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Cops Arrest Dad After Daughter Draws Gun at School

by Dylan Polk   |  February 24th, 2012 155
Jessie Sansone

Jessie Sansone and his daughter, Neaveh, who is shown here drawing a rainbow of mass destruction. (Photo by the Waterloo Region Record)

If a kid brings a gun to school, we understand why cops are called. But apparently the same rules apply if a child so much as draws a picture of a gun.

The online crew here at Guns & Ammo did a spit-take after reading this story from the Hamilton Spectator. According to the report, Kitchener, Ontario, resident Jessie Sansone, 26, was arrested, taken to the police station and strip-searched after his 4-year-old daughter, Neaveh, drew a picture at school of a man holding a gun.

When teachers asked her what she was drawing, Neaveh replied, “That’s my daddy’s. He uses it to shoot bad guys and monsters.”

Apparently, the make-believe drawing sent school officials into DEFCON 1. When Sansone arrived to pick Neaveh up from school, he was called to the principal’s office where three officers were waiting. They then placed him under arrest and escorted him from the school — all without an explanation.

Meanwhile, the report said, officers arrived at his home where Sansone’s wife, Stephanie Squires, was waiting with their 15-month-old. Squires was taken to the police station, while Family and Children’s Services took the couple’s other three children for interviews.

“Nobody was given any explanation,” said Squires. “I didn’t know why he was being arrested. He had absolutely no idea what this was even about. I just kept telling them. ‘You’re making a mistake.’”

That didn’t stop officers from strip searching Sansone after telling him he was being charged with possession of a firearm — which at that point, still had not been found in the home.

“I was getting pretty scared at that point,” Sansone said. “It seemed like I was actually being charged at this point.”

But the gun ultimately proved to be nonexistent, and a detective apologized to Sansone before finally explaining why he had been placed under arrest — several hours later.

Still, officials from the school, police department and family services all stood by their actions, despite the fact no gun ever showed up in Sansone’s home.

“From a public safety point of view, any child drawing a picture of guns and saying there’s guns in a home would warrant some further conversation with the parents and child,” said Alison Scott, executive director of Family and Children’s Services. “… Our community would have an expectation if comments are made about a gun in a house, we’d be obligated to investigate that to ensure everything is safe. In the end, it may not be substantiated. There may be a reasonable explanation for why the child drew that gun. But we have to go on what gets presented to us.”

It was unclear whether officials searched for the monsters Neaveh mentioned as well — which we’re sure are more of a public threat than any handgun, a nonexistent one, at that.

Look, we understand Canada does things a little differently than the U.S., but for God’s sake, could officers and government officials at least act like they’re part of a civilized society when carrying out their asinine, draconian laws? The accused was never informed what had sparked the investigation — nor was his wife — until hours later. Even at the very beginning, the least the teacher could have done was ask Neaveh if her dad actually had a gun in the home.

We won’t hold this against the Great White North — we still enjoy moose hunts, Niagra Falls and the NHL’s punchline, the Maple Leafs — but this just goes to show what can go wrong when society universally villifies handguns.

  • rickerbilly

    That's effing bull Shi] !!!!

    • gary j gabehart

      Assine law-enforcement that should be replaced with real cops!

      • Michael

        With this great a screw-up, even these cops new it was time to try to cover their butts. The Canadian newspaper article says that "After he was released, Sansone was asked to sign a paper authorizing a search of his home." Nice move having him sign away his rights after you agree to let him go. I wonder how well that paper will hold up in court?

        • Michael

          ….and that should have read "knew" not "new". That's what I get for not proofreading.

    • Shalimar

      Believe me I agree 1000000%.. and I live about an hr from him.

  • Proudgunowner

    Unbeliveable, sure am glad I don't live in the great white north. All that cold must freeze your good sense.

    • Chris

      The "White North" doesn't sound so great to me!

  • Ryan Jones

    I'd be suing everyone of those libtards for every red cent for their stupidity and lack of sense and professionalism. There was none here no communication. And not to mention I didn't know having a gun in three home was illegal in canada.

    • Alex

      See, the father is unemployed and is working part time for the principal of that school. He's a new immigrant as well, which limits his rights and increases his fears.

    • Dave Martin

      Libtards? You do realize this is in Canada and it's the law of the land..

