimensions. As a result, producing an eye-catching photo of a Glock can be quite a challenge.

It can be done, however, as one of our forum members, BPSniper, proved in the accompanying photo. The trick is to tell a story. The contest guidelines provide a lot of leeway in telling your story should you decide to enter. You can show people using a Glock if you choose but be sure to adhere to all rules of safe gun handling.

The Glock 2012 Calendar Contest is underway now and ends at 11:59 p.m. on July 31st. Entrants may only submit one photo per person. Photos should be submitted via email to and include the subject line, “GLOCK Calendar Photo.” Photos will be judged based on emotional response and artistic merit. The photo must be sent as a .JPG file and be at least 300 dpi in size. There will only be one photo selected for inclusion in the calendar. The winner will receive a prize pack of GLOCK-branded merchandise, as well as have their photo appear in the calendar.

  • CHIRO1989

    Here you go BP, win yourself some Glock stuff with one of your photos, you have got to have a Glock photo in your collection.

    • CHIRO1989

      Duh! Read the whole post(bang head)

  • BPSniper

    Dan, I never knew you had a sarcastic side. Who'd a thunk it?!

    Nice one!

  • gtashmore

    My furry-ocious daughter & guard child—Kellie the Poohzer, future Glock owner (when I pass) who agrees with me than beauty is in function. Content over form in art & fun (including self defense).

  • Keith

    Why don't you have more articles on the GLOCK pistols. All I see are articles of copy-cat guns such as XD , Ruger,Smith &Wesson etc.. Glock was the first and all laughed at the plastic pistol. Glock was so good that every gun maker copied it . Now all your articles are about how good their guns are but nothing is said about GLOCK. I will not renew any subscriptions to any gun magazines that will not have any articles about the number one gun,GLOCK. Your editors and writers need to find another another line of work as they are unable to print real facts about all guns and not just the gun makers that pay them the most to say good things about their copy-cat guns.

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