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8 Must-Have Guns for the Doomsday Prepper

by Kyle Wintersteen   |  March 27th, 2012 244

There are a number of ways the world could end: nuclear terrorism, an asteroid strike, a massive natural disaster or even the zombie apocalypse — hey, they’re in the Bible. Regardless of how society crumbles, (there’s been plenty of TV coverage lately on the subject) if civilization hits the fan you better be armed appropriately. Here are our top eight guns to survive the End of Days.

  • MotoJB

    Whew…I'm GTG. Have them all. ;)

    • JMAC

      I am GTG also, I have everything on the list, although not the exact model and brand. But I have all these and more. People kill be with this one brand is king and all the others must suck. Give me a break. Some people think they are gun Gods.

  • Big D

    What? No 45 ACP? Don't have the double or the 50. Can live without a double, 50 would be sweet. Hi cap Glock in 40 or 45 is a good go to and will go bang gun. Fun stuff to think about.

  • Shalimar

    Sadly many of those are NOT legal in Canada :(

    • Mr. Brooks

      When that time comes all laws will go out the window.

    • flashback


    • Airchinapilot

      All of these have semi-automatic equivalents that are available in Canada, Shalimar.

      AK47 is outlawed but you can get the CZs which, although are different receivers, have the same configuration and mode of use.

      Revolvers, handguns, we have plenty.

      That Bushmaster? You can get many ARs as long as they are not select-fire.

      That M1? You can get M14s a plenty.

      • willford


    • Steve Tuthill

      Laws? When ITEOTWAWKI, the only law is the survival of the fittest, or maybe the quickest and most accurate shooter…

    • Fritz Huls

      Actually you are lucky to live in Canada, I understand that there are no zombies there, hence to restrictive firearms laws.

      Arizona Badger

    • Jimbo

      You won't need any of those in Canada, Shalimar. Just wait until the zombies freeze solid and can't move at all. Then you can just approach them at your leisure and snap off their arms and legs :-)

    • USA

      Poor Canada…Too bad you don't have the RIGHT to bare arms. Well I'll know where to go when the Zombies come…straight to Canada…easy pickings up there I would suppose =)

      • Canada

        When you try to take from a Canadian and get put down?

  • steve

    Recoil issues with 5.56mm? Please.

    • draeger

      no kidding. if you're too much of a sissy that you can't handle recoil from a .223, take up knitting

    • R.D.WYLIE

      There is no recoil in a 5.56mm get real get you a .338 LAPAU.

  • Finch

    the is the worst SHTF firearm list i've ever seen.

    1. shotguns and revolvers are slow to reload
    2. Revolvers DO jam and when they do you NEED a gunsmith as opposed to a Glock that would just take a new mag or a good smack
    3. Only an idiot trusts his life to a carbon-15 there are THOUSANDS of better rifles than this.
    4. that's an AKM not an AK

    A good SHTF list would go as such
    1. Any quality AR-15 with good back up iron sights. (Colt./BCM/DD/Spikes/PSA)
    2. A Glock 19
    3. A reliable 22
    4. (much further down the list) A reliable shotgun preferably with multiple hunting barrels.

    • Guest

      Ditto on all 4 of your suggested choices there, Finch ! For more serious issues in the pistol realm, toss in a Glock 20 10mm as well and the .45 ACP becomes a thing of the past other than locating ammo.

      • Finch

        well there are reliable substitutes nothing wrong with a Glock 20 or really any glock… or any reliable semi auto. Personally i dont believe in planning to scavenge ammo instead i stock up :)

        • Alan Wash

          Glock is great for police, they hold up well to being holstered and go bang twice a year when they need to. If I am truly going to rely on a weapon that will be subjected to daily abuse, better get a steel gun with steel sights. Not many would really carry a weapon that has plastic sights if it is going to be abused daily. And please stifle the crap about reliability, I have five guns from 4 manufacturers that have been 100% reliable past 6,000 rounds and none are bricks. Carry what you like but there are plenty of weapons that are as reliable so that argument does not hold water.

          • Steve

            I have been in the military and a rangmaster on civilian and law enforcement ranges for over 42 years. I have seen pretty much everything that can go wrong with a firearm. Glocks have proven themselves to be incredible in every aspect including combat environments. One 19 man (including me) special team I ran for 13 years did training many times a month and used at least 4,000 rounds of PISTOL ammo each drill. I have also done training with all the commonly accepted firearms. I have seen HK's, S/W's, Berettas, and even Sigs choke and break parts FAR more than Glocks and can be very complicated to fix. Glocks are easy to fix. I still love the Sig for its accuracy but have carried a Glock for the past 22 years. Often the ardent shooters that are issued other guns choose to carry the Glock off duty. I have a training Glock 17 that has over 90,000 rounds through it. Breakage? – ONE trigger return spring but if you hold the trigger back through each shot this spring lasts long and the trigger will reset anyway. I did not even know the spring was broken until I cleaned. Folks I have trained are still in the war and they will get their hands on a Glock if at all possible.

          • Guest

            Fully agreed 100%, Steve !!! It's amazing at the types of extremely rare failures that "G's" can endure and continue to function like nothing ever happened, or at least like the trigger return spring you can work around it if needed (in fact, I was just testing that reset method out the other day to see how well it worked, and I was really surprised to see just how effective it is). Plus, there is a heck of a lot less to malfunction here, a high percentage of parts compatibility across model lines (not all, but the majority), and most are fast to replace with just the Glock disassembly tool and a 1/8" blade small screwdriver, and now the front sights are all going to the 3/16" head screws and Loctite and of course going steel sights is a good option here too. You can do just about anything to the Glock with a couple of simple hand tools (except the rear sight pusher, but even that can be done in a pinch with some thinking), and it's darn hard to find any other single model much less an entire series of models that can be stripped totally down, repaired, and totally reassembled sp fast once you know some of the special methods used and only needing a few spare parts on hand for infrequent replacement. Maybe someone can come up with something else as durable and easy to work on and doesn't require a lot of special honing and refitting, but maybe someone will come up with another brand close. It's easy to see exactly why 65% of all LE agencies across this country carry these models solely now, and most who use one for a duty weapon also have a personal one for a backup too. While you can't say that nothing will fail, at least you know that the chances are high you will not suffer a parts failure, and even if a part does fail the weapon will often continue to operate until you can repair it…..pretty amazing, and a good testament to their overall design and refinement over the years. I definitely understand your reasoning for liking 'em, and over the past couple of years I've grown to look at 'em the same way. Sure, a nice appearance is extremely great to have, but this brand is built to keep you aiive rather than just a show piece. It's also surprising how the replacement parts just drop in without needing any special fitting, provided you have the proper spare parts on hand. Extremely good points you noted here Steve. I'll always like a highly artistic model with either burled black walnut grips or rosewood grips to a high gloss finish and a gold plated trigger arm and metal finishing you can see yourself in, but the G's are built to be a solid workhorse My guess would be that now the front sights are all going to the screws instead of stakes, it's only a matter of time before the polymer sights become all steel sights front and rear as standard equipment instead of optional equipment, and the steel is both more rugged and can help out in single-handed operation too with the right shape of sights.

          • JMac

            You are right Alan…there are so many hign quaility guns out there today. The people that choose to call people idiots for having certain brand gun are stupid. I bet I have about 8 to 10 different brands and models. I got about 17 total, that more than covers this list.

      • Guest

        Oh, just FYI, the standard Glock 20 or Glock 20SF magazine is a 15 round mag (unless you're stuck having to go for a reduced capacity10 round mag). The "SF" suffix versions of the large frame Glocks stands for "Short Frame" for a slightly smaller hand….backstrap is shaved off by 0.100" and tthe backstrap to trigger distance is also reduced by the same 0.100", plus a few internal mods were made to accomodate the 0.100" shortening on the rear end of the backstrap….the new Gen 4 models will have 1 backstrap configuration that equals the basic SF distance once the 10mm Gen 4's come out soon. While the 0.100" may not sound like a big reduction at first, the main grip difference between a standard frame Glock and the large frame Glock (10mm models and .45 ACP models) is only a whopping 0.090" wider across the grips side to side (due to keeping a larger capacity magazine inside), so the front to rear of the grip was shaved off by the 0.100" at the backstrap to reduce the hand wrap distance as well as to slightly shorten the distance to the trigger to help offset the extra width partially, and now the SF's are available in the G20SF full size large frame 10mm, G21SF full size large frame .45 ACP (13 rounds capacity), the G29SF subcompact large frame 10mm, and the G30SF subcompact large frame .45 ACP. For those who have found the large frame models a tad too big for a good fit before, the SF versions will basically split the difference between the large frame feel and the standard frame feel. Onle of the large frame models is already on the market in the Gen 4 configuration, so the rest of the 10mm and .45 ACP models won't be too far behind with Gen 4 availability,. I just tossed the SF info for those who may not be familiar with it yet, and it does present a somewhat smaller grip feel for those lacking a large enough hand to comfortably control the earlier G20 and G21, and when the new Gen 4's all hit the market you will have several grip options with the 3 backstrap configuration plus the palm swell on the backstrap too where the 3rd Gen and earlier versions do not include a palm swell on the backstrap. It's just a tidbit of info here that may be of interest to those like myself who avoided the earlier G20 and G21 because they just didn't fit quite right, but the SF made a big difference and the Gen 4's will be even more flexible once released to market. Of course, the 10mm cartridge is in a semi-auto class all by itself except for the Desert Eagle, with the 10mm giving the approximate ballistics of a .41 Magnum in a semi-auto, far surpassing either the .40 S&W as well as the .45 ACP +P too., and you can order a factory 6.02" length "Hunting Barrel" to drop right into the 10mm models to gain some accuracy and gain velocity too above the hyperspeed the 10mm already has. Now you know why some carry the G20 and G20SF as a backup weapon in bear country, including now NRA voice and rock star Uncle Ted Nugent. I'm only putting out some food for thought here on what would be a very good selection that would send Zombies running when they hear the caliber mentioned, and couple that power with the newer style Hornady "Critical Defense" with the poly filled hollow point which resembles a flat point in appearance, and you'll watch Zombies run instead of just wander around at a slow walk. No, I'm not getting any commission here, but only bringing you up to speed. The 10mm uses the same diameter projectilie as the .40 S&W uses, but the longer brass for the 10mm is why it has a fatter grip than the .40 S(W has (and both have the same maximum magazine capacity of rounds)……even the 10mm recoil feels smoother and less than the .40 cal although it has a ton more horsepower, so again more food for thought. The only explanation I can come up with for the FBI to select the .40 S&W over the almost simultaneous release 10mm would be the larger grip size needed to make the 10mm hold the same number of rounds with a longer overall cartridge, but I think the FBI missed the boat on their selection years back (just my opinion, and that's not worth a penny). Okay, you have your shopping list now, so go fill up your Prepper Bunker.