      • old vet

        Respect the fact it it's the law, but there was no reason to go all Gestapo on the guy. Could have been done much more sanely.

    • Shalimar

      It is not illegal.. if you have a license etc etc.. but the rules here are beyond asinine to say the least.

  • Joe

    No excuse for such BS, the school officials should be in court just for emotional trauma to the kids and violation of basic civil liberties. Don't they even have a law that says the police have to MENTION what you're being charged for? F$%@ Canada!

  • Joe Sobotka

    thats just "effin" crazy!!! Sheesh…..

  • tony

    I think I'd pull my kid out of school and start home-schooling her, but Canada's probably got laws against that too!

    • Alex

      The funny part is that it's perfectly legal to own a firearm in Canada (you've gotta be licensed though but it's legal) but too few people know that. Ignorance and fear prevails, unfortunately.

  • Eric

    I feel so bad for the family that had to go through that. Family services are a bitter-sweet organization. They always jump to conclusions for the "what if". We are so heavily legislated, we almost need permits to sneeze or cough. Either way, keep thinking of us, some of us are normal :-)

  • old vet

    Until Canada gets it's social sanity back, EVERY American should boycott the place as far as possible. Nothing against the good Canadian people, but it's just too hard to deal with their stupid laws when it comes to hunting there or travel. Not as crazy as those neighbors to the South, but getting close.

    • Allan

      as a Canadian I agree, we've gone way too far.

  • samdutro

    "It was unclear whether officials searched for the monsters Neaveh mentioned as well — which we’re sure are more of a public threat than any handgun, a nonexistent one, at that."

    Thank you for my laugh of the day!

    • Alex

      Both monsters and guns turned out to be nonexistend :-) LOL

      It's all in people's heads. Fear rules them, unfortunately.

  • Kaileb

    This gives me one more reason to be glad to be out of primary school

  • Canti

    >living in Canada
    >any year, all years

  • Big Daddy Rich

    This is where will be in another few years. Sooner if we let el presidente stack the supreme court in the next four years.

  • Alex

    This is unheard of! I'm in Canada. It is perfectly legal to own a firearm here (gotta be licensed though). But too few people know that. Ignorance and fear rule their hearts and minds!

    The insanity goes as far as to people questioning "why people in a city need to have guns," meaning that only hunters can have them. People forget IPSC, the Olympic Skeet, Olympic Biathlon, Bull's Eye and other fun sports.

    Another peculiar fact — Self-defence is prohibited in Canada. If somebody breaks in your home and you shoot the intruder, you'll be charged with manslaughter! Why? Because you're only allowed to use the gun at the range for target shooting or for hunting and you're not supposed to load and shoot outside of these parameters. They think you're taking the police's bread and butter. So… the only right way to go by it is to call the police and wait until you're robbed, raped, or shot.

    • old vet

      Self defense is not allowed? How can any "free" people live with this? If your life is not worth defending then what is? For God's sacks people, wake up.

      • old fart

        Remember, Canadians are SUBJECTS, not CITIZENS.

        • old vet

          It still sucks.

        • Alex

          All true,. Subjects to the Queen of England.

      • RFINNEY

        In england they put people in prison if they harm a person who has cut the screen to your 4 year old daughters room and crawls in to do God only knows what. You can not defend your family in england with out being prosecuted for doing so if you hurt that poor Child Molester who has a long record and lots of victims. It Just not your job call the poliece and the morg for your daughter and let the Molester out the front door when he is thru so he does nothurt himself crswling out of her window to find another victim and/or VICTIMS. THAT IS ENGLISH JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Alex

          Same in Canada. God bless the @$%@$ Queen!

      • Alex

        You're quite right, it's a sleepy country. Everyone is in hibernation :-)

      • Shane

        Youll find its similar to here in New Zealand, you can use lethal force but its upto you in court to justify the level of force and why it was required, either way they will get you on firearms charges even if the self defence was justified.

      • @3strokes

        By Law it is allowed ONLY if your perception of the threat is such that the ONLY accepted use of force is that which is necessary to neutralize thew assailant provided you (the victim to be if not for self-defence) have A BMI OF LESS THAN 26 OR MORE THAN 333. Then you need to calculate the logarithmic root of the attacker's waist size multiplied by 4 Pi and if the result is that the policemen will not be able to attend your 911 call withing three days of the birthday of their sergeant, then you're OK and allowed to faint.

