The new Browning BXR Rapid Expansion Matrix Tip is designed specifically for use on whitetail, blacktail, mule deer and antelope. The proprietary matrix tip design allows for high downrange velocity and energy retention while also initiating rapid positive expansion. The jacket and tip combination yields precision accuracy, rapid energy transfer and generates massive knockdown power.

The Matrix Tip bullet is comprised of 85 percent copper with 15 percent polymer, which helps to initiate bullet expansion upon target impact and will expend its energy very quickly into a target, providing about 13-15 inches of penetration on deer-sized game.

The BXR Matrix Tip round will be available at retailers in March 2016 and will retail for $28-29 per box in .243 Win., 270 Win., 30-30 Win. and .308 Win. Magnum calibers will also be available at prices just above $30 per box in 30-06 Sprg., 300 Win. Mag. and 300 WSM.

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