        • Steve

          The 10 mm is great. The fact the Glock HANDLES this cartridge without massive beefing up and not breaking down is just one more testament to the great design. The only thing I did not mention in my first post was the fact that I wish Glock would change the grip shape. I actually prefer the SW MP shape but still do not trust S/W handguns due to many problems plus from the parts breaking that I have witnessed. The M/P needs to be around for another five years before I would actually buy one. Yeah man, hold that trigger back through each shot and then only go to the reset for your next shot. Do this a LOT with dryfiring too. Use no target, hold the trigger back and call that shot, reach UP, don't bring the gun down, while you hold the trigger back, rack it and then let the trigger go to reset while you realign sights, press trigger and repeat. Focus on pressing your trigger straight bact and through your shooting eye. Sigs, love their accuracy. I have had opportunities to shoot many P220's with various ammo. They pretty much will shoot one inch groups or better at 25 yards with ammo they like. Of course, the smallest person to threaten me was still a lot bigger than that.

    • Jack

      It is definitely a strange SHTF list…a 12 gauge double???? That was a wasted slot. I agree with your list with the exception of the shotgun. A good shotgun(5 or more round capacity) should be high on the list as it may be the single most versatile fiream a man can own. An 8 gun SHTF list leaves too much room for BS…try 5 guns to get some clarity:

      1. Remington 870 with 28" modified barrel and 20" IC with deer rifle sights
      2. A combat rifle…an AR, an AK, or a SOCOM would do well here
      3. A service pistol…such as a Glock, an XD, an M&P (in 40 S&W or .45 ACP) or 4" barreled .357 magnum
      4. A .22 LR rifle or pistol (a Ruger 10/22 shines here – I love my BuckMark too)
      5. I get it done in 4 guns, people may have special needs, so maybe a .30-06 bolt gun with a 10X scope

      A SHTF gun must address defense, sustainance, and combat (combat and defense are not the same). I choose my guns for those priorities in that order. Of course the 4th reason for owning any gun is for fun of owning or shooting it and all these are a hoot to shoot, so no problem there.

      • Antonio

        Ditto on the multi-config 870: birds, deer, SD close up and even out a bit more.

        Unfortunately we're limited to 15-rd mags here in Jersey, so we loose some of the benefits of an AR or AK, but the list is spot on + the fun we're able to have with them in our non-apocalyptic realm.

      • Bill

        I argee with this list…I have a 12 ga with 28" barrel and a 18" barrel…an Ak variant in 5.56….22 pistol and the 10/22….a .30-06 bolt various 9mm…357…..45…44… ammo for everything

    • Alan Wash

      Don't forget the reality of the situation. One will want to be able to use scavenged ammo and to carry as much as possible. 12 gauge is the most diverse weapon and common round to find. The revolver in 357 would be the same way, use several caliber rounds that may be laying around and if you only have a few to kill, you only need a few rounds. Many options better than glock, but a steel 40 with steel sights and a 9mm conversion barrel would be a better choice. A S&W Governor may be the one overlooked. Don't need 45 stopping power but it will shoot a lot of different rounds. Better to think about being able to shoot whatever is on hand and what would be most common to find.

    • joegun45

      Good list, but actully a 22 pistol and rifle with a silencer to do your quiet work if you know what I mean so you draw no attention to yourself :)

    • Doug

      Are you kidding? AK47 would be at the very top of the list. You need to know that if anything goes wrong with your rifle/pistol it's going to be your life on the line. The AK will outlast any gun out there and to find the ammo is going to be the best part. Not going to find that special caliber that you need for your special 50 mm rifle…

      • Doug

        lol meant 50 caliber rifle

    • Brianarizona

      Agree with you on many of your choices, except:
      1 – Shotguns may be slow to reload when compared to an AR-15, but a good 12 ga. combat pump gun is quite durable and 12 ga. ammo is everywhere when you needed to forage for ammo. Good for harvesting game…and also for protecting your food and life from two-legged predators.; 2 – That is not an AKM, it IS an AK-47. If you look closely at the receiver, under the ejection port and forward of the receiver, you will notice an elliptical cut in the steel. This is a photo of the First Model receiver for the AK-47, the stamped receiver that the Soviets tried in 1947, but recalled due to reliability problems (sheet-metal forming technology was not 'there' yet). They went with a milled receiver until 1959, when the AKM was finally fielded.

    • olddesertcop

      Actually, over the years I've seen Glocks jam just as much as anything else (I've been to their armorer school but didn't drink the Koolaid). I don't hate them, but I like other weapons more. I actually prefer the HK USP, personally, but Springfield, S&W, Glock, Sig, whatever are good weapons if properly maintained. The real problem with the Glock is their failure to admit it CAN fail. They just don't have recalls like everyone else, they have "Updates." What you guys have to remember, though, is if you have a rifle, the handgun is secondary. The shotgun or rifle should be your primary weapon, with the handgun there as a backup. If you expect trouble, take a long gun.

    • JMAC

      hey, you come and break in my home and see what that Bushmaster Carbon 15 will do. You are the freaking Idiot!

      • stone

        No you just do not understand the platform keep your carbon 15 and we that know better will keep our bcm, colt, noveske, Daniel defense. Just to name a few. Look up filthy 14 your shrubmaster will never hold up to that type of firing schedule. I hope your carbon 15 never fails you when you need it to, it is just not a high quality ar. Sure it works for range outings just don't get confused and think you purchased a quality firearm. If you would like to learn about the platform go to

    • jake

      I agree with most of what your saying but magazine fed shotguns such as saiga with large mags would be all around defense crowd control etc but clips would be heavy to pack around if your gonna have guns you need to have ones that fit your plan are you bugging in or out meaning sheltering or on the move

  • Guest

    McMillan TAC-50 ???? It appears that someone was reading my mind on this one!

  • Kyle

    Whoever wrote this needs a serious dose of reality. Step away from the video games.

  • DJ

    Flock all day who wants to carry a gun with 7 rounds? Really come on who made this list up!

    • DJ

      Glock stupid auto correct.

  • Colonel Sanders

    Weak list. I mean if it is the end of the world best choice of weapons: M60, Grenade Launcher, Huey Cobra, and a box of ding-dongs.

    • DJ


    • Matt Qualick

      I'll trade the m-60 for a dillon aero mini gun.

    • hicusdicus

      The only weapon you will need when doomsday comes is a pistol you can stick in your mouth and pull the trigger.

    • Phil

      Damn, that was funny, but would be my dream choice, too LOL
      Have the M60, .50BMG HB, good .22 autos, .45's, AK's, & USMC Model 70..
      Must get ding-dongs though..thanks for the reminder :0)

  • Guest

    Did anybody remember to bring the forever lasting Hostess Twinkies ??? I've heard that Twinkies have an exceptionally good shelf life with some preservative used in 'em, and I'm good for a Twinkie or two between trigger pulls.

    • Phil

      Gotta love it..LOL

  • Mike

    I think Colonel Sanders was in Nam with me…LOL The AK and Socom are OK, but the rest of this list sucks. I would go for an AR, but not a carbon.

  • 1911A1Bob

    Like some of you other folks I'm surprised that a Glock didn't make the list. I'm not a huge fan but I've owned a few and the main thing for any firearms will be finding parts, magazines, and ammo–Glocks should be easy to provide for during the zombie apocalypse. Yes, I like my S&W M&P40 better, but mags wouldn't be as easy to find.

    • Alan Wash

      Now your talking, M&P 40 with a 9mm barrel and plenty of mags. But, you are the first EVER to pose an intelligent argument for carrying a Clock.

      • j-dub

        I always carry 2 Clocks…lol!

        • hicusdicus

          I also carry two Clocks One to know what time it is and one to know what time it was.

    • draeger

      i had an m & p and liked it, although I've got a 24/7 that i prefer now

  • Phil Harris

    Might I suggest a Ruger HB MKIII AND HB 10/22.
    Forget about the 50 and the side by side.
    There are reasonable substitutes for most.
    I'll want my S&W 629 Mountain Gun!!

  • Jeff

    Nice to see that a few folks are thinking about the future, & not leaving it to the politicians to decide.(Pres comment to Russian was a bit ominous). ;)

    • bowserb

      Maybe even more ominous than you're thinking. He's ready to sell us out to every Asian or Eurotrash that has something bad to say about the USA. With his demonstrated contempt for the Constitution and Congress, Obama will be in high gear on Jan 30, with handguns and AR's on his short list of things to ban. Then a bit later will come free speech. Having a very diverse arsenal is a good way to assure that you may still have some working firearm after the gun police come to take your forbidden guns.

      And everyone knows it's coming and trying to stock up now…tried buying .223/5.56, .45ACP, or 9mm lately? At the moment, all those .40 cal people we laugh about are just about the only ones finding ammo! Prices going up twice a day and availability is like gas in 1973. Let's see, is my ammo day odd or even? Hmmm.

    • porkchop6209

      I guess I must have missed it, but just what did he say to the Russians?

      • Minarchist_1776

        Something to the effect that he would have more flexibility after he was reelected.

  • John Harris

    Gotta have .22 if you want o eat. My 870 supermag and slug barrel fill a couple of slots. Mini 30 fills another. I wioll skip the .50. I was a Marine and can hit very well with my Garand at extreme ranges. Got several .45s . Got a lifetime supply of ammo for my whole lot.Got lotsa fishhooks, hand tools, canoe. I am set.

  • chilipepper

    No Kel tec SU-16C, the ultimate bug out bag gun?

    • drew

      i agree with the kel tec 16c

  • sgt.ret

    I would not trust ANY direct impingment rifle in any SHTF situation… They never have been reliable in any enviroment exept shooting at paper, when cleaning is done when you get home from the range. Jammed on me twice in the sandbox, the later resulting in a career ending shattered tibia courtesy of an Iraqi with a Kalashnikov…(but dont worry, my buddys working M4 took care of em'!)

    • Jack

      Thanks for your comments and service. I love the feel of an M16 or M4 in my hands but too many vets say what you say, that they can't be trusted. It's good to know your weakness, so if you own one, cleanliness is next to godliness. I live in 10 round limit CA, so I'm going with a $240 Yugo SKS M59. It always goes boom. I went throught the Special Forces light weapons school but I didn't see combat so I never really appreciated communist weaponry until much later in life, even though I shot just about everything. I would be interested in your thoughts of the 5.56 mm as a combat round.

      • hicusdicus

        The human body was not designed to accommodate extra holes. So about anything that will incur extra holes will usually cause the human body to begin to shut down. The more holes the better.

      • sgt.ret

        Thx Jack. Im not a huge fan, and I know there are a ton of haters out there, (including my older brother who was in 'nam who absolutly despises it) but I never had a problem with the 5.56, it was pleanty accurate and always 'did the job'. Would I prefer the 7.62X51 of an M14? absolutly. The SKS is a great gun,it was my first 'red' gun, but you might want to go ahead and take the AK47 variant plunge, same great 7.62X39 ammo, but alot more accessories are out there.

  • Steve

    PS. I am not sure Kahr recommends +P for their pistols

    • Gino

      Kahr does, at least for my PM9

  • John Harris

    To the author. If I need any of those other guns I will just take yours.

  • Minarchist_1776

    12 gauge pump, good choice. I would prefer a Mossberg military variant but the Remington 870 is a good call.

