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7 Anti-Gun Bills You Didn’t Know About

by Kyle Wintersteen   |  May 29th, 2012 107

Remember the good old days when we generally knew which politicians were bad on gun rights? Bill Clinton had foolishly convinced his colleagues that you could vote for a gun ban and remain in office or even win political favor. How wrong they turned out to be. In the wake of the Clinton “assault weapons” ban, a pro-gun revolution swept both houses of Congress. Even Clinton acknowledged the role of the NRA and gun owners in turning the tide, and he’d later credit them with Al Gore’s defeat.

The anti-gunners had learned their lesson. Now they quite literally camouflage their views by calling themselves “lifelong hunters.” They claim to respect the Second Amendment, but just want to impose a few “common sense restrictions” — you know, like bans on semi-auto rifles, right-to-carry permits and gun shows. They are cautious in their approach, and even when they push overtly anti-gun bills, they often do so quietly, in an attempt to avoid drawing unnecessary attention from those of us who value our rights.

But this piece exposes them. Here are the top seven anti-gun bills that you’ve never heard of.

  • Alan_T

    Good call Matt !

  • Alan_T

    I wouldn't think that anyone would be surprised by these bills . the same people have been trotting the same tired old bills ( or a version thereof ) out every year or two for a quarter century . And golly …… guess what ? ….. surprise , surprise , they're ALL DEMOCRATS !

    • ftp

      sorry the republicans are just as bad. Love your country, be an independent.

      • Alan_T

        ftp …….. your reply is so insanely ludicrous , you CAN'T be serious ! ! !

        • Matt

          It would be foolish and incorrect to think all republicans support our second amendment rights. We should watch all politicians with a suspicious eye.

          • Alan_T

            Oh …. to be sure Matt , you can't trust any politician , but for ftp to claim that Republicans are as bad as Democrats on Second Amendment issues is laughable . Further more , anyone making an assertion to that effect is either ignorant , mentally defective or a liar ( or possibly all three ! )

          • Matt

            I agree totally. I still think the word politician is synonymous with snake, about 75 percent of the time.

          • Thomas Nelson

            what Alan said

          • Alan_T

            Thanks Thomas , it's always nice to be agreed with !

          • screwyou2

            If you look at the legislation that has passed over the last year that enhances the Police State, the Republicans are just as complicit, with a few exceptions like Ron Paul.
            We need to keep throwing the bastards out every election so they do not get a foothold on power and CORRUPTION. If legislation allows for infringement of Our Constitution, which numerous laws did over the last year then it also inhibits the second amendment by extension.
            Wake Up !
            The Government is the enemy.

          • Alan_T

            screwyou2 , I am not now , nor have I ever been a Republican , nor do I necessarily disagree with your assessment of the Federal Government . However , unless you can provide legitimate examples , something that can be verified ,supporting your position that Republicans are just as animus as the Democrats with their proposed legislation against and hostility to the Second Amendment …. I stand by my Statements .

          • screwyou2

            Try the DDAA funding legislation for starters, that allows the use iof federal troops in American civilian incarceration for starters. You are not paying attention if you do not realise how similer the last 10 years have been to Nazi Germany starting in 1933.

          • Alan_T

            Well screwyou2 …… you obviously have some sort of political agenda . I tried using search engines ( including Google ) and could find absolutely nothing on DDAA funding legislation .
            But even if I had ……. it still would have had nothing to do with the topic of ( so – called ) gun control legislation or what I was talking about , namely , that the VAST MAJORITY of gun control legislation comes from the Democrats . You are free to hate who ever you want to screwyou2 , BUT if you have a point to make about Democrats / Republicans and anti – gun bills , ( which is what THIS blog is about ) make it and make it with something that is verifiable .

          • screwyou2

            Alan T, I apologise that instead of spending the time to look up copy and paste I just threw a little at the wall. Start with this. Every infraction against parts of the Constitution is an infraction against other parts. So read this for starters..
            The Republicans use the NRA and gun control as one of their levers politically. They sell us out in other ways.
            I will post a couple more pieces of legislation that were passed in the last year that verify my assertion.

