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SHOT Show 2012

Introducing the Springfield XDS Pistol

by G&A Online Editors   |  January 19th, 2012 79

Springfield Armory has made another addition to its line of XD pistols with the brand new Springfield XDS. Chambered in .45 ACP, Springfield promises that the slim, compact XDS doesn’t sacrifice power for bulk, still packing a whallop for a gun with a one-inch beam. Check out this video straight from SHOT Show 2012 in Las Vegas!

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  • Joshua George

    SWEET !!!!

  • Scott

    Hopefully Springfield will bring out a mid-size and full-size single-stack .45 too!

    • djbird

      thats called the 1911

  • Infidel proud

    Hope to see a 9mm and/or .40 cal version with a bit more capacity. Sweet new carry option though

  • Andres

    Looks great! However, the fact that it's a .45 means low capacity. I'd rather go with a Walther PPS in 9mm, until they come up with a 9mm or .40 version with higher cap.

    • aaron

      Why would you go with a single stack then for higher capacity? They already make the double stack that can hold 13+1. If you need more then that you shouldn't be in that situation.

  • Boomer

    Great!! Have a .45 XD Full size, this would be easier concealed carry.. Interested in an XDs in .40 cal.

    • vanguard7

      I agree. I just looked at one today and I love it. Unfortunately I'll have to wait about a month to buy it. I carry the XD-45 now and it is just to cumbersome and heavy for comfort. This XD-s is a sweet little gem at a fraction of the weight. And for those who are concerned about capacity? SA also sells a 7 round mag for it. Also, some here are saying they prefer the 9mm or 40 for additional rounds. That's fine, you'll need them. Me? I prefer the knock-down power of one round with the .45 plus I'm follower of the philosophy of "most blood loss in shortest amount of time with least number of rounds fired". I think a .45 with self-protection rounds fits that bill the best.

      • ThatGuy

        It's not so much about knock-down as shot placement. You pop a guy in the danglies he's going down, don't matter if it's a .45 or a bean flip. I admit watching a .45 take his danglies out through his backside might be a lot more fun.

  • MamaLiberty

    Would be nice if they'd show it close up and taken down so we could actually see it in detail.

    I don't like the small capacity. Might as well stick to my .357 revolver.

  • mike

    I like my XDSC40, best of both worlds between 9mm and 45acp. I get 9 +1 rounds with a 12 round backup clip. i have fired "slim guns" and do not recommend them for men with larger hands.

  • Brandon

    Looks like a great gun, but a little heavy?

  • Stan

    I'm thinkin' I'll stick with my Glock 23. 13+1 in .40 is hard to beat

    • MStevens

      springfield xdm 15+1, and no accidental discharges
      3.8" barrell, perfect for ccw

      • Mike

        Yes sir

  • Bugsy Blackpowder

    Interesting, I think, that Springfield would introduce this new XD variant in .45 ACP first. But I really do like what I see in this new gun. No doubt it will be as manageable to shoot as Leatham claims it does. And you can just bet they'll follow up with a .40 S&W and a 9mm parabellum version of it too. Seems it would be ideal in .40 S&W. Well, I guess we'll probably find out sometime soon. Nice work, Springfield!

  • Guest

    Been waiting for this from SA!
    But 45? Really? Hopefully a 9 is soon to follow. I like the idea of the micro-compact 9mms that have been announced by every other firearm maker.
    I carry an XD and had planned to switch to another manufacturer as I find my XD9SC too thick.
    (but found nothing I liked as much as what I had)
    I think this is a step in the right direction!

    • Beretta Nano

      Beretta Nano, best micro-compact 9mm out there! I have an XD and a LCP and it naturally is best of both worlds, small and easy to carry like the LCP but smooth and fun to shoot like the XD. Beretta bet the XDS to the market with the ever popular 9mm and soon to be release 40 SW.

      • Sig P938

        It's DAO. That's enough to make me not interested. I'd rather have the Sig P938.

        • Guest

          Actually, XD's are classified as Single Action. I verified with SA last week.

      • SingleStack45ACP

        That… and you're an idiot. The Nano is a 7 shot 9 vs. a 6 shot 45 ACP. Plus the XDs' frame is shorter. There is nothing appealing about carrying a 9 with less than 14 rounds. I'll keep my 230 gr. thanks much.

