The Daniel Defense DDM4 ISR 300 is paving a whole new path in the world of black rifles. The ISR 300 was born from the elegant DDM4 foundation and provides an ideal out-of-box solution for those seeking a suppressed rifle.

Integrating key characteristics of the rifle into one package enables consumers to purchase the ISR 300 with only one tax stamp. The overall barrel length reaches just over 16 inches with the permanently fixed, integral suppressor. Although permanently welded to the barrel, the suppressor’s baffle core is removable for easy cleaning. Combine that suppression with subsonic 300 AAC Blackout ammunition, and the ISR can deliver .30 caliber penetration without excessive muzzle blast or hearing loss.

The MFR 12.0 rail system allows shooters to run the hand guard “slick” to decrease weight, or to add accessories by placing rail sections at any desired location. Daniel Defense brings the DDM4 ISR 300 to market at $3,199.


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