Browning’s new Performance Target ammunition will be available in full metal jacket options for handguns, and 20- and 12-gauge sporting loads will also be introduced.

The Browning BPT full metal jacket loads are matched training counterparts to Browning’s BXP Personal Defense loads, which allows for similar felt recoil and ballistic performance between training and personal defense rounds. These rounds will also be loaded in black nickel shell cases for reliable feeding and extraction. BPT handgun loads will be available in .380 Auto, 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 Auto.

Browning’s BPT 20- and 12-gauge shotshell sporting loads use premium shot for tight patterns for the most performance possible when shooting trap, 5-stand or sporting clays. The high antimony shot serves to reduce deformation and ensure breaking targets with every round. The use of a smooth hull facilitates reliable ejection in any shotgun.ammo-browning-bpt-2

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