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New York Student Uses AR-15 to Stop Home Invasion

by James Tarr   |  March 18th, 2013 10

Last Tuesday, Christopher Boise heard a noise coming from the basement of his apartment in Rochester, N.Y. When he went to investigate, he saw two men standing at the bottom of the stairs—one of them pointed a handgun at Boise.

Boise’s roommate, Raymond—both men are students at the Rochester Institute of Technology—was sitting in the apartment when he heard a scream. As he describes, “It wasn’t like a, ‘I stepped on a piece of glass,’ kind of scream. It was primal.” So Raymond went to his gun bag.

The apartment door started opening about five seconds after Raymond heard the scream—just enough time for him to grab his AR-15. One of the intruders saw the rifle and decided that they both had pressing business elsewhere, and the two men fled. The police are still looking for the suspects.

“The weapon was legal and he protected his property,” said Rochester Police Chief James Sheppard. “We’re thankful that no one was injured.”

This incident demonstrates many points that the NRA and pro-gun groups make, that the anti-gunners just wish weren’t so.

First, that sometimes it is necessary to have a gun immediately available. Raymond had five seconds, and in that time he was able to grab his AR-15, but not load it. Luckily, the intruders didn’t notice the rifle was unloaded. From his comments during the interview with a local news crew, it sounds as if Raymond had a trigger lock on the rifle, and by the time he got that unlocked, the intruders were coming in.

Second, sometimes the mere presence of a good guy with a gun solves the problem. Raymond’s AR-15 didn’t even have a magazine in it! This incident will probably not be counted in the statistics of any group—pro- or anti-gun—because nobody was shot and nobody was arrested. Still, similar incidents happen thousands of time every year across this country.

Third, perhaps AR-15s are useful for self defense, no matter what Joe Biden says. Hmm. As even the WHAM reporter stated during the on air segment, Raymond’s AR-15 was “used for sport. That was, until Tuesday, when it was needed for more.”

  • Shawn O’Loughlin

    Old Story, i read this at least a month ago, if not more.

  • Michael McQuown

    Old or not, worth noting. I hadn’t heard of it.

  • 1XRayMan1

    This story is 9 days old? Hmm… Strange how We NEVER hear these “Assault Rifle” stories with positive outcomes. It’s astounding that Everybody didn’t Perish because We all know that whenever one of those Terrifyingly Hideous Weapons of Mass Murder is even locked away and hidden in a Car trunk they can still KILL People, all by their selves, according to some Reporters! I wonder why those Criminals didn’t notice the un-loaded condition of the Murder Machine that the Mean Old Student was holding? Could it be that an AR-15 is a Deterrent to Crime? Think about that for a minute Folks, You won’t have to cash out Your retirement plan to buy any ammo because You don’t even need to load it! Forget Gun Control, let’s make AR-15 ownership Mandatory so We can establish Criminal Control.

  • 1XRayMan1

    I can’t Believe the News Anchorman actually called the AR a Semi Automatic Rifle instead of an “Assault Rifle.” Are these News People employed by the anti Gun Folks? The one story that Proves that they can be as harmless as a stick and they don’t give the “Assault Rifle” credit. It’s a conspiracy, plain and simple, to vilify an inanimate object in the Eyes of the World while giving a “Pass” to the Human Pond Scum that are the actual cause of Violence committed on Us all. Journalistic Integrity, the definition of OXYMORON.

    • Guest

      He was from “upstate” NY not NYC, it makes a big difference!

  • justbill

    This sure doesn’t fit Cuomo’s gun-hating playbook

  • George Killian

    The Rochester Police Chief tried to cover this up,until a local talk show host Bob Lounsberry learned of the incident via a tip

  • Marine223

    I like these old story’s, fortunately the would be’s fled! If they had REALLY BAD intent, this may have turned BAD BAD, as in a one sided shoot out! I keep a .380 Ruger (loaded) with laser around the house for these occasions, there’s just something about a laser spot on your chest that intruders don’t like!

  • Steve L Reid

    LMFAO intruders had BB guns WTF!!! They would have been dead anyway,Even if it had just been a cap pistol

  • salamero

    I need to get my wife an ar-15 for home defense, low recoil make it the ideal self defense gun for my home, I think our shotgun would have too much recoil for her, I hope I can find the parts to put it together, I would like to see biden’s wife shooting that shotgun, and maybe he can put the video on youtube.

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