Outdoor Sportsman Group’s Lynn Burkhead stopped by the Mauser booth at the 2018 NRA Annual Meeting to discuss their new rifle; the M18, also known as “The People’s Rifle.”

The M18 is Mauser’s successor to their M98 rifle, which has been their staple for years. The M18 is German-engineered to perfection, and makes for an excellent hunting rifle. It is built to withstand the harsh conditions, whether wet, warm or cold. The M18 is primarily chambered in .308 and .30-06, but has many other calibers coming soon. The rifle has a soft inlay grip that won’t slip out of your hands in wet or cold conditions. The M18 lives up to the Mauser standard, and at $699, this rifle proves it is truly “The People’s Rifle.” The M18 also comes with an adjustable trigger, as well as a three-position safety. At the price point, it would be tough to find a better engineered rifle.

For more information, visit www.mauser.com.

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