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First Look: Alexander Arms Ulfberht .338 Lapua Magnum

by G&A Online Editors   |  August 22nd, 2013 12

Bill Alexander, founder and chief product designer of Alexander Arms, gave us a first look at the Alexander Arms Ulfberht .338 Lapua Magnum. This gas piston-driven semi-automatic was designed to provide shooters with long range precision with minimal signature in a portable platform. The Ulfberht (Viking Sword) features a 10-round, double-stack magazine and ambidextrous mag releases; the mags are also designed to eject without having to lift the rifle.

The Ulfberht also features a long-stroke mechanism that prevents the bolt from slamming into the back of the rifle, reducing recoil and eliminating the need for a muzzle brake. Alexander Arms is expecting to begin taking orders for the Ulfberht during the first quarter of 2014, and should retail for about $6,800. Check out the video straight from the range.

  • L. Mulligan

    The Nemo Omen looks like a winner! 14 rounds of semi-auto .300 winmag is quite a load downrange, and the recoil looks to be minimal. I even like the “sound” of the loading sequence, solid and smooth. I wonder how the 22″ barrel was chosen over something longer as is the norm with winmags, although I remember my M-14 was a tack driver with a 22″. Now, if I can just scrape up another $5,800……

    • José Pulido

      Because long barrels are for milking cartridges, not really for working, unless you’re running a bolt gun, then you can probably spare the weight, but not in semi-auto where you have to deal with the weight of the operating system as well as the barrel.

      A 16″ .308winchester can do probably 90% of what a 24″ one can do, and the same idea(but not barrel lengths) should basically apply to other cartridges(the OMEN is being marketed as “tactical rifle”, which means it must be light enough to move on foot-power, so they slightly compromise the 300winmag’s performance to increase the performance of the guy behind it.)

      Even in cartridges thought to be inefficient, like, say, the 5.56NATO, you take a 20″ barrel and it’s shooting somewhere around 3,000fps minimum with crap loads, then you take a 10.5, and it’ll shoot 2,600fps with the same stuff(obviously inferior ballistics, but throw a 6.5″ suppressor on it, and it’s still considerably more handy than the 20″ gun.)

      For a more direct example of barrels milking velocity, a 16″ 5.56NATO rifle will likely be shooting 2,950fps with whatever common ammo, while a 20″ rifle will push that up to MAYBE 3,040fps. Shorter barrels are nearly always better for work use!

  • JF

    This gun was designed (Design, 3D CAD, 2D drawings) by Kevin Collins (who has never been an employee of Alexander Arms), and is being marketed and promoted by Alexander Arms. Let us be clear on this point. What an awesome gun.

  • Bill

    If we are to be correct the weapon design is wholly owned by Alexander Arms. Mr. Collins was employed under contract in the capacity of a consultant. He did a fine job of the drawing package and is a superb engineer. All subsequent development and testing of the weapon has been undertaken by Alexander Arms.

    • Kevin Collins

      Bill is correct. I designed the rifle, but Alexander Arms is the owner of it. Alexander Arms, not me, has done all of the development and testing of the rifle. If it wasn’t for Alexander Arms, the rifle probably would not have gotten out of the design stage.

      JF, please don’t comment on things that you only know only partial information about.


      Kevin Collins

    • JF

      I am principally concerned with credit for the creation of the design, none of which appears to be attributed to Kevin, and has been implicitly attributed to you. Clearly AA has paid to own the design and the IP associated- I didn’t mean to dispute that. I would like to see the inventor of the gun attributed in your media interactions. However, you do deserve plenty of congratulations for championing, supporting, aiding in the development of, and getting to market this remarkable gun. I hope Kevin is mentioned in the full-length article.

  • drayegon

    Sorry but Rnd Manf. is sells an even nicer 338 lapua semi auto for 4800 usd dray

    • Downrange

      Can you get ahold of them? The FD .338 looks pretty sweet too.

    • s

      Have you shot them both to know which 338 lapua is better? I don’t think very many shooter have ever shot more than 2 semi-auto 338 to be able to compare them to find out which is best or “nicer” . The Alexander Arms 338 is accurate and durable at a competitive cost.

  • Blitzwolfe

    Looks like a nice shooter, I’m just not fond of the folding stock as a base feature.

  • zachary

    man it would be my luck to win that rifle i watch sportsmens channel all the time tac tv make ready 3gun nation any thing an every thing



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