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Ted Nugent Talks Guns in Exclusive Interview

by G&A Online Editors 18

Hard rocker and legendary gun rights advocate Ted Nugent is no stranger to controversy — that became all too apparent… more »


G&A Man on the Street: Biggest Challenge Facing Sportsmen?

by G&A Online Editors 27

Our friends at have been polling their readers for weeks now on what shooters, hunters and outdoorsmen think is… more »


Never-Ending Threats to Gun Rights

by Chris Cox 1

When no big anti-gun bills are making the national headlines, gun owners sometimes forget that attacks on our Second Amendment… more »

Chris Cox

U.N. Arms Trade Treaty is UNfriendly to U.S. Gun Owners

by Chris Cox 8

In mid-July a U.N. preparatory committee held the third of its four meetings in New York City to craft the… more »

US Constitution With Gavel

In the Courts: Rounding Up Gun Rights Cases

by Chris Cox 0

Though it doesn’t usually make the headlines like a gun control vote in Congress or a state legislature, the NRA… more »

Chris Cox

English Gun Control: Futile and Dangerous

by Chris Cox 3

The 19th century English business magnate Cecil Rhodes once remarked, “Remember that you are an Englishman, and have consequently won… more »


Wisconsin Right-to-Carry Update

by Chris Cox 1

On June 24, the Wisconsin State Assembly sent Right-to-Carry legislation to Gov. Scott Walker, who signed the law. This victory… more »

Right to carry

Judge: Maryland Gun Permit Stipulation Unconstitutional

by G&A Online Editors 5

Gun owners in Maryland have reason to celebrate. On Monday, a federal judge struck down a Maryland gun permit requirement… more »

Sportsmen Vote

Sportsmen Vote: The Place to Be on Super Tuesday

by G&A Online Editors 0

Not sure which presidential candidate stand up for your shooting rights above all others? We’ve got you covered. Guns &… more »


More Popular than Ever, the AR-15 Under Attack

by Chris Cox 7

Ask a gun control group which firearm it would most like to see banned, and—if it gave you an honest… more »


U.S. House Voting to Expand Hunting, Shooting and Fishing Opportunities

by G&A Online Editors 1

The U.S. House of Representatives’ Natural Resources Committee will vote today to forward a package of legislation includes a number of… more »


9 Ways Gun Owners Can Lose in the 2012 Election

by Kyle Wintersteen 264

There’s a reason gun owners make up one of the largest, most effective voter blocs in American politics. We take… more »

Jessie Sansone

Cops Arrest Dad After Daughter Draws Gun at School

by Dylan Polk 155

If a kid brings a gun to school, we understand why cops are called. But apparently the same rules apply… more »

Ryan Jerome

Marine Refuses Plea Deal in NYC Gun Possession Case

by Dylan Polk 240

New York City’s totalitarian gun laws strike again — and this time, authorities are going after a member of the… more »

NBC Investigation

Read & React: NBC Launches Investigation into Online Gun Sales

by Ben O'Brien 224

If you happened to tune into NBC’s Today with Matt Lauer this morning you probably saw what the Peacock is… more »


Medical Marijuana Patients Retain 2nd Amendment Rights

by G&A Online Editors 127

Good news for gun owners with a prescription for pot. According to the (Medford, Ore.) Mail Tribune, the U.S. Supreme… more »


The 9/11 Revolver

by Ben O'Brien 29

With the 10th anniversary of 9/11 approaching, there’s no better time to turn our attention to the American heroes who… more »

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