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SHOT Show 2013 Rifles Semi Auto

Introducing the Caracal CC10 9mm Carbine

by G&A Online Editors   |  January 17th, 2013 7

Caracal was at the 2013 SHOT Show in Las Vegas to introduce their new CC10 9mm carbine. One of distinguishing features of the cc10 is that it utilizes the same magazines as the Caracal pistol line, making them completely interchangeable. The CC10 comes standard with a 12-round magazine, though a 30-round magazine is available for purchase. The magazine release is ambidextrous, while the safety mechanism is found on the cross block and rear grip. The CC10 will be available this summer with an MSRP of $600.

  • Steve, Blacksburg Va

    Is it just me or does anybody else have a problem with buying guns made in the Islamic part of the world?

    • Andy

      not me. I just bought a Turkish made pistol. The Islamic states are not our enemies. The crazy lunatics are and they come from every country.

    • Cody

      no i dont see a problem with it, they no what they are doing with their firearms and they have alot of money to make a great product. I own a Caracal C and i love it its one of my best shooting handguns i own and i love it.

    • Michael

      I have a problem buying guns made in China first and Japan second. They are anti gun and don't believe in the 2nd adm. yet they want to profit off it!

      • SquidBilly

        Why WOULD they believe in the 2nd amendment?

        • MacTex

          Great point! So many people throw constitutional concepts and terms around like top authorities, yet don’t really understand where they come, why they were included to begin with (or were forced to be added before ratification) and just why the constitution (and it’s amendments) make the U.S. STILL the best bet in the world if you want freedom! As my father (a combat vet from two wars) was fond of saying (sometimes through gritted teeth) “I may not agree with your opinion, but I will defend to the death your right to say it – as I would expect you to defend mine.”

  • Jimmy D

    Come on, S&W! Make me a carbine…

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