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Introducing the DPMS Tac 2 Carbine

by G&A Online Editors   |  January 24th, 2012 3

DPMS Panther Arms introduced its latest carbine-action rifle at SHOT Show in Las Vegas with the DPMS Tac 2 Carbine. In addition to a lightweight, 16-inch barrel, the Tac 2 Carbine features a full-length M111 handguard, which includes a rail kit that can be mounted anywhere on the rifle’s forearm, which allows for vertical grips, lights, lasers or backup iron sights. Check out the video from SHOT Show!

  • Bruce

    Just another failed STONER design. HO HUM… Can you say HK 416/417, LMT or LWRC?

    • Will

      Don’t hate this is an awesome choice. Also rifle of the year awarded.

      • Will

        Although the HK is badass very similar looking….

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