        • Shalimar

          /me waves hi :)

    • wayne

      Yup, but the only problem with police ar your only protection is that,,,,, they are – always – late to a crime. Meaning you're either dead, or raped already by the time they show up lol.

      Gun control, means hitting ,, what you aim at :)

    • Shalimar

      Not quite accurate.. though self defense laws here are a mess of course.. as 3 strokes already elaborated on.

  • don

    just goes to show why there is so much crime ,because the mamby-pamby idiots think that guns are the can set a loaded gun in front of someone and "tell the gun to shoot"and we will all grow very old if there is no outside infulence to cause the gun to go off.
    but if someone shoots a police officer they dont want to do anything to the criminals,how STUPID is that?my kids were raised with loaded guns in the house,the only form of gun control that was needed was to tell them not to mess with them it worked.the kids that get in trouble with guns are usually the ones in houses that don't have guns or hide the guns and don't teach the kids responsability.

    • Alex

      All true. I have a 4 y.o. and he reloads ammo for me :-) Teach them respect to firearms and ammo from the very young age.

      And remember, the only safety is between your ears.

      • Ian

        I have a 6 y.o. and we shoot .22's. He loves it, and we have a great hobby we share. I told him to never speak of shooting with Daddy, or mention anything about guns in school. Unfortunately, its come to this. I fear the day when the school finds out my son kows more about guns than the average Joe. The school is going to wish they never met me.

    • Sandy Eisner

      You've said a mouthful. We just had a 2 year old "shoot herself" locally, with a gun her mother got for self-defense. I wonder if the mother even knew enough to know if it was loaded? People are so "scared" of guns they refuse to learn anything about them, then wonder why "accidents" happen. Take away the mystique, teach kids the meaning of "no" and "don't touch" and somehow convince the adults to learn firearm safety then there would be fewer "accidents". When they're considered a tool, like a hammer or screwdriver for instance, then we might get somewhere with the "adults".

  • Jtatum

    Just wait , the 0bama / clinton cometh

    • Alex

      Hell no! Republicans all the way!

  • ahyup

    BTW folks, just for a reality check Canada currently has the most right wing government they have ever had.

    The point is reality is more complicated than political propagandists want you to believe. We in America should look at this kind of thing and realize just how poisonous our current political situation is.

    This guy is being screwed with for two reasons. The first is actually that he had a record which gave them reason to suspect. The second is that she drew a picture of a gun.

    So look at the laws that we have had in place about terrorism since the last administration and consider what happens if some good kid draws a picture of their dad an a gun defending something that some people might find controversial.

    It really doesn't matter if it's a Mulsim with a gun, a Christian with a gun, or even a wacko environmentalist with a gun. All three can trigger reactions because the laws are there to allow it. And if you have something that is considered suspicious enough by whatever process they decide is suspicious in your background you can be considered a terrorism suspect.

    • Alex

      The terror law gives me the shivers.

  • Jesus M. Ramos

    Unbelievable, we have strict gun laws here in Puerto Rico but what happened to this family in Canada is outrageous. Illegal entry and search without a court order, detaining a person without a lawful warrant, do they have lawyers over there, a constitution? I know Canada have a great Public Health system but I rather die sick that no be allowed to bear arms. NRA all the way.

    • CFHII

      There Public Health system sucks too…that's why anyone with any Canadian with any money comes to the US to get medical treatment.

      • Shalimar

        obviously speaking from a point of ignorance there.

  • BudWX

    1984 in 2012

  • Greg Winchester

    I've been detained at the border for a holster for a 4.5 hr search and questioning

    • nick

      Happened to me, also!

  • jim

    Hey, half the cops up there aren't allowed to carry on the job, the border post people run for the hills when any report of an armed person is being chased by the US cops are even near a border crossing.

  • Griz

    Coming to a town near you…..

    All it gonna take, is 2 more liberal Supreme court Justices!

  • Chris

    So what even if he did have a gun in the home! This is madness.

  • Jack

    Oh boy, my brother's two boys always draw tanks, laser guns, fighter planes and swords… and depict an epic battle against bad guys and monsters, and their father is the hero-General leading the army. My bro will have the FBI/CIA/Homeland security/SWAT/PTA/ABCs/123s coming down his neck and cavity-search him for weeks.