        • Infidel Proud

          plus I have shot a friends nano and the trigger is horrible…

        • james

          I hear all you clowns complaing about magazine capaciy ,really? What your going to plan on suppressive firing on an active shooter who no doubt has you out gunned from the start. I bought the the new. Springfield 45 act. I still answer the door at night with my 45 1911.but in the summer I feel the new 45 act will be perfect. And all you guys complaining about magazine capacity get a 45 and practice I'd rather shoot an actor once our twice with my 45 than 6 to seven times with a 380. Whoops I am sorry 9mm .just saying

    • jarrod

      The whole point of .45ACP is knock down power… 1 round=down no matter where you hit. 9mm parabellum=3-4 rounds center mass. .45 ACP will literally shatter bone… so I personally would rather have a 5 round magazine knowing 1 round is at worst gonna stop someone in their tracks long enough for me to get away versus having 9-15 rounds of 9mm and having to pray I hit something vital. And if your aim sucks enough to need 15 rounds, well, carry a mag pouch lol

      • Infidel Proud

        carrying a .45 doesn't guarantee anything, guess you don't read many shooting reports…shot placement is what counts, hit where you need to hit and the caliber doesn't matter as much as some would want you to believe…

        • Yogaguy

          this is the most accurate statement (as well as Guests below) seeing as there have been plenty of balistics analysis which has proven a good 9mm shell will get more penetration and has higher muzzle velocity than 45 acp as Guest below states. It all comes down to personal preference. 45 acp is not guaranteed to "knock down" anything. And based on the comments of a shot to the groin I would like to see you find any man woman or child who ain't gonna drop like a bag of potatoes if you actually hit them in the groin.

          Additionally, 9mm ammo is cheaper… allowing more practice which correlates to better marksmanship. Period! And it's lighter to carry which in some cases will be very important.

          To the argument that looking down the barrel of a 45 vs. looking down the barrel of a 9… I'm willing to guarantee that 99% of the time anyone looking down the barrel of either is going to soil themselves. If you want REAL intimidation go with a shotgun. Not very convenient to conceal but suits that purpose better.

          Long story short… carry what you feel comfortable with and stop insulting others for carrying what they prefer! It's a personal preference thing in almost every case.

      • Guest

        Wow, you need to update yourself on ballistics man. That is some fine exageration! 45 is a great round but take a look at the muzzle energy and penetration into gel of a self-defense 9mm and it'll make your statements look uneducated. No offense, just sayin'.

    • Mike

      Walther PPS! :)

  • Nunya

    I love my XD .45, this looks like a great follow up and easier to conceal, certainly. I'm guessing a .40 is coming soon, and will probably hold something like 7 or 8 +1

  • crosswiredmind

    I think my Kahr P9 just became surplus to requirements.

  • Croat


  • mike

    looks like my pps just in .45

    • Brandon

      That's a great point, it DOES look a lot like a PPS!

  • cooper_m22

    Ugly still not made in the USA

    • Mike

      Made in USA is overrated. Italian made Beretta 92FS, Israeli made Jerichos, Russian made anything, Czech made CZ75, and Belgian made HiPowers are all proof. Even Springfield has their 1911 frames made in Brazil. I'll even take a 600$ Phillipine made 1911 over a 1000$+ Colt or Kimber any day, better fit and some are even made on original Colt equipment.

  • Sunrise Zac

    I carry a Kimber 1911 45, commander size pro raptor II with a Ruger pocket LC9 as back up; will switch to this 45 XDS when it comes out as back up pocket gun instead of 9. I prefer a 45 over others.

  • Sunrise Zac

    Looks great, I prefer carrying a Comander size 1911, hard to beat a 45 and a single action trigger. This would be a great back up pocket gun! Will get one to replace my pocket 9. Sunrise Zac

  • Sam Rudolph

    I think we just found ourselves a PPS killer… once the 9mm and .40 S&W versions come out, who needs a PPS with that goofy replaceable backstrap safety and that European lever-style mag release?

  • Denis Miller

    I will stay with my 40 cal. Kahr and Its made in USA

    • guest

      have you shot an xd Variant…I can say i have never shot a kahr but i love my xd

      • Jim

        Kahrs are nice but I won't buy one simply because they are DAO. Those of us who like SAO or striker fired guns which are similar to SAO's, like an XD, don't care about Kahrs.

        • Infidel Proud

          thats true, it takes more skill to be proficient with a DAO pistol. Not sayin there is anything wrong with SAO, love 1911's but it takes longer to get good with DAO…

    • Guest

      True, but Founder and CEO of Kahr is Kook Jin "Justin" Moon (son of Unification Church founder Sun Myung Moon).

  • Beretta Nano

    Sticking with my Beretta Nano, 100% designed and built in the USA. It beat the XDS to the market and is the nicest micro-compact 9mms out there that I have held and fired. I looked at everything from PPS, Solo, Kahr, SR9C, etc and the Nano had the nicest trigger and grip that fitted to my hands and my grip. Beretta overdid themselves with the Nano. Never liked Beretta's before the Nano since I am a striker kind of a guy.

    • Guest

      I wish I could get my hands on a Nano. None to be found in Ohio.

      • steve

        kames sports in canton has the Nano in stock the barrel sits very high so it tends to kick. I wouldn't recommend it. nothing against Beretta but it needs more thought.

        • Guest

          I have a Nano. 400 rounds not one problem. Trigger have smoothed out….a little crunchy at first. It doesn't tend to kick, at least to me. It's very manageable.

          I think Beretta put just the right amount of thought into it. Trigger could be a little better though.