          • Alan_T

            I can only speak for myself , screwyou2 , but you yourself have destroyed your own creditability . Wikipedia can be whatever the contributor wants it to be and may or may not be factual . If that's your only source , you're being nonsensical and your motivation is highly suspect , The subject IS STILL " anit – gun bills " and not whatever it is that you are trying to make it into , You do as you like , but as far as I'm concerned ( and I suspect most other readers will feel the same ) you'll be wasting our time .

          • John

            The NRA is the only institution that has been effective in halting gun control legislation during the past 40 years. Without that group and its ILA component, we would have no guns today.

          • Tom


            I know that they are not as large as the NRA, but, NAGR does a lot for gun rights.

          • screwyou2

            Try and extend this to what we are up against with both the Republicans and the Democrats. You can be sure that many Republicans, only run the Second Amendment gauntlet because it keeps them in office and not because of any basic philosphy for self defense or Constitutional rights.

          • Alan_T

            And ……. this has what to do with " anti – gun bills " ?

          • screwyou2

            97 to 3. Seems to me there are a number of Republicans who voted for this.
            The object is to understand that the government as it stands now is not your friend in any way and is only in the game of self perpetuation at any cost, including your enslavement.

          • Alan_T

            Again …… this has what to do with " anti – gun bills " ?

          • screwyou2

            If you read the posts you will see that you and others were attacking FTP for accusing Republicans for being against the Second Amendment as much as Democrats. I do not agree with that but they certainly are not overall the Constitutions friend and last I looked the Second Amendment was part of the Constitution. Over the last year or more the voting support from the Republicans for Police State powers have been truly horrific. They have supported numerous bills that increase Federal power and lesson individual freedoms.
            If you are not able to see the connection that is your frailty. It has everything to do with "anti gun bills."
            Are you blind?

          • Alan_T

            No screwyou2 , I'm not blind , but apparently you have some sort of mental disorder and you seriously need to go back and re read things . You might also consider taking a 100 level course in English composition because you're nonsensical .

          • Dave Bart

            Alan Ts right, you sound like your nuts screwu2 !

          • Poor Jack

            Man you need to be locked up screwyou2!

          • Steve D

            You're insane screwyou2.

          • screwyou2

            You obviously are suffering from repetitive neurosis. Maybe you never heard, that doing the same thing over and over and getting the same results but, expecting different results, is a confirmation of insanity. You might look into seeing a Psychologist if your welfare will pay for it. Otherwise you will just have to go through life deaf, dumb, and blind.
            I hope that this many words is not to much for your slack jawed indolence?

          • Ben Kenobi

            those guys are right, you got mental problems screwyou2

          • screw you 2

            I am sure your education allows you to describe the two basic philosophies that all known thought is derived from. When you can come up with that, let me know, and then you and I can have a discussion. At 75 I hope to have another 15 years, so that gives you some time to gain some wisdom and therefore respond intelligently.

          • Jasper

            read the 3article of the constitution and repeal the 17th amentdment

          • John

            Sure. Vote for Ron Paul and guarantee that we get another Democrat in office.

          • screwyou2

            Romney has voted against more lenient gun laws while Governor of Massachusetts. That is a state north of Rhode Island and Connecticut and south of Maine and New Hampshire and east of New York.

          • Grant_V

            Just because they move slower on gun control doesn't mean many Republicans aren't selling us out, as well.

            Need to let go of this right/left Hegelian Dilectic the globalists have sold us and defend the Constitution, which affirms ALL of our rights.

            Look up, in the election reporting, Romney's donations from the big banks. Still think we have a 'choice'? Only if it's between Wall Street Candidate #1 and #2.

          • chuck

            Yes? Then did all Dems pass Clinton's Assault Weapons Ban? Ever hear of Olympia Snow? Do some research before you bray like a mule about what you know very little.

          • John

            Olympia was famous for voting against her party's positions. In Maine, we often refer to her as a RINO.

          • Jimbo Citizen

            Alan_T….are you familiar with Senator John McCain from Arizona…co-sponsor of the Patriot Act which gives politicians the unprecedented authority to label us as 'Domestic Terrorist'? Thereby allowing them to circumvent ALL of our God given rights. The two party system is wrong wrong wrong. It makes us choose 'SIDES", when this country was and is built on diversity. If what you say is so undisputably correct, we would not have a ban on machine guns.Remeber, the Second Ammendment is for us to be able to stand up to the government. The guy next to you is your brother, NOT the politicians.