    Oh, just thought of something else… his kids also draws plants spitting fire balls at zombies… and he really does have potted plants at his house! I gotta warn him to destroy the plants before it's too late!

  • formerly jim

    Next up: point your finger and say "bang." Attempted murder!

    • old vet

      Already happening, in many districts a child better not point at another and say BANG! Remember playing cowboys?

  • rfinney49

    This is what we will be dealing with when obama turns the United Nations loose on us. No Constitution or Second Amendment when obama and The Bitch gets thru with us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Lila

    Wow….as a Canadian, and a proud firearm owner and user, this is an outrage. My 3 year old daughter loves coming with me when i purchase a new firearm, and she knows its something mommy loves. Now i'm scared of her telling or drawing about it when she starts school next year!! AND what if that guy had of had firearms, but they were properly licenced, registered and stored?????? Didnt anyone think that was possible?? I go on hunting trips every year, and for all anyone knew, he could have done the same. Or he could have been some turd working for Brinks (they transport cash), but regardless, there are TONS of reasons why that child could have seen a gun.

  • Antonio

    When I first read the title, I thought the girl drew the gun from a holster. Then I read the caption that says the girl was drawing a rainbow of mass destruction. So you can just imagine my expectations. In the end, I'm just glad there was no real gun and no real mass destruction. While I understand the teachers, children's organizations and police need to look into this, I think a conversation would have sufficed — not taking a woman with an infant to a police station.

    • C J

      Teachers, children's organizations, and police ARE the reason for the over reaction. There was NO need for the police to have been involved what so ever. This is the result of bueacracies out of control and the over inflated self importance of educators everywhere.

  • Carlos Thomas Murphy

    I find it all very unsettling, I hope things change for the better, and the only way that can ever happen is if the people of Canada make it happen.

  • Matt Liar

    It's always best to err on the side of caution.

    No one was hurt. No charges were filed. Everyone went home. What's the problem?

    • KLRCraig

      Whats the problem?????????? The man was arressted, stripped searched and detained for 4 hours because a little girl drew a picture. Kids draw guns! I sure drew a lot of gun pictures when I was that age. The man doesnt own a gun! So YOU say its ok to arrest, strip search and contain someone because their kid drew a picture. Then be prepaired because their are millions of kids across the States that doodle gun pictures. Idiot!!!

    • Shalimar

      Well we know who the idiot is.. or troll.. (both in this case I'd suspect)

    • John

      People like you are the problem

  • Rod

    Good think she didn't draw her daddy with a Nuke!

    Gees, the monsters should have been a give away. "Does your daddy play video games?" simple question, 5 seconds to clear everything up.

  • Tommy

    So when did people start listening to ANYTHING A 4 YEAR OLD SAYS!
    The whole world has gone completely mad….

  • smokejaguar

    My 5 year old grandaughter is on Facebook shooting her rifle I gave her.I dare anyone to open their mouth one way or the other.- usdi Agaluga

    • Ian

      Amen brother. I'm planning on posting videos of my son shooting his Cricket. He loves that thing. I'm expecting some family backlash, but look forward to schooling them!

      • old vet

        Hope your son has fun and learns the importance of the rights being passed to him. Unfortunately you will get negative feedback. Happens every time. With you though, brother.

  • Otter

    Sure glad I don't live in Canada and bow to a Queen. No wonder we kicked their King and his army out on the States and wrote our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Canadians should hang their heads in shame for allowing their government to act like this.

    • gunlessinUK

      Just want to point out that the US Bill of Rights is a near word for word crib of Britain's much earlier Claim of Right, article two of which guarantees the right to bear arms.

  • Mike Dixon

    I would be finding a good attorney and sue both the school and the cops.

  • Locked and Loaded

    SCREW CANADA!!!__Keeping my oath to the United States, my powder dry, and my guns locked and loaded!

  • John Doe

    To hell with Afghanistan, we should be invading Canada to free their people. Seems like their government is more of a danger to America than any other terrorist nation.

  • ktg

    I agree this story is 100% over reaction to an innocent event, and all agencies involved should be embarrased to say the least.

