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Video: Shooting the Benelli 3-Gun Lineup

by Guns & Ammo TV   |  November 22nd, 2011 6

In this clip from Guns & Ammo TV, Patrick Sweeney takes a look at Benelli’s full boat of 3-gun products that cover all three disciplines.

What Benelli guns would you trust in competition?

  • Tracy in Idaho

    Benelli makes some great guns. However, try and setup a M2 shotgun like the one in this video. The extended magazine tube, over-sized bolt handle and bolt release can all be purchased at Midway, but try and find a 21" vent rib Benelli barrel. They are impossible to find and half the price of the entire gun if you do actually find one. Benelli needs to step and make parts available at a reasonable price.

  • Don

    I owned 3 Benelli shotguns. I would never own another one. In the 80s the 121M1 was THE combat shotgun to own. I had 2. I would rarely get through a magazine w/o a stoppage. The sights were adjusted using a file. I talked with the H&K rep. he said they couldn't make them work. They moved to other designs.
    Then the Nova came on scene. Junk. The NOVA would not cycle without having to literally beat the butt against the ground to clear a round. Most times the gun would tear through the rim. I talked to the dealer and he said all the short barrel Novas did the same thing. I sent cases ripped by the extractor to Beretta (the new US agent). In Berettas usual fashion they did not respond. The dealer DID give me a refund.
    Another issue with the Nova, is the stock is too long for short persons or if your body armor is in the way (as it should be). There is no way to adjust the length of pull. Beretta has some of the worst customer service in the industry. I never buy any Beretta/Benelli products any more.

    • Steve

      Over the past 46 years to the present we have seen many "combat" shotguns on the ranges. It is only when you see these firearms being shot into the multi thousands of rounds that you can really judge their constitution. Basically what we have seen is the semiatuo's work great for "competition" games. Unfortunatley these are radical departures from real fighting and this competition seems to be progressively more fanciful. On the other hand, the slide actions, in general, seem best for reality. I am amazed at the amount of "gunsmithing"? done on the competition shotguns to make them "better"??? One problem seen with the new Rem 870 is they are resisitng extraction when using the steel based bird shot loads so often used for clay or real birds and for general practice. Suppossedly, Remington solved this but we still are experiencing it with pretty newly delivered guns. Like the Mossberg 500 they are extremely reliable with brass base rounds. From what I have seen I would agree with Don on Benelli/Beretta regarding both guns and service. With my life on the line I would take a Winchester model 12, a Rem 870, or a Mossberg 500, 590 over them anyday.

      • Don

        Steve, I have used shotguns primarily as police weapons. Best guns, the M870. Milspec Mossbergs are good. I was at the WSP academy when 35 new M37 Ithacas arrived. None would accept ammo into the magazine. Ithaca didn't proof both the barrel and function. The M37 is a poor design. Removing the stock to get the trigger goup out is a bad idea. A minor complaint about the M870 is if the ejector breaks, it is an armorers job. Mossberg are easily fixed. Mossbergs M590 are tough guns. They come from (or did) with stocks too long for most users, especially over body armor.That being said we restocked our Remingtons as well. My last two M870 shotguns were short stocked 14" models. I retired and needed multiple surgeries for a broken neck. l sold them to a local PD – at a huge loss. I did love those small guns.The Practical shooting sports are simply jokes to me. I like IDPA. My M19 worked, slowly. Many raceguns failed, especially the M1911s. Not too practical.

  • Erwin

    This is the second time I heard bad things about Benelli and Beretta. The first time was from a very good friend whose opinion I respect. However, as I told him, I have to respectfully disagree with the negatives. I have an AL1, 2 Montefeltros, 2 M1 Super 90's, and an Extrema II. All of them have worked flawlessly. I took a 20 guage Montefeltro dove hunting. It was so fast that I shot a dove twice. Not a jam on any of them. Maybe I was just lucky to get Benellis that worked. I doubt it. I know nothing about their service department because I have never had to use them. Also, I watched a 3 gun shoot sponsored by FN. They had to use all FN guns. I watched their shotgun jam several times during the competition. I think one of the competitors lost because the shotgun jammed. I'm sticking with Benellis and Berettas for autos.

  • Troy M.

    I had an M1 and own a M2 tactical, Nova tactical and a 24" Nova. No issues. M1/2 and Novas are the guns to beat in competition. Lets see.., bigger bolt handle, larger bolt release, for speed not for durability and a mag extension. maybe different sights and a lightened bolt for some to run lighter loads with the gun loaded. I haven't had to do that to mine. If a gun doesn't run and doesn't stay running it is worthless in the games. You take the advantages of a recoil operated shotgun and it screams dependable.
    Many think you can take a M1/2 and run extremely loads especially when new. Some also have the idea the M1/2 are semi-auto and are soft shooters and can not man up.
    Everyone has their own experiences / ideas but saying Novas are junk and the games are not harsh is plan wrong.
    Only shotguns I will use for the field or for the games or home protection. My life and my family mean more to me than anything so as faras an endorsment goes you can not get a better one than that.
    Best hing to do about hte 21" bbl is purchase it that way or have a longer bbl cut down.

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