  • Adam P

    These will be like the Ruger SR1911 that was put out last year shot show and you still can't find them. I'm betting these will be very limited over the next year.

  • babyfordpr1

    That's great ,I have a springfield XD .40

  • ejleather

    I want one and would like to see a price tag.

    • AZjudge

      Local dealer in AZ quoted me a price of $520+tax when they arrive in mid-March.

  • Maguyver

    Buds Gun SHop Online has it for $504 shipped.

  • Jim Mullin

    Compare it to the Glock 36.

  • George

    Springfield XDS has its own website describing it more in depth. It is

  • Joe

    First to market with a micro .45! Very many have been clamoring for it. Springfield Armory is one of the best in the game and if they do it right they get good marketshare. Look for Ruger to follow. They can teach marketing.

  • Ardan

    Now, if they will just produce this in the same sized package as the Glock 22, with this as a backup, they will have what Glock should have made years ago. I'll glady trade in my duty & backup glocks for this pair!

  • Onerebel2

    I love my XD compact in the 45. Just a little big for hiding. I hope they will offer an extended mag like the other XD's.

  • Crash

    Really, Really love my 3.8 compact 9mm XDM. I'm sure this will be as good or better.
    It is already on my wish list.

  • blake sykes

    how much is it!

  • Guest

    I have an XDM for home. As a newbie, I wonder how that grip safety will work as a ccw. Seems like it could be a problem if you need to pull in a hurry. Would one need to re-grip once out of the pocket/holster? What do those with experience think? Thanks

  • Matt

    I carry a XD sub compact 9 as a CCW. I practice holster draws where I shoot at, and I've never had a problem with the grip safety. Once I pull the gun it sits nicely in my hand and I have no need to re-grip the gun. I really want the XDM Compact 40, and now I would love to have the XDS 45 ACP.

    • Guest

      Thanks Matt. Like you said, practice makes perfect. :) Yes, specifically, I have the XDm Compact 9mm and really like it. Actually, with the compact grip I could use as ccw, just looking for something single stack and lighter. At this point, thinking LC9, Nano or waiting on the xds. Maybe even waiting long enough for the xds 9 or 40 as I would think that would follow the 45.

  • jason

    why is a springfield "usa" gun made in croatia?

  • zguymon

    over regulation and the numer the USA having the highest corporation tax rate in the world

  • Eddie Spaghetti

    I'm not a Glock fan, but I've read the Glock 36 is a slim pocket size .45ACP. I'm surprised no one has mentioned it considering the "Glock Mania" that seems so prevalent.

    • joe a

      Eddie; I am a Glock fan and have several, except for the 36. Its barrel and handgrip are too long and bulky to carry in a pocket.

  • Garrett

    Definitly like this gun. Armslist is giving one away this month. Here is the link.

  • Joe A

    This is the gun that Glock refuses to make and that law enforcement has been yelling about for years. To hear yall's comments about capacity and size, sounds like a personal problem. This gun is for professionals so everyone else stick to your current guns and let the knowledgeable people who know how to shoot and place bullets buy this one..

    • Capt H.

      Wow, let go of the ego! This world is big enough for everyone to have their own preferences. Carry the weapon that suits your personal needs.

  • Enoch Bethany

    March of 2013???

  • Dave Palmer

    Great gun! Capacity isn't really an issue, if you get into a fire-fight with a concealed gun, you have issues either way!!!

  • Bill

    If everything we buy was "Made in USA", there'd be no trade with other countries. Why shouldn't we trade with other countries? Why do people in Michigan trade with people in Virginia? As an individual, I want to freely trade with other individuals who provide me with what I want most–THAT is part of the "American Way". Those of you griping about "Made in America" are economic ignoramuses and probably–given all the foreign stuff you do buy–a bunch of hypocrits, too!

    • Guest

      Well let's carry that a step further. Last I heard New York City, California, and Washington DC were in the USA. I have the right to bear arms in USA, why should a city or state have the right to stop that? I also prefer to buy American, unless you want to be the next person out of work in America….

  • Us

    F&@k them if its not made in the US

    • Aero

      Says the guy posting from a computer made in China for Japanese company

    • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading

      Suits me…at least I know it’s not union made.

  • Shawn

    Worst gun on the planet have had it since it came out. It has been back to the factory twice once for a broken slide lock lever, once for a recall now. It has had 3 FTF and I have only had 300 rounds through the gun. Worse yet sent it off a month ago and Springfield will not give an eta or a refund.

  • Mike

    Springfield plans to offer the XDs in 9mm and .40 in the future (source: interview). Besides the Kahr, Glock offers a single stack .45 ACP. The XDs is slimmer than both, and for me, the added security of the grip safety is awesome for carrying condition one. (No "Glock Leg" lol). People already complain about the capacity, but I've never heard of someone taking 5 .45ACP JHPs at close range and still being a danger.

  • Infidel Proud

    Don't really care about molds, I like the xd platform and would simply prefer carrying a pistol of that type in a 9 or 40, also I don't see any dead people attesting to anything…

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