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Home Invasion

by Tom Beckstrand 0

Key home invasion survival concepts to help you on your journey.


20 Sniper Gear Tips

by G&A Staff 0

The following list is some of the sniper tips and tricks Jeff Hoffman accumulated over the course of his career as a sniper.


10 Survival Go-Bags that Could Save Your Life

by Joseph von Benedikt 25

There are many names for that pack of just-in-case supplies—go-bag, bug-out bag, survival go-bag, grab bag, get-out-of-Dodge-gear. Whatever name your… more »


Guns of The Iditarod Trail

by Peter B. Mathiesen 2

If you asked any musher on the Iditarod Trail about their biggest worry, you may be surprised to hear that… more »


First Look: Blackhawk Go Bags at the 2013 NRA Show

by G&A Online Editors 0

Introduced at the 2013 NRA Show, the new Blackhawk Go Bags are the ideal option for preppers and outdoorsmen to organize… more »


What Doomsday Preppers Can Teach You About Home Defense

by Richard Nance 17

The topic of doomsday prepping is quite divisive. To many, the idea of stockpiling food, fuel, generators, medical supplies, firearms… more »


Why You Hate That We Love Zombies

by Patrick Sweeney 235

Why the zombie hate? Not the hate of zombies, but the subject of zombies? From reading the comments, I get… more »


Reader Question: What Happens to Rotting Zombies?

by Patrick Sweeney 55

OK, this being an interactive experience — or at least, as interactive as I’m willing to let it be, it… more »

World War Z

World War Z: An Account, Not a Guide

by Patrick Sweeney 8

World War Z is not a manual. It isn’t a list of useful tools, calibers, medicines, etc. It is a… more »


8 Great Guns for the Zombie Apocalypse

by Patrick Sweeney 469

So the zombies are at your door. Death is upon you, but the gun shop is just a block away…. more »


Unrealistic Reality Shows

by Dan Johnson 23

My young grandnephew is an avid fan of survival shows and on a recent visit proudly showed me his new… more »


Physical Fitness: A Key Component of Personal Defense

by George Wehby 8

It is no secret that being in good physical shape is going to aid you rather than hamper you in… more »

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