    One of the problems with the list IMHO is that there is too much overlap between some of the weapons. I think that you really only need one battle rifle clone. I would recommend something chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO/.308 Winchester. Select one of either a Springfield Armory M1A, an FN/FAL or a G3/HK-91 variant. If you're willing to put in sufficient practice with your battle rifle you can probably get away without a sniper rifle for most reasonable situations.

    I think that a good sniper rifle would be a nice to have not a need to have. Other people's mileage may vary. While I could see uses for one chambered in .50 BMG, that strikes me as a real specialty niche item that isn't truly a must have. If you think you actually need a sniper rifle then you would likely be well served by a .30-06 or a .300 Winchester Magnum, or possibly a 7mm Remington Magnum. All of those rounds would be much easier to find and cheaper to shoot over the long haul than a .50 BMG.

    So far we have a 12 gauge pump action shotgun, a battle rifle clone in .308 and possibly a sniper rifle. The next must have item IMHO is a pistol. In a post apocalypse scenario, if you are wearing any clothes at all, you will likely have at a minimum a pair of pants held up by a belt. On that belt there should be a pistol, some spare ammo for same, a knife, and a small survival kit of some type. The obvious question then becomes what pistol does one choose?

    One of the recommendations I could go along with is a .44 magnum revolver. The author picked a S&W model 29, I prefer a Ruger Super Redhawk. One would be well served by either one of those weapons. For the vast majority of uses to which one is going to want to have a pistol I actually prefer revolvers to semi-autos. IMHO pistols are not for use in extended fire fights, that's what the battle rifle clone is for. Pistols are more for hunting/survival/evasion/escape. The advantage of the pistol is that it is relatively small and light enough that you can reasonably have it with you/on your person 24/7.

    Now, there are some who might argue that the big .44 magnum revolvers are too heavy/cumbersome to have on your person 24/7. Thus a lighter pistol is actually called for. I would not totally reject that argument, I would simply suggest that the pistol chosen be able to do the jobs that one needed it to. There are several pistols that one might want to look at in this regard. The S&W Governor has already been mentioned. It will take 410 gauge 2.5 inch shells, it will take .45 Colt (aka .45 Long Colt), and it will take .45 ACP using moon clips. Though not mentioned by S&W in their literature on the piece it would likely also be able to take .45 GAP in moon clips and .45 Auto Rim (without clips of course).

    There is a piece I have occasionally seen mentioned that IIRC is called the Medusa. It is a double action revolver with an interesting chamber/extractor design that will essentially let it make use of just about any pistol ammunition that takes a.355" to .357" bullet.

    If you are willing to contemplate using a single action revolver then Ruger makes their Blackhawk in two convertible variants. One uses either .45 Colt (aka .45 Long Colt) or .45 ACP (without moon clips) depending on which cylinder one has in the weapon. The other does the same sort of thing only giving you the choice of .357 magnum/.38 special or 9mm Parabellum.

    • Norm

      Your thoughts on SHTF are coherent and logical. You have to be able to carry the "bugout bag" so some stuff you have will probably be left behind. What?

      Probably my first choice is the 12 gauge. Not that it's not useful, but that it's heavy, and the ammo bulky, and probably hard to replace in the post apocalyptic world.

      The battle rifle I agree on, but to save weight I might compromise on a sniper/battle rifle. British .303 Enfields are still cheap, reasonably accurate out to 800 meters, and the cases are easy to reload. Ten round mags standard. If you must have a semi auto with a 30 rnd mag. OK go with an AR or AK, or M14 variant.

      I'm with you on the .44 magnum. I too have a Super Redhawk. More versatile than large capacity semi auto pistols, and easier to maintain. Again, how light do you have to travel? The handgun may be optional. The .44 mag, and .357 mags have the advantage of multiple choice ammos as well.

      I might opt for a .22 LR rifle, for food gathering, hard choice between the revolver and .22 rifle. Remember the bugout bag may have to be hand carried for a long way. At some point, if you've survived, replacing your bugout bag weapons will happen. Then it will be whatever can be scavenged from those who didn't survive.

      The eventual choice might come down to where am I headed and for how long? In most every scenario, my first choice is my trusty .303 Enfield. I have to carry food, water, 1st aid, a good knife, fire, optics, compass, etc. A .50 BMG, pocket pistol, and double just don't come close to making the cut.

    • Guest

      On the Mossberg Military / LE model shotgun, the 590A1 series model shotguns are built to last, even having sight bases soldered on before the Parkerized finish is applied. I don't think you could rattle a 590A1 apart if you had to, and even the lower line Model 500's aren't bad at all and can readily be adapted around. Thus far I'm very happy with my Mossberg 590A1 12 gauge 20" barrel with a 9 round magazine (8 round for 3") plus 2 in each side of the stock in the SpeedFeed tubes, plus 1 in the chamber gives you either 13 or 14 depending on shell length without adding any mag extensions or even a stock shell carrier. Plus, it has a very healthy slide rack sound that travels out quite a ways from where you are standing, so you can get someone's attention by simply chambering a round and doing nothing else. The 590A1's are cylinder bore, just so interested ones know, and you can quickly swap out the rear stock to just a pistol grip that is readily available from Mossberg relatively cheap. I opted for the low Ghost Ring sights with the vertical front orange blade that is dovetailed into the soldered sight base, and installed a tritium front blade signt in place of the orange blade to go along with the rear Ghost Ring, plus I may add a little bit of photoluminescent paint on the Ghost Ring to improve the reference points (just use a flashlight to recharge the rear sight). These models have 2 different styles of Ghost Rings as well as several other sight options available, even including Glock 3-Dot sights on the shotgun that was initially specified by the New York PD to standardize the shotgun sights to their pistol sights while using the 590A1 12 gauges, so be prepared to spend some time shopping for the exact configuration you want between sights and capacity and barrel length (20" barrel, 18 1/2" barrel, and the restricted shorter barrel I believe is 14" in length ((maybe wrong here))). A word of note here is that with the soldered on front blade sight, I found out I could not install the optional heat shield on mine since it has to slide on from the front and the front blade base prevents that from happening, but most all 590A1 front sights are soldered so they don't vibrate loose as is the connector brace between the barrel and magazine tube soldered in position too (at least it won't rattle). This model has a very solid feel to it as well, plus there are several other options within the 500 and 590 and 590A1 series runs (the 590A1 is the heavy duty Military / LE version that also can be purchased in 2 different civilian barrel lengths….and Mossberg does sell the 590A1 to military contract purchasers in various countries too….this series is built to last).

  • bman

    Who can afford a tac 50 or the h&h to just hang on to if something ever happens. a simple 870 or Mossberg 500 will do the trick. a good long distance rifle in 308 will work as long as your defen..ding your homestead and not taking on the military. m&p handgun in 9mm is my choice.

  • James

    Whoever made that list must be from CA and be a wuss. What a poor list.They couldn't pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were on the heel!

    • ALBIE

      Hay James, if You Think Everyone in Calif. is that Lame Your Totally Wrong

  • MAX

    I would think night vision would be a valuble addition . Not everyone comes during the day. The comments have been a great education for me, looks like the 10mm is the next choice.

    • Guest

      Max, you just scored a 100% grade on the exam here. Your decision to investigate the 10mm is a wise one to follow up on, even if at first you are not 100% happy with what you find. A few rounds downrange from one will likely persuade you to have one in your arsenal, especially when you want a heavy hitting semi-auto that won't break your wrist. Check one out, and go from there…..chances are you may like what you find. You get another 10 points bonus for your answer too for thinking outside the box, so you aced this quiz and made up 10 points on a different one already taken before. Good idea !

    • norm

      Nigh vision, yes nice, but heavy, bulky, and requires batteries. If I had money for night vision optics it would be binoculars or spotting scope not rifle mounted.

      • Minarchist_1776

        While it isn't the sort of thing that's considered to be "night vision", a good pair of 7×50 binoculars can do a surprisingly good job of seeing things outside at night. Granted they're relatively big and heavy, but you don't need batteries and with a reasonable amount of care they'll last for decades.

  • Richard

    No .45??? No Glock? No HK in .380? No Saiga 12? No MP5 ?
    And what does a H&H side-by-side do on that list?
    Or is it just a Doomsday for James Bond ( in which case : where is the PPK ? … ).

  • daniel

    Why not have a h&k 416 or a Beretta M9A1.

  • Richard

    I meant HK in .308 … ( typo )

  • Tommy

    My 5 gun SHTF list costs less than the Mac 50 for ALL of them. How far away are these zombies you're shooting at anyway. If they're so far away that I need a Mac50, i'll go back inside eat a Twinkie and WAIT for them to get closer. lol
    1. 12 Gauge pump, Mossberg or Remy, your choice.
    2. .308 cal battle rifle, Fal, M1a, or I'm really liking HK91 clones with their $1.99 mags, easy to stock up on.
    3. .40 S&W pistol, I prefer steel orver plastic, but to each his own here.
    4. .22 semi-auto rifle for squirrel shooting or unloading on zombies close by.
    5. Here's where the field gets dicey, AK or AR? I like the AR, a lot of you like the AK, either one should work fine as a deterrant to most would be zombies.


      I would go with the AR, while the AK is more reliable, the AR in 5.56 would have more readily available ammo stock piles if you just find any National Guard or Reserve armory you will be set. Otherwise, I think you are spot on.

    • ReconRat3

      Just give me a good AK 47, 12 ga Shot Gun, 22 rifle, Glock or Springfield Xd in 9mm. And maybe a 22 cal hand gun. For small game up close. You can carry a lot of ammo with this group of guns. 50 cal ammo is very heavy. Leaves less room for my twinkies.

  • Peter C

    Civilization is not GOING to crumble; it already has. Look around you and see the work of the devil. No Smith 'n Wesson, Colt, Glock, AK, or any other 60mm full-auto zombie blaster will help. In these last days, pray that your name is in the LORD'S Book of Life, and that's all the protection you need . FYI, I do have a P14 in .303, a nice .22, 3 handguns, 4 CRKT knives, 2 Cold Steel knives, 2 Cold Steel Kukri machetes, 2 air rifles, lotsa ammo, an insane amount of fishing tackle, a 4×4 SUV, 2 boats, wood, matches, firelighters, oil lamps, candles, LP gas, water, food, lots of tools, 7 cellphones, 3 big bags of charcoal, 4 dogs, and a cat – jeez! I might just last for a day!!

    • porkchop6209

      Don't forget the TP!

      • hicusdicus

        You don't need TP if you have long finger nails.

    • hicusdicus

      You Christians don't need to worry about defending yourself…. The quicker you die the sooner you will get to meet Jesus.

  • Irving

    What……..No AA-12.

  • randy

    I don't have any of the guns listed but I do have guns and I know how to use them so I believe I'll get by.

