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Ruger SR-762 Video Review

by Guns & Ammo TV   |  December 23rd, 2013 11

Ruger has expanded its line of piston-driven, semi-automatic centerfire rifles to include the SR-762. Chambered in .308 Win., the SR-762 uses the same piston-driven technology as its little brother, the SR-556.

The SR-762 comes standard with several value-added features, including a modular hand guard system and flip-up front and rear sights. The rifle also comes with an adjustable 6-position stock and two 20-round Magpul PMAGs. Ruger’s new SR-762 is available now at an MSRP of $2,195.

On this segment of Guns & Ammo TV, Patrick Sweeney and James Tarr test the SR-762 at the range.

  • Bobby Bullets

    Between the the 7.62 Ruger and Sig what do you think is a better choice? Looking for some good opinions, based on facts and experience. Thanks

    • Patriot_0311

      Depends on what you want, both offer similarly equipped and priced piston guns in 308.

      I chose the Ruger primarily because it was lighter (weight can be considerable once you have a full magazine in, an optic on top, and a light out front) and it had a longer forearm which is more comfortable for my style of shooting. It also comes with 3 magazines and the padded case, a nice touch. I’ve heard that the Sig’s trigger may be a little better out of the box, but I would have replaced the trigger on either with a Geissele to match my AR-15. I’ve never had issues with any of the Ruger guns I’ve owned (this will be my first Ruger AR, but I’ve heard great things about their SR-556)

  • Patriot_0311

    Correction, it comes with 3 magazines.

  • markej4801

    I’m mildly confused here. It’s monikered as the 762, but the stated chambering is .308. I realize the .308 is the tamed down version of the 7.62, but is this capable of 7.62 or not? Or am I getting this backwards and the .308 is the stronger cartridge?

    • Anon

      they’re functionally (although not *exactly*) the same cartridge. 7.62mm is literally .308″ in metric.

    • david8577

      From everything I have read, it’s actually the opposite of 223/556, where the metric version has higher pressures. .308 is more powerful than 7.62×51, so anything that can handle .308 should be fine with a 7.62 round. Do your own research, on things like headspace, but I think you will find that you will be fine shooting 7.62 in a .308.

  • Tallahassee

    That was a nice commercial

  • Bigdog58

    Just bought a SR-762 on Monday but have not fired it as of yet. I’ll be able to get a good comparison, as I also have a SR-556 and a Barrett 6.8 REC7.
    I purchased a few boxes of ammo for a comparison also. Three boxes of steel .308 for warm-up, Win 7.62×51 [147 Gr.], and some .308 Win Ultra Match 168 Gr.
    We’ll see…

  • Farley

    Did NOT see it here first!

  • Sammy Busby

    Oh wow I love this one. I just like Rugers though. Its a little pricey for me but I might put it on my list of gets. LOL

  • D Hess

    Are the mags interchangeable with the M1A, DPMS, and S&W 308/7.62×51 rifles? I know Ruger is $$proud of all their magazines

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