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Introducing the Rock River Arms LAR-47

by G&A Online Editors   |  January 24th, 2012 5

Rock River Arms introduced its brand new LAR-47 rifle at SHOT Show 2012 in Las Vegas. The LAR-47 rifle is your standard AR platform, but good news for you AK fans: It also takes AK-47 magazines. Chambered in 7.62×39, the LAR-47 is fully adaptable with all AR upgrades and features a chrome-lined bore. Check out the video from SHOT Show!

  • @dustinghess

    seems interesting, I was planning on buying my next rifle from rock river arms, and since this can take cheap AK mags and ammo, I'm very intrigued

  • Ken

    I wish they had come out with this about a year ago. I had purchased a AK47 and a large quanity of ammo. The darn thing woud not group worth a darn. No matter what sighting system I used. I was disgusted, sold it and the ammo for a loss. Had I known about the new Rock River rifle, I would have saved the ammo and the extra mags. I have a Rock River national match that is great, if thier AK version is half as accurate it will be a treat.

  • mandy

    now Rock River Arms has an AR platform with a 7.62X39 punch!! I just hope it groups well as their other rifles…..not as cheap as an AK with the price though….. : (

  • Sam

    Anyone know if the lower will work with a standard 7.62×39 AR upper? I've got a 7.62×39 AR rifle, but its nearly impossible to find a magazine that holds more than 5 rounds that is reliable

  • nelson

    how do you put the gun in battery? i dont see a bolt release button like standard AR's.

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