        • Thomas Nelson

          Alan I agree ftp insane in mho

          • Dave Bart

            I think so too Thomas

      • steven

        obviously you are not wmerican ftp, thus your opinion does not count…not from one less than free.

        • screwyou2

          You certainly are not foolish enough to think we are free in this country?

          • Dave Bart

            screwu2, you sound like your a bag a fries short of a happy meal

          • screwyou2

            I am sureyou have a whole lot of experience serving up Happy Meals.

      • Steve D

        ftp you and screwyou2 are both insane

      • Daniel Starnes

        Lead me to the Republican bills and other anti freedom perposals

    • BJC


    • richard

      Well these are all lame laws, but which of the proposed gun laws aren't? All I say is I am so ashamed that Jackson-Lee is representing a group in Texas, but if you look at Houston it is strongly representive of one race and hence they would elect a person based on race rather than intellignece, and she is proof of such.

      • Bem Kenobi

        I hear you Richard.

    • Philip

      I got this today! How the heck did you answer for 14 weeks??

    • awain69

      Funny how the first anti-gun legislation was passed by Republicans after Reagan got shot.

      • Ben Kenobi

        Obviously, you dont know anything awaimn69 or your a deliberate liar.

        • gunowningdem

          Actually Obiwan, awain69 is correct, though the order of things may be off. Reagan signed the Mulford Act while governor of CA prohibiting the carry of firearms on your person. He also passed the 15 day wait period. After his presidency, he supported the Brady Act.

          "With the right to bear arms comes a great responsibility to use caution and common sense on handgun purchases. And it's just plain common sense that there be a waiting period to allow local law-enforcement officials to conduct background checks on those who wish to purchase handguns." – Ronald Reagan, 1991

  • MartinM

    Please stop with the multi-page slideshows, this would have fit on one page easily.


    If you want to track legislation, who wrote it, sponsored or cosponsored it, or how they voted you can do so at Track any congressman or legislation with out being hounded with adds or emails!! You can also use Gun Owners of America to alert you of pending anti gun legislation by email, it to is free just sign up for their alerts. So don't just talk about it here write your congressman and tell them not to support ant gun legislation. Tell them you want to know how they are going to vote. They are required to answer if you ask them to. As of today I have almost 400 sent email and replies in a folder in my email to my congressman. Just think if you all did the same things might just be different!!

  • James

    It was unfortunate that the husband of Congresswoman McCarthy was shot and killed on the Long Island
    Rail Road commuter train and her son was injured but recovered. Others were shot and killed by the gunman.

    He was not a us citizen, he got a ruger p89 in california and traveled to NY City and got on the train.

    He had 15 round magazines. Makes no difference if he had 10 round or a 30 round capacity,
    he was intent on killing as many people as he could.

    She ran for office after the shootings and since day one she keeps pushing these foolish bills.

    Fact is if any of us on that train had our own CCW, the shooter Colin Ferguson would be dead.

    • Candice


    • Alan_T

      Right on the money James !

      • Not you

        So James can reference Wikipedia and is right on the money but screwu 2 is insane for referencing it?

        • Alan_T

          Nice try Not you …….
          but this had absolutely NOTHING to do with Wikipedia ! ! ! !
          Typically , if you can't win on the facts . cloud the issues with misdirection .
          So Screwyou2 …… I see it took you a few weeks to twist enough peoples arms to come here to agree with you . That still doesn't change what people think of your mental health !

        • Alan_T

          And by the way , Not you , I didn't use the word " insane " to describe your buddy Screwyou2 , that was about a dozen other people !

