The SilencerCo Hybrid is the suppressor that fits any platform. Compatible with calibers ranging from 5.56mm to 9mm, .45–70 GOV to .458 SOCOM, and many in between, the Hybrid is both full auto and magnum-rated and can be used on pistols, rifles, and submachine guns.

Boasting low-120 decibels on 300BLK and remaining hearing-safe with .45–70, the Hybrid offers both versatility and performance.

The Hybrid is rated down to 16-inch barrels for .45–70 and .458 SOCOM and down to 18-inch barrels for all magnum calibers up to .338. With a slew of compatible accessories available, you can turn the Hybrid into a suppressor for any demand.

The SilencerCo Hybrid weighs 13.8 ounces with the direct thread mount. Overall length is 7.8 inches, and it is 1.565 inches in diameter. The suppressor is finished in a gray Cerakote. Decibel ratings are as low as 123.7 decibels for .300 Blackout and are measured as high as 140.6 decibels for .45-70 Government. Suggested retail price is $999.

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