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AR-15 Rifles

Back in the Day

by Payton Miller   |  June 2nd, 2011 7

Buzz Fawcett, who served as Guns & Ammo editor from 1964 to 1965, tries his hand with an early Colt AR-15.

  • robert38-55

    I used to buy the Guns and Ammo magazine by single isssues back in the 1964 ( I was 8yr. old in 1964) and 1965,with my allowance money or money I would earn doing extra chores,,I wish I still had all those old magazines!!! At that time I remember that the design of colts, AR-15 was revolutionary, with revolutionary materials, for the day, and since it didn't look or favor any convention rifle at that time, I had ever seen, I was very reluctant to accept that style of firearm…. but it wasn't long after the announcement of the AR-15 that toy AR-15 started showing up in store, and of course I bought some.

    I remember when John Stoner at Colt produced that AR-15…Correct me if I am wrong but didn't the early ones have a few glitches in them? IIRC something about the chamber wasn't chromed? causes feed and ejection problems, and then the dirt and water problem.. I also read or seen somewhere that Defense Secretary Robert McNamara had a lot to do with the mistakes of the early AR-15 which only goes to prove what I have know and said all along, Leave the politicians out of our Military decesions…..I also understand that after our troops were issued cleaning kits, and shown how to care for this new weapon, it became a bit hit with the troops…..

    … Back in 2004 I bought one of these AR-15's that was made in 1969 from a friend ( used) got two, original magazines with it; gave 500.00 dollars for it; took it to the range that weekend and when I fired my first magazine through it,,, MAN, was I Hooked!!!!!!!!!! ………………. What a neat little rifle!!!! I kept that gun for a year or two and then unforturnally had to sell it.. I still miss my Colt AR-15 and probably will never find another one like I had ( a Colt) ever… I know, I know there are bushmasters, and others like DPM etc. But I don't think they are anywhere near what the Colt AR-15 is like I owned at one time…. It might be worthy to note here that at the time I bought my AR-15, I had already been a Ruger Mini-14 owner, so I was shooting .223 hand loads through that AR-15,, they worked well, no feed problems, no ejection problems………no jams,,,,,,,I was impressesed and somewhat surprized!!!!!

    • Caleb

      There were a few glitches but the biggest flaw in their early military days was that the soldiers who received them thought they never had to clean them, and therefore they fouled and jammed. Once the regular cleaning started then those issues really dropped off.

  • Steve Davis

    When a friend let me fire his Sp1 35 years ago I was sold. At 50 yards or so I emptied that magazine and was amazed.

    I was used to my deer rifle and an old German 8mm "cannon" we used to shoot.

    The Colt was the best deal I have ever made, And some how I am still blessed by that rifle

  • Joe

    I love the AR-15 design. Initially, I didn't think the 5.56 round was worth anything but my experiences as of late have changed my mind and I am reloading it in full swing.

    Anyone know what optic that is mounted on top of the Colt?

  • DirtyDevan

    It a great looking gun. I like better then Glock or Sig. Actually I'm 45 calibre freak.

  • emma

    really i need guns 4 a skool project and we read the sign of the beaver and we need guns from the indians!!!!!

  • emma

    robert38-35 to long to read sorry but i HATE HATE HATE HATE READING!

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