    • Mack missiletoe

      That woman is LAME
      I understand where she comes from, that was horrible, but what if her hubby CARRIED A GUN? Herp derp…

    • m-n-m

      Amen brother

  • Chuck

    These people have no intention of using 'common sense' except as a way to hide their true intentions. As for these bills, we have to pay attention, close attention, thank God we have a majority in the House now, so they can't get away with passing alaw without us reading it first- like they did with healthcare. True intentions- if liberals told us their true intentions before elections I don't think they'd have a majority in either house – ever. The real danger now is obama using the ATF, the Justice Dept- OSHA- who knows? or some other agency to make a 'regulation' in the middle of the night and all of a sudden- it's done. The man has absolutely no fear of violating the Constitution, and apparently repubs aren't man enough to stand up and shout about it.

    • Jay T

      They are going to start a second cival war AND the peasants are going to act.Not all of us will go that far but the constitution 2nd AMENDMENT gives us that right to not let our government to out grow the people!

  • JDS

    These bills are stupid beyond any reason. If the intent is to reduce crime – well they will help increasing crime since people will not be able to defend themselves. Of course this does nothing to the criminal element. They will still have their illegal supply of guns.

    What would happen if these and other bills pass? Take a look at Chicago – this memorial day weekend was one of the most deadliest weekend in Chicago with 40+ people shot.

    I am a centrist. While the anti-gun lobby wants no guns and the gun lobby wants no control on guns, we can all agree that somewhere in between is a happy medium where law abiding people can own and carry guns and the criminals are the ones who are afraid.

    • realist

      These people want to control you! That is what gets them off. They want power, and people who are not sheeple are a threat to their grand delusions.

    • Strider98

      Sorry, that is a gray fallacy. Being a centrist, you may be more easy to get along with, but no more right than a liberal

  • ron

    they are also using the UN to ban ALL guns in our country and hillery is due to sign it on july 12th.
    hang on folks because trouble is coming our way.

    • Wayne de Cicco

      Hillery should be arrested for TREASON and a whole bunch of others dems. and reps should join her………

  • 2nd Fundamentalist

    This part concerns me: "demonstrate good cause for requesting the permit, and demonstrate that he or she is worthy of the public trust to carry a concealed firearm in public." Very few CCW people can demonstrate good cause and the last is a pure judgement call.

    What is interesting, if you remember, is that Boxer was one of the few liberals who was willing to allow pilots to carry guns on commercial airliners post 9/11, something George W. Bush was against. I'm a W fan and his unwillingness to allow pilots to carry still dumbfounds and rankles me. The idea of air marshals is foolish. They cannot be on every plane. They can fly a thousand times with no incident and be bored out of their minds. When they start to cut back on air marshals, that is when the terrorists will strike again. Pilots, on the other hand, will always be there.

    • Wilson J. Lobao Jr.

      While I am all for Pilots and Co-pilots carrying a firearm; it does concern me if one or both should be killed, who will fly the plane. There does not seam to be a perfect solution to the problem, except to be vigilant about unauthorized weapons aboard; along with the prosecution and convection of violators.
      I always carry a small pen knife with a two and one half inch blade, on my person, and that always raises eyebrows, depending on the environment you bring it into. As with anything, the idea of concealment, is no one knows you have it. With some people that have a need to flaunt; this could be a problem.

  • Ryan Jones

    Funny how their common sense is limited only to one party. Sheila Jackson is a houston democrat that only survives because of the primarily black district she represents. If it wasn't for the crooked acorn like groups that back her she'd be out of a job.

  • Ross

    If Obama is re-elected it could be his stacked Supreme Court that we will need to fear most.
    When they send out the National Guard and Law-enforcement to collect our guns will you give them yours without a fight?
    They know who we are. They know where we live. They know how many and which make of guns we own.
    Our loved ones typically will be in the home when they come a knockin'. What are those guns worth to you?
    Will you shoot officers when they come to your house with a no-knock warrant? What will be the consequences?

    I know my comment sounds ridiculous. But just one SCOTUS decision could change everything. Think about it.

    • Jeepers Creepers

      Have you ever seen 5,000 mad gun owners marching on the local court house all at once. Times that by how many would march on the white house.

    • anti-crazy

      your totally ridiculous. This the kinda message anti-gun people hold up and say see, see how crazy they are.

      • Jeepers Creepers

        Your damn right. Crazy and willing to do anything to remain free and keep my civil rights. Including asking the other people of the state to end the relationship with the U.S.A. and starting a new country that is free. Remember 1776.

