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Shooting the Alexander Arms 50 Beowulf

What’s The .50 Beowulf Good For?

by Paul Youngblood 76

I knew when I first saw the .50 Beowulf cartridge that I had to have one. Interestingly, when my shooting… more »


Reloading For Versatility

by Mike Price 44

It was 45 degrees, and ground fog blanketed the hardwood bottom that ran along the edge of a thicket. Sunrise… more »


Steam Punk Powder Scale

by Garry James 10

by Garry James So you thought electric powder scales were new? A look at this c. 1920 beauty will change… more »


Helpful Electronic Reloading Tools

by admin 0

Field Editor Dick Metcalf introduces two helpful electronic reloading tools from Frankford Arsenal — a pocket-sized reloading s

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