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Kevin Brennan

Hero NYPD Cop Shot in Head Makes Miraculous Recovery

by Richard Nance 23

On January 31, 2012, NYPD Officer Kevin Brennan, 29, who was working in a plain clothes unit, responded to a… more »

Chad Adams interviews Tommy Thacker after his win in Vegas (courtesy Dianna Liedorff)

An Inside Look at Chad Adams’ “3-Gun Nation”

by Iain Harrison 1

The 2012 SHOT show provided the backdrop for the richest payout in the sport of 3-gun, when eight finalists squared… more »


G&A Ranks the Best Movie Shootouts

by G&A Online Editors 209

The history of Hollywood’s shoot ‘em up movies stretches as far back as cinema itself. The shootout has always been… more »

Caracal Full Size 9mm

What was the Best New Handgun at the SHOT Show?

by Iain Harrison 111

Full disclosure; due to work commitments I wasn’t able to visit anywhere near the number of exhibitors I wanted to… more »

Model 1855 Pistol-Carbine

Troopers’ Twofer: The U.S. Model 1855 Pistol-Carbine

by Garry James 5

A number of people have asked me what kind of gun I’m holding at the top of my blog. The… more »


Commie Guns: Using the AK-47 for Zombies

by Patrick Sweeney 41

t never fails: Start a discussion about zombies, guns or calibers, and the AK fans come out of the woodwork…. more »

Christmas 1911

Santa Shoots “Jingle Bells” with his 1911

by G&A Online Editors 0

Merry Christmas from G&A!


G&A Accuracy Test: Today’s Model 1911

by Robert Kolesar 3

Accuracy in a pistol can’t be judged easily; the uses to which it could be put create too many competing… more »

Old Guns & Ammo Covers

12 Best Covers from G&A’s First Decade

by G&A Online Editors 5

From the very first issue in 1958, Guns & Ammo has been dedicated to bringing readers the very best in… more »


Video: USPSA Area 2 Championship at Rio Salado

by Iain Harrison 2

I got in to the sport of 3-gun because I’m a generalist rather than a specialist. In other words, I… more »

Repeating arms

8 Most Important Developments in Shooting History

by Garry James 22

Once again, the blogmeisters have given me the thankless task of coming up with a number (this time, eight) of… more »


8 Great Guns for the Zombie Apocalypse

by Patrick Sweeney 469

So the zombies are at your door. Death is upon you, but the gun shop is just a block away…. more »


8 Worst Shooting Tips We’ve Ever Heard

by G&A Online Editors 89

Shooting advice is a wonderful thing. It’s how we pass down knowledge gained from from years of money and time… more »


Introducing the Predator Tactical Wraith Race Gun (UPDATED)

by Iain Harrison 10

(Updated with video and shooting results on 10/12) I’ve been shooting open division guns for about six months now. For… more »


Gunman opens fire near High School: What can we learn?

by George Wehby 7

Police killed an armed man in Issaquah, Wash., who was walking around near a high school Saturday. The individual was… more »


Why Every Shooter Should Try 3-Gun

by Iain Harrison 43

Well, it’s been just over a year since Top Shot Season 1 wrapped up. I’ve been on a roller coaster… more »


10 Most Influential Handguns of All Time

by Garry James 92

The other day the blogmeister here at, Ben O’Brien, dropped me an email, opining  it might be fun for… more »


Tactical Scenario: Philadelphia Bus Shooting Video

by George Wehby 27

In the surveillance video shown below of the Philadelphia bus shooting, a group of passengers are trapped on public transportation… more »

Ruger Scout Rifle

Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle at the Range

by Guns & Ammo TV 59

In this clip from Guns & Ammo TV, Executive Technical Editor Dick Metcalf and Ruger’s Media Relations Director Ken Jorgensen… more »


Practicing A Smooth Shotgun Swing

by Scott E. Mayer 7

Getting a consistent mount and smooth swing are keys to making hits on clay and feathered birds. Gil and Vicki… more »

A scoped handgun will make you a better shooter.

Handgun Scopes Help With Training

by Dan Johnson 18

Do you own one or more accurate scope sighted handguns? Perhaps you are a handgun hunter and routinely take game… more »


Controlling Recoil

by Scott E. Mayer 6

David Fortier visits Ft. Benning to see how the Army teaches soldiers to manage recoil and shoot in close quarters.

Picture 16

Viridian’s NEW Green Lasers

by Brock Norman 11

Lasers have become complacent on handguns.  Richard Nance explains the benefits of Viridian’s new green laser units.


Handguns at Long Range…Very Long Range

by Dan Johnson 78

What is long range with a handgun? It depends, of course, on the type handgun and the person behind it…. more »


Reading Rifle Targets

by Scott E. Mayer 6

by Scott E. Mayer Bullet holes indicate where the sights were really aligned at the time of the shot rather… more »


Reloading For Versatility

by Mike Price 44

It was 45 degrees, and ground fog blanketed the hardwood bottom that ran along the edge of a thicket. Sunrise… more »


DTA Suppressors Are Now Shipping

by admin 2

Desert Tactical Arms developed the DTSS (Desert Tactical Sound Suppressor) to enhance accuracy, repeatability, and minimize impact shift between suppressed… more »

Gun in holster

What Your Carry Gun Says About You

by G&A Online Editors 58

Perception is often reality for the gun guy. For the riflemen among us, a classic Winchester 1895 lever-action speaks to… more »

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