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Model 1855 Pistol-Carbine

Troopers’ Twofer: The U.S. Model 1855 Pistol-Carbine

by Garry James 5

A number of people have asked me what kind of gun I’m holding at the top of my blog. The… more »

Shooting Obregon

The Best .45 Auto: The Obregon Auto Pistol

by Garry James 45

When one thinks of countries known for innovative firearms design, Mexico is not one that immediately comes to mind. But… more »


G&A’s Christmas Wish List

by Jim Bequette 45

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time for me to poll our staff of writers and editors on their… more »

Repeating arms

8 Most Important Developments in Shooting History

by Garry James 22

Once again, the blogmeisters have given me the thankless task of coming up with a number (this time, eight) of… more »


What’s the Best Military Longarm Ever?

by Garry James 144

No matter how sophisticated things get, it’s always going to be the infantry in a war — the ground-pounders who… more »

1910 FN

The Deadliest Handgun in History?

by Garry James 44

With a total of 35 million casualties, there is little doubt that the First World War was one of the… more »

Hound of the Baskervilles

Sherlock Holmes: A Historically Good Shot?

by Garry James 16

While everyone is familiar with the many skills of the world’s first consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes, what is not generally… more »

Russia's Winchester

Russia’s Winchester Model 1895

by Garry James 21

On paper, at the beginning of World War I, the Russian Army was the most formidable land force in the… more »


What are the Best Gun Movies Ever?

by Garry James 112

When you think about it, guns and movies have always had a very close relationship, but what are the best… more »

RIC Revolver

Military Mystery: What was George Custer’s Last Gun?

by Garry James 47

For a good number of years there has been much speculation about what was Lt. Col George Armstrong Custer‘s last… more »


10 Most Influential Handguns of All Time

by Garry James 92

The other day the blogmeister here at, Ben O’Brien, dropped me an email, opining  it might be fun for… more »


What’s the Most Beautiful Handgun Ever Made?

by Garry James 270

What’s the most beautiful handgun ever made? That’s an interesting question on many levels.  Of course looks are pretty personal,… more »


Steam Punk Powder Scale

by Garry James 10

by Garry James So you thought electric powder scales were new? A look at this c. 1920 beauty will change… more »


A “True Grit” Walker

by admin 0

Garry James and Payton Miller examine the Walker Colt cartridge conversion revolver used by the actress Kim Darby in the… more »


Hollywood “Flintlocks”

by admin 0

Garry James and Payton Miller take a look at some of the flintlock guns cobbled together to create Hollywood magic.


John Wayne “Fanning” Revolver

by admin 0

Payton Miller and Garry James take a look at the guns from the movie “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance”… more »


WWI Artillery Luger

by admin 0

Garry James and Steve Fjestad discuss the features and value of a great military pistol of the past, the WWI… more »


Eley Ammunition Company Tour

by admin 0

G&A’s Garry James and Dick Metcalf get an exclusive tour — the first ever on camera — of Britain’s 170… more »


1903 Springfield Bolt-Action Rifle

by admin 0

Garry James and Steve Fjestad discuss the features and value of this 1903 Springfield.


Model B High Standard Pistol

by admin 0

Senior Editor Garry James and Steve Fjestad discuss the value of a .22 caliber Model B High Standard pistol (c…. more »


Colt 1903 Model M Pistol

by admin 0

Senior Editor Garry James and Steve Fjestad discuss the value of a beautiful Colt 1903 Model M pistol used by… more »


Frank & Jesse James

by admin 0

Frank and Jesse James were the most notorious train robbers of the Old West. The Museum of the American West… more »


1895 Winchester Rifle

by admin 0

Facing a firearms shortage the Russian Imperial Army bought thousands of 1895 Winchester lever-action rifles for the Russian Rev


Webley Mark 6 Pistol

by admin 0

Senior Editor Garry James and Steve Fjestad discuss the features and value of this Webley Mark 6 Pistol.


Trapdoor Rifle

by admin 0

Garry James test fires the Trapdoor Rifle, a breechloader rifle used by the U.S. government from the 1870s through the… more »


Martini-Henry Rifle

by admin 0

Senior Editor Garry James and Field Editor David Fortier test fire a Martini-Henry rifle, widely used by the British Empire… more »


Springfield Armory 1911 Defender

by admin 0

Senior Editor Garry James tests the Springfield 1911 Defender (.45 GAP), a small semiauto that he considers to be one… more »


Webley Mark 1 Revolver

by admin 0

Garry James and David Fortier test fire British Webley Mark 1 revolver, considered to be one of the finest military… more »


S&W No. 3 Revolver

by admin 0

Garry James and David Fortier test fire a Smith & Wesson No. 3 revolver built for various worldwide military uses… more »


German Commission Revolver

by admin 0

Garry James and David Fortier test fire a German Commission revolver, which was adopted in 1883 by the German army… more »

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