    FYI – there is a lot of mis information being spewed here about Canada. Take most of the things said here with a grain of salt. Gun ownership in Canada is alive and well and the Conservative government is taking steps to dismantle the failed lon-gun registry. A small step but a step in the right direction.

    • Shalimar

      the LGR is only a tiny fraction of the disaster of "gun control" here to say the least.. and Harper is too much of a moron to take on eliminating it ALL.

      And too busy w/his stupid online spying bill etc etc.. and the lame disaster of "crime omnibus" garbage.

  • Oracle McSnackers

    In the USA, the little girl would have been expelled and the parents would have lost custody. And rightly so, zero tolerance means zero tolerance. How is a little girl supposed to pass safe sex training if she is drawing such horrific pictures?

  • MadDog2047

    Perhaps this is the CHANGE that some People want in the USA! Unreal! I wonder if some educators and police up North have an IQ above 80? Get ready America, If Obama and/or Clinton have their way, this will be the NEW and weak AMERICA!

  • Neil

    Notwithstanding some of the ruder comments on this page, and by those I'm talking about the "screw Canada" comments, and the gross ignorance displayed by some of the other comments regarding the Queen and her place in the Canadian judicial and legal system. I am a Canadian gun owner. I am properly licensed by the state. I am police-trained and am currently a Range Officer at a local range. I safely operate, store, and enjoy my guns. I reload my own ammunition. And yet I too am shocked and dismayed that the incident was allowed to happen in the first place, and perhaps more shocked at the lack of contriteness on the part of Allison Scott, who seems to believe that the mere presence of a gun in a Canadian household is grounds for unwarranted search and seizure and that it is somehow the obligation of Family and Childrens Services to see that (apparently) any household in her community containing both guns and children is safe. I dearly wish that Mr. Sansone takes such action as is legally available to him to publically refute both those words and that belief.

    • Stephen

      Yes, I would echo those sentiments entirely, Neil. I am a UK based shooter, licensed and enjoy my sport safely and responsibly. I am appalled that such ignorance could proliferate. Interestingly, when I was a Mathematics teacher many years I ago in England, I coached pistol shooting at my school. How things have changed. I trust that the victim of this gross overreaction will sue the authorities for every penny. What would be more just still, is that that employees themselves are forced to pay rather than the tax payer.

      • Shalimar

        I completely agree!

  • Stephen

    I live in the UK and have owned and shot pistols and rifles (Legally) all my life. As long as I can remember I have been fascinated by firearms. When I was a child, I used to draw pictures of guns. No teacher ever had a self-righteous fit about it. In fact, an interest in firearms and propellants led to academic distinction in science and mathematics and first class honours degree at Oxford University. This is report is just bonkers. The world has gone mad.

  • sgt79


  • Ken Ostler

    You don't have the right to self-defense in most European countries, let alone some form of castle doctrine..unless you have a badge.

  • MotoJB

    Unbelievable…makes me ill.

  • oldbill

    Oh. It's Canada.

    I thought it was New York, Atlanta, or LA.

  • TPD

    This story is just an example of the liberal insanity some propose for the USA. Sadly, the USA's help in the WW-2 effort doesn't seem to have provided the freedoms for the people of the old British Empire that was hoped and fought for. I genuinely feel sorry for the "subjects" living under these draconian conditions. Please consider emigrating to the USA to help offset the liberal leanings of our current administration and live free.

    • Stephen

      Excuse me, but all your guns don't appear to have enabled you to resist the unconstitutional ravages of the Patriot Act or indeed the recent NDAA.

      • Alan_T

        You are kind of off topic Stephen ……… firearms and their ownership have nothing to do with your real or perceived ideas on the United States' " unconstitutional ravages of the Patriot Act or indeed the recent NDAA. "

        • Stephen

          No, I am not off-topic. TPD explicitly referred to "freedoms for the people of the old British Empire" and implied that these were in jeopardy because we do not have US style gun laws. In that case, I should like to know how possession of firearms have allowed Americans to resist tyranny in their own country. And please do not tell me that the NDAA does not represent a profound threat to liberty, which puts anyone accused of "terrorism", however spuriously or falsely, outside all protection of law. Or how the possession of guns has allowed Americans to overturn the police state surveillance powers of the Patriot Act.

