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SHOT Show 2013 Handguns

SHOT Show: New Handguns for 2013

by Dylan Polk   |  January 18th, 2013 14

From concealed carry options to competition models to plinkers, the 2013 SHOT Show in Las Vegas was chock full of brand new handguns set to hit the market in 2013.

Of course, the G&A Network’s online team was there to scope out the hottest new pistols for 2013, from brand new offerings—like Glock’s 30S—old classics reintroduced in new calibers—like Walther’s PPK/S in .22 LR. Check out some of the new handguns for 2013 straight from SHOT Show.

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  • Andy

    Not me. Actually just bought a Turkish handgun. Islamic countries are not our enemies. Crazy radicals are.

    • Johlars


    • Ross

      Don't kid yourself, other than Turkey, what Islamic country does NOT harbor terrorists?

    • KafirStudent

      "Crazy radicals" is the Kool-Aid Westerners are being fed. Read the published goal of all Muslims from their "only god in the universe" – Koran 9:29. Verifiable education is clearly needed, see : www, for the doctrine, for today's realities.

  • Grapeshot

    Wather PPK/S .22 cal with a 13 pound trigger pull – WOW, really?

  • TheMrBillShow

    … They neglected to mention the NEW Ruger SR45…

  • Guest

    A new glock i could not tell the difference they all look the same. A brick

    • gene

      the brick that never lets u down

    • KafirStudent

      While some may buy handguns for display, most are bought as insurance against violent miscreants we hope never to confront. Glock's near idiot-proof, proven reliability is second to none. The new Glock 30-S incorporates the slimmer Glock 36 slide with a Gen4 frame that can use both the G-30 and G-21 (and even higher capacity) .45ACP mags.

  • Ron

    What about and where was the Ruger SR45? It's new for 2013 also?
    MSRP on Ruger's website, $529 Yea buddy.

    And too bad the new Remington R1911 won't be legal in New York with the 8rd. mag.. Or sadly most any other handgun either for that matter.

    • dylan_polk

      You are absolutely right; sorry about that. SR45 has been added.

      Dylan Polk
      G&A Social Media Editor

  • Dirty Devon

    Well the walther PPK/S isn't what James Bond or The equaliser uses in 22 LR. They use 9mm short. But the PPX seem to be interesting. But I don't think Bond fan will want 007 using it instead of his PPK. He ditch & go back to PPK remember he had a new P99 then went back to classic ppK.

  • KafirStudent

    Where's the remarkable Boberg XR9-S or XR9-L? Yes, Boberg has a website – and a unique operating system for a pistol!

  • Gun Holsters Unlimit

    These all are cool guns, thanks to the wonderful collection of New Handguns for 2013. Ruger has a cluster of scout kind rifles.

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