  • NativeGun

    An eight gun list is great if your defending a fort. But eventually, enough zombies will get though. I expect to be on the move; living in the "bush". My wife is a liberal (zombie is food) so its just me and my daughter. Six guns max. HK USP in 40 on my strong side. Every LEO has 40. Benelli M4 strapped to my back, and a SIG 516 at port arms. FN five-7 on my left side for the small zombies; 30 round mags a plus. The little one can strap on the 870, and hump the Bushmaster. Gotta find somewhere to hold my Fred Bear and at least 2 dozen arrows.

    • hicusdicus

      Living in the bush? You mean the bushes that grow between the cracks in the side walk?….. If you show up out here in the real country the meth head gun shooting bow hunting Hill Billy's will immediately introduce you a dose of deliverance before feeding you to the hogs.

  • SteveA

    Cops here carri Glock 21's so go with a G21, a keltec Pmr30 in .22magnum(poormans fiveseven), my saiga .308, glock 17. ruger sp101 in .357mag & mossberg 590. only thing else would be a small .22lr rifle for small game.

    • porkchop6209

      Where can I find Hi-Cap mags for the Saiga .308?

  • Ned

    I'm thumbs down on the 870. I'm so used to Winchester and Mossberg pump guns that I can jam any 870 racking out the fist spent round. I'd take almost any pump gun over an 870.

    • mrdelanooch

      quit short strokin

      • Walker

        U r crazy best pump ever made


    Don't have the 50 or the M1A but I've got the rest plus some 22's, don't know why they left out the most usefull gun of all.

  • howie

    More versatile 50.would be windrunner98 take down. Just as accurate and can be put in backpack for relocating base holds 5 shot.

  • bob johnson

    the ak got the rightful spot on this list, as for the .50 good luck lugging that thing around.

  • Guest

    "That’s why Arab tribes are still able to use many of the AK-47s confiscated from Russian troops in the ’80s." I think the author is referring to the Pashtun Tribes of the Afghanistan. AK's are common among the Persians in Iran, the Kurds in Iraq, Turks, all acros the world. The Soviets, however, only lost one war.

  • Gunpowder&Lead

    A compact 9mm??? Musta' got paid to advertise for this list.

  • Cameron

    Good guns, all, but most of us "po folk" will have to make do w/whatever guns we already have. A good .22 rifle for small game won't announce your presence or whereabouts to every scavenger within a half mile. Without a good supply of ammo for your chosen guns, they will be nothing more than relics of a past civilization.

  • nukembig

    Ditto for Montana Monty!

    • Shawn O'neill

      i know its a little off subject. im 17 now. but i plan on moving to Montana in a few years. what are the gun laws up there?

  • Monty Montour

    The devil will take those that try to overrun almost anyone in Idaho (with the possible exception of Boise, not including the Idaho State football team) as most have the, or the equivalent of, everything on the recommended list.

  • Scott

    A Holland & Holland double… a .50 BMG…? Give me a break!

    I'd want….

    Both a 9mm G-19 (9mm) and a .40 G23 for basic fighting pistols (considering NG and police as sources of ammo)

    A slim locked breach, single-stack .380 that can be packed anywhere in any climate. (Ruger LCP, Kel-Tec P3AT)

    A bullet-proof .22 pistol and carbine, (Can stock up on lots of ammo cheap – Ruger is the answer for both here)

    A .357 mag revolver (together w/ above, lots of ammo flexibility)

    A 5.56 carbine, (either a Mini-14 or AR)

    A quality AK

    A scoped .308 (to reach out and touch someone)

    A. 18/20" 12 ga pump. – Remington 870, (wish they had a blackened stainless version)

    I haven't addressed the 'shirt-pocket' .380 yet

    • Alan_T

      I second your motion and move that your nomination replace the current list !

  • M.D.

    This firearm list was a spoof folks… zombie hunting IS NOT SERIOUS BUSINESS… yet… ;)

    • jamesnhouston

      Maybe not yet, but congress could break out at any time……………

  • JMAC

    I have .22's,9mm's,.40 cals's, 357mag, .38 special, 12 gauges's, pump and bolt action, the Bushmaster mentioned above, .308 Savage Bolt action, a .270, a 30.06, 1911's in 45 acp and about 1000 rounds for each. This is more than enough for any Doomsday I encounter. You can't say what make and model or what exact 8 guns one should own. It's up to the individuals preference.

  • JMAC

    Oh, and the .50 cal is just ridiculous.

    • ALBIE


  • JMAC

    My wife wants an AK, so that will be on my list next. Unless I can talk her into the Mini-14. The AK's long range accuracy does not impress me. But it runs cheap ammo and is still a great firearm.

  • Mack Missiletoe

    My List of Wisdom:

    1) .357 Magnum Revolver: Ruger Security Six, GP100, or Smith & Wesson 686
    1) If Autopistols are preferred, A Sig or Glock in 9mm, .40, or .45
    2) Assault/Battle Rifle: AR15, AK, M1A
    3) A.22lr weapon: The Ruger Mark III Pistol or Marlin Bolt Action Rifle
    4) Remington 870 12 Gauge Shotgun
    5) Remington 700 Scoped in .30-06,.308, or .223 (& NATO equivalents)

    • jack

      Thats my list…. got 1 from each. feel good now for when SHTF

      • Mack Missiletoe

        Nice. I want an AR-15, a Ruger .357 (i do own a Smith though) and a shotgun.

        I am also thinking of replacing my Sig SP2022 .40 with a Beretta M9, but I have not shot an M9.

        I should shoot an M9. Maybe the gun range has one for rent.

  • Charles

    I just want see you carry all these weapons fully loaded and 150 rounds ammo for each weapon for 5 miles. And we won’t even discuss how you are in a survival mode and sill living by NATOs rules

    • Mack Missiletoe

      It's called Camel. Get one.

      I prefer the ones with TWO humps.

      Mr. Bean Approved!

  • Alan_T

    I am underwhelmed by this list . I can see the marine 870 but a Mossburg 500 or even a Winchester 97 ( if you can get one ) would be as good or better .
    I think a Sig 250 in 9mm would be a much better choice than the Kahr ( I own a Kahr and a Sig 250 ) especially if you get the caliber / size conversion kits for the Sig .
    I don't have anything against .50 BMG's but come on , how practical it that McMillan TAC-50 going to be ? ? ? As others have stated , put in a good .22 LR rifle or carbine . preferably a bolt action or a single shot for simplicity .
    A Holland and Holland Royal Side by Side ? Please ! Buy a second 870 or 500 .
    I won't argue too much over the Bushmaster Carbon 15 M4 Carbine but I'd choose my RRA coyote over the Bushmaster .
    The M1 A isn't a bad choice but I'd rather have a 308 bolt with good glass on it .
    Forget the S&W 629 , a .357 is WAY more practical wearing a 4 – 6 inch barrel .
    Okay ….. so an AK variant fits the bill , I can't argue with that .
    Just my oppion , anyone else is free to choose whatever they want for a doomsday senario

  • porkchop6209

    Oh Heck-Everybody just go on and get one each of everything, then you can grab whatever suits your fancy on any given occasion. We can all set aside certain models to carry on holidays, like a red and green XD for Christmas, something pink for Breast Cancer Awareness in Oct., a green CZ for St. Patty's Day, a very red Thompson for Valentines Day(what better way to show your special one how deep your love flows?), something brown and furry for Groundhog's Day(with a light, of course), an AK for May Day, a flintlock for July 4th(for the nostalgia in all of us), something hand made for Labor Day, a camo turkey gun for Thanksgiving. Man, the possibilities are endless, and Oh what fun!

    • Alan_T

      I like the way you think porkchio ! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • Black Squirrel

      Love ta have afew with ya and keep laughing,my kind to sense of humor.

  • JohnMN

    I, for one, liked the inclusion of the H&H double and the rationale for keeping it! Perhaps I'm one of the few people looking at this list in a less-than-completely-serious manner…

  • Hersfelder

    Enjoyed immensely reading the article, list of guns, and everybody's comments. Lots of tongue-in-cheek going on to spur comments. I think the very best zombie gun, and, possibly defense gun when TSHTF is a good semi-auto .22LR ;istol……Browning Buckmark, Ruger, S&W M&P22, and a .22LR carbine or rifle…..Ruger 10/22 or S&W M&P22 all get my vote. Why? Because you can easily carry 5000 rounds of ammunition in a backpack and still have room/weight capacity for a couple days of water and rations, and, until you need them, they won't break the bank as you arm up and then practice.

  • CaptRon

    Silly list without a .22. Stock up on any/every kind of .22 firearm your pawn shop offers, and buy a brick of ammo at every sale.

  • dugiboy

    no, we in england invented the finest bespoke sxs shotgun , lol

  • Will Carry

    Dooms day preppers? I thought you were saying Doomsday PEPPERS. I figured it was some new super hot peppers……

    If you doom preppers think you can dig a hole and hide while the world goes mad, you are insane. You only hope is a "Well regulated militia"
    Our forefathers knew what they were talking about.

    • porkchop6209

      And coming from the same government that suggested "duck and cover" would help in a Thermonuclear Explosion, we know what to expect from that side of the fence. I've got a couple of bottles of Ghost Pepper OMG! put back for my dining pleasure. Now if I can just lay hands on some Trinidad Scorpion and Black Mamba sauce, I should be able to cauterize open wounds. Love the stuff!

  • Matt W.

    Gotta have a Glock too. Mine is a .40 Model 22. I figure if I have to travel and scrounge ammo and mags as I move along, the Glock22 is the most popular police sidearm so there will be plenty of stuff out there to resupply.

  • Snug

    Kyle, you picked a few great guns . Now get real,#1….a silenced .22 pistol, #2 an accurate .22 bolt action rifle,#3paint the 12,#4 an accurate .308 bolt action rifle, #5,6,7,8, ammunition.

  • Joe

    A few good ideas’ here, however, as a few have mentioned this 8 gun list is a bit off. If you’re going with an end of the world as we know it theme, the weapons to have on hand are the ones you can both shoot and if you run out of ammo can find most often, i.e., .22, .223, 308/7.62×51, for rifles and .22, 38/357, 9mm, .40, .45 for hand guns and a good 12 or 20 gauge. If you trust the weapon with your life then that’s the one to have, and what about a bow/cross bow for the silent kill? And hunting.

    Only my opinion but it works for me.

    • 09bigfish1

      nice list of guns,but what about a good 410 with 3 inch mags.

  • Lucas Cayler

    Remington 700 chambered in 7mag, good for long range zombie shots/big game hunting, Remington 870 Express with interchangeable barrels, short for home defense, long barrel for bird hunting. Bushmaster AR-15 and AK47 for multiple zombie engagement. Glock 19C and Ruger GP100 in 357 mag for close range.

  • RobHouston

    You guys are all crazy. Remember you got to carry alot of ammo, most is way to heavy. #1 Ruger 1022 with several high mags #2 AK-47 or gas piston AR (no cleaning as much) with high cap mags. Lastly a high cap 9mm almost never used unless the other two are out of ammo or lost.

    • Mack Missiletoe

      Who said family/friends wouldn't get some?

    • stone

      You obviously have no clue about the ar system. A Di ar does not need to be clean to run just needs lube. Google filthy 14 you might learn something or you may think you know better than a professional warrior whoop pits more rounds through an ar in a year than you will your whole life.

