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Cool High Speed Photos!

by Scott E. Mayer   |  June 7th, 2011 15

Hitting the nail on the head!


This .218 Bee sure packs a sting!


So fast, the balloon doesn't even know it's popped!


"Cut the cards."


This 'dog is gone!


Note the bore fouling around this .22 bullet that it scrubbed out from the shot.


.38 Special wadcutter with a perfect base.


Just missed!


Brake blast!


That A-Max is scheduled for delivery.

  • http://N/A Robert Kojima

    "AWESOME" Photos of bullets blasting out of the barrel and hitting the target. Great to see what it looks like when I

    fire my guns and hits the targer. Thanks for those

    amazing photos. Keep sending the awesome information!


  • SirGeorgeKillian

    The thing about these pics that gets my respect isn't just that you got a pic of the bullet, but you took a picture of a bullet making impact that you had to aim at a tiny target all while being in a dark basement. I love seeing these pics!

  • nn

    Still cool

  • coolgunguy

    Two kinds of good shootin'!

  • robert38-55

    This gives me a new perspective on ballastics!!! Cool pics. Scott!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep 'em coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stevieray

    Great photo, what kind of photo equipment was use ?

    • smayer

      Garden-variety Canon Digital Rebel. The trick piece of equipment is an EG&G Micro Flash that fires a flash with a duration of 1/1,000,000 second. You simply take the photo in total darkness with the shutter wide open and use a sound trigger to trip the flash at the right time. It's not hard, just takes a little math and a lot of safety precautions.

  • chuck

    A balloon pops FAST… or so I used to think until I saw how far the bullet traveled while the balloon still is inflated.

  • Mud

    What caused the explosion on the head of the nail? Was that a frangible bullet shattering ?

    • smayer

      That's a .24-cal. 100-grain Sierra bullet fired from a .243 Win. hitting that nail. It's the bullet splattering. Same bullet as in the "Just missed" photo.

  • Smiley

    I saw Dr. Harold Egerton, the inventor of the electronic flash, do the card slice along with some other amazing photos back in the day at his M.I.T. lab. These are a very well done. Keepup the good work. I'm sure we'll discover some more ballistic secrets down the line.

    • smayer

      The EG&G strobes used for the are, in fact, "Edgerton" strobes.

  • joseph

    "This Amax is scheduled for delivery" Got a chuckle I love my 208 Amax out of my .300 wm.

  • ectrigger

    Great Pics!!!

    But please, wallpaper size!!!

  • paintballer

    Awsome pics!! What distance were the nail ones done at? Keep up the good work!!

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