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8 Surprisingly Pro-Gun Democrats

by Kyle Wintersteen   |  September 12th, 2012 51

Given the anti-gun positions of many within the Democratic elite, it’s easy to forget that there are plenty of strongly pro-gun Democrats, men and women who actually hunt, shoot and defend those rights.

Indeed, the language of the 2012 Democratic Platform essentially says, “We support the Second Amendment, but…,” while the Republican Platform offers a clear, uncompromising defense of gun rights.

However, while there are without question more pro-gun Republicans than Democrats, the contributions by Democrats to the pro-gun cause cannot be ignored. On issues that are voted upon along party lines, legislation is rarely passed without several politicians crossing the aisle—without pro-gun Democrats, could concealed carry laws, castle doctrine, national park carry and other recent victories have swept the country?

And, by voting for Democrats who justify it, do we not enhance our credibility as pro-gun voters? Certainly, this is a strategy employed by the National Rifle Association. While NRA critics jab that the “R” stands for “Republican”, rarely does one receive a list of NRA-endorsed candidates that doesn’t include at least one Democrat—usually it’s a few. By supporting pro-gun allies within both parties, the NRA and gun-rights voters earn their trust. It sends politicians the message that if they support us, we’ll support them regardless of political affiliations.

Here are a few notable Democrats who take part in the shooting sports. Special thanks for help in compiling this list goes to our friends at the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation, a non-profit organization that works with Congress, governors and state legislatures to protect and advance hunting, recreational shooting, fishing and trapping.

  • steve

    These guy may be pro-gun BUT a vote for them is also a vote for the leadership of their party to run the senate and/or the house when they have the majority. I don't trust the leadership of their party and these guys will never be able to change the anti-gun position of the leadership and the anti-gun general majority membership of their party.
    A vote for these guys is a secondary vote in favor of anti-gun politicians. Yes, these guys are guilty by association.

    • steve

      And it's really a stretch to claim all these guys are pro-gun. One is only a C+ by the NRA, one is a D, and one is an F.

      • Bill

        I really couldn't agree more. Calling some of these guys pro-gun is absurd in the extreme. One or two votes does not a pro-gun candidate make.

      • hipshot001

        I agree. It sounds like sombody is pushing for some liberal votes! Any vote for one of these guys is a vote to keep harry Reid in control of the senate.

        • jeffadaklin

          and knowing how Reid bought Senators to support obamacare, we have absolutely no assurance these guys woudn't be pressured into voting A-G. Of course, we can't put that past some repubs…

      • Bill

        My thinking exactly. Who did the research for this article?

    • JCramer

      Agreed! Maybe their constituency has a big hand, but it still doesn't check the DEM party as a whole.

  • RoMONEY$$$$$

    Why do you need so many damn guns? Where's your "well regulated militia?"

    • raazorblade

      Need has nothing to do with it. No one NEEDS anything except food, clothing, and shelter. No one needs a cell phone, computer, big screen TV, WiFi, or any of the other so called necessities of today. We want guns because they are to us like paintings, stamps, sculptures, opera, or any of the other so called culture or arts symbols that some people will pay obsene amounts of money for. None of those can be used for anything but to look at. A gun is a work of art in metal and wood that is a functional mechanizem that can be uses to provide food, protection, fun, and a leasure pasttime.

    • Roger Johnson

      To be a buffer between gutless whiners like you and the rest of us with the guts to defend our rights. And your reference to money……Your "president" has personal wealth estimated at nearly 200 million dollars. Now…don't you feel stupider than usual?

      • sj burnley

        I love guns,love to hunt and everything about the are a gutless whiner to bringg your racist views into my sport.

    • Jim Skelton

      I want 'em because I love collecting them. Also, like any true American to loves his liberty, I want my government to think twice before getting too heavy handed with us. That was the real, original intent of the 2nd Ammendment.

    • Bartholomew

      I guess you lack the ability to discern the meaning of common english. The first amendment states; "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the rights of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed". What part of "Shall not be infringed" don't you understand? Why do you feel you have to have a "Need" for a gun? Do you "Need" to speak your mind? If I want a gun, I'll be damned if you or anyone else has the right to tell me NO! Get it?

      • Potus2000

        Free speach is the first amendment. You're making a reference to the second amendment.

    • steve

      You have neither the authority not the privilege to decide what anybody needs. If you allow politicians to decide that I can't have guns because I don't need them, those same politicians can decide what you can or can't have also.
      You started it. Let me decide what you have that you don't need. Obama has already said you have too much money so he's going to allow the government to take more of it. Where do you draw the line on need?

    • B. Wayne

      Why do you need such a damn stupid name?