  • Steve

    Wow, a lot of continuing comments on this one. The one thing I think was sorta mentioned that is important regarded a militia. You need a committed GROUP, and one that will go and stop them at a distance. If you wait until you have to defend your domicile, you are lost. This even worked in the very middle of anarchy in the last LA "escapade" when the Korean businessmen went out and blocked the street access to their stores. They didn't even have to actually shoot anyone.

  • Greg Krauth

    6) Winchester 1887 10 gauge lever action shotgun. Even with low pressure black
    powder shells, you'll at least have a good smoke screen from the 120 grain load.
    7) Don't know if I like new fangled guns, but what the heck, gimme an 1886
    Lebel-smokeless powder, jacketed bullet, repeater.
    8) Webley British Bulldog 44 cal. Big bore, repeater, concealability, and it was
    good enough for Sherlock Holmes so it'll slow down any marauding looters that
    get within arms reach.
    9) Winchester 1890 .22 slide action rimfire-for those pesky little varmints. '
    10) Ta-Da- last but not least , a nod to the 20th Century from the fertile mind
    of John Browning, the Remington
    Model 8 semi-auto 35 Rem. 200 grains of whoop-ass and a 5 round magazine. It's
    what Sheriff Hamer used when he interdicted Bonnie and Clyde.
    Yeah I know I may go down before I have an opportunity to offer my stud services
    to help repopulate the world, but at least I'll have a ball while the ammo

  • Greg Krauth

    Sorry I got my divided post submissions backwards, but here is part I—
    I sure would like to survive to help rebuild the world, but I really want to do
    so in style. Ergo my list:
    1) 1860 Spencer Carbine in 56/56-High capacity, well in 1860 anyway.
    2) 1860 Colt revolver-packs a damned good punch and has 6 whole shots. Could get
    extra cylinders for rapid reload.
    3) 1871/84 Mauser 11mm-good long range, heavy hitting bullet and again high
    4) 1873 Colt SAA 45 Colt 7 1/2" barrel. No explanation needed.
    5) Remington O/U Derringer 41 RF for hide-out gun-not alot of power, but just
    looking down that big could induce loss of bowel function

  • Rob

    Well Folks, I'd be more than happy to put my Sig Sauer P228 and P229 up against any of the pistols listed here. The fact that there are multiple barrels for the P229 goes along way. They include : .22, 9mm, .357, and .40 all in one gun. All that is required is a barrel change and a new clip a decent amount of ammo. The P228 now has a .22 kit that requires a new slide and barrel that runs about $300 or so directly from Sig. There are many vendors where the new Sig or after market barrels and mags can be purchased. Accrding to Sig, the goverment has put over 3 million rounds in testing and is currently carried by The Dept. of Homeland Security, U.S. Customs, Immagrations, U.S. Coast Guard, F.B.I. and other federal agencies.____The P228 was their wepon of choice until Sig discontinued the model but has a contract with the U.S. military to continue production a the M-11.____Both pistols are exelent concealed carry weapons. I also have several other pistols but Nothing compares to the Sig's. BTW, you could not pay me to own a Glock.

  • bobby

    you peeps are all nuts!!

    • Mack Missiletoe

      Well we know who's going without food…

  • Honcho

    Every one has great ideas, but alas, to each his own. I like my Gamo .177 Pellet Rifle or my Son's Ruger 10/22 for taking small game for the evening meal around the campfire. My handy-dandy .380 Colt, Mark 4, Series 80, semi-auto Government Model for close encounters of the zombie kind. My Dan Wesson .44 magnum six shooter for close to intermediate range, really packs a whollup and is as accurate as any rifle at the same range. My Browning Auto 5-12 gauge, of course any good 12 will do as long as your familiar with it. Last but not least, my Colt AR-15, drives nails at 100 yards w/o even trying. What could be better than that, especially when you consider the fact that most encounters will be within 100 yards or less if you find a good defensible position. Keep cool, stay loose and don't forget the beer !!!

  • FlSanerThanMost




    My second and final question: Will you and your core group be "ABSOLUTELY AND UNQUESTIONABLY" WILLING TO TAKE LIFE?

    If you can't pull the trigger, you're a liability, and should not be armed at all -less you wish to arm your antagonists.

    • Mack Missiletoe

      So buy more ammo and store it safely.

      I don't understand the thought that powder and ball won't run out but cartridges will.

  • FlSanerThanMost

    Post Thought: For those who post comments; it is ill-advised to "advertise" what you possess on the "net". Never let on your strengths or weaknesses to potential aggressors.

    • Mack Missiletoe

      I agree with your post but…

      The thought of [them getting] a face-full of lead tends to scare 'em away. We lock our firearms away yet are ready to shoot any intruders.

  • earlyboomer

    Apparently not very many posters have actually been in combat before,. I don't remember seeing too many guys running around with 6 or 7 weapons hanging off of them. Nor do I remember them being able to run back and forth in order to select weapons depending upon different situations as they arose. Usually, you are limited with respect to manuevering and restricted to what you can carry such as rifle, sidearm, ammo for those and perhaps a knife. Under fire, attempts to run back to your gun safe to do a swap out may very well get you killed. Just a side note, how many of us have armor plating in the walls of our houses?? Those of you who live in big cities, assuming you can make it out of the city, how will the people in rural areas perceive you?? Probably as the marauders that they too armed themselves to protect against. Should be interesting. Oh! And by the way, the firearms industry loves this type of paranoia.

    • les

      you place numerous guns in strategic locations that you will be able to get to fast. Which hell I already do this so I dont have to pack alot of weapons and ammo on me. all weapons I have can serve a dual purpose. heave to neve know when may be out in pasture of in wooded area and need to kill an animal or reptile. Even when fencing often need a gun for rattlers, and illegal intruders. Course the bigges thing prople would need to realize is dont live in well populated areas and metro areas Not all people can live on large acerage, but in country with solar powered electric fence helps. it alone keeps out intruders and keeps livestock in. but yeah the firearms industry is just like other industries making a killing selling their products to those that get paranoid, Common sense, practicality and a degree of practicla prepardness goes a long way. all the weapons and survival gear in the world will be useless if a person doesnot use it with common sense.

  • iziah

    Bad list…………why a carbon 15, they dont sound very good for the apocalypse with no dust cover and forward assist. And the 1022 should be on the list, and a ruger blackhawk convertible 357 so you can shoot 38 special 9mm and .357

    • Mack Missiletoe

      The 10/22 is nice but…

      In the Owner's Manual of my Marlin [with micro-groove rifling] it states there is no need to clean the barrel.

      Unless maybe the barrel were to attract moisture in a humid environment.

    • McMillan&Son

      I agree, the apocalypse at least requires a forward assist.

  • Rusty

    Since I'm a stay where I'm at rural kinda guy, I'd have a selection, 10/22, 30.06, .308, 5.56, 12 ga, .357, .45 acp, .40, but if I had to bug out, a winchester or marlin lever gun, .357, can use .38 or snake shot and a hi-cap handgun, .40 or .45.

  • jim deerhide

    a 12 ga. is great and easily kills deer at 25-30 yds. with #6 shot in the ribs. it's too loud though. Have a tcouple .22 rimfires that you can hit someone in the eye with at 100 yds. is all you need. they will kill the biggest buck hit in the heart , liver or lungs. you need a damn good dog too. He can see, smell and hear 100 times better than you, and can find that deer that run 100 yds. with a 22 pill in the heart.

  • Glen Dauphin

    I gotta disagree with a least half of this list. The AR is good the AK is good but I'd go with the 74 instead of the 47. Cheaper higher velocity ammo and much more accurate. The double barrel Shotgun was just ridiculous to put on this list. Not practical at all. The Khar pistol also also should not make this list. Try a Glock, a 1911, and a Ruger .357 mag revolver. A Ruger 10/22 or similar rifle, a Ruger Mk III pistol. A rifle for sniping and hunting in .308 like a Savage Model 10 or Remington Model 700. While a 50 cal would be nice to have, they are expensive, heavy and generally impractical. A 12 gauge pump like the one shown definitely belongs on the list.

  • Guest

    This is EXACTLY the same list I would come up with after someone beat me in the skull REPEATEDLY with a BALL PEEN HAMMER. . .

    Buy bullets. . . lots and lots and lots and lots of bullets.

  • MrNuke7175

    Worst list ever. Sounds more like a list the magazine got paid to advertise for. LOL.

  • devildog

    I really hope that this is a tongue in cheek article. If I thought they were serious, I would cancel my subscription immediately.

  • JvB

    Assuming I had a Holland & Holland side-by-side (which I don't, more's the pity!), I rather go down fighting in style with it gripped in my bloody fists than prevail with some soulless piece of pot metal and plastic!

  • Rob

    Just to be safe against a vampyre appocalypse, should I lay in a supply of wolfbane patched silver bullets? Should I remove my combo maglight/laser sight and replace with the mirror/sunlamp model? How about a cross shaped front sight?

    Thank you in advance for any advice!

  • John

    Zombies 12/21/12; but really come-on there is being readly and being stupid.

  • Marl Dominique Flores

    ill go for a kalashnikov

  • les

    Dam dont have exactly what is suggested but do have a nice assortment of fire arms stock pile and still adding on , swords, cross bows and compound bows and other little toys to fend of intruders, plus good supply of ammo. Everytime someone says gun control I buy more guns and ammo and figure gun control is how many I can use at one time accuratly.

  • Joshua Liberty

    It feels like this article was written badly on purpose to generate user feedback.

    If you guys would like a better list without idiotic props to Hornady for their TAP line when all and every intermediate caliber assault rifle offers that selfsame low recoil and rapid followup shots, I'll write it for you for $100.

  • dustin746

    I think a kel-tec pmr-30 would be a good pistol to use if SHTF

  • johnnyjet

    if you can't strike a killing blow with a buttstroke – it's not a gun, its a toy, if it's an AR knock-off, it probably won't work anymore after such a shock.
    all of mine for the endtimes have steel butt plates at the end of a long piece of walnut – and if you pull the bolt out, its a killing weapon in its own right

    • Mack Missiletoe

      Nice post!

  • Black Squirrel


    My turn,
    I think it will come down to movement/being in the bush.Hope all you 8-gunners can carry all that $#!T,
    you know,with ammo too.If I don't drop a buffalo with the 50 I hope I can gnaw on the stock or something.I've got the 65lb pack ready all necessary,the other 35lbs or so = GnA.
    So with that being said my focus is on reliability,accuracy,commonality of ammo(with others in group,and more importantly that which can be scrounged from the dead or empty dwellings etc.),crossover in use(i.e. AR=protection,hunting,s/m range sniping)cleanability and corrosion resistance and last but not least comfort/ease in use.

