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G&A’s Christmas Wish List

by Jim Bequette 45

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time for me to poll our staff of writers and editors on their… more »

Ruger Scout Rifle

Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle at the Range

by Guns & Ammo TV 59

In this clip from Guns & Ammo TV, Executive Technical Editor Dick Metcalf and Ruger’s Media Relations Director Ken Jorgensen… more »


Colorado Handgun Elk

by admin 0

IMO’s Technical Editor Dick Metcalf heads to Elk Horn Ranch in Colorado to hunt elk with a revolver handgun.


Home Defense Ammo

by admin 0

Police Sergeant Duane Long and Technical Editor Dick Metcalf review the variety of home defense ammunition available to civilian


Hands-Free Flashlight

by admin 0

Light is a valuable survival tool in low- or no-light situations. First-Light USA makes a hands-free flashlight that has multipl


Both Eyes Open during Aiming

by admin 0

High visibility sights for handguns and non-magnifying optics for long guns are key elements in having both eyes open during… more »


Shooting Within Short Distances

by admin 0

Bob Morrison from Taurus and Technical Editor Dick Metcalf explain that when using a compact pistol as a survival tool… more »


Tools For The Family

by admin 0

Technical Editor Dick Metcalf and police sergeant Duane Long explain that when home defense is a family affair it’s best… more »


Laser Aiming Device Advantages

by admin 0

Laser sights have the advantage of allowing the shooter to focus on the target rather than taking their eyes off… more »


Eley Ammunition Company Tour

by admin 0

G&A’s Garry James and Dick Metcalf get an exclusive tour — the first ever on camera — of Britain’s 170… more »


S&W .460 Magnum

by admin 0

Monster Guns: Dick Metcalf joins Smith & Wesson’s Herb Belin to field test the S&W .460 Magnum.


British Hunting Traditions

by admin 0

Dick Metcalf visits the Royal Armouries Museum to learn about the rich heritage of British hunting traditions including the begi


Beretta Storm Carbine & Pistol

by admin 0

Editors Dick Metcalf and David M. Fortier test the Berreta Cx4 Storm carbine and Px4 Storm pistol, both sporting a… more »


Helpful Electronic Reloading Tools

by admin 0

Field Editor Dick Metcalf introduces two helpful electronic reloading tools from Frankford Arsenal — a pocket-sized reloading s


S&W Doug Koenig Signature 1911s

by admin 0

Field Editor Dick Metcalf talks with world champion shooter Doug Koenig about his two signature series Smith & Wesson 1911… more »


Electronic Dot Sight Advantages

by admin 0

Technical Editor Dick Metcalf explains that the advantage of electronic dot sights is you don’t have to focus on front… more »


Leupold Ultralight Scopes

by admin 0

Technical Editor Dick Metcalf explains how the new trend of manufacturing light-weight compact rifles has required optics manufa


Evolution of Beretta Semiauto Pistols

by admin 0

Dick Metcalf joins Beretta Marketing Executive Jarno Antonelli for a look at the private Beretta gun collection’s display of the


Beretta Private Gun Collection

by admin 0

Dick Metcalf joins Beretta Marketing Executive Jarno Antonelli for a tour of the Beretta family private collection that represen


.45 GAP Pistols

by admin 0

The .45 GAP was designed to provide .45 ACP power in a compact package that’s identical to a 9mm-sized pistol… more »


Handgun Light Setups

by admin 0

Field Editor Dick Metcalf shows two options for the best light setup on a handgun equipped with an accessory rail.


Top 5 S&W Handguns

by admin 0

Field Editor Dick Metcalf challenges historian Roy Jinks to pick the 5 most influential handgun categories produced by Smith &… more »


Stag Arms Left-Handed AR-15

by admin 0

Field Editor Dick Metcalf reviews the first left-handed AR-15. Stag Arms completely redesigned the internal mechanisms in order


Beretta Firearms History

by admin 0

Watch gun production footage while Dick Metcalf and Beretta Executive VP Franco Gussalli Beretta discuss how Beretta is the olde


.357 Or .38 Special?

by admin 0

Field Editor Dick Metcalf explains why a .38 Special, a name which originates with early muzzle loading revolvers, is really… more »


Caldwell HAMMR Pistol Rest

by admin 0

The Caldwell HAMMR machine pistol shooting rest features windage and elevation adjustments, a cable release, and a pneumatic sho


Handgun Hunting History

by admin 0

Historian Roy Jinks explains how handgun hunting and long-range handgun shooting goes back to the American west era.


Double-Action Only Handguns

by admin 0

Historian Roy Jinks explains how Smith & Wesson played a major role in developing the double-action only handgun when they… more »


Smith & Wesson Model 3 Schofield

by admin 0

The Schofield version of Smith & Wesson’s Model 3 revolver (late 1800s) was unique because it was a top-break with… more »


Leupold RX Digital Laser Range Finders

by admin 0

Leupold’s revolutionary rangefinder system can automatically factor in uphill and downhill angles into the ranges — The True Ba

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