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Best States for Gun Owners (2017)

by Keith Wood 0

Guns & Ammo counts down the best states for gun owners in 2017 using sources from NRA, NSSF and state and local law enforcement agencies.


From Fastballs to Curves: An Interview with Andrew Cashner

by Eric R. Poole 0

Andrew Cashner is an active Major League Baseball pitcher who has thrown nearly 9,000 pitches since 2010. When not dueling… more »


Best States for Concealed Carry

by Keith Wood 0

Every year, Guns & Ammo ranks the “Best States for Gun Owners,” and the majority of G&A’s readers’ comments focus on state… more »

Best States for Gun Owners 2015 - Guns & Ammo

Best States for Gun Owners

by Keith Wood 0

Our founders’ experiment in self-government gave us the gift of Federalism, where states unite under a centralized governing authority while… more »

California Green Road Sign with Copy Room Over The Dramatic Clouds and Sky.

Golden State Carry: Could a California Ruling Redefine the Right to Bear Arms?

by Frank Miniter 12

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in District of Columbia v. Heller (2008) that the Second Amendment protects an individual right… more »


Best States for Gun Owners 2014

by G&A Staff 410

Civilian firearm ownership is among the most defining aspects of American culture. The freedoms we cherish in the United States simply… more »


NRANEWS Cam & Company Launches New Show Time for 2014

by G&A Online Editors 0

Starting Jan. 6, 2014, Sportsman Channel’s daily news talk-show, NRANEWS Cam & Company, is moving its on-air time to 6:30… more »

Dick Heller

Heller II: Defeating Red Tape & Second Amendment Infringements

by Frank Miniter 20

Dick Anthony Heller is still fighting for his Second Amendment rights. In a case known as “Heller II,” he is… more »


Industry Report: Rise in Gun Sales Prompts Industry Chaos

by Dylan Polk 31

Before December 2012, the firearms industry was riding out one of its best sales seasons of all time. Indeed, gun… more »


Obama vs. Romney: Your Choice for America’s Future

by Chris Cox 0

In December 2000, lame duck President Bill Clinton blamed Al Gore’s defeat on American gun owners: “I don’t think there… more »


Ruger’s Rebound: Gunmaker Ranked No. 4 in Best Small Companies List

by Kyle Wintersteen 6

Here’s some breaking news for you: The economy is in poor health. Stocks continue to slump. Unemployment still hovers around… more »


The Real History of the Assault Weapons Ban

by Kyle Wintersteen 115

After months of presidential campaigning with little to no discussion on gun control, gun owners were starting to wonder if… more »

Governors Gun Club

G&A Poll: Should Georgia Gun Range Get Approval to Sell Alcohol?

by G&A Online Editors 43

A planned Georgia gun range is coming under heavy scrutiny after being approved to sell alcohol on its grounds. According… more »


CNN Asking Wrong Question on ‘Fast and Furious’

by Kyle Wintersteen 3

By now, you’ve likely heard that a report released by the Justice Department’s inspector general  says federal agents and prosecutors… more »


Recoil Magazine Stirs Outrage with H&K MP7 Remarks

by G&A Online Editors 51

You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone in our industry who would suggest guns be kept out of civilians’ hands. However,… more »


8 Surprisingly Pro-Gun Democrats

by Kyle Wintersteen 52

Given the anti-gun positions of many within the Democratic elite, it’s easy to forget that there are plenty of strongly… more »


6 Creative Ways Mitt Romney Is Courting Shooters

by Kyle Wintersteen 135

Mitt Romney’s relationship with gun owners over the years has been tenuous at best. While campaigning for the U.S. Senate… more »

Hunter Spanjer

Deaf 3-Year-Old Asked to Change Sign for Own Name over Gun Similarity

by Dylan Polk 4

Every once in a while, a story so mind-numbingly stupid will make its way across the screens of G&A’s online… more »


Microstamping Legislation May Force Gunmakers to Go West

by Kyle Wintersteen 95

If you find it odd that most American-made firearms are manufactured in some of our most anti-gun states, well, you’re… more »

Ron Dozier

Illinois State’s Attorney Refuses to Prosecute Firearm Owners for Concealed Carry

by G&A Online Editors 46

An Illinois state’s attorney is receiving tons of support from the shooting community after announcing he will not prosecute anyone… more »

The states in red is where most of the Drug War conflict takes place

Mexico: Common Sense Beats Anti-Gun Spin

by Chris Cox 0

We all know the only tactic the anti-gunners really have to advance their agenda: exploit any crisis.  Anti-gun groups and… more »


G&A Perspective: How Should We Respond to the Aurora Shooting?

by B. Gil Horman 39

The recent mass shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colo., has triggered yet another vigorous debate in the media… more »


Did Scalia Suggest the Second Amendment Doesn’t Protect AR-15s?

by Kyle Wintersteen 10

We have seen the best and worst of what the Internet age can bring. On the bright side, not only… more »


Google Sparks Outrage, Censors Guns, Ammo and Accessories

by G&A Online Editors 151

Yesterday, after searching for whatever firearm-related term on Google — “5.56 ammo,” for example — not only would one see… more »


Holder Highlights Obama’s Anti-Gun Position

by Chris Cox 4

A video on President Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign website tells his supporters “Together, we will change America.” Another video says… more »


G&A Perspective: Gun Ownership Under President Romney

by Doug Howlett 140

With Mitt Romney wrapping up the Republican nomination for president and the tumultuous primary season slogging to a whimpering but… more »

D'Arcy and Monk

Australian Swimmers’ Gun Photo Lands Duo in Hot Water with Olympic Committee

by Dylan Polk 80

A pair of Australian swimmers are in it deep after posting a photo of themselves bearing arms at a California… more »


8 Ways to Convince Anyone to Go Shooting

by B. Gil Horman 38

As passionate as shooters can be about protecting their gun rights, it’s important not to get too caught up in… more »

Capitol at night

7 Anti-Gun Bills You Didn’t Know About

by Kyle Wintersteen 107

Remember the good old days when we generally knew which politicians were bad on gun rights? Bill Clinton had foolishly… more »


Soldier Gets Confiscated Guns Back from Washington, D.C.

by Dylan Polk 12

An Army National Guardsman is getting his guns back from the District of Columbia following a two-year court battle. According… more »

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