    Me and the wife will carry:

    sig516-(no DI for us) it passed the mil OTB test and comes in @ half the price of the HK equivalent.
    a suppressor here will be important,mostly for hunting,I expect to be hungry,if the first shot misses I don't want to stay hungry,nor in either event do I want our position given away,oh and of course if sniping…

    sig MK25 9mm(its not just for breakfast anymore)here again this one hits on 4 of my 5 criteria excepting crossover usage.As far as caliber goes the 45. is too much for my wife and the few extra in the mag helped make that decision.Oh, for the guys who want t give me a little $#!T about it,the anchor emblem may be cute but this one is all about corrosion resistance,not to mention any 226 variant has earned its most excellent reputation.

    I've considered a 9mm sub compact but the verdict is still out on necessity.If I were its the 9mm sig224sas for its similarity in function to its big brother .Yeah yeah yeah I like the Sig Sauer co. who can argue that they haven't earned it.551 anybody?

    My son will tote a 20/22lr over under for various small game opportunities.


  • Robert Johnston

    My "8-gun" arsenal:

    01) Remington 870 with #4 buckshot (for house defense and short-range deer harvesting) and #7 birdshot (harvester round for ducks and pheasants).

    02) Smith & Wesson K-38 Combat Masterpiece in .38 Special (house handgun) with six bricks of hollowpoints.

    03) Henry AR-7 take-down rifle in .22 rifle (ammo would be CCI Mini-Mag V, which I used in my Charter Arms version of the AR-7)

    04) Smith & Wesson 3913 in 9mm Parabellum (with 147 grain FBI hollowpoint rounds).

    05) Mosin-Nagant 1891 bolt-action rifle in 7.62x54R (restock with a synthetic stock and Pachmyr Limbsaver recoil pad. Ammo's pretty cheap).

    06) Ruger Mini-Thirty in 7.62×39 Kalashnikov (never liked poodle-shooters), or a Simonov SKS (same caliber, less expense, plus a boatload of after-market accessories to be had).

    07) NAA Black Widow in .22 Mag (for when all else fails), with a folding stock and extra cylinders. Makes a good "Jesus Gun" (as in one well-placed round will send you to explain your misdeeds to Jesus).

    08) Uberti Remington-clone black-powder revolver (load with Minie-type bullets–more accurate than lead balls. Prefer the Remington over the Colt because of the topstrap, plus they were better weapons).

    Other needs:

    01A) A proper safe to hold all my firearms.
    02A) A place to call my HQ/home.
    03A) At least twenty cases of MREs, plus plenty of bottled water and a Esbit stove with fuel.
    04A) Two machetes (one Kukri-styled), several fixed-blade knives and sharpener, several locking folders, and three Wegner Swiss-Army knives. Also, some kitchen tools.
    05A) Hand gardening tools and seeds (to grow my own veggies and fruit).
    06A) Proper clothing and hard-hats.
    07A) Water purification tabs and filters.
    08A) Archery equipment (for when I have to conserve my ammo).
    09A) At least three swords (for hand-to-hand combat), an axe (dual-purpose, also helps with dressing game), and a saw.
    10A) A Bible (or holy book of your faith).
    I pray that this situation never comes to pass, but if it does…

    • silent

      good list my weapons is slingshot (food), air gun.22 cal (quiet good for food and defense),browning 40 cal auto(defense) Ruger sp101 stainless 357 revolver(always reliable, defense)m14 sicom16, 308 cal (hunting/defense), 12 ga. winchester defender and not last my bow good for anything and quiet.

  • wellillbee

    hmmmm?how about
    1 p95 ruger 9mm
    2. 995 hipoint 9mm carbine
    3.38 special 3"snub nose
    4.12ga pump rem 870
    5 rem 597 .22lr semi auto rifle
    6.20 ga single shot h&r
    7.mosin nagant bolt action 91/30
    8.boot knife 7",3throw knives,1 fillet knife
    im sure these would do the job and not break the bank!

  • Tom Hartford

    The TC Dimension makes a very practical gun. The readers of G&A are, by and large, not practical. We are very proud of our gun collections. Pride of Ownership is a major issue in gun ownership. Imagine Thanksgiving with all the BIL's around and you haul out 5 boxes of parts to show off. Really proud of those parts huh?

    That's why this type of gun has never succeeded and never will, and if it ever did it would put gun magazines out of business.

    I love all the impractical guns I have that I absolutely don't need. They are all unique, all beautiful, all fully assembled. No boxes of parts please.

  • johnny

    Here's what I would have a glock19 on one hip,a s&w m&p .45 auto on the other hip.Multiple mag carriers on my belt and pockets on my jacket.A sp101 3 inch barrel .357 magnum in a holster on my back.A sig sauer mosquito .22lr on another holster on my belt.A Armalite AR-10 7.62 mmx51mm with multiple mags in my pocket.Carried with a sling and in my hands ready to go.Also a pack back with multipe rounds of ammo.Now I would be happy to take out zombies and flesh eating face eating people on heavy drugs coming my way.Heck just give me the Armalite Ar-10 7.62mm x51mm on a sling with multiple magazines,and a Bushmater Ar-15 M4 with multiple magazines a sling and a trijicon electronic sight and its zombie killing time.Or just give me any good quality 9mm pistol or .45 auto pistol with multiple magazines and excellent ammo and its on…………..or you know in the movie dogs of war that multiple ………

  • skorzeny75

    My choices so far, getting ready for financial collapse:
    1. Mossberg 590 SPX A1 (12 Ga. w/ bayonet)
    2. HK USP .45 ACP
    3. Ruger 10/22, scoped.
    Coming soon, much more ammo, and an AK-47. Also have a Sig 9mm and 2 other shotguns. Not a bad list above, but a double barrel shotgun???

    • Mack Missiletoe

      Financial collapse has been on my mind for some time now. If it happens it will not be fun.

      Let's be sure and try to work together if it does happen. Make friends and help people out–it would be more enjoyable. Having a group to protect the area is much safer than going 'lone wolf'.

      I think in some urban areas people may panic but out in the country or further from the city people will have more self control.

      Even if we collapsed financially we most certainly have the means to return, perhaps with a bit more leniency on cost-of-living prices or more affordable housing.

      I cannot believe the prices on apartments these days! It seems if you want a decent apartment you pay more than a small affordable house. If you make $10/hr you have to buddy up just to afford a 1-bedroom. Sad.

  • Sgt.Preppers Band

    1. Ithaca Police Special Pump 12g.
    2. TC Arms Bolt Icon 308 w/3×9 scope
    3. Colt 6920 5.56 Battle Sights
    4. Marlin 49DL Semi Auto 22LR w/scope
    5. HK USP 45 Full Size
    6. Winchester 69A Bolt 22 LR w/scope
    7. Super Blackhawk 44 Mag or 44 Special
    9. Beretta 85, .380 13 Rnd Mag
    Most Common Ammo, 5.56/223, 308, 12g, 22 LR, 45ACP and plenty of it.
    Ditto Idaho, Montana….Welcome to Oklahoma….Mr. Zombie Man.

  • wally

    1. Glock 29
    2. Glock 32
    3. Glock 19
    4. AK 47
    5. H&K 416
    6. Kel-tec PMR-30
    7. S&W .357 eight shot revolver
    8. Remington 870 very short barrel with pistol grip

    • Mack Missiletoe

      I know what you're thinking. Did I shoot 5 or 6 shots. Booya! I got 2 more shots b1tch!

      S&W 8-shot revolver…

  • James Mcwilliams

    I think it's all subjective, what you're willing to carry and what you can find ammo for.
    Regardless of what you like or dislike esp. with the AR platform, cleaning and care is key.
    Have an M1 Garand in 7.62, 1911 .45ACP and 12GA side by side rounded out by a .22 Buckmark.

    Personally my ideal load out would be .22 Rifle and pistol such as a Ruger 10/22 and Buckmark for small game, AR15 or AK with half decent scope or magnified optic for moderate distances plus the ammo is lighter and can carry more of it, Remington 870 with scope for deer and birds and revolver chambered in .357.

    There are those that feel high capacity battle rifles and big bore magnum revolvers are the way to go but humping all that ammo is going to get old real fast.
    Just my 2cents

  • ALbie

    OK HERE IS MY LIST A .22 RIFLE & pistol, Ruger 10/22 & ? , 12 ga. pump shot gun & auto loader, 9mm hand gun, Mosin Nagant bolt action 91/30, Brit 303, 30.06, 7.62X39, .223, at Least 1000 rounds for ea. Food & Water, Medical Supply's,Fuel,etc.

  • Hooty

    Worst list I've EVER seen. A .50? Are you crazy? Why would you shoot at any target 1000 yards away in a shtf senecio? All you're going to do is draw major attention to yourself with a rifle report like that. Laying low is the name of the game.

    • Mystar Purfect

      .50’s are highly effective against targets such as engine blocks and concrete barricades. They can be a versatile weapon if used correctly.

      • amp32ak .

        You guys are all nuts. Everyone thinks they’re going to grab their B.O.B. and, on cue, jump in your jeep rubicon, drive like hell for the hills and slyly wait out the end of the world… with your .50 cal or your 22lr. or whatever. Sure, you and everyone else. Strict enclave strategies always fail. $17 Trillion dollars says every one of these “hidden bunkers” trades hands a dozen times when bad comes to worse and no weapons are going to prevent it. Being armed with something you shoot well with is good. Shooting well with what you can take off the people who shoot at you is even better but that only gets you so far if you’re lucky. The point, though, is that a man alone is nothing. Running to the woods with a 22 short or a .577 Trex by yourself and thinking you’re going to ‘hold your ground’ against the end of the world is fool hardy. The future belongs to those who can ORGANIZE. People pulling together for the common good will out last, out survive, and out produce any firepower any lone person in a bunker will ever poses. Rather than preparing to “bug out”, any decent people out there should be planning to work together.

        • Tim Somethin Ernother

          The majority of people already have a mid to large party that they are organizing with. The rest of these lone gunmen thinking they can rely on banditry will either become nonexistent as time progresses or be forced into large groups. This notion of grouping up for the greater goal is already known and is not lost on most… Although the travel to said locations may very well require some “bugging out” especially if your initial location has already been compromised. While there is a slight advantage to staying on the move and following the supplies it is a drain psychologically and physically versus a stationary locale. The sole factor in a survival situation is adaptability. Your skills, firearms, and supply storage will become a key factor but won’t mean a thing if you can’t adapt to any and all situations you may face.

        • 7541west

          And your plan is…..

  • Caddoman

    Glock ad blocks out the text for each of the eight guns presented. No way to close it. So I vote against the Glock!
    The Opinion Poll for the website design gives only positive or neutral choices sorta like an Obama poll so I am adding the "DO NOT LIKE" answer as an option.
    The whole experience put me in a really bad mood

  • Smoke

    Ok, what a lame list. 870 in black, check. Double barrel stoeger coach gun for the wife. 870 to big for her.. Hand gun? Go with the biggest that you can accurately shoot that works well. For me it's a 1911, px4storm in 45, or a ruger redhawk in 44 mag. For the wife a bursa 380 with buffalo bore hard nosed flat lead, plus I have one as a pocket gun. 50 cal, please, my m1a1 with a scope goes well out to 800+yards just fine. Closer in I love my socom 16. Go ahead, hide behind that car! My wife gets the mini 14. The only thing I would add is a ruger 10/22, the new breakdown model for small game.