      • Donh

        Wrong. And who cares about anti-gun nuts? What part of "shall not be infringed" do you not understand?

    • realist

      I will defend my self and family from anyone who would cause them harm directly or indirectly. Dead is dead either from being defenseless due to not having a gun when you need it because of some law or not, makes no diffrence. When your at you childs funeral you will be wishing you had not allowed your guns to be taken. At that point if you could turn back time, how would you have acted when the "just following orders" crowd " came to your door? You have to decide now what you are going to do in you mind so it will be easy to carry out when the time does come. Hopefully it never will but if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it probably is a duck.

    • m-n-m

      most people are big talkers but when it comes down to it most wont fight unless backed into a corner. Sorry my family is worth more than a .22 (at that time) stash if your smart

  • Bill Fox

    These proposed laws are distractions. Many of my guns are black powder and single shot. In most cases of selfdefense, if the attacker isn't hit on the first shot, he either gets away or kills you. I have semiauto rifles and handguns. In the hand guns, most hold less then ten. At the range I usually only load five rounds in a handgun. I have an AK-47 that came new with a thirty round magazine, but I have found some twentys and I would like fives or tens. I usually only load five at the range. I have a Mini-14 and an AR-15. I have five round mags for the Mini-14 and the AR-15. Should there be a law limiting the rounds in a magazine? Only if the legislator has failed to read the Constitution he/she has sworn to uphold.

  • the_new_guy

    This is wrong… on so many levels…. why does the government see the need to rape our rights?

  • wesp22

    Anything introduced from anyone from CA needs to be discarded immediately….they are bankrupt and can't run their own state, let alone the country.

  • Jeepers Creepers

    Colorado enforces 4 of the seven already. The other 3 if passed. No law enforcement officer that lives in Colorado would enforce.

  • Randall

    These politicians need to stay out of our business. You better believe they hunt, carry firearms, and possess large capacity magazines. You can dang bet the laws won't affect them if they are passed.

  • Patriot

    TOTAL wanton disreguard for our Constitutional rights and liberties! I hope that ALL of the Left-wing and RINO's in Congress, and ESPECIALLY the White House, are deafeated handily in November!!!

  • Dog Owner

    my dogs name is murphy and he thinks guns are great!!

    • Alan_T

      Murphy deserves his very own extra large box dog treats . Good doggie , Murphy ! ! !

  • jon

    remember the rights of the people to have and bear arms shall not be infringed ! so if they do they are in total contempt of the consultation they have sworn to uphold and defend!!! and jeffersons koran before you go there you must read what jefferson wrote in side the cover ! because of that koran we sent 7 ships our first navy to Tripoli to fight the muslams filled with navy solders or to say it another why u.s. marines and they left us alone after that for over 100 years

    • Heretic

      "If they do". They already do. They have been since 1934.

  • Buzzby

    If any of these bills had a chance of passing, I'm sure that the NRA would have notified me by now. They'll use any tempest in a teapot to try and get a few more dollars out of their members. Someone should tell them that the use-by date on "the sky is falling" tactics is long past. They've been telling me for decades that "they" are coming to take my guns away.

    • Alan_T

      Yeah Buzzby ……. that's because for decades " they " ARE coming to take your " alleged " guns away !
      Liberal troll .

  • R Hull

    Ok i just revewed all 7 anti gun bills listed and i can just say this. If these ass#@%&$ think for one second that we would be safer without guns they are sadly mistaken.
    It was private citizens with there guns that made this country free and continues to keep it somewhat free.
    If not for those of us who carry whether concealed or openly crime sutch as robery rape home invasion and murder would be through the dam roof.
    Who do these so called leaders think there fooling?
    There only fooling them selves if they think for one second that Americia would be a better place without guns!

  • Paul

    May I ask why my comment was deleted

    • Alan_T

      It's hard telling Paul , I know in my own case , I've had numerous comments deleted for no apparent reason . I'm talking about things uncontroversial that NO ONE could object to , like product reviews or complimenting the author of an article ( well , … ok …. maybe complimenting an author might tick someone off , but I can't see the administrator deleting it ) . I can only conclude that either some one is hacking into the system or the administrators are incompetent .

