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DTA Suppressors Are Now Shipping

May 24th, 2011 2

Desert Tactical Arms developed the DTSS (Desert Tactical Sound Suppressor) to enhance accuracy, repeatability, and minimize impact shift between suppressed and unsuppressed fire. Testing shows consistent accuracy improvements of nearly 0.25 MOA when shooting with a DTSS. The full titanium construction make the DTSS the lightest .338 caliber silencer on the planet, It weighs only 1.15 pounds! Suppressors are offered in either steel or titanium.

The DTSS Silencer conveniently installs over the SRS-QD Brake. The baffle design tightens the Suppressor as gases impact the baffles which prevents the Suppressor from loosening during high volume fire. Many competitors use a ratcheting lock to prevent their cans from loosening. Distance between ratchet teeth allows minor play even when tightened, which will degrade accuracy.

DTSS are available in .30 and .338 Caliber options and provide a high-to-low compatibility feature that allows the .338 caliber suppressor to attach to both .338 and .30 caliber muzzle brakes and prevents the .30 caliber suppressor from accidentally being installed on a .338 caliber muzzle brake.

  • Trevor

    Accuracy doesn't improve because of a suppressor. From DTA: "Testing shows consistent accuracy of nearly 0.25 MOA when shooting with DTSS installed." The .25 moa comment means .25 moa accuracy maintained not improved.

  • DeputyC

    Trevor, do a little homework and you will find that more often than not suppressors will improve the accuracy of your rifle. I'm not sure of the specs on this particular suppressor with this particular rifle but I have noticed marked improvement with many of my own rifles.
    Streaks, he also calls it a can. You must have missed that one. We all know what the correct term is, and we all use slang terms to describe many things. As far as civilians purchasing suppressors, it is possible although laws differ from state to state. It usually involves a tax stamp and background check. Your local gun shop can give you specifics and point you in the right direction.

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