  • MacK Missiletoe

    The List
    1) Colt AR15 or Similar in .5.56×45
    2) Beretta M9, Glock, or Quality 1911 in 9mm, .40s&w, or .45acp. Only full-size pistols here
    3) Ruger Mark III, 22/45, Single Six, or Bearcat. All reliable .22lr pistols
    4) Scoped CZ 527 Carbine in 7.62×39 or similar bolt rifle in .308–with backup iron sights
    5. A few extra Shotguns or Fun Guns for hunting. Mine is a Marlin 25MN in .22wmr. I wouldn't mind an H&R single shotgun in .410 or .28g. A favorite .357 mag revolver would fit here too

    I don't recommend having say 2 guns with interchangeable barrels but rather 4 guns of which a few may be given to highly trusted family or friends for your group. Less guns = less firepower after all

    If you are alone with limited carrying capacity then #1, #2 and #3 will work

  • Dante's Problem

    Personal build out:

    ruger lcp 380 w/ crimson trace laser (i know its a kel tec knock off but i like this one) used for my edc and fight my way back to my car/truck/house.

    bersa ultra compact pro 9mm- this is my main carry if weather permits and or SHTF scenario. shot over 2k rounds through it and it is extremely accurate, durable and overall the best bang for the buck. i can slap in extended mags (only down side to bersa… expensive magazines) and it seriously has embarrassed other pistols which were direct competitors. most people don't even know about bersa and this weapon is so well made i suggest everyone have it.

    mossberg 590a1 tactical- love this shotgun but i've been searching for a kel tec ksg to no avail. it took me months to find a kel tec pmr 30 and i still paid an absurd amount for it. so my biggest gripe with kel tec is that it's almost impossible to find stock parts, guns, etc. not a good idea for zombie's coming for dinner bs. the mossberg on the other hand is excellent. i use it for my 3 gun set up (along with my bersa and frankenAR) and its amazing. surefire light on pump action, ghost ring irons, everything needed if i need to clear a house or "convince" my wife to make me dinner (bad joke no one freak out and give me bs about that).

    rainier arms 16" midlength recce upper with battlecomp supressor, BCM gunfighter, mil spec BCG, palmetto state armory lower with magpul MOE LPK, giessele SSA-E trigger, vortex viper pst 1-4×24 optic on larue qd mount (also aimpoint micro T1), nice sling and surefire light on front.- very good SHTF weapon system, excellent for gun matches, hunting, defense, etc. personal preference over AK for TEOTWAWKI argument. believe that reliability is exaggerated by AK fans. the AR has done very well in very adverse conditions. i would rather have a slick rifle, more ammo with better grain (like 75-77 as that is plenty stopping power to do the job), lighter weapon, longer distance (consistently hit 600m and have pushed out to 800m on some advanced courses), far more variations and available parts etc.

    fun guns:

    taurus judge public defender poly- this is just for fun but most definitely an excellent revolver. love shooting all the unique ammo variants companies are making for this.

    rock island armory 1911 2011 tactical- way less expensive than competitors and this thing has performed flawlessly. highly suggest this manufacturer if looking for a 1911.

    but for the bug out scenario where we would have to go red dawn on someone i could pack all the weapons and effectively carry like we were in iraq.

    RUC 16" recce AR15 main rifle
    Bersa TUC9mm side arm
    Mossberg back sling or in vehicle
    Ruger LCP pack bag or ankle back up
    RIA 1911/Judge camp property defense snugly under pillow

    that's plenty of different weapons with different ammo to carry around. also have an AR 10 being built but I just don't understand why you see these people on Nat Geo's DPer's (yes I mean DPer's) having a safe with 90 guns which they can't take with them. I think I have too many but I'm an enthusiast. really you only need a couple of those to really survive, a butt load of ammo and ample practice and mastery of those you keep.

  • George William

    1.) Pistols: XDm 9mm or XDm 40 cal and S&W Model 10 .38 cal.
    2.) Mouse Gun: Beretta Nano 9mm
    3.) Shotgun: 12 ga. Rem. 870 or Mossberg 500
    4.) Defense Rifle: AK-47 7.62×39 mm or AR-15 5.56mm
    5.) Long Gun Rem. 700 7mm with 4-20 x scope and Ruger 10/22

    • T butler

      1.) Pistols: Browning Challenger 1965 Belgium .22 – Sig Sauer P229 .357 Sig.
      2.) Shotguns: 1955 870 16ga, 1985 S&W Super 12 12ga, 1957 Winchester Model 12 20ga, 2002 Browning Superlight 20ga Citori, 1887 Remington double 12ga with hammers.
      3.) Rifles .22: Ruger 10/22, Winchester 1917 .22 short pump.
      4.) Rifles Big Game: 1981 Remington 760 .308 carbine, 1988 Browning .308 BLR, 1967 Winchester Canadian Centenial 3030 lever.

  • ERDOC72

    Nice food for thought, but somewhat impractical. A .50 cal is extremely heavy and its ammo is expensive as hell. As someone pointed out earlier, spend the money on a decent 308 battle rifle and it can double as sniper rifle. I would not recommend the SOCOM 2. Heavy as a regular M1A, but with a shorter barrel. I have a SCAR 17 which is light and accurate, but truthfully is too expensive for most. A decent FAL or older type M1A would be just fine. Every weapon selected should have plenty of ammo that you can easily obtain even after a collapse. A good 22 LR will go a long way to feeding you and your family. A shotgun with screw in chokes is also a must. People keep beating on a 556, but in reality it has been an extremely effective combat rifle. Accurate at long range with light ammo. There are corpses holding AKs that were eliminated by our serviceman all over the world. I have had several bushmasters in the past, none with any failures. Im a rock river arms fan, but to each their own. As far as handguns, while "weaker" a center mass shot from a 9 mm hollow point is fatal, and having a handgun that shoots 14-17 times could be handy. And again, ammo for a 22, 9 mm, 556, 12 gauge, and 7.62 (x51 and 39) is extremely plentiful and will be easier to find if you were to run out. Just remember to clean and oil your weapons. Failure of most weapons are really a failure of the operator to care for that weapon. Just my opinion.

  • Chris

    Basics are-

    Nice conceal semi-auto pistol in 9mm and a large caliber 7 shot revolver. .357 mag better choice over .44 being the .44 is too heavy, slow and the .357 mag not only is a near powerful round but it can also shoot .38.

    Nothing wrong with a 870 12 gauge, I prefer Mossberg 500. A 7-8 shot tube is a must. Mariner option is nice but you'll be long dead before any shotgun rusts out unless you store it in a puddle.

    You do not want a .50. Way to large, heavy and expensive. Cannot be mobile with a set-up like this. For long-distance sniping a .308 will do. If you have to have real armor piercing power a .338 is a better choice.

    No double-barrel, one simple pump shotgun will do. I'd rather have two pumps or a pump and a semi then a pump and a double. This is just some silly want, not a need.

    Any brand of AR-15 is a good choice. I hear some say Colt only, Bushmaster only. It's meaningless. On all the ranges I shoot on not one brand dominates in performance or reliability, only price. DPMS has the best dollar/quality ratio.

    A AK should be one's close quarters battle rifle, the AMD 65 or any side or under folding stock version is the best choice. Being the AR platform is more accurate then AK at mid-long range the AK with a shorter 16" barrel and moving stock makes for a great short-mid range rifle.

    Love the Springfield M1A as a semi sniper but as a tactical replacement for the AR absolutely not. If you grab a Springfield M1A do not get a tac version, use it as a long range shooter. The AR and AK are the best short-mid range shooters.

  • Bevis

    Lets see that Socoms Op Rod after a 20 round mag of 308 winchester…… 7.62×51 before you get some one plastic surgery.

  • Carolyn Sorrell

    I'm no expert on weapons but here's my question: if its REALLY the end of the world, then we're all dead and nobody's weapons or survival supplies will make any difference. THERES NOBODY LEFT ALIVE!

    • 7541west

      There will always be survivors…..

  • beattheend

    The thing I don't get is that there is no .22 on this list. At least some kind of 10/22 or the survival breakdown 22 .410 combo.
    I do love the AK-47 though. Not so accurate but it can really take a beating and still work like new.
    The TAC 50 looks like an awesome gun. I hadn't seen one of those before.
    This was a great article thanks!

  • Cody GA Boy Clark

    I would say have at least a 15 round pistol,

    My list
    remington 870(home defense)
    Remington 700, 308 caliber (long range, sniping)
    Norinco 213A 9mm 15 round clips (carry)
    Remington 597(22lr, the best all around survival gun)
    IO Ak 47( war and big gun fights require a center fed rifle)
    Ruger Super Redhawk 44 magnum (9 and half inch barrel, my dream gun, we all have that, and that would be my last gun to resort to, I do have a scope on it

  • Boone

    My SHTF Choice, Simple and Sweet; mainly due to the fact that reliability and ease of transport is key, along with lots of findable ammunition for these weapons.

    1 – SKS Carbine
    2 – A small .22lr such as the Marlin Papoose (break it down; throw in backpack use for hunting small game)
    3 – Glock 17 with suppressor
    4- KSG 12

    "Hey, they're in the bible…"


  • AKC MD

    In reference to the AK-47…..Although he Soviets supplied AK's and variants to many proxies during the 80's (South Yemen, Syria, Somalia), when were the Russians ever in an Arab country during the 80's that "Arab tribes are still able to use many of the AK-47s confiscated from Russian troops in the ’80s"?
    Presumably you meant Afghanistan (79-89). If so, it is not an Arab country. There were however Arab volunteers that came from the Gulf that were eventually called "Arab Afghans", but they were wealthy without a need to "confiscate" anything!
    I expect less oversight and better editorial supervision from Guns and Ammo!

  • Matt Singer

    I would like to say, that is quite an impressive list. Only a hitch or two in my humble opinion. First, there are plenty of "far-reaching" calibers out there that are half the weight of the .50. GREAT round, but also excessively expensive and heavy. I shoot .300 Win-Mag personally, but any of the .300/.338 calibers would do. The only thing you'd need a .50 for is if the "zombies" learn how to drive armored vehicles. Second, I also agree that a revolver, although less likely to fail/jam than an auto-loader, would be a sorry replacement for a SA XD-40 Service model or Glock 23 w/about ten mags. I would rather have one or both of those options ANY day over ANY revolver you could offer me. Completely agree on the 870 Marine shotgun! Thirdly, another great weapon to have would be an H&K MP5. Although the 9mm doesn't have quite the knock down power of a .40 or .45, it does have several advantages…weight, mag. capacity and availability. In the MP5, it is quite a devastating little round, esp. in 3-round burst.

    If I was in a fortified position, I'd want as many weapons as I could have with as much ammo as I could get. If I was mobile…as in, on foot…I'd want the M4 (with at least 12-15 mags), two pistols (same caliber and, preferably the same make/model, 7 mags each) and a pump-action, short-barreled, collapsible stock 870 in 12 ga. (with approx. 40-50 rounds, 00 Buck). Any more than that and you'll weigh less than your gear…unless you're a rhinoceros. Only my opinion, disagree if you like. I welcome new and innovative ideas, too. Thanks for reading…hope you enjoyed.

