The Ed Brown Signature Edition is based on the company’s Classic Custom 1911, with hand relief engraving by Ed Brown’s master engraver.

The pistol itself is the classic 5-inch Government Model, known and loved by all. The features and embellishments of this unabashedly high-end example of the gunmaker’s art include 25-lines-per-inch checkering on the forestrap and mainspring housing. Then there’s the mirror-finished slide with 50-lpi serrations to match the serrated adjustable sight.

The traditional Browning magazine-release features an oversize, 40-lpi checkered button. The hand-relief engraving covers the flats of the slide and frame, the grips screws, the flats of the thumb safety, the slide stop, the magazine release and the magazine. The pistol also features square-cut cocking serrations on the rear of the slide only.

Speaking of the slide, the custom rib atop it is flattened, serrated, then relieved to give it the appearance of a raised rib. The adjustable rear sight is buried deep in the slide, and the front sight is a cross dovetail.

Finally, the pistol features a two-piece guide rod. Ed Brown says it’s the finest production pistol available anywhere at any price. And that price? $7,195.

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