          • old vet

            How did firearms help resist tyranny? Ask the poor bastards who had to retreat back from Concord. Or the fact Japan feared ever actually attacking the U.S. proper because "There would be a gun behind every bush." I could go on but you are obviously in a mind-set.

  • Alan_T

    " This comment has been deleted by the administrator. " hmmmmmm I wonder what criteria they used to delete my comment before it was posted ?

  • Alan_T

    Kind of seems like Guns & Ammo have their own version of the canadian legal system ….

  • Alan_T

    This wasn't the first time my comments have been deleted and I'd really like to know why since i didn't use profane or vulgar language …. I didn't insult anyone …. so why was my comment deleted ? … perhaps I'll have to consider deleting my subscription in response .

  • Ed Wheeler

    …..The ultimate definition of any free people…. is its ability to maintain the means to defend its own liberty and individual security …..without permission of the state.
    Canada is a wonderful country, but Canadians are not really free. They are apparently perfectly happy to
    allow their government to determine whether or not they can own the means to defend themselves.
    Anyone who surrenders that much authority to a government is no longer a free citizen.and has instead become merely a subject.

  • mike

    No wonder our daughter calls idiots at Walmart Canadians ………..Go figure

  • Roger

    Holy crap , are you kidding me. This is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard pulled off by a police department. They think the children are in danger because the father ( might ) have a gun at his house. I have about 12 guns at my house , and you won't find a much safer house here in TEXAS , I am all for law-enforcement , and support them all the way , but this is stupid , even for them to go into a persons place of residents , and remove their children. Can you even imagine what the children were thinking , or how scared they must have been. Shame on you police for this stupid move , and to you also , child protective services for getting involved also.

  • JsThFx

    Res ipsa loquitur – "the thing speaks for itself". And the anti-gunners wonder why we fight to keep our 2nd Amendment rights. Also, check out what happens to crime rates when universal gun bans are enacted (e.g. Great Britain).

    • Stephen

      There isn't a universal gun ban in Britain. I own over 100 guns, mostly pistols. They are all legally possessed, I hasten to add!

      • old vet

        OK! but where CAN you keep them, how are you permitted to use them, how do you like keeping a record of every round of ammo you have including fired brass? Got it good don't ya?

        • old vet

          PS you are only allowed all this as long as the local head of law enforcement says.Unless your him or her.

  • dave s

    I spent some time in Canada drag racing. All the people I met were very nice there. But this is outrageous! It makes me glad I am an American citizen. NO ONE is gonna come take my guns. It's never gonna happen. I went to the gun show Saturday and I have never seen so many people waiting to get in. Guns owners are growing by multiples!

  • Abnrgr

    A classic case of when government believes it knows what's best, and has assumed the power to enforce it at it's whim.
    Think for a moment, if that had happened here in the U.S., how many constitutionally protected rights were violated: deprived of liberty without due process for the father, and the mother and kids; unreasonable search and seizure; infringement of the right to keep arms; even the daughter's first amendment right of freedom of speech to draw her picture.
    Then think about how close we are to having the same thing happen here in the next few years.
    This is a wake-up call.
    Vote for those who defend our constitution.
    Join the NRA.

    • guest

      And if you don't vote for Ron Paul, you're NOT defending our constitution! Remember that Americans, because no other presidential nominee will obey AND defend our constitution. Sorry to say, but that is the facts. NOBODY but Ron Paul!

  • American gun owner

    That only reinforces the reason I won't visit Canada for Vacation, fishing or hunting. None of my tourist dollars will support their anti-gun society and it's twisted view of personal gun rights or the lack thereof.

  • BornInBlood

    Try that crap here in Arizona…I would each and every one involved fired, sued, and homeless.

  • Otter

    This isn't about just a fear of guns by the authorities, it's about being arrested without being informed of the charges, it's about searching a private residence without a search warrant, and taking someone's children away without just cause. Freemen don't live like this, just people who are "subjects". Try doing this in the U.S. and the authorities would be brought up on charges of violating a citizen's civil rights. In the U.K., I guess all you can do is complain to the Queen. It's just too bad that Canada didn't follow America's example and really become a free country. It's not too late and you know America would support our Canadian brothers and sisters, that is just as soon as we get Obama and his liberal friends out of our government. They're just another threat to the freedoms guarranteed us in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  • Phillip

    The same could happen here in the U.S. if we have four more years of Democrat rule.