  • Mirage

    My SHTF list is as follows:

    Ruger 10/22 (cheap 3x-9x scope) and SW 22A (22LR) for hunting small game.
    Ruger Gunsite Scout .308 w/ EOTech 522XR (NV capable) scope (always carry weapon)
    HK91 (.308) w bipod and Nikon Monarch 4x-16x scope
    XD in SW.40 (side arm for every adult family member)
    Remington 700 in .308

    If I lived in a city/suburb, A shotgun or AR-15 would make some sense. 3 calibers of ammo. Plenty of stopping power. Don't underestimate good optics and SOME night vision need. I am not a fan of .223 except in urban environments. Shotguns are useful in structure defense.

  • Tin Man

    Now let's get real. Unless you are preparing for war the best gun is the one you have and the skill to use it. That in mind you can get everyone elses gun. What is the one gun you would choose? You can't carry 8.

    My choice is a simple .22 long rifle with metallic sights. Reason is it's good small game gun also works on deer and human sized targets. One thing you have not mentioned is night shooting. Where I live a "good old boy" can down a deer on a moonless night with a .22 and a flashlight. No noise and meat on the table!

    Simple and it works.

    Tin Man.

  • Really?

    Its always funny to see how people think that they would know how to kill a zombie if it ever happened. What if a .22 didnt kill it, what if a .308 didnt do anything but put a hole threw it? What if it took complete annihilation meaning grinding up and burning to ashes?
    Otherwise having a rifle in a .308 or commonly found round for shooting big things or .223 rifle since its more common that if you DO get into a battle it'll be closer range and with multiple moving targets so you'll need an effect mid range round thats accurate and commonly found (can carry more if need to move and cover). A smaller round for small game hunting whether its a .22 rifle or handgun. And a 12 gauge shotgun for very close blast them reasons.
    I didnt put a pistol since range isnt that great and I'd say unless you put about 200 rounds down range accurate at different distances, its a more feel good emotion having it than actual effectiveness.
    I'd say less is better, common found parts/ammo is better than favorite all time weapons and most importantly what every weapon your most accurate with above in mind. I think having just 2 or at most 3 different weapons is more than enough. And you can always pick up fallen weapons to use when your weapon has ran out or just to use up their ammo.
    But thats what I think.

    • Joe Forness

      You have some good points but I don’t agree with your assessment about pistols. If you know how to shoot you can be very effective and deadly with a pistol. with 13+ rounds per mag, you can do some real damage and it may just save your bacon.

  • Shawn O'neill

    me being 17. and living in CA for right now. im kinda limited.

    i have a Mosin-Nagant my pops bought me a few years back.

    A winchester m72-22.

    and an old break action single shot 12 guage.

    im saving money. any inputs on what i should get when im 18?

  • Romeo Cisneros

    This one was easy from the start, the AK-47. How many guns do you really need? One. A zombie apocalypse? Lmao. When the Government crumbles is when we will have our apocalypse. I really like all these guns but from hearing everything about them i can only go with the Avtomat Kalashnikova. Not only is it the MOST reliable, it is great within 20-40 feet; 30 round capacity and it can withstand any kind of climate change as you just read. Not to mention its a great size and isn’t very heavy. That is a personal opinion, i do love the banana clip but nothing like those pointed bullets; this gun is a work of art. I will tip my hat off to the Russians, nothing like fine vodka and a AK-47 to await the apocalyptic cataclysm. #checkmate

  • Mark Lutz

    There is no zombie apocalypse in the Bible. That’s just amazingly ignorant.

    • Joe Maffei

      i think they mean jesus, coming back from the dead was a zombie, they were using humor.

      • dustin hoffman

        not funny

        • Steven Shehan

          Leave it to a bible thumper to be so narrow minded not to see the humor in something so simple….you people really need to get that stick out of your ass and join the rest of the world.

          • Joshua

            Wow that’s amazingly judgemental. I have seen some rude people in the world, but that’s ridiculous.

          • lucky bells

            why don’t you suck a big fat one lib troll

          • 7541west

            I’m sorry to have to say this to you but YOU are narrow minded yourself….and that stick wil be somewhere else in the future but you won’t see it…sad for you not to have a clue about what in this world is important and what is just stuff….but time will tell….better find out what is worth your time and what isn’t.

        • Michael

          Actually it is pretty funny, especially since it takes away from the veracity of the bible. He actually wasn’t talkng about Jesus, he was referring to what the bible says about the dead in Jerusalem rising from their graves and wandering around after Jesus’ supposed resurrection. Funny how that isn’t mentioned by any historian or author of the time, isn’t it? Nowhere but the bible. You would think that if people dug themselves out of there grave and wandered around a town like Jerusalem for all to see someone might have mentioned it. It’s also funny how bible thumpers tend to not know about that part of their bible.

          Mathew 27 if you care to check.

      • Dawn

        Jesus already came back from the dead. :-P

      • Michael

        No its not referring to Jesus. Its referring to the verses that say the dead rose from their graves in Jerusalem and walked around after Jesus’ supposed reserrection. Mathew 27.

    • Edward

      Read your bible a little better it refers to the zombies not literally but read Zechariah 14:12

      • Mark Lutz

        Like I said, not zombies. People in our day have flesh rotting diseases, but they’re not zombies. The people described in the bible are not zombies in any context, that is, walking dead with rotting flesh. Also, the people that came out of the tombs when Jesus was crucified were not zombies, and Lazarus was not a zombie. When the time comes that one sees the events you’re writing about, something more important than guns should be considered.

        • Mystar Purfect

          Zombie is anyone who has come back from the dead… or dead walking around. The term has been used over many centuries and has, only withing the last 70 years or so, related to rotting carcasses trying to eat flesh or brains. And while I do agree that faith and prayer will have an important place if events like these occur you do need to realize that the events in the Bible do classify those who rose from the dead as zombies. Traditionally our idea of zombies has been flawed from the get go… as some research will show. But ultimately the premise of a corpse coming to life is the same in most of the beliefs. And as such does exist within the bible.

        • Micheal Hampton

          ok, as one that has studied the bible myself, one of the first things you find out is that the bible says many different things to many different people. it depends on who is reading it. just because YOU don’t interpret those specific passages as zombie like doesn’t mean that no one else could/should. stop being the typical closed minded proper religious fanatic that society says we are.

      • Michael

        Mathew 27 refers to them literally.

  • f ray

    bible? book of stories that are not true. that’s how you base your gun choice on. If so, your already fucked.

  • Baluba Scar

    Only one answer: glock 17, mossberg 500, sig sauer 550 and a machete ! And of course…a lot of bullets xD

  • Oscar Four Bravo

    I agree with the carbine especially with the multiple utility of today’s carbines. You can run 5.56, 6.8 or 300 BO with an upper change. Pistol would have to be a Glock 35 or 22. Yes, it’s a .40 however, there are several good 40 to 9mm conversion barrels out there. If you are running low on one caliber and fine some of the other, you’re still in business. You can’t argue with the good ol’ 870 but I would grab my Benelli M4 before my 870. A .22 pistol, Ruger MKIII, 22/45 would also be on my list. If you’re on the move and on foot, obviously you can’t take the entire contents of your gun safe and ammo locker.

  • Uncle Sam’s misguided child

    This is one of the weirdest doomsday gun lists I have ever seen! The nickle plated shotgun is a good choice along with the AK-47 and AR15 but the .50 calaber or the double barrel? for someone on a budget that wants affordable, reliable guns I would recomend a Mossberg 12 gauge shotgun, a Marlin model 60, an sks rifle, a Smith&Wesson M&P 9mm handgun(yes I know that it costs alot and doesnt have as much knock down power as a 357.mag) a scoped bolt action .308, a 22lr revolver(possibly a Sturn Ruger or RRA 1911 style handgun)and last but not least a pellet rifle with at least 600 fps to hunt small game but not make noise. Dont forget too get 1000 rounds for each gun and slings for each gun along with scopes and magazine for certian guns.

  • Devon

    9mm assualt rifle(cheap effective weapon) , mossberg, ruger 10/22 , a recurve bow(silent + reuseable) and a fishing rod and a boat.

  • Observer

    You don’t need to have that many guns. You only need to have a sidearm (9mm) and a semiauto rifle (ar-15) in .223. Here is how it looks on this picture “Stand your Ground” by jon mcnaughton:

  • dltaylor51

    My bug out guns were the hardest part of putting together my survival bag,agonized over it for months and settled on three.A 38-55 win.saddle ring trapper carbine 16 in barrel,colt SAA peacemaker 38-40 43/4 in barrel and a Ruger 22-45 lite with 4in barrel with a tactical solutions silencer.Combined weight of all three guns is 9lb.13oz with silencer included.Weight and practicality were the deciding factors.

    • lucky bells

      You may have a hard time finding ammo for those weapons. Just sayin.

      • dltaylor51

        I have original Winchester loading tongs with bullet molds for the rifles so 22 shells could be a problem.My big dilemma is i keep changing my mind on what to take with me as my bug out guns,223 makes a lot of sense as does the 9mm side arm due to ammo availability.

  • A gardener

    Who will manufacture bullets after this so called apocalypse? Survivors will melt down guns to make farm tools, sooner rather than later. If you think you’ll just buy all the ammunition in the world ask yourself how you’ll carry it if you need to move, without fuel for a car. Preparers would be better off stocking seeds than bullets.

    • ryan hamilton

      That is why people invest in reloading tools, and collect fired brass.. people will have to maufacture their own ammunition.

    • 7541west

      Think about it….you have to survive the first few weeks, months whatever in order to get to the part where planting, rebuilding and order come back around….when the ship sinks you first need to survive and not drown before you work on getting the island planted with corn…just a thought.

  • Chuck

    If the g end of time comes, no gun will save you

  • monster

    do you know that the bible is not your story. it’s about god’s true children. The lost and found children that was brought here to this strange land. That have a history of being brutality murder for over 400 years. The bible doesn’t mention u people. Your rase wasn’t even made yet. All I heard is you people talk about Jesus. Your people didn’t even except him then why do u think you will except him now. You hate his people unless they are playing a professional sport or entertaining you. You don’t love god becsuse you still hate his children.

  • phil

    Terrible selection… Why not have a glock, holds way more than 9. I’d take a R700 over that 50 cal anyday

  • Chris
  • Reverend Al Ferguson Sharpton

    Whoever came up with this list needs to lay off the Call of Duty games for a while and get some actual field experience.

  • Shawn goldenbear

    WELL IF the ZOMBIE comes back from the dead THEN THEREFORE you cannot KILL IT again!!!! Best to know Jesus personally in your heart and you’ll be better off. John 3:16.

  • Shawn goldenbear

    IF your gonna stock up on some gun might as well get a compound bow and arrow and no one can hear you shoot a deer/zombie HUNDRED OF miles away. Use a gun will attract attention! “BOOM BANG” they’ve narrow down on your location. John 3:16

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