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Barrel length is 18 inches for maneuverability. Choke is cylinder bore, which is equally effective at fighting distances with everything from birdshot to buckshot. And if you need a slug to stop a fight, let 'er rip.

Guns of PDTV: Tough, Affordable Home Defense Shotgun

by Scott E. Mayer 31

On a recent trip to film episodes of Personal Defense TV with Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch, we got a… more »


Working With Clint Smith on Personal Defense TV!

by Scott E. Mayer 6



Front Sight Alignment

by admin 0

The key to accurate shot placement is using the front sights and carefully squeezing the trigger so as not to… more »


How to Shoot from the Prone Position

by admin 0

Clint Smith from Thunder Ranch demonstrates effective methods of getting into, shooting from, and safely getting up from a prone… more »


One-Handed Shooting

by admin 0

Clint Smith from Thunder Ranch provides valuable tips on how to reload a semiauto handgun with only one hand.


Speed Loading Revolvers (part 1)

by admin 0

Thunder Ranch’s Clint Smith joins host Tom Gresham at Thunder Ranch to show some great tips and accessories for fast… more »


Speed Loading Revolvers (part 2)

by admin 0

Thunder Ranch’s Clint Smith demonstrates the correct way to safely and accurately shoot a revolver.


Backup Methods

by admin 0

Clint Smith from Thunder Ranch demonstrates effective ways to carry small revolvers as a second or third backup gun.


Brace Kneeling

by admin 0

In a rifle fight it’s likely a “get down or get hit” scenario and Clint Smith from Thunder Ranch shows… more »


Loading and Unloading an AR-15

by admin 0

Clint Smith from Thunder Ranch demonstrates tips for safe administrative loading and unloading an AR-15 and a great tip on… more »

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