  • Stephen

    I am not sure why you think such egregious actions could not also take place in the US and be authorised by law. The laws passed after the September 11th attacks allows the state considerable latitude in circumventing the Fourth Amendment. There is an example of Jewish/Arab US citizen who was taken off a flight in Detriot because some feint heart on on the plane thought that the two Indian men sitting next to her had gone to the toilet 'too many times' and this was suspicious! They were all arrested. She was left with her hands cuffed behind her for hours, even when she was locked in a holding cell, strip searched and the turfed out with no apology in the end. What happened to this father in Canda is appalling. But don't think that similar can't happen in the US or any western democracy since fear of terror trumped common sense and decency.

    • Otter

      I don't believe that a little drawing a picture of a gun could be considered a terrorist threat.

      • Otter

        Should have read "I don't believe that a little girl drawing….."

        • Stephen

          Don't you? How about if the girl in question were Muslim? Or if the drawing were of a canister of anthrax? I've no idea what one of those looks like so let's just say a picture of a box with "poison" written on it. Surely you are not implying that over-reaction and absuing someone's rights is acceptable if that person is suspected of being a terrorist?

  • Nic

    From now on, the little girl learnd that COPS are the Monsters.

    • Mike

      Too true, Nic. One thing all children are supposed to be learning is that the cops are their friends and will support them and look out for them in time of need (Whatever). That is a basic need, to teach children this and let them meet and know the local police if possible. This has been done here locally in SC and it works well for the children, who grow up, and for law enforcement personnel.

  • hicusdicus

    Haven't instances like this already happened in US schools. Young child makes hand look like he's pointing a gun and is expelled. There were others I remember. Its here folks, its sneaking up on all of us. Tyranny is like cancer it comes on real slow and when you finally notice it, it is to late.

    • old vet

      Made my comment above before I read this glad I'm not only one thought our educators acting this way is boggus.


    What would have happened if the child drew a picture of a hydrogen bomb?

  • drt

    What ever happened to OUR CONSTITUTION and our BILL OF RIGHTS which this president (dictator) was supposed to respect and uphold? I guess he does not believe in them and only respects those which he wants to follow! I still have not been able to figure out how a supposedly U.S. citizen, which he claims to be, can go to college ON FOREIGN STUDENT AIDE!!! No one has ever answered my letters which were written 4 & 3 years ago – there must be some truth in them somewhere.

  • M. James

    Glad I was born here in the USA and will never live anywhere else.

    Not sure if this applies in Canada, if it happens to you,
    lawyer up, answer no questions, none.

  • ColWW

    This is why i will never step foot into Canada again. I will kept my money in the USA… F Canada!

  • TX_SON

    Hey Kitchener, Ontario P.D. Wanna see some real guns? Come to my house late some moonless night and I'll show 'em to you up close and personal.

  • Rick Troutman

    Well if More people don't step up and start voting and taking care of our government we may not be too far off from this.

  • Snug

    I used to vacation in Ontario, I don't visit Canada now.I often bought things there, I don't now. I cannot express my opinion about draconian gun laws there by vote, so I don't go there ,I don't spend moey there.
    It is a damn shame our gun and hunting publications spend so much time and money promoting a country with laws like Ontario and the rest of Canada as a hunting destination.

  • Raul

    That teacher deserves a beat down


    Typical thickheaded Frenchman Law Enforcement. I'm glad they didn't jail the entire Family thinking they might be a threat to them, Now that the entire family are all traumitized, now what , Law enforcement go back into hiding and stick their heads in the sand and pretend nothing happen???? Apparently common sense did not prevail, Civility in their behavior is non exisitent, Children will never ever forget this incident and will be reluctant to trust Law enforcement, The school officials panicked without reason, they never even communicated with the parents in an Civil, Adult, Professional manner, and being arrested without a charge is definitely against all known Civil rights in any law abiding country. WAY TO GO CANADIAN LEGAL SYSTEM.

  • LTC

    The author of the article needs to change the headline. "daughter draws a picture of a gun" instead of "daughter draws a gun".