  • Tom Edmonds

    Cleaver D-MO is from the hood in KC. He is a progressive that put KC into a great debt while Mayor of KC. Now he's in congress trying to do the same thing. He needs to be defeated and replaced by someone w/common sense. He's a little dog w/big bark and no bite.

  • Brett

    Our founding fathers in their day sent businessmen to govern and that's the way it was and it worked well. Today we have elite politicians that are so much better than the working stif. They know what's best for us even though they have never gotten their hands dirty.
    It's time to elect commen men not politicians!

    • Alan_T

      I go along with you on that ….. I nominate you Brett , for whatever political position you'e like to run for .

  • screwyou2

    No, but you certainly are if you think I am or even have the idea that I may be. I hope that is not too hard for you to understand?

    • Guest

      screwyou2 are you just looking for a fight? The stuff you write don't make much sense. That and your ranting and hostility makes you sound nuts like those other guys are saying. And that name don't help you none either.

      • screwyou2

        Not at all. I made a perfectly rational statement that the attack on FTP ? who accused Republicans of being anti gun is a sound argument. I have been attacked by you and every other twit who happens to read this. Just as a support of my assertion Bloomberg, a former Republican, John Warner a recently retired Republican Senator, Scott Brown of Mass. have all either voted against more lenient gun laws or for stricter gun laws. There are plenty more.

  • Mack Missiletoe

    When we let government take away our guns we will lose control. After they take our guns away we will have no basic power of working for our rights. I know it sounds extreme but it really could happen! I believe President Roosevelt mentioned this, but it may have been another president. Whoever said this was very wise and saw how things worked. It is a real eye opener!

    America is becoming too soft. We cannot let these 'soft' people run our nation–they are foolish and easily led astray.

    Furthermore we mustn't let people brainwash us into thinking we will be safe by giving up our defenses. You do not give up your defenses no matter what. When you give up your defenses it is called SURRENDER. We shall not surrender!

    If you are against guns I understand why. but the fact is that guns are the modern tool for self defense. Our soldiers fight every day for our freedom with this tool whether we like it or not.

    You simply cannot let a single incident including a bad guy with a gun rule you. You lived through it, so be stronger than that! If you take away our guns, then ALL of your husbands will die by the bad guys' gun. Gun control does not affect the black market nor the enemy. If you decide not to carry a gun and let bad guys rule you, that is your choice not the wise man's

    And 10 rounds is not 'high capacity' lol that is a sick joke!

  • Larry

    The basic problem(s) with S. 176 is the lack of definition and one very serious potential restriction. I will start with the serious restriction frist. "Demonstrate good cause for requesting the permit" What is good cause? More importantly why should I have to demonstrate good cause at all. Maybe I just want a permit. That should be enough. The wording "Demonstrate that he or she is worthy of the public trust to carry a concealed firearm in public." This is way to subjective. If a person is not mentally ill or if a person does not have a criminal history, why do we need to look further and who will be doing the looking and what criteria will be used. I think that some people should not have guns and others should not have the right to carry a concealed weapon, but without very clear definitions we risk decision being made by petty beauracrats or people with a personal agenda.

  • itsdoodoo

    ha almost half these laws already apply to us californians!!! this democratic state BLOWS

  • Thomas M.

    In the early days of the Pilgrams who were trying to build a great country, banned or exiled Lawyers. Now, most of the Politicians running the country into the ground are Lawyers.

  • Vann M.

    Ban politicians not guns!

  • Trickpony

    We are only one election away from becoming a third world nation

  • Ken Grilliot jr

    Obama, clinton needs to mine their business about taking away our guns.The clinton's said if thjey (obama too)take awaway our guns,crime rate woud be no more. Their sure are stuiped! Question: are their going to take the guns away from all gang members? You Think?All the countries that had their guns taken away from everyone,only watched the crete go higher then it was.

  • John

    You Forgot
    H.R. 21: NRA Members’ Gun Safety Act of 2013

    Introduced:Jan 03, 2013 (113th Congress, 2013–2015)Sponsor:Rep. James “Jim” Moran Jr. [D-VA8]

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