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Bolt Action Rifles SHOT Show 2012

10 Exciting New Rifles for 2012

by G&A Online Editors   |  January 29th, 2012 21

After exhausting ourselves combing the floor of the 2012 SHOT Show in Las Vegas last week, G& can confidently say two things. First, six days in Vegas is way too many. Second, 2012 is going to be a good year for riflemen and women.

This year will see about as much innovation in the gun industry as there has ever been–from zombie-killing AKs  with chainsaws attached to a new interchangeable bolt-action platform–and customers are rewarding the manufacturers’ efforts with record gun sales.

With all the new rifles on the market it might be easy to categorize them as tacti-cool ARs or hunting-only bolt-guns, but we’ll just call them exciting new rifles…in one way or another.

  • mike

    LE901 looks very interesting

  • MotoJB

    THAT IS AWESOME! I want one…I love the quick change barrel ability, ambi ejection, and it looks very lightweight.

  • Tracy

    Wow. That new T/C dimension looks like the Swiss army knife of bolt actions. I love my T/C Icon; it's the best shooting .30-06 I've ever owned. If the Dimension shoots as well, and if all the components are reasonably priced, it will be a real winner.

  • JRB

    That was disapointing. Over half were "new" AR-15s. Tinering around with an old design is not what I call exciting news. The best of the lot was the Remington that is only chambered for some obscure cartridge. Keep up the good work guys…NOT!

    • CAB

      If you think the 7mm rem mag is an obscure cartridge you have no business posting a comment, of course your comment about AR's already proved that I guess.

    • Dave Smith

      JRB. Wow, 7mm Rem Mag is an obscure cartridge? I personally agree with your assessment of the AR platform there is more than enough of that genre but let the market determine that. I don't take exception to your view of the big 7mm Rem Mag but I will let you know from personal experience I have taken everything from coyotes at 250 meters to a 5×5 at 315 meters with that Big 7mm. and it hits harder than either a .308 or a 30-06 with less recoil than a .300 Win Mag. You should try one, you may like it.

    • tdarnett

      I'm can't say for Remington's other AR platforms, but I bought one in the .308 platform in caliber .243Win. It is exactly the same as a .308 cal. DPMS I own except for the camo paint job and barrel. Every dimention measures the same, all internal parts have the same markings. I couldn't find a single difference between the two, other than what I previously mensioned. I haven't got solid evidence that Rem. just stamped their name on DPMS made guns, nor have I bothered looking. But as the saying goes, if it looks, walks, quacks like a duck, then its most likely a duck.

  • Matthew Groom

    Four or five new ARs and two Remington 700s? What about the Savage Arms Hog Hunter? A .338 Win Mag that can be had for $513 MSRP with open sights? Is that not more exciting than a Remington 700 that's in exactly the same configuration that they've been making it since my grandfather was a young man? That Beretta ARX160 is cool, and so is the new one by T/C, but I've been wondering why there hasn't been an economical bolt action with open sights since the late 90's when the AWB was in full swing and now there is one, and that's exciting. And no, 90 year old Mil Surps don't count!

    • JRB

      Thanks for tipping me off about the Savage "Hog Hunter", that is just what I have been looking for.

  • Jon Wolfe

    the Arx160 look's good.Willn't buy a remington anything till they fix the safety.Do want a econ-o rifle in a short mag. can only shoot one 270 , 308 at time.

  • Gary

    It's good to see the Remington 700 , have they fixed the safety yet?
    or is still out there in the field "accidently" going off????? "that's a joke they are junk"
    I will never buy another Remington product,
    I got stuck with a 700 years agto and since then hoping they had cleaned up their quality have bought 3 differerent Remington long guns and had Remington return my money because they could not get them to function properly!!!

    • WOW

      The 700 is one of the greatest rifles are the market u have no idea what you are talking about!

      You must not know how to properly shoot a gun!

    • Pete Scott

      "It's good to see the Remington 700 , have they fixed the safety yet? "
      the one that wasn't broken in the first place ? haha

  • AllenK

    Lame! Mossberg's AR15 mag fed bolt action should've been in the list.

  • Jerry allen, AL

    Whats wrong with the vanguard from academy for $400? Free float the barrel and it shoots very well.

  • Dwight Hill

    I'm so tired of AR RIFLES . Every gun MFG. builds one or two , and that's what drove the price of them . Back in the day , you should have got one for 300 bucks , with all the whistles and bells . Now days , your looking at least 370 to 450 bucks and that's only a Plain Jane . Then that's where DPMS where you can get a Plain Jane , for only 560 bucks . They aren't any better than S & W , but they charge you for their name on it .

  • Old Fart

    What are you guys smoking? Ok everyone knows that AR's are one step shy of the scrap heep they belong in but I have a pre 64 mod 70 in 06 that will shoot dimes at 200 yards all day! A 700 Rem in 06 that I bought new in 64 that will do the same thing. Last year I bought a Vangard 308 yes a Vangard that shot quarters at 200 yrd, out of the box scoped and bore sighted. And last but not least a Savage in 300 win. mag. that will hit quarters at 500 yards. Sounds to me like you guys need more skill and less guns!

  • Truesnix

    You said it Old Fart!

  • JRLutz

    I would like to know the type and magnification of the Scopes that he SHOT Quarters with at 200 and 500 yds, and what grain bullets and Mfg. I agree with alot of the comments here, too many people own too many guns/Rifles when all you have to do is own maybe 2 or 3 to hunt anything in this world or to use for home protection. For tinkering a Ruger or Remington 22, Ruger mini 30 gr. bullets from 37 Sabots to 80 , 112 122 and 150, and with a Large clip too, and it will eat a AR 15 lunch all-Day long, Last a 303 equal to a 30-06. Anything more you have too much cash available–go buy a Convertible SS an live on the water like I do in sunny Florida.

  • rayzrface714

    Geez? Every aspect of the tac resembles the form and function found on my old Basic Training(1975)M-16! The similiarity is amazing even though this gun looks much more modernistic! Woah? That COLT system is impressive! Cute little short Shotgun! All in all some extremely efficient and nasty looking weaponry! Thank you.

  • Ian Frog

    Want to know what would be exciting in the firearms industry? More AFFORDABLE firearms that are reliable, durable and don't require proprietary magazines.

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