  • John

    What I legally have in my domicile is no ones business! Obviously creativity in that school is PC only. A simple chat with the father would have resulted in the same ending as the "RAID". I hope there is a law suit coming just to help set boundaries.

  • No Longer Free

    I crossed the border to vacation at Niagra Falls several years back. The Canadian border agents detained me for 30 minutes and questioned every member of my family (little kids included) because I had an NRA bumper sticker on my Suburban. They kept insisting I must be trying to smuggle guns into Canada because of that bumper sticker. Sadly, they are no different than Iran as the Canadian citizens are not free nor do they enjoy any meaningful protections against the government. This is what the liberals want here in the USA!

    • old vet

      I've heard of this happening to people going to our Southern neighbors as well, does an NRA sticker mark one as legit. for harassment? And our police are accused of profiling? PLEASE.

  • Life NRA Member

    we need to spred the word…….Join the NRA Please!!!!!!

  • Alan from California

    So last year my 16 year-old daughter's cell phone was confiscated at school because the wall-paper on the phone was a photo of her at the gun range holding her own new Colt 1911. This happened in California. go figure!

    • StevieP65

      What was the end result of this? Other than getting the phone back (which I assume you did), was the school or any personnel punished (sued)?

  • Kevin Schwinkendorf

    When I was a kid (first grade in 1965-1966) I used to draw pictures in school of B-17s dropping bombs over Germany, as I used to watch the popular TV show "12 O'Clock High." I suppose that would make me a war criminal in some PC circles today, and of course my Dad should have had his .300 Savage and Win M1912 confiscated for the crime of allowing his 6-year old son (me) to watch such a violent show? Those gun-hating liberals are idiots and fools. My current gun collection includes 34 firearms, and the day I hand any of them over to the government is the day Hell freezes over – listen up Obama!!!

    • Oneslackr

      Like a friend of mine once told me, "If Obama wants my guns he can have them 1 bullet at a a time." LOL

  • Wayne

    Don't ya just love the communist Canadian gov't tactics. You see the kind of BS we Canadians have to put up with!

    • Thomas Smith

      only if you dont do anything about it

    • BeGe1

      We had our revolution and drew up our bill of rights. Your turn.

  • Dan

    this is indeed what Obama and Clinton have planned for the U.S. as well – and the only thing that can stop it from happening is Americans. Those that believe in the Constitution and the Rights of the People.

    I just scratched Canada off my bucket list of places to visit….such insanity.

  • Billy Steinbach

    Welcome to "The New World Order", we have brainwashed your kids so you're next!

  • Phil

    Wow, I am so glad Canada was ever annex by the U.S. that would have really screw the Gene pool down here….must the only country that has dumber politician and educator than the us.

  • Wayne

    I live up here. Don't you find it hard to believe there are people on this planet that think what the teachers and cops did in this story was the right thing to do? Many of us normal Canadians are surrounded by complete and utter imbeciles!

    • Joseph S Michalek

      In that respect, Wayne, it’s not much different here in the States… SADLY!

  • Jay Rock

    Arrest and strip search, child abduction and kidnapping, home invasion, illegal detention and arrest, etc do not in ANY MANNER constitute “further conversation”! LAWSUIT!!!!

  • Charles Disney

    i was really surprised when it said canada instead of somewhere on the east coast

  • Marc Ellvinger

    hey Jay, its Canada. Canada already traded their rights for legalized drugs and free healthcare.

    • Thomas Smith

      the phyc drugs are part of the problem commercial comes on tv and starts telling the side effects might cause suicidial thoughts and many others but that shouldnt stop you take them anyway

  • Thomas Smith

    yea and the u.n. wants us to be jsut like these assholes they can keep it

  • Thomas Smith

    today if a kid has an imaginary friend then they are put in the nut house for it when i was younger it was called being a kid

  • ARGurl

    Sue the bastards

  • Laura Prowicz

    Due process? 5th Amendment? 4th Amendment? At some point this guy needed to ask why he was being detained and also state he would not consult to any searches. I’d never let anyone push me around like that!! Not even going to comment on the ludicrous hysteria of the school – it is too obvious.

    • Mark Rutkowski

      Canada does not have the same Constitution that the US has…or had.

    • BeGe1

      This wasn’t in the U.S., it’s only what we can expect it to become if we continue seeing rights as optional and legislatable.

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