  • Gladstone Payton

    Surprised Collin Peterson isn't on this list – I know quite a few NRA endorsed Dems like Ben Chandler


    Be aware of the wolves in the bushes. They all speak with fork tongue.

  • tizwicky

    Any politician rated by the NRA with a "D" or and "F" grade, CANNOT by any stretch of the imagination, be considered "PRO GUN / PRO 2nd Amendment". I understand the need to have "friends" on both side of the political aisle but only those politicians with a NRA rating of "A" , "B", and possibly "C" are true friends and worthy of our support.

  • JACK

    Going back to the old saying, I'd rather have and not need than need and not have. That being said, the more guns I have the more I want. I don't expect a person like you to understand any of this anyway. Go back to knitting yourself some underwear or something and leave us "men" alone!!

  • Erik Olsen

    There are also those of us that are working to remove anti-gun language from the 2016 Platform. Google 'democratic gun owners' caucus' for what should be a pleasant surprise. My blog post is the third entry.

    Another point to ponder is the location change for Firearms in the 2012 Platform. It's under Civil Rights, not Law Enforcement. While a step in teh right direction, we are working to improve the language on that plank to reflect that an AWB or further gun restrictions will cause the Democratic Party to loose more votes.

    We are working to get died-in-the-wool gun loving candidates to replace those who would rather see the Power Elite retain their fear-mongering grasp on the Body Politic.

    • Dale Bailey

      I would bet supporting the Second Amendment would get as many "BOOs" as God did.

  • mo-Ron

    Beware of all politicians, if the prize is big enough they wiil fold like a house of cards.

  • raazorblade

    John Tester may have an A rateing with the NRA but he only votes pro gun to get electoral votes here in Montana. Other than that he votes 98% with Obummer and the other liberals. The only parts of the state he carries are Missoula, Bozeman, Billings and the Indian Reservations. All the liberal strongholds and welfare ghettos. He does not even carry his home town of Big Sandy…

    • steve

      Ya'll need to get him out of office. The guy is running a scam those who run Social Security would envy.

  • Ron

    If they vote pro-gun the NRA has to suppot them no matter what party they belong to. The reason is because some day the Democrats will control both houses and president. In fact that was the what happened a few years ago and because of pro-gun representives who were Democrats no anti-gun legislation went through!! In fact Harry Reid said he would fight any push to put the assault weapon ban in again!

    • steve

      NRA should grade them with an asterisk.
      Something, anything that shows who they associate with politically. There's more to the story than just a grade from the NRA.

  • Roger Johnson

    This article is a crock and proves that we sometimes are looking for ANYTHING that will allow some of us to refer to a member of the opposition as a supporter in our war against those who would disarm us. Bennie Thompson rated as pro-gun but he's given an "F"? What a ridiculous statement and it's laughable. The author of this article is either stupid or a not so well disguised Democrat. G&A should be ashamed.

  • CCW24/7

    RoMoney – If I had a nickel for everyone who thought the words "Well Regulated" in the 2A has something to do with gun control or laws regulating guns I'd be richer than Romney. So many libtards try to use this to distort the true meaning of the 2A, or even go so far as to insinuate that the 2A calls for "reasonable" gun control. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The term "Regulated" simply means equipped and trained. As in every free man should have his own guns, ammunition, equipment, train a lot and be ready to defend himself, home, family, town or country. As it should be and always will be, God willing.

    • Jim Skelton

      Remember: The 2A has little to do with protecting ourselves from thieves or outlaws and was intended to keep our government in check. Our forfathers had left a country where only the government had the guns and hence the iron fist of power. That was what they wanted to prevent here. The rest is ancilliary to that.

      • jeffadaklin

        Thomas Jefferson wrote that every time he left his house he was armed- because he never knew what kind of scoundrel may be in wait, whether it be robbery or tyranny.

  • Jim Skelton

    Beware. I have learned from sad experience here in Washington State, that the "fair sounding" notion that you vote for the best man and not the party, is a wolf-trap. Why? Because even those good guys, will be strongarmed by their Party to vote the party line. While I respect Democrates who brave the PC waters by admitting they touch those evil, nasty, deady, sinister guns……………and I wish them well……………a vote for them, may not benefit us at all. On the other hand, there are Republican aplogists among us who are anti gun wolves in pro gun sheeps clothing.

  • Brian Wookey

    Jon Tester is NOT pro-gun and it amazes me that the NRA gives him an "A" rating. Take a little time and read this article:

  • Tanstaafl2

    You stepped in it with this one, G&A – better go back to zombie articles.

    • Philip

      True… but I like Zombies!

    • Dale Bailey

      Dittos Tanstaafl2

  • screw you 2

    Screw You 2 Admistrator. You can not accept the truth so you censure? Well good bye. You are part of the problem. How much blood do you have on your hands.

  • jeffadaklin

    These A-G people need to remember one very important thing- our right to own weapons is guaranteed by the Const., after being given to us by God. If we allow govt. to take away that right, what's next? A right that A-G people would hate to lose? If they don't want to lose such a right, they should support ours. Rights are rights- if they can change one they can change them all.

    • Philip


  • Kathleen Blair

    Y'all forgot to mention Oregon Congressmen Peter DeFazio & Kurt Schrader who are pro-gun and vote that way.

  • Greg

    Wouldn't any of em with my tax dollar or my weapons.

  • Maddogmark

    I'm a democrat and combat vet, my son is in Afganistan in the 3rd infantry right friggin now ,we all are AMERICANS stop the bulls***.When it all comes down to it we will defend these shores till our death democrat or rebublican just like wwII there are enough democrats in the NRA and armed forces like my son and my self,so stop hateing your fellow AMERICANS and focas on the real enemy, the people killing our Ambassodors and AMERICANS over seas!

    • steve

      1. there's no bulls*** here in these comments.
      2. we'll have a hard defending these shores if politicians take away our guns. don't say it can't happen here, you can't guarantee that.
      3. don't see anybody hating any other American here. we only hate the actions of those who would deny our 2nd amendment rights.
      4. many of the actions of the current president say we don't really have any enemies overseas. he talks a good game lately but his past words say he's the one pushing the bulls***.

    • Jim Skelton

      You are sooo correct. This is not a Democrat vs Republican issue. It is a liberty issue. It should vitally interest us all, regarless of party. But that's in a perfect world and I've seen partyi affiliation trump "vital interest" time & time again.

      What I want to know is: When are the parties going to relcaim themselves fromt he radical right and left and return to functioning in the nation's interests rather than their own ideological agendas? When?

  • jeepers creepers

    I have been Voting for over 20 Years and not one person that I did vote for win. I have a proven record of picking the non winners so I will vote for????

  • Henry Tisdale

    this is heartening and shows that clear thinkers realize Americans must have guns, but they must undertake the training and understand that they will indeed kill if mishandled. Thanks guys. While it seems that you are democrats, I have complaints about that. In fact, I am all for you real democrats who believe in your party's always help the unfortunates and those who cannot help themselves. In short, you guys should fight to win back your Roosevel, Truman and Kennedy party. You may be surprised at how many Republicans will help you all the way. Good luck and thanks for being intelligent.

    • Henry Tisdale

      please make the following changes. On the fourth sentence, I omiited "no" between "have" and "complaints".

      The fifth sentence should omit "always" and replace it with "determination to"

      The sixth sentence, add a "t" at the end of Roosevel

  • Skip Jarvis

    You can certainly tell by some of these responses which are Republican. I, on the other hand, am a lifelong Democart. I am an Endowment Life Member of the NRA and have been a member since joining as a junior member at age 15. I served in combat in Vietnam. Now at 62 years old I am currently State Attorney for the Third Judicial Circuit of Florida (some states call it District Attorney) and over my 30+ years as a prosecutor I have always been very conscious and protective of gun issues. I am also a current member of the NRA Institute For Legislative Action. I plan to retire in January and intend to work closely in my retirement to support shooting sports and gun issues. Yes, as a Southerner I can tell you that there are a lot of us Democrats out here who are very active in supporting gun issues. Relax Republicans, you give us a lot of other issues besides this for us to disagree with. We KNOW that Ted Kennedy is dead. Do you know that Ronald Reagan is, too?

  • Wife and Mother

    I am the daughter of a Vietnam Veteran and I have a long history of family members who have served in the armed forces dating back to my 11th great-grandfather (1600s). I will forever fight to maintain our 2nd amendment right and I love guns as much as any of you do and I am a lifelong, die-hard Democrat. Yes, guns can become addicting – I am guilty of wanting to acquire more and more just because I love shooting different types/calibers of guns. Guns provide me a sense of security and just knowing I know how to safely and properly handle one gives me a sense of self confidence I never had before my training. That is something no one can ever take away from me. There is a certain beauty and sense of awe as I look at each gun and understand the mechanisms and that is something someone unfamiliar with guns will never understand. People who are ignorant and afraid of guns try to impose their fears on us by legislating gun ownership. If we take away the fear with education, training, and safety, they will no longer be afraid and grow to love guns as we do. It is our job to reach out to others and share our knowledge so that others may enjoy the sport as we do. Don't shut people out because of labels.

  • Wife and Mother

    President Obama has won re-election and I will be writing him a letter hoping to persuade him to not allow a ban on assault rifles or to allow any other infringement on our 2nd amendment. We can influence him and we can make a change.

  • Don

    Well we will see how "Pro Gun" these guys are now. Guns and Ammo may wish like hell they never wrote this article pretty shortly.

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